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DEATH IS A PLACE. but i forget where it is . . .

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  • Me: *has no emotions and is dead inside*
  • Bae: hey babe
  • Me: 😍😍💋💍😍💖❣❤️💍❤️😻😘️💞💓❤️💗💋😻😍👅❤️❤️💍😍
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #15
  • Dan: buffy sucks
after yoi ep 12

what she says: im fine

what she means: yoi just ended and i dont know what to do anymore. the last skate was beautiful but it just wasnt enough? also yuuri’s face when waiting for victor to kiss him was hilarous? but can we talk about how yuri won the gold JUST to keep yuuri from retiring? the true form of yurio’s agape is yuuri and im not crying you are. like if that isnt love idk what is! but also where’s season 2 i mean its been 5 hours since ep 12 released and im expecting season two to come out tomorrow okay. and also where’s my victuuri kis-


I’ve been in a very Kingdom Hearts mood lately and realized I hardly do any art for it anymore. Hope you guys like! They’re available as prints and a thousand other things on my Redbubble if you’d like to show some support! 

As always please don’t reupload/edit/ or share my work on other social media without permission! Thank you<333 

If this does well i might do more of the KH babes ;o; 

i have a download page!! thanks to @tofusaucee for helping me a lil bit!!

added some new cc that i haven’t posted yet, the links will go to my blogspot!

i moved all my clayified hairs (and some other things) to the “old custom content” category because i’m lazy and i don’t like clayified hairs anymore lol

i don’t often make text posts anymore so this is a little awkward um

what i wanted to say is; i get too often comments or tags on my work that are something like ‘i wish i could do this’ or ‘why can’t i draw like this’ etc, and it makes me pretty sad. i dont think you should put other artists on some kind of…unreachable pedestal. because it’s just not true…at all

you CAN draw like this, you CAN draw even better than this. i truly believe that given time and effort, anyone can improve at drawing…just like honing any kind of skill

i played the guitar for three years in my teens and i was still awful at it, you know? i never really practiced enough, and three years is not very long. i could kinda play the melody for ‘let it be’ by the end, and i was pretty happy with that. i just never had the drive for it that i have for drawing, so i didn’t stick with it

we all struggle with not being good enough for one reason or another, and it’s normal to get frustrated at our abilities sometimes, but…

if you have the passion for it you can really do pretty much anything


Once, when his uncles asked him what gift he wanted for his nameday, he begged them for a dragon. “It wouldn’t need to be a big one. It could be little, like I am.” His uncle Gerion thought that was the funniest thing he had ever heard, but his uncle Tygett said, “The last dragon died a century ago, lad.” That had seemed so monstrously unfair that the boy had cried himself to sleep that night.

↬ nap - yoongi drabble

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post break up au #1 “i literally can’t sleep alone anymore so i’ve shown up at your door in my pyjamas, can we have one more nap together, please?”

[with yoongi]

genre: fluff
words: 610

No day passed by without Yoongi thinking of you. You would always somehow sneak into his thoughts, and usually at the most ungodly hours. Three in the morning? He’d think about your smile and how your face lit up when the two of you were together. He loved when you’d poke and prod at him for attention. He loved the moments shared between hot coffee and lazy mornings the most; with your legs hanging lazily over his on the sofa and his nose lost in the crook of your neck. Yoongi would lie alone with these thoughts on his seemingly empty bed, sheets messed in all directions from his constant midnight restlessness. He was lost in you, completely and utterly lost.

And you were lost in him too.


A cold breeze seeped through your window and played with your curtains to a deafened melody. The night was reticent and cool while you were covered comfortably under your fluffed duvet. As much comfort and tranquility you received, you just couldn’t seem to sleep. You tossed and turned, sticking a leg in or out every few minutes to comply with your body’s need for a gratifying balance between warm and cold. You let out a long ragged sigh sat up, reaching to the side of your bed over to your nightstand to retrieve your earphones and phone respectively. Through a quick few taps you shuffled a soft playlist with slow melodies to soothe you (save for the few upbeat ones but shh you just really liked to scare the shit out of yourself sometimes at three in the morning).

You remembered this playlist and all of the songs it contained. You glanced at the sweet title  “For You, Courtesy of Yoongs.” You knew you shouldn’t have tapped that one, but you couldn’t help it. It was the only list of beautifully crafted songs you’d let yourself listen to during a restless time like tonight—or rather, today, since it’s three in the fucking morning.

Along with this choice, though, came the consequences; one of which you knew was remembering everything from your recent beloved, Min Yoongi. You loved him so much; you loved him without words, you loved him with words, and you loved him now, with tears smeared across your bare face. But to your surprise you needn’t cry alone any longer. Your phone vibrated with an incoming text from a number stained in your memories, deleted not long ago.

“I miss you,” it read. “Unlock your door, it’s cold.”

Without a single thought you ripped the earphones from your ears and sprang up from the soft and welcoming sheets to run to your front door. You slowed your pace the quicker you arrived to the door and slowed your breathing while carefully undoing the locks. With quick click you flung the door open and jumped into the arms of the boy that stood before you with puffy red eyes akin to yours and tear streaks not yet wiped. You pulled your head from his shoulder and looked up at his face—one you so desperately needed to see. You raised your right arm from his back and lifted it to his ever so present eyebags and wiped the tears from his soft cheeks.

He uttered only one sentence, “I know we broke up, but I literally can’t sleep without you… can we… can we have one more nap together?”

And with a quick nod, you returned to the safety of Yoongi’s arms, your face hidden in his neck, nostalgic from his scent. You knew this wouldn’t be the last time you napped together. But it would be the last time you ever broke up.

a li’l short yoongi drabble. thanks for reaching down here lmao i just needed a quick prompt to spark my interest,,, sigh. i wanna work on a p long fic soon but i need more motivation :’’))

I feel it is my duty as the wacky Tom Paris blog that I am to remind you all that this Sunday is Threshold Day! @captaincrusher does an excellent job organizing/promoting the celebration so if anyone is curious about the specifics, check out this tag. It’s not a formal event but I for one have prepared some posts and I’m excited to see what else ends up floating around as well. :)

Whether you actually enjoy the episode (I do, no shame) or just like to joke about the… well… experience, I do hope you enjoy the flood of lizards/lizard babies. And if Threshold isn’t really your thing, I will tag everything both by the episode title and ‘Threshold Day’.

Catch you all at warp 10!!

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okay but what I wanna know is why are they yellow??

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favorite psych moments: 5x10 “can i just say what i came here to say, please? i have a motorcycle. and you know what? it is the purest form of freedom that i have ever experienced. you zip through traffic, you park anywhere, you never have to take anyone to the airport, you certainly don’t have to help anyone move. easily the best purchase i’ve ever made in my life. and i have never regretted it. not for one second.”
“great. you love your motorcycle. is there a point to this?“

heavy on her heart.

I’ve never really posted any kind of writing before, let alone something for a fandom, but this little snippet has been in my phone notes for ages and I’d like to share it! 

I hope you enjoy. :)

People often say when you repeat a word enough, it loses its value. In many cases, the word doesn’t feel real anymore; just another slew of nonsense akin to a child’s babbling. To test this theory, Emma laid awake in her bed, whispering to herself over and over again. 

Regina. Regina. Regina. Regina. Regina. 

Every letter is carefully enunciated, every breath is softer than the next; every thought is another image of her smile until Emma eventually succumbs to sleep.

When she awakens the next morning - and every possible thought of that smile has appeared and faded from her mind’s eye - Emma wills herself to try once more, with high hopes that the name had finally lost all meaning to her.

“Regina,” she sighs to the empty room, suddenly experiencing a different feeling growing inside of her. Did such a ridiculous concept manage to hold truth?

The answer is no, because what people often say can happen never seems to apply to Emma, and by the end of the last syllable, she knew she did not find a way to rid herself of the weight Regina’s name laid so heavily on her heart.

Instead, every other word had suddenly lost all meaning to her, because out of all of the words she had ever learned, this one had a smile behind it worth remembering.