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A collection of all the FFXV phone wallpapers I’ve made 

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瓜江 久生

Late Night Text

My phone buzzed and flashed on the nightstand, awakening me.

I groggily rolled over and checked on it. From Heinrich. He was this cute German I met downtown a few months ago, with a voice like thunder and a body like a god. Always looking for a tight ass to impale, too.

Hey stud ;), it read.

Hello to you dude,, kinda late?? I replied.

Yeah :P you down to meet up?

I slapped my hand to my forehead. What was it with this guy? This is like the third time this week he’s asked me over.

Eh… Idk I got a lot to do tomorrow. I typed out.

He sent me a pic, captioned You sure? About to head home ;)

Fuck, I was instantly horny. He had a nice pump from the gym and he always smelled like heaven when he was sweaty.

Argh,you convinced me.. but don’t you dare shower :) I replied. Well, time to get ready.

I put on a pair of sweatpants and left my apartment. I just hoped Samuel was awake at this hour. Or else I’d have to break in through the fire escape again. I left my apartment and went down the hall and knocked on his door. I heard someone moving around behind the door, but no one had answered yet. I knocked again, “Hold up, one second!” I heard him call from behind the door.

He opened the door, still pulling up a pair of black briefs. He was cut like a statue, his blond hair shaggy. Honestly he’s one of the hottest guys I know and one of my favorite guys to use. Plenty of guys had ultra huge and sensitive dicks, others had irresistible faces, but no one has a bod like Samuel.

“Hey, Samuel,” I began, paling in comparison to him with my very average, slightly pudgy frame. I’m not terrible looking, like I’ve had a few lays in my days without using my gift, but I cannot hold a candle to people like Samuel.

“Look, man, call me Sam, Samuel is too formal for me,” we both chuckled, his large pecs bouncing with each laugh. But, God, I love calling him Samuel. It has a silky connotation to it.

“Ok, well, SAM, I hate to bother you at this time of the night, but I’m making a cake for my niece’s birthday tomorrow, I’ve been putting it off all day, and I realized I don’t have any eggs,” I lied. A classic lie, but an effective one. “Do you by chance have any I can borrow?”

“None you can borrow, but I have plenty you can have!” he answered with a smile. The dumb brute always thought he was so clever.

I chuckled, “Yeah, that would be awesome!”

He gestured me in and turned around. I could tell he was walking funny, maybe because of the several nights this week I had taken him out. I started shelling off my sweatpants. I followed him into his kitchen, as I slowly began to make my transformation, my body becoming more and more liquid-like. We arrived at his refrigerator and he opened it and bended down, sticking a hand in the waistband of his pants to scratch his round, firm ass. “Alright, buddy, how many did you say you needed?”

I took my opportunity and plunged into the opened waistband in his pants and snaked my way into his asshole. I could hear him hollering as the entirety of my liquified body slurped its way into him. I could feel my body moving through his, filling up every corner and crevice. He shot up and shuddered, his cock as hard as a rock in his briefs. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as I made my final adjustments. His body, now my body, swelled and shifted as it made room for me, then finally settled down. I opened my eyes and stood several inches taller than I was a moment ago. I stretched and flexed. I loved the rush of possession, it’s better than any drug, and I can tell by Sammy’s big ole pulsing fuckstick that he likes it too. I ran my hands through my hair, smelling his hands. They smelled like dick. I went into his bathroom to wash my hands, noticing several porno mags on the floor, with massive fresh globs of cum sticking to the page. So that’s why he smells the way he does. I chuckled and washed his hands. At least I’d be able to last longer with Heinrich. 

I scooped my old sweatpants off the floor then made my way back to my old room. I grabbed a shirt and a pair pants from my place from the collection of Samuel’s belongings I keep with me for situations such as this, grabbed my phone and earphones, then started walking to Heinrich’s condo. On my way out of the door of my apartment complex, I passed a group of couples. They noticed me come out and I winked at them, noticing that both the guys and the girls in the group swooned. I smiled widely to myself. FUCK, I loved using Samuel! 

As I was in the elevator on the way up to his floor, I got a text from Heinrich.

U comin? Been a while! it read.

I pulled out my phone and took a selfie in the elevator mirror:

Patience, my friend. Almost there, I relied. I’m glad I went out tonight.