idk what to do with this guy

So, this past year I hit a really low point. Started doing a few drugs (not as much to be addicted at any level, but more than I had wanted) and consumed myself with the lives of others, which didn’t leave me much time to focus on myself and to even think through what I was doing. I got caught up, and to make things worse, I came on Tumblr to start looking for new ways to make more money. (Selling pictures to random guys) Though I never followed through with anything, just the thought of it now kind of disgusts me. I’m into girls way more, and to think I had hit that low…idk. Things slowly started looking up around November/December, but things really didn’t start falling into place until the new year. I’ve been doing better now than I have in probably five years. I hope to keep it up, and I intend to do so. But, I’m afraid my demons will come back to haunt me. Though I’m not in any rush, I really really would love a sweet girl to make happy and cherish. I’ve got so much love in my heart, but I’ve also got a past, and I’m afraid that makes me unloveable, or to the least makes things a bit more complicated usually. I don’t want complicated, I’ve always wanted something simple. Someone to lay in bed with me and read our books and do little games/crafts together. Someone to comfort me and I comfort them. But I think I may have ruined that chance and I don’t know if I’ll be able to ever have it. I made my bed, and now I must lay in it. I’m just hoping that one day things will look up and maybe I’ll be wrong about this.

  • Lance: you need to sleep
  • Pidge: *doing robot stuff* no I'm almost done
  • Lance: it's like 2 am
  • Pidge: so what?
  • Lance: don't make me carry you
  • Pidge: ....
  • Pidge: you wouldn't dare
  • *15 mins later*
  • In the distance: *loud bang* YEET
  • Hunk: what was that?!?
  • Keith: I think Lance just threw Pidge into her bed
  • Lance: sup guys?
  • Hunk and Keith: uh
  • Pidge: *yelling from her room* I HATE YOU

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Namjoon's favorite time of day is probably about 6 am (whether he's just waking up or he hasn't gone to sleep yet). He'll sit outside or go for a walk, savoring the feeling of being the only one awake besides the occasional night shift workers heading home. He loves to watch the sun rise, watch the fog around him begin to soften and become lighter as the light of day begins to break through. This is when he really gets to be alone with his thoughts and sort out his day.

you guys know him so well wtf idk what to do with myself, here I am disappointed with 96% of namjoon related fanfics because of how inaccurate they are and here you are writing beautiful things like this


ok u guys i got tagged by @ramen25 to do some tag including ur bias and a selfie?? idk i forgot what you call it n i cant really check cause im on mobile BUT ANYWAYS. YES hello this is my face fjsjjs im super anxious abt posting this cause usually when i post my face i delete in 2 mins but yeah!!

so ya this is me n jennie we been together since they debuted august last year :^)

i tag: @pbsies @uhkoiz @rapmons1er @lovehote1 @rainisnotsleepy :^) i tag too many people usually so i kinda chilled this time. ALSO IF U WANNA DO THIS just do it and jus say i tagged you okay?

edit: its literally called ‘bias and selfie tag’

Or maybe it could be a 3 buck poll tier and I can do 2 polls for a drawing month?? One for CREATURES and one for FANART??? Lookin at u, fellas that want me to draw ur fave overwatch

Idk tho I’m still trying to work out what’s doable/reasonable/fun for u guys too

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I have a natural sad face expression wich means when I don't show any emotion I still look sad. boys are getting 'scared' bc of that and don't want talk to me, even my mom said I should stop looking sad all the time but i just can't 'control' it. i feel so bad bc of all the negative comments that I get from people irl for that and idk anymore. Any advice what I should do?

my face is generally stuck in the same position and i have a way that i talk where i sound perpetually sarcastic and pissed off. this is how i talk to everyone and some guys have been into it, so the only think i can say is be yourself and don’t worry about some weak ass men who can’t handle your face

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what is mental abuse? and how exactly did Cole do it to his ex? idk anything about this so im trying to learn

Cole was very manipulative during his and his ex’s whole relationship. She receives many anons on tumblr saying stuff like “well I think Cole is a great guy” when they didn’t even know him. After they broke up Dylan even went and verbally attacked her and was frankly an asshole to her. If you’d like to learn more please just look it up

…….. do you guys want to see what i’ve come up with so far for my jurassic park!au ft iwaoi, kurotsuki, and bokuaka………………….. i have it posted on my kurotsuki and bokuaka blog but idk if you guys would want to see it………

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Your art about Kellog is so cool! I got past the part where we face that guy just yesterday, I liked the conversation and the build up to it. Honestly, Kellog is one of my favorite villains of that game, devious and yet sympathetic. I really like your stuff about him possessing Valentine, I wish we'd seen more of that in game. Tell us, what do you think of Kellog?

aah thanks! im not sure how i feel about kellogg actually. i feel like i dont have a positive or negative feeling towards him. hes ok in my book. kelloggs a loyal and powerful guy, but gives his loyalties to the wrong people i feel, haha. guess that comes with being a mercenary i guess. idk, he makes a pretty good villain.

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In one of the gifs you reblogged it looks like Lena's at the hospital (the blonde person with back to camera looks a liiitle like a nurse.. unless it's Kara wearing some weird frilly thing) what if Jack dies and this is how they make Lena evil ... like ... that'd be disappointing, her arc driven by a man who we've just met but honestly I wouldn't put it past them at this point to not only reduce her like that by making her evil but to do it driven by some guy but yeah idk?

Nah, the person is Kara. She’s seen briefly in the background with of the flash of Snapper. 

Kara is wearing the same thing in the above as she is down in this screenshot.

Also, with the way they’re going with Lena, the likely hood of her being evil is very little. Lena being a series regular and her being evil doesn’t match up since villains on DCTV only stick around for a season, so making her a villain wouldn’t make any sense at this point. Kara is probably just showing Lena something with Jack and/or Bree.

EDIT: Also, that is definitely not a nurse bc those aren’t scrubs. It would more be like 50s nurse. It looks like Lena’s office, because she’s never anywhere else. 

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I'm a Scorpio and this Capricorn guy that I was snapchatting for a little bit who is really hot and was down to hang out when I asked and he said I was cute but then the day before we were supposed to hang I snapchatted him to plan further and he opened it and didn't respond and we haven't talked for a few weeks! Idk what to do?? Should I try to snap chat him again?

omg that’s so weird! ugh. maybe snapchat him again and see if he responds, and if not, then lmao you deserve better. but that’s awful that he left you hanging like that, idk

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(2/2) but doesn’t let her in on that bc he knows she’s grieving and doesn’t want to make her not feel what she’s really feeling or confusing. He’s there for her as her friend, not the guy that loves her in a romantic way and it’s just super flufffy fluff and then idk a part 2 where they have a happily ever after sometime later but reader still hasn’t forgotten her first love even tho she never knew if Jason would have loved her back

Sounds like you already wrote it, also is this even a request or is it more of a demand???

Nevertheless, requests are closed, I only do oneshots, (“idk a part two.” Really?) and I only write for Jughead.

Oh, and a “hi” or “please” or something along those lines would’ve been cool as well, but hey, you do you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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i have a question for Barry's and Sebastian what kind of advice to someone who just been dumped i was dumped by my GF and IDK what to do with my life now I wish I can have a hug form you guys so i guess i am single again lol

Me: Aww, its okay… *hugs* I’m sorry

E1Barry: I… That just means you’re another step closer the one! *hugs*

Sebastian: I dunno, I’ve never got dumped……but it get better *hugs*

Today is the day, Oilers fans! TODAY WE CAN CLINCH A PLAYOFF SPOT!

I’m SO READY BUT NOT READY AT THE SAME TIME JA FEEL?? We may or may not win tonight, but that’s okay! Because we’re still gonna make it! 👏🏽😭

Idk what to do with myself, I’m have so many feelings about this 😭 we’ve waited so long, I thought we would never get out of this slump when we had Eakins for a coach, and finally!! FINALLY! After 10 long years, rebuild after rebuild, coach after coach, GM after GM…

Here’s to you guys 🍻 for sticking with the team and for never jumping off the beat up, old wagon through the tough times! Remember, we’re in this shit together!

(I’m sorry this is so cheesy but I’m so emotional jfc)

Honestly…It makes me really uncomfortable when people draw Leia’s Episode 4 Dress as being really tight with a big slit up the leg, because that’s not how it was at all??

It doesn’t even cling to her breasts or anything?? There’s like…a Small knee length slit, I guess, if you look hard enough. But this, and most other outfits of Leia’s, strike me as incredibly modest and professional. In fact, Lets take a look at that for a second. 

Look at what she chooses to wear on Cloud City in Episode 5.

Like…It’s a dress with pants? And I think this was probably an outfit she either A.) Packed for the trip on the falcon or B.) Was provided to her by Lando, And I find it hard to believe that Lando would force an outfit on her, considering he was very nice to her in previous scenes. She would have chosen it out of several different options.

I won’t add pictures, but her White Hoth outfit also consists of a jacket and pants. It’s sensible. They’re in the freezing cold. Why would she wear something sexy. She Wouldn’t.

There are honestly only two instances over the course of three movies where she /kind/ of shows skin. Instance 1 is at the end of Episode 1 where she…Kind of, I guess, Has some cleavage showing?

Like Barely. Keep in mind as well that this dress is floor length and has long sleeves. The second instance is at the end of Episode 6 on Endor

This slit is definitely more revealing, but to be honest, I can’t remember a single time in Episode 6 where it was apparent? They Honestly may have just done this for promotional material? Other pictures of the dress come off as much more modest

I’ve worn dresses shorter than this, so, I wouldn’t exactly consider this revealing by any means.

So when does Leia put on something a little sexier? There’s gotta be one instance right?

Yeah, Against her fucking will.

What I’m getting at here is that I hate the weird sexualization of Leia in Nerd Culture. It’s literally so rampant. It’s not surprising to me whatsoever, but it still makes me mad.

Leia Organa, a 19 year old Freedom Fighter personally fucking chose to dress modestly and people still depict her as this oversexualized Male Gaze Fantasy Being and it’s really disappointing tbfh.