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SUMMARY: TWD based loosely off S07x01 :’((


WARNINGS: swearing, death

A/N: idk what I’m doing this just came to me suddenly I’m sorry if it’s not very good??? uhm let me know if you’d like a part 2 i guess ??


Your blood was the key. You knew that and Rick knew that. None of the others knew why you were so valuable to him. Why he protected you even when you knew how to protect yourself. You were brave, fearless, and strong. Being alone for the beginning did that to you.

Then you met Rick and his group. The group kept changing, but still it felt like family no matter who joined. Rick had a way of doing that, bringing misfits together and using their talents to make them feel like they were worth something during the end of the world.

One day you went out on a hunt with Rick, he wanted to gather supplies for his babygirl, Judith, while you wanted to find more food for the group in the prison. You and Rick had become close ever since Lori’s death. He had leaned on you and you had supported him through his crazy illusions.

On hunts, he would train you and you would give him insight on plants and berries. Rick always said to open the door and scope the place out before going inside but your excitement got the better of you when you saw a whole stack of canned goods on the shelves of a supermarket.

“Rick!” You yelled excitedly. “In here!” You ran ahead, grabbing a shopping cart and loading it up with anything you could get your hands on. Your weapon, a pair of shears were placed to the side while you loaded up.

The door opened and you turned to smile at Rick. “Look!” Your smile took up half of your face.

Rick had a weird look on his face as he raised his gun, “Y/N don’t move.”

You froze in shock as two things happened at once. Rick’s gun went off and an unbearable amount of pain was felt on your shoulder. There was red in your peripheal vision and you knew. The walker had already bit you before Rick could shoot it.

The ringing in your ears caused you to fall to the floor, next to the walker that now had a hole in it’s skull. You looked around, not wanting to make eye contact with Rick because then you would see the pain in his eyes. You knew he had to kill people before, but none of them were innocent and helpless like you.

“Oh God! Y/N, hey breathe okay? In and out, breathe.” You looked up and met Rick’s saddened eyes. Then everything went black.


“Eeny, meeny, miny…” Negan pointed his bat named Lucille at each person in Rick’s group. “Moe.” He pointed it at you, his tongue flicking out to swipe over his teeth. A smirk evident on his face as he appraised you.

He was the predator and the rest of you were his prey. No matter how many walkers you all have faced together, no matter how many deathly situations you all had managed to get out of, you knew someone was going to die tonight.

“My mama,” He moved on, his boots crunching against the ground, “told me..” He landed his bat on Rick and you breathed out a small sigh of relief. “To pick the very,” It went to Carl, “Best one..” Past Carl to Michonne, “and you are it.” The bat landed on Abraham and your breath got caught in your throat. He couldn’t do it. He wouldn’t, would he?

Abraham’s hand went up slightly as you saw him throw a peace sign at Sasha. Your heart sped up and you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the brutal scene as Negan’s bat met contact with your friends’ skull. It happened repeatedly until Abraham was unrecognizable. You clutched at your heart, wishing you could move and console Sasha.

Negan let out a little laugh. He went towards Rosita and an exchange that you didn’t pay attention to was made. It was Daryl’s actions that brought you out of your stupor. He had punched Negan. Your fists clenched, you knew something else was going to happen now. Negan would not let that slide. Was Daryl next?

Before you could even blink, Negan began to bash Glenn’s head in. You turned away from the gruesome sight, looking to Maggie who was ready to jump forward.

“Maggie… I’ll find you.” You heard Glenn say before hearing Lucille the bat make impact with Glenn again.

A sob racked through your body, not paying attention to what Negan was saying. You heard his boots crunching towards you and Rick, he stopped before Rick, pulling on his coat. What was he going to do next?

“Don’t. Please, take me instead.” You pleaded through your sobs. “You can have me. Negan, please.” You begged, wanting to save what was left of your family.

Negan turned to look at you, his fingers coming up to his chin. “You or Rick? This is so hard.” He grabbed you by your hair and pulled you close to him, his lips against your ear. “You’re already mine, Y/N. You always have been.” He pushed you away from him, turning to Rick again.

“Negan, please!” You called out again.

“Y/N, stop.” Rick looked over at you with his pale blue eyes filled with fear and laced with guilt. You had seen that look before. “Let him take me. You have to live for all of us. For Abraham. For Glenn.”



“I’m so sorry, y/n. I’m so so sorry. I thought I could keep you safe but I couldn’t and now you’ll become a walker.” You felt a sharp pain in your shoulder, causing you not to move. Glancing over at Rick he was hunched over you, his forehead on your stomach. Was he crying?

“R-Rick.” You stammered.

His head shot up and he moved up to grab your head and lay it on his lap. “Y/N, how? It’s been hours. How are you not a walker yet?” His oceanic blue eyes had traces of grey, a storm in the sea, his guilt and fear were evident.

You moved your eyes to your shoulder and saw that he had stopped the bleeding but that didn’t tell you why you weren’t one of the walking dead yet. “Rick… I’m not sure?” You clambered to sit up on your own but you couldn’t, instead falling into Rick. He wrapped his arms around you, embracing you for what could be your last hug as a human.

“It bit you.. I saw it.” You nodded, knowing you felt the zombie take a chunk out of you. Your eyes moved to the walker that lay nearby and the sight before you caused a gasp to emit from your lips.

“Rick! Look!” You tried to turn him to face the walker but he wasn’t getting it. “Rick turn around please!”

He finally did and placed you comfortable against the shelves to run over to the walker. “How in the world..?” He stared at the bullet wound in the middle of its forehead and then at you. “This was a walker before and now it’s not.” The walker’s undead features had all become palpable and soft. More human-like rather than walker-like. It was almost as if the walker had returned to its human state.

“You don’t think it was…” You trailed off in confusion.

“You.” Rick gaped. “You’re immune to the walker bite because you turn them back to what they were before.”



Negan watched the exchange between the two of you, pretending to barf. “Come on! It’s the end of the world, be a little selfish, Rick!” He patted Rick’s shoulder roughly, “How about y/n takes one for the team and the rest of you go home and provide for me.” He smirked, pushing Rick down. “Oh that’s right, you don’t get to be selfish, Rick. Cause she is mine. You are mine. You all belong to me and I will take what belongs to me.” He stepped on Rick’s fingers harshly with his heavy boot. “Say it, Rick.”

“Y/N will never be yours.” He spat.

Negan laughed loudly. “Oh is that what you think?”

Rick’s eyes met his, “That’s what I know.”

“Dwight! Bring me the boy.” Carl was shoved forward, Negan knocking his hat off of his head. “Right here. Get down next to papa.” He pointed by his feet. “Anyone got a pen?” He exlaimed to his crew. One of them threw one at him and he caught it with ease.

“Negan, please. Leave Carl out of this, it’s between us.” You exclaimed.

Negan stared at you, shaking his head in delight. “Not until Rick understands.” He pulled up Carl’s sleeve and drew a line on his arm. Negan stood up to his full height. “Now, Rick, cut clean through your boy’s arm or… give up y/n.”

The realization of the choice hit Rick like a ton of bricks. He shook his head, to give you up or to cut off his sons arm. The two most precious people in the world to him. How could he choose?

He shook his head, tears spilling from his eyes, his fists clenched as he looked up at Negan. “N-No. I-I-I-I can’t. No. Let it be me. Please.” His head shook back and forth roughly, trying to get rid of the choices he was faced with. He knew Negan would make him do one or the other. “N-No. No! Let it be me!” He yelled at Negan.

“Sorry, Rick.” Negan made a noise with his mouth, his tongue sliding over his front teeth. “I didn’t give you that option. Now choose or I’ll count.”

Rick continued to shake his head, his breathing laboured as his vision became blurry. “No-I-I..” His hand made it’s way to the ax before he stopped.

“Three….” Negan started to count, “Two…”

Rick thought if he could save y/n and tell Carl why later he would understand. It was not only to save them but the world. He let out a yell going for the ax, an apologetic look on his face aimed to his son.

“Rick, stop!” Negan took the ax from him. Grabbing Rick by the chin he looked into his eyes. “There it is. Now you understand. Now you see me, Rick. You belong to me. Say it.”

“I belong to you.” Rick followed obediently.

“Y/N belongs to me.”

Rick repeated him. “Y/N belongs to you.”

Negan smiled and nodded, he pushed Rick to the ground; he ordered his men to take Daryl as he made his way to y/n.

“Now for some reason, you are also valuable to Rick. Not sure why but I’ll find out.” He grabbed you by your collar and pulled you along with him. “Come on.”

You didn’t fight him for fear that he may kill someone else. You got into his truck with him and sat quietly, waiting for him to say something.

“So…” Negan looked over to you. “Not gonna say anything?” You flinched when he tried to grab your hand. “I’m not gonna hurt you y/n. I could never.”

You let out a shaky breath finally deciding to speak. “You named your bat after your dead wife.”

He let out a chuckle. “Your best friend.” He glanced back to the road. “Or was.”

“Negan…” You trailed off.

“So are you and Rick a thing? Is Carl yours?” He inquisited.

You shook your head, “Rick’s wife died in labor… Not long after he took me under his wing. We’re close.”

“Ahhh, that seems to be a thing for you then.” His tongue swiped at his front teeth, his knuckles going white on the wheel. “Fucking widowed men.” He laughed humorlessly.

“At least this one won’t leave me. All alone, wondering where he disappeared to.”

Another laugh, “Oh sweetheart, take a look. Rick has already left you. You were never his. I’m just taking back what’s mine.”

A chill racked through your body. Rick would save you. You knew he would.