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happy valentines day, pals!!! this is a list of the wonderful people ive gotten to know through inuyasha, and boy there’s a lot of them! under a read more to keep from flooding dashboards so read on to see me use words like “i love” and “like” and “omg” and “!!!” 1000 times!

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anonymous asked:

OMG I absolutely love the spam you just did about that night when KD were super intimate with each other. Could you please do one on the kolon sport incident where we heard the conversation between the two of them. That was the same time when JI got caught caressing KS's ear and then got really self conscious and stopped. I love this moment and would love to hear what you say about it. Thanks ^^

Thank you for liking the spam I did previously ;-;

(credit to gif/pic owners, some of the gifs are mine) 

ok so *cracks knuckles* I’m happy you asked about this moment, cuz it’s one of my faves!!

so first the vid.. 

I talked about this in a previous spam BUT, basically, this vid has gained attention due to the fact that nini is obviously being flirty with soo (and soo is loving the attention fyi, his eyes are all *__*). Nini switches from formal to informal language, back and forth, throughout the vid which is considered to be flirty (guys tend to do this when they’re trying to pick someone up and ppl have commented saying that just bros do not act like this or speak like this) 

nini was wearing the ring in the “wrong” way, according to soo, so he decided to be cute and “scold” him for it~ 

NOW THIS!! The way soo calls nini babo (stupid) is SO cute!!! And nini reacts very cutely to it and goes all flirtybear mode on soo. cuz he’s all like “i’m stupid??” and you really need to watch the vid to understand fully, cuz he says it in such a flirty way T____T

you should hear the way soo giggles in the vid *cries a river* he’s SO loving the attention from nini!! (I’m screeching at this point)

Happy!soo now that nini puts on the ring right xD (intriguing how the placement of a ring can be SO INTERESTING to discuss ;))

a closer look. see the way nini looks at him? he’s tilting his head and giving those eyes…. and soo is giggling I repeat GIGGLING!!!

after some time, the photographer actually scolds them for not focusing so they have to stop flirting talking, and nini becomes super pouty cuz he wanna talk more with his baero

look at the way nini looks at him.. he just wanna talk to soo again ;;;;; 

I think soo kinda feels bad for being scolded while working, so he ignores nini a bit, which makes nini go “PLS LOOK AT ME IM A SAD HEARTBROKEN PUPPY” x1000 

let’s talk about ba-ek xD

ba-ek observing the flirting couple beside him (poor ba-ek tbh)

idk this guy looks a little concerned to me

not to sound too delulu (might be too late tho?), but.. ba-ek notices a camera and does look a little worried..

ok so, at the same shoot, we got kaisoo chilling together once again (ofc)

Nini is rubbing soo’s ear (highly intimate), and soo’s got his arm lazily resting on nini’s leg. they look comfortable AF tbh. 

BUT then they notices that a camera is filming them O__O, so suddenly they change positions to look a little less intimate, cuz now they realize that they can’t be all carefree and chill with each other.. 

backview.. while they were chilling by the fence you can see that nini was stroking soo’s wrist/hand (cries) at one point

I rest my case tbh :)

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Errr so geekycomtv called you out in a post saying some bad stuff about you (he? changed his username and its under the same name that I previously mentioned; it's under "About the Copyright Drama). Man, I'm sorry that these kind of people attack you and the other fanartists. You guys don't deserve this kind of treatment from them. You guys should be profiting from the art you create, not them. Once again, I'm sorry you guys have to go through this, but I admire how strong you guys are (Part 1)


yea someone pointed it out to me the other day xD i’m not really bothered by it since he’s proven time and time again he has no idea what he’s talking about 8D [he also managed to compliment me in the notes of the post by saying i was 21 hahaha…i’m glad i pass as that young :P] 

and thanks! i think one of the best things about this fandom is how we all stick together and support one another when the jerks descend lol. but it’s also the saddest thing, because so many people are leaving the fandom thanks to art theft and jerks like this… it’s worse when the thieves are entirely unapologetic about it. i’m not sure they understand the impact it has to be used and mistreated that way ._. the lack of remorse really troubling. i wouldn’t want to know those people in real life lol

weekend is over so gonna catch up on my other asks in one go here lol

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answering asks!

just picked 20 this time. ill open asks again next week

some of the questions i got were answered in the faq too! pls read that before sending questions, even if you think your question wont be there.. it probably is JKFLD;JFS

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anonymous asked:

Who do you think tops? Kai or Kyungsoo?

well, anon, i think it’s kai, bc im forever #teambottomsoo

and let me explain why

look at that majestic butt sway

i wonder what jongin would do if it was him who stood behind soo

just look at it, his butt looks so plump 

is it bad that i want to slap that butt?

and also we have seen how jongin eyeing that butt, btw ^this is the view that jongin enjoys

i wonder what he was thinking when he saw ksoo’s butt, why he giggled like that?

this too, near the end of the gif his body already turn to the left but his eyes still fixed on soo’s butt (he bit his lower lip when he looked at soo)

jongin was being very subtle here 

shake that booty

jongin plz (and for those who say “omg kai-oppa didnt stare at d.o-oppa, he looked at the floor!”, then why the fuck did he look away when ksoo got up?)

i heard that when we hug our friends (friend in the meaning of platonic friend, not we-are-friends-but-i-have-feeling-for-you friend), we tend to keep our crotch/genital area away from touching our friends’ body (whether the hug is back hug or front hug or side hug), jongin could just lean his upper body and create a little gap between soo’s butt and his crotch so they wouldnt touch, but he didnt, and pressed his crotch to soo’s butt instead,

idk what happened here, i guess this is just another pict that means nothing since camera angle and timing do powerful magic to our shippers’ eyes

tapping the butt

his crotch touched soo’s side

very subtle there

kaisoo innocent hug? aww so cute


lets see it from another angle

another reason why i think jongin tops is bc of his powerful hips trust movement

damn that hips movement imagine him grinding on soo with that move 

also i think soo likes it when jongin does the hip thrust 

look at how soo got so happy…

…when jongin did this

soo didnt fix his eyes on jongin’s butt, instead he focused on the whole movement (body wave)

near the end of the gif, when jongin turns around, soo’s eyes/gaze went down, did he look at jongin’s crotch? giggity 

there is this gif set when kaisoo doing hipsthrust when they were facing and eyefucking each other, sadly i cant find the gif in my stash folder but i bet y’all have seen it

another reason why i am in #teambottomsoo bc the way they latch on each other is different, this is prob just me being very biased about ‘who tops and bottoms’ ordeal, 

but i notice when soo latch on jongin, he clings on him, like um how do i explain this? umm, like he treats jongin as his fav big teddy bear (personally, whenever i see him does this [latch on jongin], he gave me clingy and needy koala impression)

they backhugged each other on those picts, but each pict gives me different impression, 

left pict = jongin had his right arm circling soo’s body (waist) - idk i interpret this as protecting back hug? like ‘this guy is mine’? idk how to explain it

right pict = soo rested his head on jongin’s shoulder, basically he leaned his body on jongin, his arms didnt hug jongin tightly (like jongin did in the first pict), i interpret this as seeking comfort back hug? like a lazy back hug, “let me lean on u babe~” idk how to explain it  (idk maybe im overhinking shit as always im deluded so i have the right to do so hah)

do u get what am i saying, man i need an expert here

while [imo] when jongin does this (latch on soo), he has this protective/territorial aura. he likes to drape his entire arm on soo and he also has manhandled soo a lot

omg i just notice ksoo held jongin’s hand 

sure he didnt hug/touch soo here, but he managed to separate yeol from soo with his shoulder

he didnt even do the thumb up pose, whats the point of showing off his hand on soo’s shoulder? they were taking picture, ppl will see it, it wouldl be uploaded/seen by lots of ppl, there were also fancams, imo he did this on purpose

manhandling bae

the point is i sense a lot of dominance from jongin in their relationship, not to mention he is the vigorous one in this ship, and he has this protectiveness instinct towards soo? like that BR event where ksoo fell and jongin ran to make sure soo was okay. also he seems to pamper/adore soo a lot (giving soo chen’s straw [chen didnt want to give it to soo, jongin took it from chen and gave it to soo], he has called soo cute few times, praising soo, when soo does something he has this loving stare [he often smiles when he stares at soo], like “awww”-ing, etc) 

there is a high chance that they switch, bc according to my gay friend, there are more “switchers” in the world (he used the term: ‘vers’ - which is derived from 'reverse’ - to call gay males who take turn) than those who do “only topping” or “only bottoming”

also, for me ksoo seems to be the type to enjoy bottoming, i think he wouldnt want to waste jongin’s hip thrust skill and i think he likes to be manhandled by jongin, beside jongin is one of the main dancers in the group, and i think he wouldnt want to hurt jongin’s bottom (he loves his jonginnie, mmkay?)

and um, my view of ksoo is that.. um, he is kinky and he seems braver to do this. lol it’s just that he seems to be quiet and dont talk a lot; and lots of ppl have said, “its always the quiet ones”

plus there is nothing manlier than taking a dick up in your ass (it takes some balls to do that, again no pun intended), i applaud for those who do the bottoming for their partners /claps/

anyway, i didnt intend to answer this with another super damn long bullshit essay. and sorry for this long post eh not really and sorry to the anon who had asked this for i have neglected your ask, please dont blame me, blame my assignments instead 


btw tbh im glad there are lots of ppl who think kaisoo aren’t legit…less attention is better, they seem to be very private individuals, low-key is a must,

i see some ppl are angry on kaisoo tag, please dont feed those haters, just ignore them and be happy inside our delulu bubble, so what if people call us crazy trash? we’re happy this way and its not like those haters who have called us crazy know us irl anyway… it’s internet after all, haters are bound to exist. 

BONUS (why? bc i can): 

totatlly not staring while biting his lip


totally not asking for a kiss from jongin (look at him puckering his lips while he pointed at them and he glanced at jongin)

pointed his lips while puckering them, then sucking them in

still nibbling his own lips 

nibble nibble (did jongin see this shit? did he see how thirsty his bae was?)

totally not looking at each other lips (praise the caption)

the way jongin came to him like he wanted to kiss soo instead of whispering

i see soo’s nose tip touched jongin, that waving hand cant cockblock me from seeing them ha

an anon told me that jongin’s hair got pulled by soo’s lips (his hair stuck on soo’s lips cuz soo’s whispering method) and jongin leaned when soo did this

another version


this is just a very casual thing to do between platonic friends

look at jongin pushed away soo’s hand from his [soo’s] knees, then jongin changed his stance (like he was ready to trap soo’s body with his legs), (un)fortunately yeol stopped them to go further (SUCH A COCKBLOCKER WHYYYYYYY GO HAVE FUN WITH BAEK U DORK DONT COCKBLOCK THEM)

maintaining eye contact

the caption says it all

why his hand on soo’s back tho? here seemed to enjoy soo’s singing and dancing


i hope u understand why i put the bonus gifs in that particular order  ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

i love this^ gif btw (the others backed away and jongin gave soo his butt) idk why this gif always makes me giggle

anonymous asked:

I got into the fandom in the ending of January/beginning of February when I was obsessed with Skam and one of the blogs that I followed was from a girl who was also a Larrie. Before that I liked 1D as a band, I listened to their songs and knew their names, and had even heard about Larry but I didn't think much of it. But I started going through the tags of this girl's blog and was shocked at the amount of information and proof there was. (1)

I found freddieismyqueen and the rest is pretty much a blur, I found more Larry blogs and since I was in school break I literally spent every night until 5 am reading through masterposts. At the beginning I tried to find other logical explanations other than them being together and closeted (sometimes I still do ngl) but there came a point when finding reasons for them NOT being together required more mental gymnastics than just accepting that they probably were dating. (2)

Sometimes it’s a bit harder for me to believe things bc I wasn’t here as they happened, but the more time I spend in the fandom, the more I know them and understand the significance of their actions, looks, hints, etc. I was here when L skipped promo for H’s birthday (!) I have to admit I’m still not over the bears, it sounds like the craziest, most far-fetched theory ever, but there is so much evidence that it’s pretty much not even a theory. (3)

They were literally communicating with the fandom through rainbow bears and I wish I could’ve been here for it :( But I’m still glad I joined the fandom, I listen to more of their music now and although I’m not too hopeful for the near future I’ll stay as long as I can (idk how ppl have been doing this for YEARS) But you are all really cool, and selfless and ILY (4)////

But there came a point when finding reasons for them NOT being together required more mental gymnastics than just accepting that they probably were dating.

I love this part because it’s so true, I think I can speak for all of us we’ve all been there. 

The bears are… believe me they make us speechless. The fact that they tweeted, that they did a countdown, that the twitter was made on the night of the cancelled concert… it’s insane to even think about what must have gone down behind the scenes. Maybe you weren’t here, but there are masterposts and screenshots and a phone you can text, as mind-bogging as it is.

Edit: let me correct myself, it wasn’t their Twitter that was created but their countdown started (countdown as in the bears rebelled and stopped attending the shows. This countdown ended when the bears came back to the concerts). Sorry for the confusion. It just happened so long ago. 😄

Faces are the only thing I feel comfortable drawing so here are?? Some tips I guess?? I’m sorry these are lame and unhelpful lol *crying* 

I didn’t do anything on anatomy because I have no right to speak on something I don’t understand BUT the most eye-opening thing in the world for me was and still is the book FIGURE DRAWING FOR ALL IT’S WORTH by Andrew Loomis! Anything I would have tried to explain, he explains 1000x better. Buy it. Read it. Love it. It has changed who I am as an artist.  

As for how I got started? One day I decided I wanted to draw and drew really really badly. Legit terrible. My fiancee still has my first “srs” attempt at a doodle hidden somewhere, and IT. IS. BAD. A lot of what you draw will be terrible (ppl are like “noo it’s not terrible you’re learning!” and yeah you are but also it will be terrible) and you will hate it for a long time and the hardest part is just kinda not quitting because all drawing is… is repetition. The basic act of drawing is just training your hand and brain to work at the same time ahaha. 

Draw the same thing over and over and over and over until you can pick out what you did badly the last time, or what you’d like to change the next time, and eventually you’ll learn things you can apply to all drawings! Idk if that even makes sense. But yeah. There are no secrets! Stare at everything! Find line and shadow in all objects, and imagine how it would translate on paper. That’s all I got.

Thank you for the wonderful compliments, and good luck lovey!!!! Practice practice practice! And never give up!!! All it takes is a lot of time and determination and I think anybody can get to any level of skill. Art is so satisfying to me, because your talent and skill directly correlate to the amount of time and effort you put in. Eventually you always reap what you sow!

wanna chat? pt 6

on ao3

pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3 | pt 4 | pt 5 | pt 6

i’m taking a fanfic break but i don’t reeeaaaaaalllllllllllly consider this fanfic so it’s ok. and i’m taking a break from my short stories which got…dark.

anyway. i mention this weird commercial a bunch and it’s this one that i keep seeing late at night?? and i wrote down random comments i had on my phone and BOOM! alya.

also???? what is this plot doing in my crack????????? why is there even the smallest bit of plot and continuity what’s happening

enjoy? i don’t know?

3:15 AM

rockin’ the beats: you think lb and cn will let me tag along to punch hawk moth in the face?  

the real ladybug™: sign me tHE FUCK UP

3:27 AM

the real ladybug™: u think i could start outsourcing ladyblog stuff 2 ppl who dont have curfew cuz like
this is cramping my groove

rockin’ the beats: ‘cramping your groove’??????

the real ladybug™: ye cramping my groove
got a problme with it m. off the chain??

rockin’ the beats: fuck you

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anonymous asked:

I feel like I'm not allowed to consider myself a member of the bi community. Every time i talk about racism and biphobia i face in the lgbt/bi community and how they intertwine white bi ppl tell me this community is supposed to be a safe place

(cont) and basically say “ok we are letting u call urself bi so now u gotta thank us for letting u into our community” and i just wanna know if this is normal? If i really am being biphobic 2 my peers for wanting to discuss racism and if I'm (cont) making them look bad? I dont wanna create more reasons for ppl to hate us. I also feel like i havent proved my bi-ness enough and that no matter how hard i try white bi and lgbt ppl wont believe me. Idk if i deserve to call myself bi anymore

(cont) i do like more than 2 genders but i feel like im not bi enough so ive started to call myself str8 again. Am i invading bi spaces?? Im sorry if u find these questions offensive i just. Idk what 2 do and u kno a lot more than me about this

yeah that is definitely a legit criticism of the bi community

edit: sorry i didn’t realize this was a multi ask question. it’s not biphobic to want to talk about racism in the bi community, esp. because bi people are disproportionately poc. fuck anyone that acts like you’re being “divisive” or whatev. it is your right to speak out against racism, and it’s our responsibility to listen to you when you do and get our shit together.

thecirclecontinues  asked:

Ummm is it weird to ask you to explain a little about your culture cause i wanted to learn about it but couldnt find much on it

#same LOL sorry thats just a little ironic to hear. 

there’s not much left, thanks to the missionaries. we’re called the baxoje [bah’KO-jay] (more well known as ioway but that was another tribe naming us to white ppl so i prefer to not use it cause yanno iowa is iowa and not baxoje thanks) and idk we were a rad and sexy hot nation with more style than all of europe combined

this is Great Walker below, he was a fucking legendarily strong badass and he was super close to my ancestor Chief White Cloud, total best buds, and they did all this crazy shit like escape prison and assassins together and scalped tons of white guys but in the end they had a falling out and Great Walker refused to compromise with invaders. i admire him a lot for his courage and loyalty to his people, even turning away from his best friend/Chief for what he believed in. an assassin finally got to him while he was sleeping, he went rogue for a while with a small band of warriors. live by the sword die by the sword kind of thing, he refused to submit and drop his weapons.

this is my direct ancestor Chief White Cloud, he was a good man. he trusted white people too much, he was so optimistic and believed in their humanity too much. he tried to reason with them and discuss things and they ended up tricking him into signing what he thought was peace treaties, but really he was signing away land for chump change- without a translator, might i add.

he went overseas to indulge white folks in their fascination with culture (shocking) and try to raise funds and support for our people, since we were being pushed out of our homelands and into a rez at the time. while he was gone with a group of clan elders, the US Gov decided to finally toss coins in our direction for the ancestral land they stole out from under us (pipestone MN to the missouri river). since he was gone trying to raise money for our starving people, they handed all that money for all our lands to the missionaries who set up shop on our rez. they spent it all on a church and a reform school where they punished children for speaking our language, cut their hair, and erased our culture.

haha :) lol

umm but yeah what else. i always liked our traditional political system. ive never been fond of western ideas of politics but hearing about our own makes the most sense to me. black bear clan, my clan (and white cloud’s) was the ruling clan in the fall and winters. buffalo clan ruled in the spring and summers. buffalo clan were good at agriculture and during the springs and summers our nation formed what was pretty much cities ranging from kansas city to saint louis, especially around the delta region feeding the missouri river in to the mississippi. some other clans had more power/responsibilities at this time, like buffalo clan had their crew of clans and bear clan did, too.

in the fall and winter the bear clan would take over with the wolf clan at their side to hunt and provide for everyone through a more old-fashioned way of tracking down game. our people would head north and find shelter, basically hunker down for the winter while the bear clan got them through the worst of it. i do believe bear clan and wolf clan were the warring clans too, meaning they would jump up first when there was a threat. though the eagle clan ruled during war, they had the bear and wolf right behind them. very old clans, some of the first to manifest in our stories. lots of warriors in the fall/winter ruling clans. 

anyways, if bear clan or buffalo clan abused their power, it got checked in a matter of months. all decisions were made in a counsel of the active chief and the leaders of all 7 clans:  Black Bear, Buffalo, Eagle, Wolf, Elk, Pigeon, Owl. some of them we know next to nothing about anymore, and there’s word that there used to be a Snake and Beaver Clan, too. lots of stuff was lost, it was a cultural genocide.

each clan had their specialities, their skills, their place and their role within the nation. they also had their own clan secrets. every clan has their own story about how all the clans came together to form the baxoje, and generally a bear clan person would never hear the eagle clan’s story. some things were just too private, even within the same people. each clan had their bundles and medicine to offer. 

the elk clan were the fire masters and also brought mihxoge medicine/spirit into our culture, so after a time every clan had elk blood mixed in and mihxoge born to their clan. pigeon clan was a peace making clan. 

each clan was given a gift, a responsibility, and the creator brought us together to complete each other as a people. our creation stories might differ, but thats constant in all of them. our people were given the responsibility to be the guardians of the red pipestone to use for ceremonial pipes. 

bleh idk, look up more if youre interested. also im pretty sure im the only person ever posting in the “baxoje” or “ioway” tags other than like Iowa archeological/academic blogs. 

idk what in the world..

i never go into the tags but then i see ihs having much too bloated confidence (lmao wtf) and irs being gloomy (just bc they didnt get their reunion, im actually massively glad we didnt get any bc im an asshole).

Srsly. ichigo doesn’t reciprocate xxxhime’s feelings at all. not at all. Deluded ihs say ichigo has already reciprocated xxxhime’s feelings. Based on what? they say it’s bc of her titty dress. they say it’s bc he has finally realized how important she is to him. i just — i feel very sorry for the state of their minds. every sane reader understands that every significant, positive change ichigo has felt positively throughout the manga was directly influenced by rukia. And he is going to put all that below a pair of titties? Just how in the world are ih fans this deluded, how are they this bloated with confidence and conviction? Lmao. I’ll tell u.

orgs’ first “argument” is that u dont have to fall in love with the person who has changed your world in a big way. 

i always find it funny they make this claim, bc if xxxhime were the one who changed ichigo’s world instead, they would be singing a different tune. Whose words did ichigo quote to isshin? If it were xxxhime, they would have been celebrating. But ofc, it wasnt her, so they ignore this chapter completely. They act like the scene doesnt exist. 

Whose abduction caused ichigo such anguish that his despair for that incident was ranked only below his mother’s death? was it xxxhime’s abduction? no, it was rukia’s. for years and years, ih fans have always, always claimed that ichigo looked so much more depressed when xxxhime was taken away compared to when rukia was taken away, that he looked like he was so thoroughly broken, his world crumbled, CRUMBLED!!! 

and then mere weeks ago they were proven wrong. It was glorious. It was hilarious. it was just as we argued, just as we have known from reading the manga, just as expected. rukia being taken was a very hurtful blow to ichigo. he cried in the rain. he screamed. there was a full black page. if xxxhime were the one featured in the despair panel, or if she were the one who changed his world, they would jump on that like hyenas. Lmao. but sucks to be them, kubo has never even once done that for xxxhime. 

their second “argument” was that ichigo became a monster for xxxhime. 

i don’t know why they’re still saying this. ichigo’s zan, in the royal realm, had already, flatly told him that THAT event was explicitly caused by zan’s desire to protect ichigo, not xxxhime. did those ih ppl even read this shit? 

Remember that time when ihs had their buttocks burst into flames when it seemed ichigo was going to stay in ss? they cried, moaned and wailed about his “humanity” that he was forced to give up. but they didn’t have a problem when he was forced to lose his humanity by turning into a monster to  “protect xxxhime” ????? they didn’t have a problem when he hated that he had to lose his humanity to win that fight??? they didn’t have a problem when ichigo had never once felt joyously victorious throughout his battles in hm and fkt?

alas, he didn’t lose his “humanity” to protect xxxhime. zan told him that it was himself, who came out to protect ichigo. 

their third “argument” was that kubo gave their ship a lot of development in this arc, just to show how well xxxhime complements him 

….lol, again? They make it seem like xxxhime is the only person to receive such development, when the reality is, she’s abysmally late in receiving it. Ichigo has already fought side by side with many of the main “nakamas” prior to this arc. he has already teamed up with rukia from day 1 in eradicating hollows. he teamed up with ishida later on to take down menos grande. in a flashback when chad was fighting shunsui in ss, it was revealed that ichigo has teamed up with chad in their middle school days to take down bullies. what has…xxxhime even done up to now? lmao. she didn’t even help in her own arc. she screamed for ichigo to save her and regretted it. do u not agree her development has come pitifully late at 670 chapters? she won’t even be shown in the final chapter, it will definitely close off with ichigo and rukia. 

so i’m not at all joking when i ask, what have they been reading all this time? are they saying all these characters DO NOT complement ichigo? or are they saying that they DO complement ichigo, and therefore ALL of these pairings have a chance? they get some pages of xxxhime and ichigo fighting together, and they want to say that it helps to bolster their relationship at a romantic level, but when other people receive the same kind of treatment, they insist those are strictly non-romantic. 

they say xxxhime’s love is canon bc it is known and it has been verbalized. has gin and ran’s feelings been verbalized? did they actually say ‘i love u’? did ran ever had an outpour of emotions where she explicitly states that she ‘loves’ gin? she really didn’t. in fact, crying over gin and worrying over gin, thinking about gin and their days together – these are things rukia has already done when it comes to ichigo. like rukia, ran has never verbalized her feelings explicitly. but people are so ready to accept that gin and ran are in love? or are ihs going to change their tune again?

ichiruki already has good teamwork. both ichigo and rukia have an unequivocal amount of trust. their bond is unbreakable and unsurpassable by other characters. not even xxxhime could come in between them. what are ihs gloating about, exactly? ichigo and rukia are already each other’s most important persons. they already have all of that. a romantic progression is only natural. but ihs? xxxhime still cant fit herself into ichigo’s world. she does help him a bit like all the others, but she can’t help him the way rukia has helped him. and they want to call her the “complementary” half to ichigo? looolzz. this is really funny, 24k gold.

their other stupid “arguments” include: 

* xxxhime’s love was constant throughout the series, her character needs resolution

i would have offered them my sympathies, bc kubo has been so shit to their fave by making her entire character revolve only around one boy, but i’m all too aware of how shit kubo has also been to other characters. therefore xxxhime/ih fans arent special by a long shot.

aizen had been that constant “i know it all” little shit from back then up until now. what happened to him now? did his character get any resolution? was his past revealed? why was he so salty about the sk? why did he hate ss so much? for such a central villain who paraded around in his swan coat for 400 chapters, where is he now? he’s black ink sauce for squid pasta

kubo never bothered to develop xxxhime beyond her “love” for ichigo. there had been no resolution to these feelings, so ih fans think her love will eventually be returned. it wont be returned. kubo never even bothered to resolve 1001 oother shits, they think he’s going to give her love a “resolution”? lol 

* ichigo was interested in xxxhime sexually

kubo feeds them superficial stuff, really meaningless shit. they never get anything substantial so when they do get something small, they blow it up to unrealistic proportions. 

ichigo went beetroot red when yoruichi said she would get into the pond with him. ss arc. would you say he was interested in yoruichi sexually then? he wanted to do her? lmao. 

he was trying to peek at rangiku unbuttoning her shirt. remember? he tried to peek. rukia told him to slide that finger down. 

he blushed at ikumi when she pushed his head onto her chest, he didnt even try to resist. lmao. he wanted it, then? 

he looked like he wanted to die when neliel squeezed her boobs on his face. oh yeah, he is definitely interested in all of these girls sexually. 

BOTH ichigo and renji were attracted to the girls in the royal realm and big breasted hikifune. 

AND? They tout how RENJI LOVES RUKIA. I don’t disagree, she is the most important person to him. But isn’t renji attracted to big breasted girls, too? He wanted to get his damn zan changed into a breasty woman, he was willing to pay mayuri for it. never forget that omake. But have u ever seen ihs say that Renji’s love for breasty girls has a much heavier weight than his established connection to Rukia? That his natural predilection to titties as a man would overcome his feelings for rukia? No? Then why do they constantly bring up the titties shit to belittle rukia, and belittle ichigo’s feelings for rukia by saying ichigo only likes breasty women, and that he could only be attracted to breasty women? If Renji isn’t a lecher and isn’t superficial, why would ichigo be superficial? Renji treasures his time with rukia when they were kids in rukongai, he appreciates how she saved him and their other friends, and he has an actual friendship with her. If he had eventually fallen in love with her, why is it that ihs cannot accept ichigo has fallen in love with rukia the same way renji had? 

This “titties” pinball bonus shit ihs bitch about isn’t special. it’s fanservice shit. shounen shit. girls with titties don’t make you fall in love. girls who change your life in a massive way, on the other hand - oh shit. Orgs talk about how ichigo is sexually attracted to xxxhime - im like - looool. 

* narutu 

pls don’t take narutu as a comparison. idk why ppl want to compare narutu ships, when NARUTU and ICHIGO are completely different even in their personalities as protagonists. what are u even trying to compare, when 2 boys are so fcking different from each other? dont even try to correct me about narutu’s spelling i will lol at u

this has gotten pretty long i will continue another day

ihs basically are deranged that was what i originally wanted to say. 

K-popislove-xo Follow Forever

*climbs on stage*

*grabs mic*

*spotlight on my face*

Thank u thank u.

I’m mainly doing this to thank the people that entertained me for countless hours, even if I don’t personally talk to a lot (like almost none) of you, I feel like you are all amazing people and ily so much. #BlogGoalsFor2k16

It’s not gonna be that many, but I’m gonna mention the ones that I found to be outstanding on my dash and I strongly advise you ppl to follow them (if ur not already doing so). 

@jiyongs-g-thong - That’s like a sweet marshmallow mixed with diamond dust and unicorn dreams liquor to my VIP trash self. luv u.

@bangtan-and-chill - Where do I even start??? i love you so much <3 ! My first tumblr interaction with another person+her blog gives me life+is SO ACTIVE like when do u sleep my love?? the best

@kpop-is-naughty - love love looooveeee this one. so well put together, one of the first blogs I ever followed, introduced me to the world of smut and she’s so nice and warm hearted!

@exoticdaydreams - Best exo reactions out there. You are are an exo l and don’t follow this one, you are seriously missing out, stop whatever you’re doing and follow it.

@artimisthena - my #1 tumblr cursh atm. You can just go and endlessly scroll her blog and it’s full of quality posts. There’s no way you’re not gonna like this one.

@wang-me-harder - I’m starting to seriously bias Jackson Wang and this blog fulfills my igot7 needs haha.

@hunhans-cartier-cockrings - Another blog that I’ve been following since forever. Such good content, pls never get off tumblr cause you’re platinum bby

@syubprince - I’ve only recently started noticing this one, however, it’s really good. I know nothing about the person behind this blog, but it’s my cup of tea so just keep doin you ^^

@fybaekhyun - so active, it’s everywhere on my dash. idk how many followers you have, but you deserve more.

@topshouldstop - funny person with great posts, she’s both bigbang and bts trash so there is something for every army and vip in there.

@jiyongpng - yet another bigbang blog. There is a very charismatic person behind this one. 10/10, brightens my day, love you.

@we-hate-bts - HQ BTS trash. Hates loves BTS, just follow her and if you don’t find the content golden you can come back and complain to me.

@gahxiumin - one of the most relevant to my dash. She’s such a cutie, never actually talked to her, but she’s the kind of cool blog that you tag in challenges so ppl think you’re friends haha

@cypherslut - again, she’s like the cool kid in highschool that when they drop a pencil and they ask you to pick it up you make sure to take a picture of you holding the pencil and #justhangingoutwithmybestie. Too much? Probably. Do I love your blog? Most definitely. 

@exobtsimagination - everyone should follow this one. You are probably following this one, if you don’t… For real, they have the highestestestest quality fanfic out there and they put so much effort it’s crazy. 

@sexonextdoor - I’ll just say bless you and what you do, just keep on and I’ll mention you in my prayers. Too much? maybe. Ily

@big-bangtans - My dash would be a lot less appealing if it wasn’t for this boo over here. Ahh, I love love luv you. Thank you for being an army because without you being an army there would be no big-bangtans.

@fantastic-alih - she’s EVERYTHING. No, for real now, it’s such a good blog. the content varies, not 100% kpop, but very entertaining. And trust me when I say this because I only follow blogs that are 100% kpop and I’m very picky about that.

@taehyungbaehyung -praise you. you are doing an amazing job, I’m having so much fun following you. You are a bae. I love you. Be my friend.

@moonlightscenarios-blog - SOOPER DOOPER UBER good scenarios. Please never stop writing and you are so talented, I don’t know how many k-pop fans there are on tumblr, but everyone of them should follow you, pronto.

@naughtybts - <- click here whenever your ovaries feel like exploding from bts’ hotness. She’s great, such an open minded person, a must follow for every army out there. You go girl. 

@kpopmademyday - Great content, should follow her. Like, stop whatever you’re doing. If you’re on the toilet rn, peeing, put the toilet paper down, click on this blog and follow it before doing anything else, because you’re missing out on life.

@sugamints - <— Special shoutout. I’ve actually talked to her once. She’s a sweetheart and I have been following her blog for so long, every post brightens my mood. Just a great blog overall

@whalien-17 - So funny, so enjoyable, the definition of tumblr itself because I’m having so much fun with your blog. I need more people life you in my life.

@zico-mino-trash- the very first blog I ever followed. I love it so much, so precious to my soul AND MY DASH (witch would be considerably drier without you).

@onlylovekpop - if you ever publish something for real, message me and I’ll buy it. I don’t care where you’re from. I’ll pay the shipping price from Arganzabaikalgstan because you are amazing. And OMG the aesthetics of the blog.. .. … you’re goals.

I might have forgot about some blogs, I’m sorry if I did. I just kinda went for it and remembered about people as I was writing. Anyway, if I follow you, you are probably great, if you’re on this list, you are special for me.

things about being on T (written by a man on his 1 year t-versary)
  • skin reactions vary with regards to spots and whatnot but i can tell u that if you are over 18 it will probably be like a worse version of what happened during your first puberty
  • you’re gonna eat way more that’s pretty much a given
  • muscle development is a thing and that’s pretty cool but don’t rely solely on it and working out helps
  • facial and body hair will grow at varying speeds
  • your voice will get deeper, tho the rate and final tone will vary between ppl, as will the speed at which it settles (i’ve had ppl tell me theirs settled around 6 months whereas mine is still wobbly so it really varies)
  • if you bind like an idiot you will suffer the consequences, be smart about your binding people
  • you should probably wash a bit more and maybe invest in some skin scrubs but again this depends on the type of skin you have and what you’re prone to and such
  • as long as you’re a generally hygienic person (and chances are you already are) you’ll probably be fine
  • there will probably be some strong emotional responses to things, the most common of which is more anger but these can vary
  • you’ll only get taller if you’re under 18 because your bones won’t have fused yet
  • when you have facial hair and you decide to shave it, there’s a couple things to know: 1) shaving it does not make it grow back thicker and quicker and darker that is a myth so don’t rush to do it 2) please for the love of god be careful with razors 3) use the most gentle skin sensitive shaving balm/cream/soap/whatever you can find because even if you don’t have sensitive skin, your body was originally never expecting you to shave that area so is not as well prepared for it as someone whose body was expecting it

generally T i think is quite a unique experience for everyone and the way things change in bodies is very different between people but ultimately it’s not some horror story and you will not be crying all the time. in fact if anything you’ll feel some sort of content at getting on with your chosen path.

i just felt like i had to make this i’m sorry. if anyone has any questions my ask box is open

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I decided to do a follow forever for my 7K follower milestone.  Seriously, just WOW thank you all SO MUCH!  It’s been a crazy adventure full of bitter sarcasm, forcing my ships on you all, frozen puns, and not nearly enough alcohol.

DISCLAIMER:  If I leave any of you out, I’m so sorry, and please know that I love each and every one of you.

Tumblr crushes:

People who I’m platonically in love with, and who influence me, support me, and always show me love <3

(in no particular order)

joyful-beam - You are such an amazing, nice, sweet, and considerate person.  I know we don’t talk that much anymore, but every time you drop me a message my face lights up and it’s like nothing’s changed.  Even though I don’t post anything you’re into anymore, lol, you’re still keeping me around and I wish you all the love and happiness in the world :)

negovanilmans - KENZIE. ily seriously.  One of my first followers too.  You’re just an amazing, strong, caring person who has always been such a huge support to me.  You’re perfect and I’m always here for you!

royalarmyofoz - My love for you might be kind of not so platonic lol :) Uhmmm YOU’RE PERFECT.  I’m quite sure that I actually made a tag which I use often, called ‘meg’s perfect’.  Seriously though, you’re the ruby to my regina, my fellow snow queen fangirl, and everything in between.  You’re such a positive and awesome person, and you can always brighten my day.  Thank you for existing, and for exposing me to your existence <3

naya-bivera - Most days we just spend reblogging each other’s posts, and it’s almost ridiculous how much in common we both have.  You’re an awesome person and one of my favs to follow!

charmingmillsfamily - My Snow Queen soulmate!  The snow to my regina…sigh, I remember I started following you, because you were literally the only snow queen blog I could find, even though you only shipped them as brotp, and then you read my fic and I destroyed your innocence about them (bmwahahaha).  Now you’re just usually flailing around in this mix of brotp/otp/i don’t care just look at each other hurricane of snow queen feelings, just like me 99% of the time tbh. :)  I love you tumblr wifey.

evilshipper - ily because you really are just this huge supporter of my fics, which is where my heart is, and you’re always supporting and poking me with a stick when I take too long to post/update ;)

coramilfs - Welp, I don’t think I can say enough about you.  Everyone loves you, and with good reason.  You’re always so full of love for Regina and ouat, and a pretty much hate free blog.  I emulate you a lot when it comes to how I deal with ppl on this site, always with kindness like you do with me. :)  You’re head cannons are horrible and I love them.  You kept me motivated and confident about my writing so many times.  Thank you for everything.

bekksrich - UGH.  You’re so wonderful, you’re such a great sounding board for head canons and such.  You’re the closest thing I’ve come to a shipper soul mate, because you ship all the things I do, and you’re so talented and amazing.  I’m so glad to have gotten to know you!

frenchtwistresistance - I first noticed you because of your creepy Kate Mulgrew icon of her holding a clown puppet in 1979, and now you’re stuck with me.  I can’t say enough about how awesome you are.  I have mentioned that it’s something that can be witnessed from space, and I’m pretty sure there’s people up there right now who can vouch for that.  You are so intelligent and witty, and I’ve never seen anyone write dialogue as good as you do.  I have an unnatural attraction towards large vocabularies.  You seem to like me a bit, and I don’t know why, lol. But you could probably not stop anytime soon, and I’d be cool with that :)

tiffanyknowles - I know we don’t talk that much, but you’re always there to laugh at my lame Regina jokes, and a fellow snow queen shipper, which is hard to find!  You’re also wonderful and you have a great sense of humor.  I love seeing you on my dash! :)

frenchsapho - I love how supportive you are for my recaps and such, you’re such a warm and wonderful person, full of great energy, and I love it!  Thank you so much for all your positively :)

freifraufischer - You are so intelligent, and well spoken, giving these amazing and wonderful discussion about ouat, and you’ve always been so nice and respectful to me, so I love you for it.  And sometimes I like to look at your blog and think… 'I made her ship snow queen’.  Than I cackle evilly and run away.

michebellaxo - Oh dear.  You sweet and wonderful supportive person.  You know what you did.  And I’m forever ruined because of it. ;) <3


Giving all the love in my heart out to:

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