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so i heard there’s an exquisite enbies thing happening?? well here’s ur favorite gray/quoigender bean (not sure of pronouns so any I guess)


uhh its gay day or something heres ur local me


ITS YA BOI. It’s me. I’m the boy,

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um hi no offense but I just woke up in a cold sweat realizing that the regent doesn't have a name and I don't know what to do with my life

he does actually have a name most people don’t realize this but he does it’s “Please Punch Me In The Fucking Face”. 

On a serious note though, I do think about this from time to time too. I wonder why Pacat didn’t name The Regent, but a part of me think she did it to further dehumanize him (??? if that makes sense?? i’m typing this out at like 3 am so there’s a chance this is all intelligible garbage) like to make him seem even more cold and unapproachable as a character. 

There was a post going around a while back about Laurent being named after/having a similar name to The Regent which I had mixed feelings about, but overall I thought was interesting?? Pacat is very interesting when it comes to names because (from what I understand, which isn’t a lot) because sometimes her characters have names that represent them very well (see: Erasmus) and other times they don’t appear to at all?? of course I could just not be looking in the right place  

Though, personally speaking, I’ve been mentally calling him Loghain in my head. Partly bc it starts with an L (since Auguste and Aleron both start with As?? so maybe The Regent’s name would also start with an L to parallel Laurent’s name in a twisted way) and partly bc I’m a huge dragon age nerd (in Origins Loghain betrays The King, his son in law, and leaves him to die in battle. After which declaring the group of people he also betrayed– the grey wardens– as traitors as well as lying to his daughter about the truth of what happened and proceeds to declare himself Regent)


I know what you’re thinking: another bias selfie tag??? really lananh???? 

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somebody send help my first exam is in 5 days and my mind is actually empty i know nOTHING I HAVE ABSORBED NOTHING THESE PAST 2 YEARS SOS

anyway yoo kihyun is the light of my life and i love him a lot.

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I was tagged by @nctreacting a few times for the bias selfie tag, i think that’s what its called? But yes thank you Flo for tagging me, and sorry it took me so long to do this bc i’m a shy bean. I mean idk, i guess this is my face? I can’t choose one bias because i’m a hoe like that, so i’d like to take this opportunity to sandwich myself in between my two biases Jaehyun and Ten. 

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My BFA2 film at Calarts is about how a young woman’s world transforms when she experiences street harassment / catcalling and how a catcaller gets called out for his wrongful actions. This film is mostly inspired by many annoying experiences I face as a female living in New York City.

Music / Sound
“Unstoppable (Jungle’s Edit)” by Lianne La Havas
Jungle Score + Mixing by Jacob Shrum

Watch other films by my classmates at –

the 20 tag

RULES: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better. i was tagged by @freehoseoksdick lol

  • Name: laura
  • Nicknames: bug, bitch
  • Gender: female
  • Star Sign: sagittarius 
  • Height: 172cm aka 5′7.7
  • Time right now: 21:12 
  • Last thing I googled‘tgi fridays gluten free menu’
  • Favourite band: my kings bangtan, but i love fall out boy & muse
  • Favourite solo artist: g dragon lmao
  • Song stuck in my head: new face - PSY
  • Last movie I watched: me before you
  • When did you create your blog: march 2016
  • What do you post: fanfics, shitposts of jungkook
  • When did your blog reach its peak: idk? what is a peak
  • Do you have other blogs: yes i have a namjoon blog, a taehyung blog, and a main/personal blog
  • Do you get asks regularly: on average i get about 10-12 a day, more if i update
  • Why did you choose your url: i feel very strongly about jeon jungkook’s thighs
  • Following: i only follow 32 blogs lol, the vast majority being bts fanfic writers and or makeup artists 
  • Posts: 6466 
  • Hogwarts House: i am a proud gryffindor 
  • Pokemon Team: team mystic
  • Favourite colours: black, grey & white aka anything monochrome
  • Average hours of sleep: 4/5 a night 
  • Lucky Numbers: 1 because i have to come first at everything
  • Fave characters: buffy summers, chandler bing, nathan from misfits
  • What am I wearing now: black leggings and an oversized white shirt i’m not kidding lmao they’re my lounge clothes
  • How many blankets do you sleep with: i have a winter duvet all year round, a thermal sheet, an electric blanket and sometimes a throw blanket too. i am a very cold person
  • Dream job: i’ll let you know when i know 
  • Dream trip: seoullllllll to see bts perform in their home country and eat amazing korean bbq

i know i’m supposed to tag 20 people but i cba so everyone reading this hi yes hello there friend you’re tagged in this pls do this and @ me so i can nosey thanku

Matt calls Elektra “sweetie” when she’s hurt and i am definitely for sure not crying no it is just raining very hard on my face yes that’s it


Elektra is in pain and whimpers “Matthew” and oh it’s fine i can totally survive being STABBED IN THE FUCKING HEART

don’t even get me started on Matt praying while holding her hand

fun with fatality;

01. last man standing - people in planes // 02. black sun - death cab for cutie // 03. if i lost you - shiny toy guns // 04. i’ll follow you - shinedown // 05. time is running out - muse // 06. nothing’s fair in love & war - three day’s grace // 07. we won’t back down - escape the fate // 08. sick sick sick - queens of the stone age // 09. hold me in your arms - the black keys // 10. willow - said the whale // 11. burn the pages - sia // 12. middleman - bright eyes // 13. david - noah gundersen // 14. maybe they’re on to us - needtobreathe // 15. up the wolves - the mountain goats // 16. grazed knees - snow patrol // 17. the apocalypse song - st vincent // 18. nuclear - mike oldfield // 19. skyfall - adele // 20. welcome home - radical face

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inspired by whalehuntingboyfriends​‘ fic, the great sealand takeover