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7 Days of Heaven (Day 7 – Yugyeom)


Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Prologue Day 1-Jaebum Day 2-Mark  Day 3-Jinyoung Day 4-Jackson Day 5-Youngjae Day 6-Bambam  

Characters:  Kim Yugyeom (GOT7) X You (OC/Reader) X GOT7 members

Genre:  Smut

Warning/s:  Dom!Yugyeom, Lots of hair pulling (just because hahaha), thigh and butt smacking (hmmm), choking (mild), Bondage (light), Thigh Riding (because I love Yugyeom’s slender thighs they scream sex), Actual riding hahaha sorry about that, Dry humping???, what else?? Idk anymore jfc just read it

Length:  5,768 words

A/N:  OK!!! So this is the 7th and last installment of my GOT7 Smut Series, 7 Days of Heaven! It took me centuries to finally complete this hahaha and it’s been more than 5 months since I posted the teasers (can you believe it omg).  I wanted to thank each and every one of you who had consistently shown love and support for this series!  I didn’t really expect to receive this much love and appreciation so I really, really am thankful!!!

By the way here is the final installment, I hope it is good?  And things got a bit out of hand, as always, so I hope this makes up for the weeks rather months of waiting!

Also, please make sure to read until the end :))))))))))))))))  That’s it, enjoooooooooy!

At this point, Mark and Jaebum are already downing the rest of the soju and beers that you guys had left behind while waiting for Jinyoung to come back.  They cannot make you stop talking about their younger members and your sexual desires towards them, making them more awkward by the second, hoping that you just finish rambling and mumbling so that they can put you to bed and they can all either go home or sleep on your guest room or living room.

“_____, let’s tak-“

“WAAAAIIIIT, M’ not yet done, k?” Your voice is turning slurry and Mark just slumped on the couch and Jaebum just let out a sigh.

“Just let her finish, then we can tuck her to bed once she’s done.”  Jaebum pats Mark’s thigh and the older agrees.

“So, we’re down to the maknae of GOT7, ______, Yugyeom, what can you say about him?”  Mark asks before downing the rest of his beer.

“OH OH OH, that maknae, Yugyeom, damn!  He is so sexy when he dances.  Have you seen Hit the Stage? Hot damn!  It is the first time that I envied a fucking floor.  Can he hump on me like that too?  Huh???  What do you think?  That will be great, right?  Damn…” You giggled loudly and Jinyoung already came back.

“OK OK, so I guess we are all done, oppa’s gonna tuck you to bed, okay?  ______?”  You nodded and you barely had your eyes open when Jinyoung asks you to jump on his back, carrying you upstairs towards your room.  Jaebum and Mark just sighed before cleaning the mess in the living room as they waited for Jinyoung to come back so that they can all go home and call this a night.

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omg take me home updated??? WHY DON’T I HAVE THE ALERT??? AO3 WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

idk,,, it seems to fail a lot for you these days :’D I can’t even say whether it’s the same for me, I don’t even get around to check my mail anymore rip. The only reason I know it updated was because I came home and refreshed the tag in the hope of finding something really short and fluffy that could reenergize me tbh

IT’S AMAZING STOP TRYING TO DISSUADE THEM!!!! That fic is a treat honestly, I’m sure they’ll love it :’D

ami   a m i  i am and forever will be insecure about my writing,,, and i wasn’t lying when i said that i mostly wrote it for the ending and the aesthetic and for the plot twist in chapter 10 not gonna lie here; though back then i thought it was pretty obvious I’M NOT TRYING TO ACTIVELY DISSUADE ANYONE?? I’M JUST WARNING THEM BECAUSE I DON’T WANT THEM TO BE DISAPPOINTED


Not Astrid:

Astrid should be steaming hot, trying to figure out how the fuck to get out of the cave, not reminiscing about how Stoick accidentally has a thing for her & incest fetish, or asking Valka about ‘omg do u remember when u fell in love??’ YOUR IN A FUCKING CAVE SURROUNDED BY WILD, UNKNOWN DRAGONS THAT COULD KILL YOU IN A MOMENT WHAT THE HELL

This is it. Her character is nothing anymore. Her character constantly switches from ‘OMG IM SO MEAN GURL POWER’ to ‘hiccup is so kawaii, i luv u. butterfly kisses. uwu’ 

Funny thing I’ve noticed is she’s an asshole to anyone but the Haddock family. If Fishlegs tried what Stoick was doing, Fishlegs would just be Fish. Astrid just wants to be chief theory confirmed? Idk, I think I’ll do a post about it.

The fandom constantly shakes its fist and turns its head away from me, saying I’m just some big ugly troll, when I’m the only one who can look past the pandering bullshit and point the issues. 

BTW, where’s all those ‘feminists’ in the httyd fandom now, constantly talking about how strong and powerful the girls are? Oh wait, they’re too busy squealing and fangirling to notice the butchering of their ‘favorite’ self-insert character.

~mod Critter

The three times Dean asks Cas to marry him, and the one time he says yes. [ao3 link]

                                                   At Nine Years Old

The first time Dean asks Cas to marry him, it’s a Thursday.

They’re sitting on a playground swing set after school, kicking their feet to see who can go the highest. Cas thinks this contest is clearly unfair, because Dean’s not weighed down by an ugly trench coat that Mother makes him wear, even though it’s the middle of August and it’s a balmy eighty-five degrees outside. He’s practically sweating through it, and the exertion from kicking his legs doesn’t make it any easier.

“Can’t catch me, Cas!” Dean squeals from next to him as he arcs upward again, this time almost clearing the top of the swing set. “I’m gonna go allllllll the way over!”

“You can’t!” Cas yells back as he fruitlessly tries to pump his legs harder than before. “It’s impossible!”

“Nuh-uh!” Dean objects with a pout. “Benny says that his brother does it all the time!”

Cas grips the chains of the swing tighter when Dean flies upward, this time cresting above the swing set’s top and arching backwards. When he comes back down, the chains rattle and Dean flies by, mouth turned upward as he kicks his legs again to gain momentum.

“You’re gonna hurt yourself,” Cas calls out, toeing the ground to stop his movement. “Just give it up, Dean.”

“Nope!” Dean cries out when he passes by again.

“I bet you can’t even do it,” Cas mutters under his breath, which Dean catches as he flies by. After arcing up and almost making it over, Dean digs his heels into the grass to stop his ascent. Cas looks over at his friend and finds his lips upturned into a crafty smile, which can only mean one thing.

“You wanna bet?” Dean says as he gets up from the swing and walks in front of Cas.

Cas scoffs at Dean and crosses his arms. No, he doesn’t want to bet, because Dean probably will make it all the way around and Cas’ll be stuck doing his homework for a week, or he’ll have to ask Lisa Braeden if she likes Dean, or something else equally as annoying.

And yet, he can’t pass up an opportunity to prove Dean wrong.

“Fine,” Cas says, lips in a pout. “If you can’t get over in three tries, then you lose and owe me your snack packs for the rest of the week.”

Dean saunters backwards and grins widely, arms thrown out in an open gesture. “Fine, Cas. But if I win, then…,” he pauses for a moment, but then his eyes fly open and he begins jumping up and down. “Oh! Oh! If I win, then you’ve gotta marry me!”

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2. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.“

Words: 1,926 (Omg, Idk what took over me, but I just got carried away, hahaha, idk if I should actually count this as a scenario :p)
Genre: Fluff, bit if Angst (?), lots of swear words(!) (I feel so bad aahh)

A/N: I was actually gonna post this yesterday, but I didn’t have wifi connection anymore, I’m bowering my cousins rn, but here it is!
Also I’m still on mobile so this looks like a mess, I will edit everything when I’m back in my hometown!
@ anon: THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME THIS NUMBER! I was so excited to write this, you didn’t tell me which boy you’d like, but I just took Jungkook, I hope that’s okay :)


Walking down the street in the dark cold saturday night with your naked arms wrapped around your body that was only covered in a tight short white dress, you made your way to your house.
The only sound that was heard was the clicking of your almost 4 inch high high heels on the lonely stoney streets.

The night was a disaster.

You were trying to have an eventful night at a party that a close friend of your hosted with your boyfriend Jungkook, -that bastard you thought in yourself-, but of course when you were chit chatting with one of your old friends in the living room for only like 5 minutes and when you said your goodbyes you were off to search for Jungkook, but that didn’t take long when you found him in the kitchen. With a girl.

You weren’t really a jealous type, but the situation was that the girl was sitting on the kitchen island with an extremely short dress that stopped mid thigh, just like your dress though, but that didn’t matter, because you had a boyfriend and your intention wasn’t to get anyones’ attention but his.

The problem wasn’t that though, but it was the fact that the dress was already short enough and with her sitting with her legs crossed dramatically over one another and the hem of the dress being rode over so that only her panties were now covered, thank God, and your so called boyfriend being so close to her. That was the problem.

Another problem was the scene before you. The girls’s, who you still didn’t recognize and saw as a stranger, -which was also good, because if you’d see that girl anywhere around your space you’d rip her hair out of her scalp-, had her hand on your boyfriends’ well built chest that was covered only in a thin black shirt. Her perfectly manicured nails was lighty scratching him there where her hand was placed and the thing that bothered you the most was that Jungkook wasn’t moving her away. No, he was even smiling down at her with his hands down in his black jeans’ pockets’.

When he noticed you standing there his smile quickly turned into a frown when he saw your eyes willing up with tears making your vision slowly turn blurry.

“Y/N.” You didn’t listen to him when he freed himself from the still stranger to you girl, making his way towards you and picking his pace up when he saw you turning around and making your way out of the room.

That’s all that happened, you ran out of the house, forgetting about the party and just wishing to be out of this damn tight dress and your heels, be in your warm pyjamas’ eating ice cream and having a movie marathon with your best friend.

Yes you thought that you may be exaggerating, because Jungkook and that girl weren’t like kissing or holding hands or whatever, just talking, maybe flirting, but still, he is, or was, your boyfriend and he knows that you may not be someone who got easily jealous, but someone who is very sensitive.

You shook your head, trying to just forget about it and get home as soon as possible since you arrived at the party with Jungkook and his car, your house taking about 10 or more minutes to get to. You quickened your pace, trying to walk as fast as you could with your heels when you suddenly spotted a group of boys.

Well dang.

I forgot to mention that you weren’t only a sensitive person, but also someone who is really scared, especially when it comes to a situation like this where it was almost 10 p.m. with you walking around a neighborhood you weren’t really familiar with and wearing one of the tightest and shortest dress you found in your closet only to regret for choosing it.

The biggest problem though was that you were alone. With nothing to defend yourself and mostly because you didn’t have Jungkook by your side to protect you.

“Fuck it.” You said to yourself and told yourself to just continue walking. Taking a deep breath and shaking that strange feeling away, you took long steps foward and planned on just to ignore those boys who not so late on noticed your presence.

You felt 5 gazes at you, probably staring at your body and your curves up and down and you almost passed them when suddenly one of them whistled loud, making you flinch, but not stopping you from walking. That was until one of them called after you when your only two steps away from them.
“Hey beautiful, what you doing alone at this time?”

You were disgusted. You could literally feel his smirk on you, but you just ignored him and started to walk again.

Though you couldn’t go further when you suddenly felt a hard grip on your arm making you turn around and face your opponent.

“Let me go.” You puffed angry, dried tears on your cheeks, your mascara slightly ruined, eyes red, all in all you were a disaster.

You heard a ‘tsk’ sound, another boy from the group came out smirking down at you, your arm still gripped tightly in the first boys’ hand.

“Now kitten-” He started, but got cut out by you.

“Don’t call me that.” You said, eyes looking at his dark ones.

You heard one of them letting out a snort, clearly amused by your small action.

“Don’t interrupt me now kitten, I asked you a question and I want an answer.” His smirk long gone, he came closer to you hovering over your small body, his features becoming clearer in the dark.

“Just let me go.” You said, now looking down at your feets, trying to escape from the tight grip on your arm, you were sure that you’d become bruises at the spot the boys nails dig in.

“Why’d we do that, I think we all are looking for some fun, right guys?” The boy who was hovering over you said, not turning around when he mentioned his friends.

“Could you bastards already fuck off?” You spatted at them, already having enough, especially with that incident at the party. “I’m not some toy to play with.” You looked deep in that guys’ eyes, your anger taking you over, you were just done with everything and you definitely weren’t in the mood to make this night longer.

“Look at this, she is a feisty one Jackson.” One of the boys around you said.

You tried to turn your head around to look at that boy who said that, but the one infront of you, Jackson you noted, took a hold of your chin, making you look at him.

“How about you entertain us a little bit kitten.” He said nearing his face to yours. His face was so close to yours that you could almost feel his breath on your skin, no doubt you could smell a little bit of alcohol too.

“Get out of my face.” You said through your clenched teeths.

“Or what?” He asked, not taking a step back, his friends just watching like it’s a movie, only missing thing were the popcorn and cokes.
“You gonna hurt me, huh?” He smirked, clearly amused at your helpless self.

You didn’t know what took over you, but suddenly you faced him and spat on his face.

“Oh!” The other boys, including the one who held you oohed, excited what was about to happen next.

“Did you just spit on me, bitch?” Jackson asked angry in disbelief, because no one should dare to do such a thing. “Talk to me!” He suddenly screamed taking you away from the one who was holding you before, gripping at your arms tightly, his face red with anger.

“Indeed I did asshole.” You said, mocking him like he did when he called you kitten.

“You little-” He started, his hands going in the air, about to hit you when a loud angry voice behind you and the group interrupted you.

“I dare you son of a bitch to touch her and you’re fucking dead!”

“Jungkook?” You gasped when you saw him walking in fast angry steps to you.

“Let go of her.” He gritted, taking the arm that held yours and showing it away.

“Jungkook what-” you started turning now your whole body to him, but he cut you mid sentence.

“Let’s go home Y/N.” He said and took your hand in his, turning away from the disgusting group of boys and starting to walk away with you.

“Not so fast you bastard.” You heard and suddenly you didn’t feel Jungkooks’ hand in yours, but when you turned around you saw him stumbling back, his hand was holding his nose and you soon realized that he was bleeding.

“Fuck.” He mumbled, looking at Jackson, his eyes now fire and before you knew it he straightened up and threw a punch at Jacksons’ face.

“Jungkook!” You screamed, not believing your eyes at what was going on, you just wanted to go home, this was too much.

“What’s your fucking problem man?!” Jackson screamed and stood up from the floor where he landed when Jungkook threw his punch at him, now standing right infront of him, gripping him by his shirt and being face to face with him. “We were about to have some fun, what’s bothering you, huh?” He spatted, shaking Jungkook once with the hold on his shirt.

Jungkook placed his hands now on Jacksons’ and gripping at his arms that were covered by his leather jacket and was holding him by the hem of his shirt.

“Because that’s my fucking girl.” He said very slow, his voice dark now.

Suddenly he threw his head at him, making Jackson lose his grip at him and stumble back, holding on his forehead, because of the awful pain.

All you could do was watch when his friends started to come after him, one throwing a punch at your boyfriend, he sadly didn’t see it quick enough to dodge away.
But soon he punched him back in his stomach, making him let out a groan.

You wanted to stop them, tears were starting to well up again in your eyes, but you just stood there.

When you looked at the scene infront of you, Jungkook was already at the last guy, easily knocking him out and soon you two were the last standing.


“I hate you.” You said, yours eyes red again.

“Babe come here.” He started to walk towards, feeling sorry for you, because he could sense the shockness that you felt and how scared you looked. “I’m so sorry baby.”

He slowly, but carefully wrapped his musculared arms around you, his tall, well built body now protecting your that was more tiny and helpless compared to his.

He kissed your temple when he felt his shirt getting wet, you already crying, because of course, how could you be so stupid and just run away from him, from Jungkook, from your boyfriend. You didn’t even know what was going on between him and that girl, yet you lost your trust on him and just did what your mind said and not your heart.

“Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.“ He hushed at you trying to calm you down.

You noted to yourself that it didn’t matter anymore, that your action was just stupid and that you loved him.

You loved your boyfriend, Jungkook.


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