idk what to tag

how come there are next to no lesbians in the fantasy genre? how come lesbians only exist in fantasy when it comes to porn and fetishism?

give me a rugged, battle-hardened templar who just can’t being herself to kill the little mage blinking innocently up at her.

give me a princess and a handmaiden who take advantage of the fact that they can sleep in the same bed without anyone raising an eyebrow and spend their nights exploring each other’s skin with their fingers and tongues, and their days stealing touches as they go about their duties.

give me a witch who spends hours creating a spell to help her elven girlfriend transition fully into the body she’s always been meant to have.

give me a pair of queens who rule with iron fists, jaws tight and eyes steely, but fall apart at night under the ministrations of the other.

give me bandits adventuring the country, stopping in cities overnight to rest and steal and fuck and drink, and then saddling their horses and riding off together, matching wedding rings glinting on their fingers.

give me the fantasy lesbians that we all deserve.

psa to skinny people:

if a fat person refers to themself as fat do NOT jump in and say things like “nooo you’re not fat you’re beautiful!!”
being fat and being beautiful are not mutually exclusive. many of us call ourselves fat casually because that’s what we are, not to get ‘compliments’. telling us we can’t be fat and beautiful at the same time only makes it harder for some people to accept and love their bodies.

When your ship isn’t the most popular ship in the fandom.

a.k.a me being salty

Searching for fanfictions of any ship other than ereri can be really frustrating. As for some reason, writers feel the need to tag every side ship in their work, whenever it’s a past relationship or even an implied relationship.

from my experience this is how searching for top fics goes:

Oh you want some eruri? here have this ereri fic featuring Erwin Smith as Levi’s evil ex, instead.

IS eremin what you are looking for? nope. but consider this,ereri with a sprinkle of one sided-eremin.

Looking for Yumikuri ? how about this 500k+long ereri fic where yumikuri is briefly mentioned. (same as basically every other ship in the fandom)

I have nothing against these typical portrayals of characters in fictions, it’s really not my point. I simply don’t see the need to tag side ships, it only makes people’s life harder.