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she wasn’t interested in telling
other people’s f u t u r e s
 she was interested in going out
and finding h e r own

 lee ji eun as b l u e  s a r g e n t — the raven cycle

Chiba’s Drarry Recs Masterlist


Eighth Year

Hogwarts Professors

Auror Partners


Angst With a Happy Ending

Long Slow Burn

Long, but not necessarily slow burn

Slytherin Harry

Plotty Smut-Free Fics

Coming Out to the Wizarding World

POC Drarry

Drarry with Scorbus

Drarry with Snupin


Bottom!Draco BDSM

Top!Draco / Switching BDSM

Sex toys (in public)

Top!Draco Smut


Fluff! (yes it needed its own heading I know what I’m doing shhh)


Gender is unknown, but it is hinted to be a girl by MJ when he asked DDOCA to call him “Oppa”, a term for a female to call their older brothers.

DDOCA is someone who is always following ASTRO and helping the boys film themselves playing around, sneak peaks at what they are doing or simple things like life behind the scenes/official camera.

AROHAs wishes they were DDOCA who is always with ASTRO and playing around with them.

cr to @moon-hyuks for DDOCA’s model (??? idk)

                               Blue’s Japanese FC Masterlist!

                                      ᴀ ʙᴜɴᴄʜ ᴏғ ᴊᴀᴘᴀɴᴇsᴇ ғᴀᴄᴇs ғᴏʀ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʀᴘ

I generally believe there is a lack of Japanese characters in the rpc and more than often, I see people use Korean FCs for ethnically Japanese characters. Therefore I recently started working on a masterlist of Japanese faceclaims to enable more people to be aware of the Japanese faceclaims out there! It includes trans faces, though there are a small amount I know of so there are not many. Everyone is listed with their family name first, then their given name.

This page is being constantly updated by me as there are definitely a lot more Japanese faces to add. But if you have any suggestions please do message me. This list will not include deceased, retired or under 16 faces. As of writing this, the masterlist contains 500+ faceclaims.

If you are an RPH who uses my masterlist for FC help purposes, please credit us as we worked hard on this.

You can sort the faces by these categories:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity (for bi/multi-racial faces)
  • Eye colour 
  • Hair colour
  • Occupation
  • GIF count*
  • RP icon count*
  • My favourites

*includes resources made by everyone! If I missed a resource, feel free to message me and I’ll add it as soon as I can. This is also good because it means you can help create resources for people who have none!

I was inspired by the Vietnamese FC list by thanhpls! Please love and support her masterlist too.

Hello fellow SONE!

The 10th anniversary of our girls is coming up and I had already decided that I’m going to go off this comeback and buy more copies than I need, and because I know that it’s tough for some people to afford to buy the albums, I want those people to have a chance at getting it on such a special and important occasion for both our girls and us SONE. I know I can’t make everyone happy but at least I’ll try to make a few.

General rules and notices:

  • you don’t have to be following me, this is for all SONE and I want everyone to get a chance at it so that doesn’t matter and it won’t influence on anything;
  • make sure that in case you’re a minor that you ask for your guardians permission to share your personal details with me when the time of shipping comes, and in case you’re not make sure you’re comfortable enough to share that in case you win;
  • the contest will end on the 5th of august at 00:00 California time, so GMT-8 if I’m not mistaken, or 8 hours behind London Time - so on the 6th of August at 8am London Time to make it more clear, make sure you submit everything before that;
  • You can only submit to one category, once - I’ll be checking this and if anyone submits multiple works they’ll be disqualified;
  • As of now there will be 6 winners (2 per each category);
  • I’ll let you guys know the results in the space of 1-2 weeks after the deadline, I’ll message everyone privately so make sure your inboxes are open, but I’ll also make a general post to inform everyone;

Here’s how to participate

There are 3 categories in which you can participate and the theme of course is “10 Years of Girls’ Generation”, so make sure that the content you produce goes accordingly to that. The 3 categories are:

Gif editing:

  • make a gifset here on tumblr in whichever format you wish in a way that fits the theme;
  • tag it with sooyyounggiveaway (phew that’s a big tag);
  • only one gifset per user - no sideblogs;
  • *

Drawing/Fan art:

  • whether it’s in a traditional technique or digital you’re free to do it as you find best fitting for yourself - just make sure it fits the theme;
  • only one drawing per person;
  • *

Video editing:

  • make sure the video is no longer than 2 minutes;
  • that’s really my only request, it’s okay if it passes 2 minutes but don’t overdo it, you’re free to do anything you wish really as long as it fits the theme;
  • only one video per person;
  • *

No matter which category you choose to submit your work to, make sure you answer this survey and link me your work on it. 

If there’s anything that wasn’t clear please let me know and shoot me an ask, I’m here to help! Good luck to everyone and please reblog this post so it gets to as many SONE as possible! :D


Hello Everyone, It is me again with my now corrected prices for Commissions. Alot of you probably know by now that I am homeless and unable to work and I really need commissions to like…. survive.

Those up there are my prices. If something’s not listed there, feel free to ask me about it. I’ll draw almost anything, furry, partial nudity, romantic/pda art. I won’t draw nsfw things and I won’t draw mecha (I don’t know how) I also won’t draw hateful or disturbing things either.

Payment is via paypal. Please email me at if you’re interested. Thank you for considering me and I would really appreciate it if you reblogged this post!

                         .+:。sarukui’s following spree!。:+.

Hi there!(ノ。≧◇≦)ノ Jumping on the following spree train lol With the new anime season starting soon, I’d like to try out a following spree to help me discover new blogs and meet new people! (Also, I’m struggling to keep my dash active lol)

If you’d like for me to check out your blog, please REBLOG and TAG what applies to you (plus any other main fandoms if you want! c:). I won’t be checking out likes unfortunately. Also, as much as I really enjoy checking out blogs, I can’t promise a follow to everyone, please don’t be disheartened if I don’t follow! Your blog will always be amazing (´∀`)♡

— Requirements !!
(1) have a tagging system (2) no ship-hate (3) no reposted works

— I’m looking for:

  • Haikyuu!! (+10 if you ship bokuaka +100 if you love fukurodani)
  • Touken Ranbu (katsugeki hype !!! *_*)
  • Boku no Hero Academia
  • DIVE!! / Free! / Days / sports anime 
  • Seasonal anime (please tag the series c:)
  • Others: Tokyo Ghoul, Mob Psycho 100, Vanitas no Carte, Natsume Yuujinchou, and Pandora Hearts
  • Touken Ranbu Stage Play or Musical (toustage/tousute & toumyu)
  • Aesthetics / Artworks / Quotes

— Bonus Points:

  • create content (edits, art, writings, gifs, etc.)
  • post/reblog writing and art references!
  • is currently active / run on queue
  • would like to be mutuals! c:

If mutuals could help me signal boost this, I’d really appreciate it! Thank you everyone and I hope y’all have a lovely day!  Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ

i’ve been inactive for about a year (thank god for queues) and in that time half the people i follow have deactivated or changed blog styles so it’s time for me to make a comeback and to do that i need some new blogs to follow!

honestly idk what i’m look for but chances are i’ll follow if you post mainly/a lot of:

- haikyuu
- pokemon
- any of the #Classics (naruto, one piece, sailor moon etc)

- voltron
- ensemble stars
- final fantasy series
- seasonal anime

(also sorry but i probably won’t follow if you don’t tag fandoms/ships!)

please reblog and help me fill my dash with new friends and content!

Hello! I FINALLY opened a paypal and I need money to help my older sister out because she needs my help right now! 

✔ OCs, fanart, actual people*  ✖ nsfw, mecha, furry*

*pls inquire first. also please provide references (pref. pictures)

For inquiries, feel free to message me here or at @sayhellochara! You can also DM me on twitter (popinkat) or e-mail me on gmail. 

I’ll only take 5 slots per batch! Please reblog if you can, thank you <3

Trans person in need of a bit of help!

Hey everyone, my name is Gwyn and I’m a very poor nonbinary person who has been trying to move out of Utah for ages, as living here is seriousky detrimental to my mental wellbeing, and I finally have an opportunity to move to Connecticut and I’m taking it, but plans have somewhat fallen through and I may not have a place to stay right away.

I have a couple hundred bucks, which isn’t enough for a motel, so I’m looking for a place to crash (a room or even just a couch) in the Connecticut/New York Metro area while I find a job and get things sorted. I would be able to pay around $200 for a couple weeks. I know its not much but I’m working on selling things and finding a job asap so I can offer more.

Alternatively, if anyone could donate to my Paypal ( so i could afford to get a motel if it comes to that, that would be rad.

My moving date is April 27th (one week from now)

If anyone has a place, or any info that could help me out, please message me here.

Thank you!!

katya-sims  asked:

Hi! I'm new to the Sims and I just had a few questions. Firstly, what tumblrs would you recommend following? Secondly, how do you edit the photos of your sims to have the coloured backgrounds etc?

Hey! Welcome to simblr! In order to keep this ask short, I’ll recommend some simblrs here, and I’ll make a separate post with the tutorial :)

These are just a mix of some of my favorite blogs, so if you’re looking for a more specific kind of blog, for example storytelling, just let me know!

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i just logged on to tmblr.notgood and saw that people were apparently against the term m-spec? heres some points.

its not a spectrum of how many genders you like. the spec means that you can experience attraction to multiple genders in different ways such as: liking nb people and men, liking women and men, liking women, men, nb people, and many many more!

it is used by people who uncomfortable with the terms bi/pan/ply for whatever reason. 

idk when you saw the term and immediately decided to go against it because you dont understand it but please. take it from someone who has been using the term for months, it does not mean what you think it means.  tagging some people. i tagged people who are discoursing about it

@stimcourse @protectlgbtkids @softlydiscourses @slimecourse @allo-dyke-privilege @teddyisabear @trohmanly @birobotic 

edit: the amount of people in the replies telling me to use bi or pan or ply. like. thanks. thats real helpful, like i havent fucking tried that. and also! coming up with terms to describe my experiences is not harming you in any way. if your argument is that people arent going to respect the community as a whole, your argument is dumb. if they stop  respecting you because more people are now comfortable with their sexuality and our describing it in a way that works for them, they never respected you in the first place! thats pretty simple and i thought we were past that level of discourse!

edit2: the argument has now changed from “its biphobic to use because i dont understand the meaning” to “its unnecessary because i dont use it”


Idk a better way to put this. 

Commission prices!




so tumblr is fucking up and like not displaying my post and calling them nsfw and stuff so if this is happening to you can you please let me know? respond to this or send me an ask and let me know whats popping up for you. thank you friends. I don’t tag anything food porn so i don’t think that is the problem. maybe it is blocking alcoholic recipes? idk my people, not sure what is going on, but thanks for the input. much love xx

help I love Mazikeen what do I do.

I mean. To be honest, I loved her since she showed in The Sandman for the first time, solely for her super cool design,and then in the Lucifer comic, she’s so cool, and then the tv adaptation showed up and I thought “hmmm she seems to be a totally different character oh well, well se how it’ll turn out” but now I’m “my queen please step on me”.

Hey everyone! So, I just had an idea for a blog. I know there’s this growing influx of network blogs for the fandom, so I thought I would come up with one that all could enjoy! 

The Voltron Network!!

It’ll be ship and discourse free. We’ll just post pics of individual characters, or art of a group of them. We need more Gen stuff in fandom, so let’s make a blog specifically for all of that. 

If you’re interested in being a mod, please message me!! 

I’m just gonna tag a few people who I think might be able to help get the word out.

@kcgane @ace-pidge @just-for-voltron

I hope to hear from you soon !!