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My Top 3 pick: #3 Hanahreum Company, Kim Taemin (the meme prince)

(to his mom) “I’m sorry for whining, let’s walk in the flowery paths” by Kim Taemin - Fear

p/s: Have a speedy recovery and let’s meet in a better condition. Thank you for all the laughter you bring to us :)

anonymous asked:

...But they credited you... Thats not reposting. Its just like rebloging. Cause if you put something online people are allowed to share. You're being unfair to someone who clearly follows you here, maybe even a fan! Someone who probably just wanted everyone to see how good your fanart was

Hello, anon! Thank you for coming forward with your thoughts. I figured I’d get an ask like this, just like others who joined the movement. I have a lot more asks pending but I think I’ll address yours first while the issue is fresh—

First off, I’m sorry to say right off the bat that you are wrong. Reposting is reposting. It’s not like reblogging because… it’s reposting. A reblog would have my whole post intact, including my caption (unless a boo-boo happens where my caption gets deleted, oops) and would come directly from me, as a source, easily reached with a click of a button.

That was a repost. They took screenshots of my post and re-uploaded it elsewhere, without my permission, might I add. A repost is a repost. You can try to sugarcoat it, but a repost is a repost.

Secondly, you seem to not have read or looked at my post in its entirety. Please read back on what I said about “crediting”. And, as you can see from the screencaps:

  1. they were clearly NOT following me, I underlined it—there’s a great big FOLLOW right next to my name,
  2. if they are not following me, then they couldn’t be that big of a “fan” of my work, and I actually don’t mind if people don’t follow me as long as they don’t repost my work (especially something I specifically made for my followers), and
  3. I don’t actually have “fans”—I have friends. Anyone who follow me, whether mutual or not? Friends (who like and enjoy the same things I do). And friends don’t do friends like this, fam.

Lastly, I’m being unfair? Silly anon. c: Who do you think got the short end of the stick here? Is it the reposter or me? I was the one who was taken from, and I reiterate, without permission or my knowledge. I was the one whose feelings were trampled because they couldn’t even bother to ask/check with me first. I did not name or directly link them either to make sure no harm comes to them personally. And if they are truly innocent, then they shouldn’t feel called out, yeah? Can you tell me again who was being unfair?

Thank you for your ask! I encourage more people to ask and address the issue of reposting with me and other people in the protest, because it does help to clear things up and spread awareness. I’m aware a lot of people may be confused with the concept itself, and that’s okay! We all have to learn things sometime. We are here to guide you. Just remember to be respectful! Thank you and have a good day! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

concerts with shawn include...

 hi ok I’ve had this in my drafts for a week or two but decided to post bc its spawns birthday and why the hell not 

ps I’m aware it kinda sucks but this is all I want in life so idc lol just tell me what y'all think or something!!!

  • begging him to go to some indie band you really liked at a small, GA only venue
  • Shawn a little apprehensive but couldn’t say no after seeing your face
  • “babe, you sure it’ll be okay?” as you two walk towards the venue
  • “Shawn come on it’s not like you’re famous or anything, right?” with the biggest grin on your face
  • he laughs because as much as he wanted to make sure you stay safe, he knows you can take care of yourself
  • shawn recording the band but switching to record you too because he never wants to forget the look on your face 
  • towards the end, you finally get him to jump around and dance with you
  • posting a picture that you asked someone to take of you and shawn before the concert 
    •  a cute candid of you two still posed but you were laughing and Shawn was looking at you full of love
    • “saw one of my fave bands w my fave boy”
  • afterwards you two end up at an empty dennys or waffle house or small diner 
  • still being on a post concert high and having the time of your life with each other 

  • finally getting to go to one of his concerts after flying out to see him on tour
  • Shawn dragging you around backstage to introduce you to his friends and crew
  • the two of you exploring the venue
  • probably ending up in some empty hallway making out because “if you think I’m waiting any longer then you’re insane”
  • not going too heated though because Andrew keeps calling him to go to soundcheck
  • standing in the back of the room with Matt during the Q&A
    • so you could still get the true experience without making a scene or distracting Shawn
  • hanging out with everyone in the green room and watching Shawn do any pre concert rituals
  • right before he goes on stage, you give him a quick good luck kiss
  • standing side stage for the beginning
  • During the bridge of TNHMB, he looks over at you with the biggest smile
  • finally seeing how truly happy he is on stage makes all the distance worth it
  • Matt and you going to the light/sound area before Shawn goes to the B stage
  • he runs past you on his way but not before blowing a kiss, winking at you, or something equally ridiculous 
  • after the concert you make your way backstage again 
  • Shawn immediately coming over to kiss you
  • “ew you smell, go take a shower”
  • “this is the rock star life, you better get used to it” before trying to hug you
  • “this rock star better find a new girlfriend then” as you push him towards the showers
  • 10 minutes later, you’re sitting on the couch and feel Shawn drop next you
  • Shawn pulls your legs onto his lap and your head finds his shoulder and says, “I’m so happy you’re here with me now”
  • turning your head and quickly kissing his cheek before pulling him up to get some food so you two can go to the hotel

hi im not the biggest taylor swift fan BUT jake is so it gave me feelings and then this happened pls cry with me also shoutout to @mermaeids bc she’s the only taylor stan i follow and i got 99% of my info seeing her on my dash oops

  • okay so taylor dropped “look what you made me do” while jake was in prison and obvs amy plays it for him thru the phone and its rly quiet and awful quality but jakes LIVING for it and amy tries to relay all the media drama that came with the release bc she knows jake would want to keep up with everything
  • lets be real its probably one of the first things jake does when he gets home like obviously he has higher priorities first but,,, he definitely plays the single like 10 times in a row at like 1am and he’s definitely NOT CRYING okay
  • he cried
  • jake freaking out when the other singles dropped though and the “ready for it” MUSIC VIDEO listen he’s got this playing at the precinct he’s showing it to everyone even the perps like !!!!!!! its on mute oc because holt wasnt having it but its okay its fine jake already knows all of the lyrics and sound effects and he’s mumbling them under his breath
  • but okay here’s the kicker when the ALBUM drops you know our boi is gonna stay up to buy it immediately he’s pretty chill about it for most of the day but in the last hour he’s HYPED is incapable of thinking bout ANYTHING ELSE
  • amy just goes to sleep like listen her fiance (FIANCE!!) is adorable and she loves him but she cannot keep up with his enthusiasm
  • she wakes up like 2 seconds later when jake starts yelling and dancing around the apartment as soon as he hears the first note and like she knows sleeping was futile she’s prepared to now spend the next two hours dancing in the living room with him and its maybe a LITTLE cute okay but she trudges out of the bedroom very gloomily
  • “oh babe youre up!!! listen to this!!”
  • okay im not even kidding listen to me “dress” is jake’s favorite song i will FIGHT EVERYONE bc listen it has highkey peraltiago vibes but also a super hella vibe (and maybe it’s just my favorite song too but u cant prove anythin)
  • but LISTEN TO ME the peraltiago vibes bc most of taylor’s songs are badass don’t fuck with me songs and jake is YELLIN but my baby’s got a soft heart for the more romantic songs don’t even deny it and then to be dancing around goofily to lyrics that?? remind you of ur cute sleepy fiancee who’s sitting on the couch and laughing at you but looking at you with so much love okay bye
  • but the bEST PART ABOUT DRESS is that the line is,,, literally,,, “i only bought this dress so you could take it off” and listen jake’s just telling amy why he likes this song cuz it reminds him of her a little and then her teasing him about thAT LINE and listen im not saying jake literally buys himself a dress so amy can take it off but he definitely does that
  • and okay but AMY my precious this isnt her type of music yknow and she can appreciate jake loving the music and having fun with him but when the last song comes on,,,, “new years day” THIS SONG its cute and slow and lovey dovey and amy is digging it
  • like jake is suddenly not sure what to do because he can’t excitedly dance to this one but its okay amy is Overwhelmed bc this song ignites FEELINGS in you trust me and she’s jus thinking about how?? lucky she is?? to be listening to music at 2am in the morning and singing along and dancing (or at least watching jake do most of the latter)?? and she just?? loves him so much??
  • so she gets up from where she was curled up on the couch to kiss him and he’s like !!! bc unexpected and then they start slow dancing around their living room but like a giggly, sleep deprived slow dance with lots of stolen kisses
  • im not saying they dance to that song at their wedding but they dance to that song at their wedding okay bye