idk what to tag him as omg

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Y'all got some headcanons for a completely stoned Black Hat?

(y'all? Just me here buddy)

disclaimer: mod knows jack shit about being stoned. Anyways–

  • It’s probably Flug’s weed. (Lord knows he fucking needs it.) BH probably found his stash and asked Dementia what the fuck it was. Dementia happily showed him how to uh. Do. The drugs.? Yeah.
  • BH’s pupils dilate so hard man omg. It’s like a cat or something, he takes a hit and coughs a lot, but once he gets the hang of it he’s like woah
  • his physical form kinda stops working?? Like his body goes all fuzzy around the edges and his coat tails start growing fringe and his hat seems to droop as Black Hat slouches for one of the first times in his life.
  • He’s also smiling. It’s a little bit terrifying how calm he seems right now.
  • “Dem. Demenem. Demented.” “Dementia.” “You ever wonder what happens when we die?”
  • “Holy shit guys I think my hands are snakes.” Contrary to popular belief, BH’s hands actually are snakes at the moment. They hiss softly before falling off and melting away. “Woah. Trippy.”
  • He laughs at everything Dementia says; she reads 5.0.5’s shopping list and he fucking loses it.

When it wears off he switches his monocle to his other eye and yells at Flug for “not sharing that green thing” earlier.

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Please make a gross sappy post about how much you love Yoongi. I follow you exactly for that. And the fact that you make awesome gifs. And you are pretty. And you are a really cool person. And I love reading your answers to asks. I just love you. Please do more gross sappy posts. I will read all of them.

omg you read my tags thank you aksmalkms ok so here’s what i wanted to say.. i was watching some other group’s videos on youtube when i realized that i still don’t have a bias in it?? the same goes for other groups i like?? literally the only person to catch and keep my attention was yoongi and when i acknowledged it in my head today i’m just???? is this what love at first sight is like??????? in just 13 seconds he turned my life upside down. he’s literally the reason i looked up bts and then fell in love with them and their music. like no one’s ever affected me that much what is this?? how can i still adore him so much after almost 2 years since i saw him? 

Confessions of a Fangirl in Distress: Taemin

Hmmm, let’s start with something like this

well hello there 。◕ ‿ ◕。

here, have a close up:

deadly, innit?

see? even he approves. he knows what’s up.

he laughs at my face. 

is he sorry?


but is he cute?


Is he hot?

Oh yes.

The point is, I forgive him for laughing at my face. Why? 

Because (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻! UM, I mean (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

heheh heh yeeeeah about having some 

☆☆☆Daily Dose of Internet War☆☆☆

-no one can convince me that internet war doesn’t spark them feels-

In conclusion-!

Bang bang, he shot me down. Bang bang, I hit the ground. 

And then he lucifered all over me like

he don’t give a fuck.

Ahem, in conclusion:

No but seriously

Lee Taemin is a DANGERous man. And he’s not just any man, he’s TaeMAN, who drives me TaeMAD, cause he’s TaeRAD, even though sometimes he makes me TaeSAD, which makes him TaeBAD, someone stop me before I go TaeCrayCray. Too late.

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My dude some kind of au with like a gent each taking care of a little kid lad like Ryan takes care of Michael a lot because he can handle the chaos, Geoff takes Gavin on because he's odd like him and Jack teaching Jeremy to have a kind heart and an iron will at the same time

omg thats so cute!!! i love this. and the gents just like all meeting each other just to hang out, bringing their kids. watching them play/create chaos together. and just yes. i support this idea completely

tag games: top 10

Rules: Tell us your favorite character from 10 different fandoms and tag around 10 people. I was tagged by @mockingjaykatniss2 THANK YOU💖     

1) Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Trones): She’s my baby and I will protect her with my life <3. She’s so strong. Let her be happy!!! 

2) Chandler Bing (Friends): How can he not be loved??? He’s so funny!!! I love him!!! idk what to say. Thank you Matthew Perry <3

3) Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and The Olympians): MY FIRST LOVE!!!!!! omg I loved Percy when I was 13 and was reading the books but I forgot about him for awhile. BUT HE WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE IN MY HEART, WATER BOY <3

4) Ben Wyatt (Parks and Recreation): MY DAD!!!! He’s so awkward in a lovable way (??) I just love him sooo much.

5) Peter Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia): DIDN’T. DESERVED. TO. DIE. I wish I had a big brother like him :(((( love u king peter <3

6) Sakura Kinomoto (Card Captor Sakura): AAAAA I remember watching this with my cousins when I was like 7, love every moment of it. Sakura x Sayaoran <33333 

7) Gregory House (House M.D.): Sassy dad with drug issues but secretly is a cinnamon roll WHO JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED<3

8) Charles Boyle (Brooklyn Nine-Nine): CINNAMON ROLL. I love Charles, he just wants to take care of his friends ugh so cuteeeeee. His friendship with Jake is the most pure thing in that show.

9) Neal Caffrey (White Collar): sneaky little shit <3 HE’S GORGEOUS AND HE KNOWS IT!!!!! the best thief in NY <33

10) Jim Halpert (The Office): I LOVE THE PRANKS!!!!! His weird friendship with Dwight and Michael is my fav and him and Pam are goals.

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I Think We Need to Talk

Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Word Count: 3,051

Requsted: vogue-luke and a few others for a part two to THIS blurb.

Summary: Calum tells you he wants to break up with you, and then realizes his mistake.

A/N: I added the blurb into the beginning of this imagine for those who might not have read the blurb! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is always appreciated!

Request // Masterlist

“I think we need to talk.”

Those six little words were like a bullet to your chest. You feel your throat tighten a bit,  and as you gently close the door behind you you see Calum sitting on your living room couch. He looks beaten down with his wrinkled clothes, his face scruffy, hair a disheveled mess as if he has been running his hands through it, and his eyes have deep purple bags underneath them, a large difference to the normally bubbly man child you’ve grown to fall in love with.

“W-what about?” You stutter before sitting beside him on the couch.

You can’t help but notice how he scoots away from you slightly, causing you to wince as you feel your heart break a little more.

“Us.” He mutters avoiding your gaze.

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Omg "we're not just friends and you fucking know it" for tyrion/bronn tho???

“Well,” Tyrion said testily. “What would you call us, then?”

“Partners would be a nice start.” Bronn leaned against his desk. “Boyfriends.”


“That’s a bit gay,” Bronn said.

Tyrion gave him a look. “Are you serious.”

Bronn shrugged, but a smirk was tugging at his lips.

Shae walked into the room. “Are you two still fighting about whether or not you’re lovers?”

Tyrion pointed to Shae while giving Bronn a look. “We’re having a lively discussion about semantics.”

“Is this lively discussion going to lead to clothes being taken off?” Shae wanted to know, hopping up on the desk. “Because I’m horny and I know you two are horny.”

”I am not,” Tyrion said. At a look from both of them, he amended, “I have work.”

“That’s what you always say when you‘re afraid of your feelings,” Shae said.

“It is not!”

“It is this time.”

Tyrion huffed. “I’m not afraid of my feelings.”

“Sure you’re not…lover,” Bronn said.

“I hate you both.”

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whats ur favourite pic/gif of aleks???

omg this was SO DIFFICULT!!

i have a few things of aleks in my ‘fave’ tag!! and i tried to keep it to only aleks bc there are fav aleks moments that involve others but here !!! 

like this video of him dancing at the Post Malone concert. he just looks so happy and it makes my heart soar.

this is a gif of his arm, haha it seems weird but idk its just so nice??

this gif of him playing bass!! my boy!!

from the most recent stream, bc zamn.

road to e3 aleks is an aleks we did not deserve. i fell in love w him during these.

baby aleks and baby einy!!! bc ofcourse.

this video of aleks and james is just..SO CUTE?? idk its always been a fav for some reason.

and last but certainly NOT least, the best picture of our sweet boy.

so today me and my bf were walking around tuesday morning to look for furniture and i just randomly got hit with the thought of andreil shopping for their new apartment (im trash im truly trash now)

  • it begins when neil realizes that their apartment looks more like a hospital room than a home
  • there are barely any cups, any plates, not enough silverware (all given as housewarming gifts from the other foxes)
  • the only decorations are pictures of the foxes given as (like before) housewarming gifts
  • and ok so i have this really really deep love (and i cant be convince otherwise) that neil suddenly realizes that he doesnt need to live on just necessity anymore?
  • he doesnt have to fit everything in one bag, doesnt have to keep rations, doesnt have to be small, be quiet, dont be noticed
  • and this is his and andrew’s home, like they have cats now, they eat at this rickety table that neil had to shove 8 folded over napkins into a leg to keep it from creaking
  • so he manages to rope andrew into going furniture hunting with him (its not that hard tbh its more on the part that andrew is bored (and neil asked excitedly and fuck him for those stars in his eyes) and just why not

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What kind of boyfriend they’d be


Junhoe would a caring but slightly awkward boyfriend. Since he isn’t used doing all the cheesy couple things he wouldn’t be sure how to act. Which would result in him just acting weird more often than not. But in general Junhoe would be a very sweet boyfriend, he might not seem like it on the outside but he would care deeply for you. He might sigh and roll his eyes at you but despite that, he loves all the attention he gets from you and yes, secretly he even loves the cheesy things.


He would be a sweet and gentle boyfriend. Jinhwan would be always be so caring and making sure you were feeling okay and happy. However he would tease you a lot, making you go crazy from time to time. He would love to play small harmless tricks on you, like hiding your keys and then laugh over your cute crazy hunt trying to find them.


Hanbin would be such a complex boyfriend. He has so many sides to his personality and they would all show in different ways. Like how he takes so much responsibility, he would take care of you and always look after you- also making him a pretty jealous boyfriend. But he would also always mess around with you making jokes and fool around.

- Bella


Here is asy from asylumtale! yay~ (yes, i drew him again)

This time I put them here cos i wanna show @furgemancs the two versions of it.

The first one is asy and pap alone singing (and gaster? owo) and the second one is with frisk. Idk what pic is better so… you decide? 

Asy is a really good singer :3c 


EDIT: OMG I forgot the scars… I will draw them later D:

Now he has them

okay but luke would totally be that guy who’d make you slide around the house with him in your socks and he’d accidentally bump into you and he’d just giggle and catch you before you fall but end up slipping and falling too

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IDK if you've done this one, but what about Ushijima and Terushima?


omg I totally thought we had a tag for them but we have nothing??? okay so here’s a few hcs:

  • Terushima being kinda intimidated at first because everyone describes Ushijima as this terrifying figure of power?? so when he meets him he’s surprised because the guy is an absolute dork (and a cute one at that)
  • Ushijima fascinated by Teru’s tongue piercing because he knows about piercings in theory but getting one suddenly sounds more exciting with how enthusiastic Terushima sounds when talking abut getting others?
  • ofc Terushima can’t resist asking him if he wants to know how it feels while waggling his eyebrows and dying a bit inside because why the hell did he choose this line
  • Ushijima becomes all red and stutters while Terushima gets caught up by the stupidity of his line and also becomes all red and stutters
  • it’s painful to watch for everyone else in the room but somehow they do kiss
  • Terushima who wants to get a tattoo too and he runs all of  his design ideas by Ushijima on the grounds that he wants to get it in the back, and the one who’ll see it more is going to be Ushijima, so he has to like it too
  • Ushijima who doesn’t always react to all of Terushima’s antics but is always endeared by it
  • he gets worried Terushima is going to break something one day though (the only thing Terushima finds to reassure him is telling him it’s already happened once or twice and it’s not a big deal, see, he even got this cool scar!) (it does not make Ushijima feel better)
  • Terushima sometimes complains that Ushijima stops to pet literally every dog and cat and other fluffy animal they see but secretely he thinks it’s really cute and he wouldn’t mind adopting one or two pets to see that kind of scene more often
  • them establishing boundaries which is harder than it might sound because Terushima basically has none and assumes other people don’t either most of the time and Ushijima does have boundaries
  • they have widly different concepts of fun but they’re always willing to try what the other has in mind, be it a tour of the weirdest places in Tokyo or just an aquarium date spent learning about fishes and holding hands
how I imagine the name Blurryface came to Tyler and Josh
  • Tyler: yeah I wanna create a character for my insecurities but idk what to name him
  • Josh: what does he look like
  • Tyler: his face is... like... blurry
  • Josh: how about Blurryface
  • Tyler: swag
  • Josh: swag

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ok re: that cute chubby girls post please consider whiskey has a chubby bf and gf because poly representation and it would be cute. whiskey loves his partners they are very cute and soft

(re: this post)


okay so i think probably they are already dating when they meet whiskey? yeah, let’s go with that. their names are devyn and toby and they’re both in the arts–toby’s a sophomore theater production major with an emphasis in lighting and sound design, and devyn is a freshman intending to declare a double major in acting and vocal performance. they’re the same age bc devyn took a gap year after highschool to transition and go to shakespeare camp and they are ridiculously sweet.

devyn meets whiskey first; it’s a sunday afternoon at the end of samwell college theater’s run of noises off, and whiskey’s there because chowder had to see it for class credit and didn’t want to go alone. they’re chilling in the lobby and chowder’s talking whiskey’s ear off about how great it was when the actors start filtering through, and ofc chowder stops devyn to tell her how fantastic she was and whiskey’s blushing a little bc he was maybe checking devyn out a lil during the play but devyn just smiles and shakes chowder’s hand, then whiskey’s, and says she hopes she’ll see them in the theater again. whiskey blushes even more bc wow. just….wow. he’s definitely got a crush.

a week later, whiskey wanders into the arts building on a wednesday afternoon looking for tango–toby is in the theater sketching a lighting plan between classes, pacing up and down the stage and muttering to himself, and whiskey almost makes it back out of the room before he’s spotted. “i need an extra body, got a few minutes?” toby asks, and whiskey just nods bc he’s not in a rush and toby is also really cute. why are there so many attractive people at samwell?

and then when devyn and toby are getting dinner together and toby’s telling his gf about the cute boy who helped him out in the theater earlier he looks up and there’s whiskey walking towards the hockey team table. it takes devyn about ten seconds to recognize him as the shy cutie she’d met after her last matinee, and they look at each other and grin.

….okay that got a little bit away from me but i might continue this bc i love it??? also i’m picturing devyn as harmony santana but idk who to use for toby so if anyone has any suggestions pls chime in! 

(@johnloch​ thank u for that post omg look what you’ve inspired)