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Who are your favorite Vampire fan artists on Tumblr?

Only on Tumblr? XD

Ok, here’s a few names..

@doloresdraws and all of her nossiessss…


@ahlia77 (my Italian love lol) 

@sergej-felsinger (!!! ilu man)

@kiikiibee (mostly nWoD and she does have a Requiem character soooo)…

@scredgirl has done some vtm stuff too (mhmmm compatriote :p)

@sarenhale​ too (another Italian love)

@zero0810​ does toooo (another Italian? daaaamn)

@terlebarts​ too

@vipellin has done some VTM stuff from afar too

@kevintheradioguy icu too

@synestesi-art (i’ve been a long time fan u)

@kinkowo-blog whose original of Strauss, VV and the Tremere MC hangs in my living room :p

@fofoart does WoD and Scion stuff too 

@marmarris tooo maybe?? you drew two Mages for me and I believe there’s Vampires on your blog? (idk i’m on mobile I can’t check :()

@artsynanotech does some art and recaps of their games, interesting stuff :)

@erionmakuo pls

@madamelibra does some neat WoD stuff too (little vampire from what I can remember but i love me some more Italians lol)

@denaschk does amazing VTMB stuff too (a Lacroix fan, beware :p)

@jorda as well (how come I missed you seriously? but I can’t tag you dude) 

They’re not really on tumblr, but I also need to poke at some folks on deviantart:  odomisei ey (this guy, he’s just..), louise, hane, babymordred (who has the weirdest, most interesting comic style), pamela, carmenmoonstruckeye and so many more famous ones.

I’m only poking at those I’ve at at least one exchange with :p

And so many more…

Did I miss someone? Let me know so I can add them to the list!! (That counts for you too, dear watcher, I might have missed YOU, so poke me! don’t hesitate!!)

Also remember there is a /my artists tag which contains people I’ve commissioned and people I’m a fan of (even if they aren’t into vtm or the wod, considering this ask I narrowed it to only people I know are at least into the WoD)

get to know me!

this is the third time i did the similar tag lol but thank for the tag vai @groovycasablancas! hehehe

Name: chyntia
Star sign: leo
Average hours of sleep: idk 5-6? or 7-8 hrs?
Lucky number: none
Last thing I googled: none lol
Favourite fictional characters: Sherlock Holmes i guess
What am I wearing right now?: white Phillipines tee and batik shorts
When did I start this blog?: 13 aug 2013
Do I run any more blogs?: @sundara–karma @fuckyeahgemmathompson @gemma-louise-thompson and other inactive ones ha
Do I get a lot of asks?: not really eh, but sometimes on my SK blog
Why did I choose this url?: I LOVE CHAPTERHOUSE

i tag @allnightforever @suckmycoxon @blackhoneyblood and anyone who wants to do this:–)

‘Till We’re 70

Summary: this is a dumb gross icky proposal (kind of??) fic bc i got emotional about marriage earlier and yeah! : ^ )

A/N: Hi i needed to upload something bc i didnt upload anything for like a year and a half? two years? and dan and phil just (clenches fist) inspire me like no other. so here this is short and dumb but its being published so! yay!

Word Count: ~1k. cool.

Surprisingly, Dan is the one who brings it up.

They’re on the couch and there’s a movie on that they’ve both seen a million times. They’re supposed to be watching it, but somehow Dan has sneakily made his way into Phil’s lap. He has one of his hands rubbing circles on Dan’s bare skin beneath his shirt and the other scrolling through Tumblr on his phone. That plus the heat being on high is making Phil feel incredibly warm and fuzzy.

Dan shifts, snuggling his head into the crook of Phil’s neck, and sighs.

“You’re like, almost thirty, kind of,” he says, and Phil can’t help but bark out a laugh.

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I hate calling it a follow spree because I feel like an ass but idk what else to call it

i’m doing another follow spree, but this time it’s for this blog! so if you watch any of the shows below, please like or reblog so I can follow you!


Doctor Who

The Fall


Game of Thrones


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Sleepy Hollow

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The X FIles

and if you are a fan and/or support any of the following actors & actresses

Angel Coulby

Bradley James

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Kit Harington

Maisie Williams

Mariska Hargitay

Matt Smith

Nicole Beharie

Olivia Colman

Peter Capaldi

Richard Madden

Sophie Turner

Tom Mison


thanks again you guys!! lots of love xx


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