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  • someone: how can you just lie in bed all day
  • me internally: i have several illnesses that mean that my energy is practically zero and i lack the motivation to do anything, i am anxious about every little thing so i avoid doing things, i have next to no friends and even then i get socially exhausted very quickly leading to me isolating myself out of guilt, and on top of that the world in my head is greatly preferable to the one outside of my bed
  • me externally: lol im just lazy i guess

here are my thoughts on the whole bts copying bigbang discord

do i think it was bts’ choice to have the ‘no signal’ thing as part of their performance? probably not, and thus i dont think we should be blaming the group themselves because, realistically, its unlikely bts have that much creative influence over what they do in performances

so no, i dont think we have a right to be angry at bts, but i do think we have a right to be angry that it happened (regardless who was responsible). VIPs are the only people (excluding those who know him personally) to even get close to understanding how much the Act Like Nothing’s Wrong stage meant to TOP. It had deep meaning for him and likely related to past mental struggles he experienced. He is a vulnerable man with a strong stage persona but decided to show some vulnerability on stage in the form of this performance. He used the ‘no signal’ screen to hide behind whilst performing to show how much it meant to him and how it affected him. It was the solo song he chose to perform as one of his last before enlistment. It was an immensely powerful moment between him and his fans on the tenth anniversary. And thats why i’m annoyed that something with such meaningful symbolism is being taken and used for aesthetic purposes.

its a shame that people have taken this misunderstanding as an excuse to have a go at each other, but i hope this helps some people understand why some of us are quite upset at this


A thing I randomly made! :9 I had fun with this, If you use! It would be cool if you tagged it “AU Palette” so I can see what ya made! Have fun!

Husband material Steven Hyde like

  • Takes you to dances, even when he hates dancing
  • Also learns how to dance for you *cringes a little*
  • Comforts you even when crying people makes him uncomfortable
  • Will defend you from his friends, no matter what they may think
  • Better than you at cooking
  • Better than you at baking too
  • Knows more than you and your grandma about house chores
  • Also will repair stuff without you having to tell him to
  • Likes sleeping in comfy sheets and nice scent candles
  • Will dress up as you wish if you ask nicely
  • Hits the shit out of assholes who wants to take adventage of you, included assholes dressed as dogs
  • Takes you to tematic parks
  • Also will do basically anything you want if asked nicely
  • Supports your career more than he supports his own
  • Will put his comfort over yours any time
  • Gives you his favorite shirt because you are his chick
  • Happily takes you to things that interests him to spend the day with you
  • Also happily buys you food 
  • and knows how you like your food
  • Talks to you on the phone even when he doesn’t want to
  • Touchy af
  • Gives you secret cute nicknames
  • Likes being called cute nicknames
  • It’s probably the bomb in bed

inspire me
do me a favor: kiss me until the sun comes up so i have something to write poems about.

i’m tired of writing about places that don’t exist, homes we built and watched burn. i’m tired of pretending that there were no fires; i’m tired of pretending that it doesn’t hurt.

i’m tired of writing letters that no one reads, i’m tired of giving everything to people who don’t love me.

you see things differently when you don’t have home to go back to. a bed is just a bed, an old piano is just cracked black and white keys, a person is just another body with too much potential to ruin you.

so let me love you now, slowly. i am ready to write about something real, something i can prove; i want to write novels about the way you look at me -and baby i can write until your name is inscribed on walls in foreign cities, until the words you say to me are tattooed on stranger’s hearts - but more than anything i want to be able to say that every word i write about you is true.

just give me some time. give me time to figure out how to come back from years of fiction, years of pretend. give me time and i promise, i’ll learn to hold on to the important things and let go of the rest. i’ll learn to breathe without the memories suffocating me.

and then i’ll write, and write, and write; and we’ll never die. 

hey yall i saw this chart thing in a vlogbrothers video and thought it’d make a fun little “tag yourself” survey 

reblog or comment with your coordinates (im begging lol it’s secretly for a math project i have to do)

(if you identify as more than one gender, feel free to choose more than one point)

Or okay you know what else I think of sometimes, with the whole “If Harry had had a good home life” and why Dumbledore needed him to not have a loving home in order to craft him into a weapon/martyr, is this: Dumbledore not even trying to stick his neck out for Sirius and not even questioning for a second him betraying James suddenly makes a lot more sense.

Because think about it: Dumbledore knows Sirius, he taught him for seven years and knew him afterwards in the Order. He's seen the love Sirius had for James, saw Sirius leave his own family and basically become a part of the Potter family and yet, to our knowledge, he doesn’t even raise a hand to help Sirius when he’s arrested, just allows him to get sent to Azkaban without a trial. Whereas Snape, SNAPE, who is a KNOWN Death Eater (and we can assume he’s done some terrible things to become a Death Eater, especially one in the Inner Circle), Snape not only gets  trial but gets off with no jail time based on Dumbledore’s word alone.

Why?! Dumbledore sticking his neck out for Snape but not for Sirius doesn’t make sense unless you look at what Dumbledore needed. Dumbledore needed Snape as a spy, and really, his plans were far better suited if Sirius was locked up, guilty or not. Because you can bet that Sirius would never have taken Dumbledore’s ‘Harry needs to stay with the Dursley’s" nonsense, he would’ve fought tooth and nail to get rightful custody of Harry, and then what? Harry would’ve grown up in a loving environment, Harry would’ve had someone to fight for him–someone with REAL knowledge of the wizarding world and (presumably since he was raised as a Black) some type of political savvy, even. Think of that! Think of the fuss Sirius would’ve raised during the Chamber of Secrets debacle. Think of what Sirius would’ve done to Rita Skeeter for printing lies about his godson if he weren’t a wanted felon. And we all know that Sirius would’ve been loyal to Harry over Dumbledore, and that was a problem.

tl;dr: Dumbledore is a sketchy mofo and I hold him partially accountable for Sirius Black’s suffering, and like 95% accountable for Harry’s.

You know, I love stories about humans who find and raise dragons from when they were baby dragons (I even tried to write one when I was little lol). But you know what? Imagine, just imagine, a dragon finding and raising a human from when it was a baby human. I have no idea how it would work at all but just… Please. Imagine.

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1. Nickname: Mei/sleepy i have tons but that’s what most call me
2. Star Sign: virgo
3. Height: 
4. Time right now: 12:32am (Happy new year xD!!)
5. Fav music artist: I have lots but I’d say Bruno Mars
6. Song stuck in your head: PERM
7. Last movie watched: Autopsy (I THOUGHT IT WAS NOT SCARY FUUU—)
8. Last TV show watched: Unwrapped (Food network xD)
9. What are you wearing right now: Oversized hoodie-
10. When did you create your blog: 2 months ago?
11. What kind of stuff do you post: Undertale mostly, sometimes Eddsworld-
12. Do you have any other blogs: nope
13. Do you get asks regularly: yeah im not used to it >_>
14. Why did you choose your URL: *snoozes*
15. Gender: girl xD
16. Hogwarts house: 
17. Pokemon team: INSTINCT!! XD
18. Favorite color: Blue green/Teal (aka my ship)
19. Average hours of sleep: o shit- Well i mostly sleep 10-12 hours without school, but with school just 8 
20. Lucky number: 7!!
21. Favorite characters: from what? i watch tons of stuff-
22. How many blankets do you sleep with: i don’t even remember-
23. Dream job: to be a doctor/pediatrist.. idk why, i just love children xD

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It feels so scary but also nice to share my writing with you all for the first time. I was randomly just really inspired to write and idk I guess that’s what came out. On the posts that are really personal to me, I always check the tags when people reblog it so thank you to anyone who has tagged nice things on any of my posts. Anyway, love you guys. 💕 I hope you had a good day