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hello over the last week or so i made around 300 video game icons cause i was bored and i had a bunch of old messages asking for some. there’s more witcher 3 and uncharted ones than anything but there’s also the last of us, horizon zero dawn, bioshock, overwatch, assassin’s creed syndicate, plus i plan on making more for various other games

here is my full icon page, go ahead and request stuff, i’ll do my best to complete them! i’d appreciate a like or reblog if you use them but it’s not needed, just don’t claim as your own :) 

so so tired of seeing discussions about pansexuality (the definition of it, validity of it, why people id as it, etc.) being had by people who do not identify as pan. because more often than not, they aren’t discussing facts, they’re discussing misinformation and their own assumptions and biases.

let pan people lead the discussion about pansexuality. listen to our voices, instead of your own, when it comes to our sexuality.

mass effect: described as sexual encounters with the Chris-es
  • me1: chris pratt. soft, but treats u right. unforgettable and addictive despite its clumsiness.
  • me2: chris pine. short but sweet. good attention to detail, and overall a great experience.
  • me3: chris hemsworth. rough, but u come 3 times. the last orgasm is lackluster and ur left sore and hurting.
  • citadel dlc: chris evans. straight orgasm. so good. nothing compares.