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I don't know who to talk to but death is a very weird thing for me like I dont know how to react i just get very confused im sorry this is stupid

There’s no right or wrong way to react, babe. Unless it’s crude, of course, which I definitely don’t think you’re being. And it’s certainly not stupid to feel this way.

I think this is an odd situation. It feels very similar to Jay’s death for me. I’ve been a fan of One Direction since 2012, and Jay and Robin were strong and obvious forces within the fandom. But I never actually knew them, so does that mean I’m not allowed to grieve? I don’t know. I don’t have an answer to that question.

All I know is that Jay and Robin’s love for their boys, for the band, for the fandom, and for life made me feel closer to them. All of the stories I’ve heard about both of them - how nice they were to fans, how charitable they were in their everyday lives, how they woke up every day and made the decision to lead with love - makes it feel like I’m allowed to mourn. 

They were such good people. You could tell from the smiles on their faces alone. Their families - more than any other family associated with One Direction - have been so attacked, so intruded upon, so dragged through the dirt. Yet they still greeted every fan with a hug and a smile; with a conversation that lasted more than ten seconds. 

I’m going to allow myself to feel whatever I’m feeling. It’s a sad day. I know I will never know what Robin’s family is going through, and I’m not diminishing their grief by going through my own. That’s the last thing I want to do. But I can still be sad, because in a tiny way, Robin has been a small part of my life for the past five years, so I’m feeling it today. And that’s okay.

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i came out as trans to my school and like some boy asked "hey can i ask a question" and im like "if you ask me whats between my legs ill punch you in the face" and he said "dont worry" so i said "okay ask away" and he asked "would you date guys now?" and i replied "im a lesbian"

Tag yourself I’m you shooting guys down bc you’re a lesbian (also I’ll punch anyone who asks what’s between your legs)


Just wanted to share this coming out story from a guy I saw on First Dates. He came out to his dad when he was 20, and then his mum when he was 21, after trying very hard to hide that part of himself and never really discussing anything like that in their household. Hearing his mother’s response after he explained all that was really gratifying. To all Muslim LGBT+ people, As-Salaam-Alaikum <3


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with the wonder woman movie just around the corner, it seemed a good idea to make a list of some important comics that will make sure to give everyone an insight into this amazon and her world, whether you’re just getting into the wonder woman comics, or are looking for some more. comics with an * beside them are a must read !

sensation comics  ( 1942 )  :  #1 – 106.  the first appearance of wonder woman.
wonder woman vol 1.  ( 1942 ) :  #222 – #329. canon wondertrev. 
batman / superman / wonder woman : trinity  ( 2003 ) :  a take on how the trinity first met.
* jla  ( 1997 )  :  #61 – #64, #66 – #83, #90, #105. blood/gore/death/body horror tw. league dynamics and canon wonderbat.
* jla : a league of one  ( 2000 )  :  diana fights an ancient dragon and defies an equally ancient prophecy. 
blackest night : wonder woman  ( 2010 )  :  diana as a star sapphire.  gore/blood tw.
wonder woman ‘77  ( 2015 )  :  all the 70′s aesthetic of the tv show in comic form.
* the legend of wonder woman  ( 2015 )  :  another recon of diana’s origin story, but now, with cute art, a positively written etta candy, and more wondertrev.
wonder woman vol 2.  ( 1987 )  :  #1 – #62, #73 – #77, #170, #184, * #195 –225. blood tw.
* wonder woman : the hiketeia  ( 2002 )  :  by greg rucka. lots about ancient greek traditions and the diana x bruce dynamic.
justice league beyond 2.0  ( 2013 )  :  #15 – 24. canon wonderbat. death tw.
sensation comics featuring wonder woman  :  #1 – 4, #7, #20 – 21, #23 – 32. #38 – #41, #45 – #47,  #49 – #51.
wonder woman : spirit of truth  ( 2001 ) 
* wonder woman : rebirth  ( 2016 )  :  #1 – ongoing.
justice league vs suicide squad  ( 2016 )  :  #1 – #6.
justice league  ( 2016 )  :  #1 – ongoing.
trinity  ( 2016 )  :  #1 – ongoing.