idk what to tag her character name as whatever

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  • Name: natasha.
  • Nickname: whatever variant of natasha u like
  • Age: 23
  • Faceclaim: idk, i always come back to using jason icons for ooc posts so. what is th truth
  • Pronouns: she / her
  • Height: 5′5
  • Birthday: jan 3rd
  • Aesthetic: i have no idea :(((((( open 2 suggestions at this point, idfk my own aesthetic
  • Last song you listened to: came here for love / ella eyre
  • Favourite muse(s) you’ve written: jason!!!
  • What inspired you to take on your current muse (that you are posting this on): i liked his character!! a LOT. also i joined the fandom at a time when people were really shitty about piper and leo, and jason’s their #1 fan so i wanted to combat the shittiness and yell about my fav trio, honestly. 
  • What are your favorite aspects of your current muse: he’s basically just everyone’s big brother. also emotionally constipated, despite his very sunny disposition and need to Help Everyone, which is. fun to play around with.
  • What’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing: 100000000000% spite inspired. i hate fanon jason, i hate how his canon is interpreted within fanon, and i hate parts of the actual canon for him — he doesn’t even have a BACKSTORY and his characterisation changes have no basis because of it. i’m only here to cry about piper / leo, and steal jason away from rick y’all
  • Favorite types of threads: hmmmmmmmmmmmn. depends on my mood??  i don’t really have a fav type of anything, but i guess i’ll never say no to a bitta action / adventure themed threads. quests and missions n fight scenes, good shit bros good shit
  • The biggest struggle in regards to your current muse: getting him away from his fanon ‘everyone’s therapist / babysitter / stick in the mud’ tropes. i try n develop him in other ways, give him flaws, give him likes and backstory to go w/ it. i’m not a fan of other ppl assuming he’s just here to act as support for their muse 100% of the time — he’s supportive but like, not to be used as a crutch u feel? writing like that is super emotionally draining n a lil off-putting if it’s constant

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