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you: 2016 sucks

me, an intellectual: The Year of 2016,

it is,

in fact,

A Good Year


I’ve been thinking about ???% a bit lately so now I just have this disconnected scenario/AU/headcanons where it’s this powerful spirit that befriended Mob as a child and subtly possessed him, like Dimple did with Ritsu, so Unkown could slowly hone Mob into the perfect vessel. Except the plan backfired b/c now Unkown really cares about this poor kid and knows it Fucked Up by accidently hurting Ritsu, so now it’s more of a guardian spirit/psychic backup generator for him.

I really like the idea of Unknown physically crawling out of Mob horror movie-style the first time it leaves his vessel since it’s been inside Mob for like, ten years, so now it’s almost a part of him (it’s still safe for it to leave tho, Mob just gets a little dizzy afterwards and the depossession gets less extreme over time). I imagine it’d be forced to come out during an event where Mob’s chance of dying is Very High and there’s no way in hell Mob’ll be persuaded/is physically capable of taking care of the problem himself. Obviously Ritsu and Teru are very nervous around it (and Mob was convinced it was just an imaginary friend he used to have), but ???% gives them space and tries to make it clear it was sorry for hurting them. No one really fully trusts it except Mob in the end.

???% can’t speak (at least not any human language), so it primarily writes things down and draws diagrams. When asked who/what it is, ???% just writes the word “protection” so Mob and Ritsu start referring to it as Hogo instead of “that thing” or “the spirit.”
Fanfic Readership Survey
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I and @chocolatequeennk have noticed lately that there has been a decreasing trend in fanfic readership and engagement. This piqued our curiosity, so I’ve decided to try and figure out what might be the source of this decreasing trend.

I’ve created a simple survey for all fic readers, whether you’ve been reading fic for a day or a decade. If you could all spare a moment of your time to fill it out, I’d greatly appreciate it. (And if you could reblog to signal boost, that’d be cool too!)

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I’ve realized a lot of my oc’s are one hit wonders – they stick around for a month and then everything that can be written feels like it’s been tackled, the passion dies, etc. It feels like, as I trudge into the second month, I’ve locked myself into a box. How do I revive them? Can I revive them? What are the problems I need to solve? This is literally just for me to have something to look at as I’m building a new character – a list of do’s and don’t’s I’ve put in my pocket along the way – but if it helps you, feel free to reblog! 

  1. Can my character be written year round? Will I lose inspiration as the seasons change? If the character is holiday or mood specific, what can I do to make sure I’m still interested during those times of year that opposite it? For example, I’m a person that really gets into Christmas. If my character is Halloween or horror-based, what can I do that will stop me from dropping them when I wanna write things cute and jolly? What can I do to make sure they are as flexible as myself?

  2. Am I into the character itself or just their aesthetic? I need to be 100% into my muse so that I can write them in any situation – preferably tons of situations. If I remove my character from their mainverse, will I still be as interested? Am I more into my world building than I am my muse? If so, what can I do to fix that? First and foremost, I need to set their story to the side and focus on their core. 

  3. Am I setting myself up for writing the same thing over and over again? It’s bound to happen, but am I paving the way? For example: does my character have a secret they will inevitably end up sharing 1,000 times? Can I handle that? What should I do to prepare for that? Should I put a limit on how many threads I hold in my mainverse? Should I make my mainverse a singleverse and if so, in what verse will I interact with the majority of other writers? Brainstorm. On paper or to a friend. 

  4. Am I just doing this to force myself out of a funk or am I really passionate about my muse? Passion gets me the furthest; it’s the requirement of requirements. On another note, am I taking things too seriously? Am I worrying too much over how they will be received? Am I worrying too much over whether or not I’ll drop them? A little worry is okay, a little worry is recommended, but I tend to talk myself into the ground if I let it consume the character building process. I must remind myself this is just a hobby and anything is worth a try. Even if it fails – it’s worth a try. 

Ummm found Korrasami in chapter 1 of The Weave webcomic?? Maybe just a coincidence but I thought it was cool. Also pls read this as the art style is gorgeous, the story is intriguing, and the characters are beautiful. Also everyone is gay??? (that’s my headcanon at least) But for real so many different kinds of people are woven into the main plot and background of the story it’s really lovely.

“sides” of tumblr

Science side- smol gay science lovers wanting to educate people.  v nice

Animal side- Happy ppl ecstatic over animals and want everyone to know. Strangely knows a lot about otters.

Art side- tHESE FUCKERS ARE AMAZING AT ART. 10/10. Know history about famous artists. “did you know this dude painted a asshole as a fuck you to this other dude? haha!”

Plant side- Tol nice people who honestly just like gardening. No drama, it’s paradise. 


Musical side- these fuckers are the best. Will show you gOOD ASS SONGS, LIKES HISTORY SIDE BECAUSE OF THINGS LIKE HAMILTON.

I really wanted to post at least one picture of the gajevy twins so

apparently they got their dad’s fondness for kitties

I Found. | Katakura Kojuro

GENRE: angst
CHARACTERS: katakura kojuro, date masamune, mc from SLBP
title inspiration from
my first slbp fic! technically, it’s kojuro x mc x masamune, but it focuses on kojuro so we’re just going to call it kojuro’s. i always wanted to write a love triangle dynamic between these three considering the dynamic kojuro and masamune have, and now i’ve done it. i was also inspired by a certain manga, so if you recognize the first two lines of dialogue from somewhere, brownie points to you. also, i found by amber run is the inspo for this fic as well because it’s about love that shouldn’t be present. bear with me, i’m bad a proofreading so there may be some typos. 

“Is it okay for me to like her?” The question is posed rhetorically, with all the tact Kojuro could pull together in his chest. Words that came out suddenly felt sticky, inhabiting the roof of his tongue and in the crevices of his teeth as if they did not want to come out. They clung to his lungs like the smoke of his kiseru. No, it is not; you cannot steal the woman your Lord loves. The question was more for himself than it was for Lord Masamune. He didn’t look at Masamune. Instead, he looked off into the night sky as they both sat on the threshold of the porch, watching the clouds roll by. Masamune didn’t have to ask who he was speaking of. He didn’t look at Kojuro when he responded. 

“Why are you asking me?”

“Because you’re in love with her.”

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