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could i request daniel as ~that handsome and super smart senior~ that everyone is in love with, but he begins taking interest in the main char?? keke thank u!

this took ages but it’s finally here

Word Count: 2k (lol)

Rating: G except for language

A/N: this was a lot longer than it should’ve been

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so i heard there’s an exquisite enbies thing happening?? well here’s ur favorite gray/quoigender bean (not sure of pronouns so any I guess)


ITS YA BOI. It’s me. I’m the boy,

Thanks for asking me stuff! <3


(( y ou kno w what bc im bored af and its only like 11 pm.. almost 12 but its been a good day!! also was tagged by @askcorgijmin !! love your art btw and idk why i was tagged is it this bias selfie thing idk but here i go
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don’t even tell me where we are going / hands over my eyes, hands over my eyes
don’t even tell me where we are going / just walk, just walk by my side

[mini rant bc work put me in a bad mood] just went and blocked another 3 accounts for posting condescending hate in the taag… like idk y’all, it’s fine to not like a ship, but you gotta stop shoving it in people’s faces. we all like ships for different reasons; assuming everyone should think the way you do is conceited as hell


My BFA2 film at Calarts is about how a young woman’s world transforms when she experiences street harassment / catcalling and how a catcaller gets called out for his wrongful actions. This film is mostly inspired by many annoying experiences I face as a female living in New York City.

Music / Sound
“Unstoppable (Jungle’s Edit)” by Lianne La Havas
Jungle Score + Mixing by Jacob Shrum

Watch other films by my classmates at –

can’t live with him but can’t live without him - oliver x marcus

“I can’t do this,” Oliver whined, sitting up among the whirlpool of crumpled sheets, fleecy blankets and duck-feather pillows that seemed to be suffocating him as he tried to sleep. “I just can’t.”

He melodramatically kicked the duvet off him, cheeks a deep scarlet colour as he leapt from the bed and stood by the oak chest of drawers, one hand propped on his hip while the other wearily rubbed over his eyes. It was a late night and through the break in the curtains Oliver could see the moon hung proudly in the sky, surrounded by its very own sea of stars. Among the navy canvas the stars almost looked like a dot-to-dot pattern, just waiting for someone to come and connect them to complete the image. Oliver liked to imagine the stars would create an outline of Marcus’ face, perfectly accentuating his angelic cheekbones and God-like jawline. He was unfairly gorgeous, Oliver thought, which only made this hindrance more aggravating. 

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