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Yellow Diamond in Wanted

I dont normally post a lot of stuff about the show/fandom aside from my initial reaction to it, but I actually feel like I have my thoughts on this together enough to do so in this case. This post is long and full of my opinions so I’ll put it under the cut for those of you who dont want it clogging your dash, or if you dont want spoilers.

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Don’t Say Anything (part 8)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: oh shit.

A/N: I’m thinking about getting my nose pierced. Do and of you have a nose piercing? Does it hurt?

“You weren’t joking. He really is oblivious.” Pietro laughed as the two of you walked into Big Daddy’s.

“I told you.” you laugh with him, finding a booth near the window and sitting down.

“That’s insane.” he shook his head.

Your laughter subsides as Angela, a waitress you’ve come to know, comes around to your table. “Hey Y/N. The usual?”

You smiled and nod. “Yep.” you imagine the cup of the vanilla shake with oreo cookies and your mouth waters.

Angela writes it down and looks over at Pietro before a confused look comes across her face. “Where’s Bucky?”

You bite your bottom lip. “He was busy. This is Pietro, he’s one of my best friends.”

Angela turns to Pietro and shakes his hand. “Well, any friend of Y/N’s is a friend of mine.” the blonde smiles at her. “What can I get ya, hun?”

“Umm..” Pietro scans over the milkshake options before deciding. “I’ll have a strawberry milkshake.”

She writes it down on her little notepad and nods. “Alright, coming right up.” she turns to walk away.

“Angela, wait!” you exclaim, fishing out the coupons Bucky had given you. “Here.” you give her the two coupons and she looks them over before nodding.

“I’ll be right back with your order.” she smiled, waving the coupons around. You watch as she disappeared into the back before turning around.

“She’s nice.” Pietro says and you nod.

“She’s usually working when Buck and I come here. That’s why she knows me.” you explain. Pietro nods.

“So, if things go as planned, I’ll be going home soon. Bucky looks like he’s breaking each second he sees me with you.” he sighed, leaning back with a smile.

You roll your eyes. “You’re so sure of yourself.”

“You just don’t believe in me.”

You scoff. “I’ve liked him for years and I’ve waited for a hint that he may possibly like me back but there isn’t. Sorry if I don’t have enough faith in me to believe that you can give me that hint.”

“I have a few tricks up my sleeve.” he smirked. You roll your eyes at your friend just as Angela comes back with your milkshakes. You thank her and pull out two 20 dollar bills.

“Oh no, no, no, no.” she shakes her head as she backed away.

“Angela.” you say, pulling her back to you by her apron.

“No Y/N, you do this all the time.”

“This job pays shit, Ang.”

“Y/N, no.”

You roll your eyes and stuff the money into her pocket with a smile. “Take care of Nathan and yourself, alright?”

Slowly, a smile spreads across Angela’s face. “Thank you.”

You shrug. “Just call me your sugar momma.”

Angela laughs as she walks away and you look over at Pietro who was smiling at you. “What?”

“What you did was nice.” he says.

You tuck your hair behind your ears. “She needs money to support her and Nathan. I just wanna help.”

“Who’s Nathan?”

“Angela’s son.” you state. “He’s two years old. The dad left her when he found out she was pregnant so she’s been on her own and this job doesn’t pay her enough so I give her money.”

“Well that’s really sweet.” Pietro grinned.

“She’s my friend.” you shrug. “I like helping my friends.”

“If I wasn’t gay, I would so date you.” he says in the most serious tone he could muster up.

“But you’re not gay.”

“Oh, right.” he hummed. “You’re just not my type.”

You playfully glare at him and he laughs. “I’m everyone’s type, excuse you.”

“True.” he nods. “I just can’t seem to keep my hands off you.”

Pietro reaches over the table to touch your arm and you laugh. “That’s because you’re a clingy piece of shit.”

Pietro smiled. “Also true.”

Bucky closes his door after the elevator doors closed. He scoffed and ran his fingers through his hair, moving to sit down on his bed. “Can you believe that ass?”

“Who, Y/N?” Nat questioned. “You better not be calling my best friend-”

“No not Y/N. I would never call her that.” Bucky cut in. “I’m talking about Pietro.”

Natasha rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath as Bucky continued.

“Who the hell does he think he is? I bet he thinks Y/N likes him.” he scoffed. “News flash, she doesn’t. And she never will. I know that for a fact.” he thinks back to how Pietro smirked at him before entering the elevator. “He’s so fucking annoying, flirting with Y/N in front of me, tryna get a rise outta me. Pathetic.” the brunette rolls his eyes. “I could have Y/N under my arm if I really wanted to. Show him not to mess with me.”

Bucky almost forgot that Natasha, his girlfriend was sitting right beside him until she spoke. “Oh my god. You like Y/N.”

He snaps his head towards the beautiful red head and stumbles over his words. What the fuck was he thinking, saying that shit in front of Nat? What the fuck was he thinking, saying that shit period!

“Oh my god.” she repeats, this time with a scoff. “You do. You like her.”

Bucky finally finds some words to say. “No I don’t.”

“It’s obvious that you do.”

“Well I don’t.”

Natasha stands up and folds her arms across her chest. “So how long have you liked my best friend?”

Bucky, frustrated, pulls at his hair. “I don’t like Y/N.”

“Bullshit, James. Tell me the truth!” she raised her voice.

“I am telling the truth, Natalia.” he spat back.

The red head rolls her eyes at the soldier. “You were just having a mini rant about how Pietro was flirting with Y/N in front of you and how you could easily have her under your arm.” she says. When Bucky stayed silent, Natasha scoffed once more, gathering her stuff and opening the door. “Talk to me when you’ve figured out your feelings.”

Bucky flinched when the door slammed shut and he laid back on his bed. He closed his eyes and lets out a deep, long sigh. He was more confused then ever. All this time he’s seen Y/N as his best friend but now seeing her as a love interest confused the hell out of him. Did he like Y/N?

A/N: Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck tell me what you think :))))



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Sorry to the peeps who didn’t get tagged!


Characters: Roman Reigns x Unnamed OFC

Summary: Dean’s little sister riles up the Big Dog.

Warnings: Graphic sexual content, rough sex, cursing.

Smut/Fluff/Angst: Smut.

Requested by: Anon, who asked for: Smut with Dean’s little sister and Roman. I hope you enjoy!

Notes: First Roman smut I’ve ever written, so I hope I did him justice…

Tagging: @llowkeys (idk if you want Roman smut or not lol), @the-geekgoddes, @blondekel77, @horcruxhunter5972, @zombiexbody, @vebner37, @thiickreigns, @nickysmum1909, @imtoldimbabe, @taryndibiase, @devittslegos (Want to be added to my tag list? Drop me a line!)

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anonymous asked:

Such a good scene (the ac) can you tell us more about you and you ass kicking wife?

well I have a cricketblogging tag where I’ve gushed abt her for the past several years so you can check that out lol

Well yeah um, we met in college studying game design, been together 6 years, lived together for 5 (in 3 diff apartments so far), we have a cat named magic, we’re both huge nerds and about 90% of our conversations revolve around videogame characters or jokes abt genitalia

Cricket is just like……amazing?? idk what to tell you, she’s great.

Besides being the strongest person I’ve ever met mentally and physically (she was in the army and can lift and carry me around despite me having a good 70 lbs on her), she’s a brilliant creative writer and artist and I love writing with her, we’ve written several novels worth of stuff together. She’s also so freaking smart and funny and just… the sweetest person, she lights up every room she’s in honestly. She’s been with me through so much and hopefully I can repay the favor over our lives together. She deserves every good thing in the world.

If all I do in my life is know what it’s like to love her that will have been a life worth living tbh.


                                     we protect those who cannot protect themselves.
                                                             ind. chris argent. // ind. allison argent.

I wonder if White Diamond is real… like I bet shes real… but What if she was a fusion. Like Gems bodys are made of light…

Aaand combining Pink (Magenta) Blue (Cyan) and Yellow light… ya get white.

The gem placement… its easy enough for Amethyst to transform her body to look like shes got a gem on her head… a belly and chest gems would be easy enough to hide… say with a funky shoulder pad mantle thing similar to what Jasper wore in her first appearance or like the WD mural.


Maybe if Gems that have the same Gem placement… the Gem just grows bigger?

Like neither BD or YD even mention WD when theyre talking and we never see any Gems with a WD symbol do we?

Even Pearl who a lot of people think may be WDs Pearl due to her skin tone and gem placement has a PD symbol on her flight suit (and causes Sardonyx to have a PD on her shoes)

And with Jasper being orange (a yellowish shade of red) who was under PD but now serves YD (a mix of red/yellow)and Peridot whos under YD but seems more intellectual like other BDs crew (a mix of blue/yellow)

Rose shattered PD to stop WD from ever being formed again?

Perhaps YD, BD, and PD fusing and forming WD was what Centipeetle was trying to describe? (IDK the timeline too well so maybe not)

Do you ever just mess around with something for the luls but than accidentally convince yourself that its true?

WD and Anti-Cross-Gem Fusion is propaganda to keep weaker Gems in line…


…And if Pearl WAS WDs Pearl… that would explain her clothes colored with shades of Blue/Pink/Yellow… rather than like the other Pearls all in one color???? Peridot said she was ‘Fancy’…Maybe shes VERY VERY fancy.


lots of rambling about Blue Diamond: has she changed at all?

Man I like Blue Diamond in THEORY, in CONCEPT, a cruel, ruthless, powerful dictator, with no sympathy for her own subjects, who was brought to her knees by the loss of someone she loved. Helpless against her grief. Mourning for countless human lifetimes. The fact that it was the loss of, what seems to be, a romantic interest adds a bit of irony when you remember The Answer…

But I feel like they haven’t handled it as well as I’d like? Ideally we would get a glimpse into Blue’s feelings, a private moment here and there (which they seem to be GOING for, but it’s hard to explain why it fell flat for me) but largely, we still see her not through HER OWN eyes, from a very human POV, but we see her THROUGH THE EYES OF HER SUBJECTS. It was a mistake to introduce Blue’s grief the way they did, I think.

If I could change it, although this might not be for the best, we could have had that scene with Greg (I’m just… biased, I love Greg) but maybe leave her a bit more stand-offish and quiet, not so quick to smile at him and accept his words, because to her humans are literally just pets… Yes, she’s surprised a human understands her feelings, but the tone here doesn’t seem to convey just how wild the difference would be to her, or to Greg. We’ve seen him deal with being dehumanized by a gem, when Rose didn’t quite understand human feelings, we know he could be patient and offer her some kind words even if she was a bit more aloof. I think that could have preserved the mystery.

Next step, don’t show her for the rest of the whole Human Zoo/Save Greg arc. Keep her at arms length. She’s there, she’s a threat, she MIGHT show up, but DONT let her. Or at least, use her a bit more sparingly. Cut out What’s The Use In Feeling Blue altogether, although I do think that could become more interesting/relevant later (IF yellow did shatter pink, then this could be her trying to manipulate blue by using her grief, and showing some guilt and/or frustration) 

Because it’s important overall, you can leave Sapphire speaking to Blue directly, but maybe play up her fear a bit more. It would be REALLY HARD, I imagine, to play it cool in front of “her diamond” after ALL OF THAT. It doesn’t have to be anything mayor. 

In terms of art direction, I think it would be better if we didn’t get TOO MANY close-ups of Blue’s face. Keep our distance. Don’t throw her pretty, crying face in our…erm, our faces. It would be so much more mysterious, so much more larger than life and curious and powerful, if we say her head in the distant shadows, her posture upright, her hands three times the size of Sapphire. Maybe send a tear sliding off her cheek and towards the ground.

Speaking of the tears, use them more sparingly. Show her holding back once in a while, trying to retain her dignity, and please. I wish she wasn’t this pretty when she cries. NOBODY just sits there with a perfectly composed face as tears run out of their eyes in a fucking typhoon of depression. If they wanted to humanize her via crying, don’t make it so otherworldly. If they wanted to other her with her still, emotionless face as she cries, then play that up.

Just make it clear. Draw a line in the sand. Is she a dictator or is she a very large princess locked in a tower, unable to change a system she already put in order? WHAT was she doing for what, 6,000 years? was she just crying? Did she never Do Anything? If Yellow was running the world while she sat around sobbing, then ESTABLISH that, please! 

Because it becomes kind of… muddled? It seems like she’s been an ineffective leader, but a LEADER to whatever extent. If she hasn’t been doing anything, why doesn’t she do something? If she’s just as much a tyrant as Yellow, as much as she’s always been, why do I CARE if she’s sad?


It feels like the loss of Pink is meant to have rocked her to her core, destroyed her life, sent her into a centuries long depression… But it doesn’t feel like it actually DID what it was MEANT to do. Because we DONT KNOW enough about what Blue was like before or what she’s like now, or ESPECIALLY how she effects the world she’s ruling. Full of people we’re supposed to CARE about, like the off-colors, like every gem we’ve ever known at some point.

More to character than :’( please.

anonymous asked:

ok um if u wanna do category 5 number 3 for sara n mila 👀👀👀👀 ill lov u forever

Category 5, number 3:  “You’re my room mate and you’re really hot, but we’re both guys/girls and this is new to me” sex

@anonymous Thanks for asking for SaraMila!!!! Because I love girls so much lmao, have some soft and cute dorm sex. ;) 

(No more requests at this time! Will open it up again once I’m done with what I have. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️)

She tastes like lipgloss, is the only thought running through Mila’s head as Sara kisses her. That artificial, sugary sweet cherry that she paints onto her lips every morning before class. Mila could spend forever watching her do it, and in fact has wasted a lot of her time doing so, laying in her cheap dorm-provided twin bed for longer than necessary just so she can stare at the sight Sara makes as she applies her makeup.

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 she  watches  with  closed  eyes,  but  nothing  is  ever  missed.   her  voice  sharp,  like  an  icy  wind,  whispering  enigmatic  tales.   she  has  seen  betrayal  &  knows  it  well,  but  she  smiles  still  —  gentle as snow.

independent  gentiana  /  rebooted  /  by  cole.

Still windy out! But also River and dresses, man.

(Let Me Be Your Last) First

I’ve mentioned in fic before that Satya & Mei seem like a perfect couple to Angela so… lmao here I am putting my money where my mouth is and writing them.  Seriously though I love them as a pairing & they need more attention.

Crossposted to AO3.

They have met, time and again, by name and by reputation, as coworkers, as people, and as friends, and now, they find themselves meeting in a way which is entirely new.


Through a series of introductions, Satya and Mei find themselves, and one another.

Rating: G

Warnings: N/A

Words: 3k+

Categories: Mei/Satya

Series: Plighted Hands verse

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Ex-Danganronpa fans following DR blogs be wondering “since when did I acquire all of these NDRV3 news

(srsly tho ever since the news came out my dash was always full of ndrv3/dr3 hype, so this could also be me looking at my dash)

anonymous asked:

Can you expand on what you said about Shikamaru's subsequent humiliation of Temari during the chunin exams being sexist and stuff? Idk if I'm wording it right but I never saw her loss in that match as humiliating, though it has been awhile since I've seen those episodes.

I’m willing to admit to being a little overwrought in my terminology there, since I see it as part of a pattern, in which when female characters lose to male characters, they get trounced, but when male characters “lose” to female characters, there’s some kind of extenuating circumstance and/or her victory is snatched away at the last moment by overpowered bullshit (KONAN). I’ve got a post in drafts actually on this issue, tbh it’s just depressing? And also I actually have a bit of a backlog of meta asks in my inbox, so I’m using up my meta energy on that. (I’m letting you skip the queue so to speak since it’s a follow-up.)

Now, in isolation, I can’t necessarily blame Shikamaru for how he does this. It’s not just at a meta level that his performance is cool for us, the actual viewer; it’s completely in character for Shikamaru to understand the whole chuunin exam farce for the theatrical spectacle that it is. Shikamaru’s whole deal is thinking way, way, way ahead.

So he forfeits in the most theatrical way possible, using Temari as his prop. And it is embarrassing to be someone else’s puppet like this, isn’t it? With everybody in the audience being all Michael Jackson eating popcorn on your defeat, as Chouji demonstrates.

Anyway. It’s hyperbolic, but I also think this might be an anime vs manga thing too. See in the manga, Temari vs. Tenten gets skipped entirely (Anon, you mention “episodes” so IDK if you’re anime only or not; I’m a mostly manga person). So Temari having a decisive victory is skipped entirely; the viewer is informed that she’s very strong (at the expense of another female character), and the purpose of establishing her as strong is entirely for Shikamaru’s benefit in the narrative.

In this particular part of the arc, she’s just as much Shikamaru’s prop in the meta narrative sense as in this battle.

anonymous asked:

Confession: i get lowkey upset every time I read a trimberly fic & see Trini's last name as Kwan. As a latinx person it kinda makes me feel bad cause theyre sorta erasing the fact that becky & trini are latinx. & I understand that theyre only doing it cause no one knows her last name but it still sucks. Ive seen other people use other Spanish last names or even use gomez cause thats beckys last name. Idk Im just a little frustrated & this isnt any hate to writers. I just wanted to vent. Thanks!

Oh god I feel. I try to only use it in the tags, call me out if I ever write it on a post.

On that note, I would love to see more headcanons/fics/anything that reflect her heritage. It holds so much potential, especially with how often she’s moved. It would have been one of the only constants in her life, something to hold onto. At least that’s what I’d like to think.

Plus the Rangers trying to learn more about each other’s respective cultures would be an A+++ storyline

have you ever wanted to interact with a tsundere, spoiled princess
that will call you a nincompoop or hit you over the head with her
staff if you somehow insult her or her country? well! look no further!
bunnie has got you covered for all your rude princess needs!
jk. rayfa is actually a mature girl who takes her responsibilities very
seriously. she can.. just be a little childish at times. 
reblog or like this if you are wanting to interact with my daughter.
she needs friends and a lot of hugs. she has been through a lot.

let’s be truthful babe.
it’s a game of I triple dog dare ya
to tear down all of your walls
and tell me the truth.

you write about a girl.
you say she’s made you believe
in love again,

and with the way we’re been talking,
I almost believed it was me.
was it? me?

the girl who opened up your eyes
to a world of color again?
who made you feel alive?

or did she sneak in between
the distance? did she find her
way between you and I?

did you let her touch you?
again? again? again? so I guess
it true, you’ve fallen again.

just not for me.
just not for me.
this was never for me.

let’s be truthful babe.
it’s a game of I triple dog dare ya
to tear down all of your walls
and tell me the truth.

you write about a girl.
you say she’s made you believe
in love again,

and I’m not her, am i?

anonymous asked:

So I dropped in on my uni's swing dance club and got paired with the prettiest gal I've ever met and I'm such an awkward bean I tried making conversation but I probably stared too much but she was so nice AND OH MY GOD HER SMILE and we have mutual friends??? And now we're car pooling on our way to a camping trip with said friends?? ALONE TOGETHER IN A CAR FOR FOUR HOURS WHAT DO I DO IDK IF SHE'S EVEN GAY OR IN ANY WAY INTERESTED AAAA

ASKLDJFLAKJSDF THAT IS SO EXCITING!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! Swing dancin ;)) camping ;)) car rides ;)) sounds like. something. could. happen. AM I RIGHT? You gotta sit next to her during the car ride and do some investIGATING and some flirting,,, you got this pal