idk what to do with the two of you anymore

the signs as cliche/overused lines in movies

(idk if someone already did this but i’m doing it anyways)

aries:  “you just don’t get it, do you?!”


gemini: “…did i just say that outloud?”

cancer: “i’m not your little girl anymore!”

leo: “it’s not what it looks like!”

virgo: “okay, here’s what we do…” (cuts to a different scene)

libra: “you two are so cute!” “(laughs awkwardly) oh no, we’re not…that…” “too bad.”

scorpio: “i wouldn’t do that if i were you…”

sagittarius: “(s)he’s behind me, isn’t (s)he.”

capricorn: “we’re not so different, you and i.”

aquarius: “we’ve got company.”

pisces: “DON’T DIE ON ME!”

  • Jungkook: How long are you gonna be mad at me?
  • Jimin: *looks at the clock* Ten more minutes.
  • Jungkook: *smirks*
  • Jungkook: You can't be mad at me that long babe
  • Jimin: Do you wanna challenge me?
  • Jimin: I can be mad at you as long as I want.
  • Jungkook: Okay. I love you. *kisses Jimin*
  • Jimin: *kisses back* I love you too
  • Jimin:
  • Jimin: fuck you're right
  • BTS:
  • Yoongi: I can be mad at you two for making me my lose my appetite tho

i’ve been thinking about shou and mob a lot lately and naturally i had to make an au to satisfy my needs

AU where shou is an important person with an office with a view and shigeo is his receptionist. but really it’s just them stumbling over how it is to be in a relationship like new born fawns

a big thank you to @coffeelions for getting excited with me about this!! i really needed an outlet in those trying times hahaha so thank youuuu!!

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hl with kitties!! (or all the boys) that's always a good idea!

idk what exactly these creatures are. but h&l love them.

Take a book leave a book

Harrison Osterfield X reader

 requests are open, sorry if i take a minute to get to them there all on my drive and school finishes up in about a month. Also im not to sure how this turned out, like i tried writing in a different style. idk dudes do you like it?

 For as long as Harrison could remember he had lived across from (Y/N). Once upon a time they were good friends running around playing tag, having mud fights and complaining about what movie they were gonna watch that night. Harrison couldn’t remember the countless birthday parties they had together, seeing that there birthdays where only a few days apart. All those memories came to end when Tom got cast for his first movie, Harrison jumped aboard to travel with his best friend, leaving (Y/N) all alone without her best friend.

  Growing up (Y/N) was a very outgoing child, always making noise with Harrison. He had always pushed her out of her comfort zone to do things, he was the one who cheered her on when she presented her writing in front of class. He was the reason she gained confidence, he was her best friend.

  But when Harrison left her confidence plummeted, not having her best friend there to help her out, (Y/N) turned to books to fill his absence, falling instantly in love. It became easier for (Y/N) to stay inside and get lost in a good book, than to face the real world. Her parents both worked almost all day, and only came home to sleep, leaving (Y/N) to figure out everything else. Easily more entertained by books than the lack of her best friend, she choose to stray away from reality.

  Her love for reading grew the longer he stayed away. Not wanting to stray to far away from reality that summer, (Y/N) wanted others to enjoy reading as much as she did. The only library close to them was at least a thirty minute drive. That summer (Y/N) built her own little library that stood on the corner of her lawn.

‘Take a book leave a book’ read the sign hanging from the little library. Harrison smiled to himself he always knew (Y/N) had a love for reading. He couldn’t wait to see her again, for things to go back to normal. He couldn’t wait till you guys had your movie nights again or even for fun to have a mud war to bring back old memories.

 He waited outside (Y/N)’s house for a while listening to hear if she was outside, he couldn’t remember a time where you weren’t outside having fun. Coming to the conclusion that she wasn’t home yet, Harrison jogged over to his home across the street.

  ‘’Hey mom,’’ Harrison said making his way over to the kitchen where his mom was at.

  ‘’He sweetheart, saw you were outside, (Y/N)’s place for a while, where you guys planning on meeting up?” his mom asked him gently setting down her tea.

 Harrison sat down next his mom, ‘’No I was planning on surprising her actually, guess she isn’t home. She isn’t outside.” he replied to his mom looking through the window at the little library on your lawn, ‘’when did that get there anyway?” He asked pointing to the library.

“Oh she put that up while you were gone. Did you two not keep in touch while you were away?’’his mom asked.

 ‘’No, we didn’t actually, it never came to it i guess.’’ Harrison said staring out the window memory after playing in his mind.

‘’ Well if you had kept in touch than you would know, she doesn’t leave the house often anymore sweetheart. I guess she prefers to stay inside and do what kids do inside.Her parents say she’s doing extremely well in school.”

To say Harrison was surprised was an understatement, that didn’t sound like the (Y/N) he remembered. He looked at the little library. What happened?

Should i do a part two to this or just leave it here?

smh i’m trying to redecorate Wes’ loft and i realized i have like 0 rugs from cleaning out my cc a few months ago. i closed my game to go hunt for some but ended up downloading 200 items of cc.. none of them were rugs.



Luke bit down on his bottom lip to try and suppress his smile as he watched Y/N’s eyes fly across the page, she took a deep breath as a smile slowly began to form on her lips as well before lowering the paper from in front of her face and looking up at Luke, “You got me into a film class taught by the Calum Hood?”


Y/N really loves films.

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Boyfriend Renjun
  • yes another chinaline request from an anon !!
  • thanks so much our chinese babies need more attention ~
  • okay on to this angel who’s going to be your boyfriend in this au ,
  • i hope you manage to stay till the end

  • so he was that one transfer student in your class

  • he was really quiet and the only time you ever heard him talk was when the teacher asked him questions and he had to answer
  • but he smiles and laughs with his group of friends really often and when he does he looks so innocent ,
  • you were like , why is his smile so attractive ?? it’s so warm and loving ?? why am i getting butterflies in my stomach ?
  • he likes helping the people around him a lot and wouldn’t hesitate to put others before him so it was probably the main reason why you were attracted to him even more
  • one day you had to clean up the classroom by your own as a punishment because you were late for school that day
  • and while cleaning , he suddenly came in and offered to help
  • even though you rejected his offer , he still insisted
  • “ let me help you Y/N ”
  • “ Oh .. no , Renjun , it’s fine ”
  • “ with my help we’ll finish cleaning in no time ”
  • and then he flashes you his smile and you agreed in the end because he’s an angel who always wants to help and you can’t reject him
  • and after that he walked home with you and on the way back , y'all talked alot and instantly clicked and you wondered why you never had the courage to talk to him earlier because he could understand you so well
  • y'all would start walking to and from school together ,
  • going on study dates
  • and eventually becoming bestfriends
  • he always showed signs of liking you but you were confused because you didn’t know if he was just being nice or if he really likes you
  • like he’d compliment and say sweet things to you everyday ,
  • and when you’re nervous he holds your hand and plays with your hair
  • and he’s always smiling when you’re near ,
  • sometimes you’d even catch him blushing
  • until one day you really couldn’t take it anymore since your heart was going to burst from the feelings , so you decided to talk to him about it
  • “ Renjun .. I have something i need to say ”
  • “ Yes ? What is it ? ”
  • “ I like you … a lot , more than a bestfriend .. ”
  • and he’d awkwardly giggle and smile , blushing
  • “ I actually .. like you too ”
  • y'all two are like two small kids confessing it’s so cute ahh
  • after the confession y'all two hugged and spent the rest of the day at a park walking and doing the things you did normally
  • okay idk how many times i’ve said this already but he’s!! an!! angel!!
  • so he’s going to treat you like his princess and be really sweet to you
  • 10x more than he treated you as a bestfriend
  • you can expect sweets and chocolates from him everyday without fail ,
  • him buying you the things you want ,
  • showering you with mushy words ,
  • to the point where you felt so bad that he was being so nice and sweet towards you because he was putting in so much effort
  • and when you talk to him about it ,
  • “ Baby you don’t have to do all these for me , i love you the way you are ”
  • “ I’m doing this because i love you too princess , it’s really fine ”
  • “ no it’s not i feel so bad , like i’m not doing enough ”
  • “ just being here with me is already enough ”
  • and you’d kiss him on the cheek and hug him so tightly because you know he’ll never stop being so sweet
  • he doesn’t mind skinship but in public or infront of others he’d be shy so the most he’d do is a hug
  • but when y'all are alone , he likes giving small pecks on your forehead and cheeks
  • sometimes the lips too but most of the time , he’s too shy so you’re the one who initiates them
  • he actually got you obsessed into moomin with him ,
  • y'all could spend a whole day cuddling and watching moomin
  • you’d have matching moomin plushy keychains on your bags ,
  • and matching moomin socks
  • so pure and innocent
  • he’s very understanding so he hardly ever gets jealous
  • and you were so shocked at first because how can one be so calm ??
  • like your classmate would come up to you and flirt a litle , using bad pick up lines
  • you were afraid that he would misunderstand at first but when you looked over to renjun across the room , he gave you an assuring smile and showed no signs of anger
  • because he trusts you fully and knew that he didn’t have anything to be jealous about
  • not many knew about your relationship with him in school because both of you weren’t the type to show off the relationship
  • yet those who knew envied you two and calls you guys the ’ perfect couple ’
  • when you’re sad , he gets really affected too and tries his best to give you advice
  • and if he feels that his own advice isn’t enough , he’d ask for the other members’ advice
  • he often hides his sadness with a smile but you’d always notice very quickly and hug him to cheer him up
  • and when he shares his problems , you’d listen to every word and try to help
  • his phone gallery is filled with pictures of you ,
  • varying from pictures of you sleeping to doing your homework
  • and he loves staring at them a lot at random times
  • “ renjun stop using your phone , you’re supposed to help me with my homework ”
  • “ oh sorry baobei ”
  • “ what are you doing on your phone anyways ”
  • and when you lean over to see , his scrolling through all the pictures again ,
  • no wonder he kept smiling to himself
  • he’d always apologise right away if he realised that he did something wrong because he doesn’t want to lose you
  • even when you’re in the wrong , he forgives you easily because he’s too nice
  • he loves you a lot and shows it through affection and his actions ,
  • you couldn’t ask for more because he’s always there 24/7 no matter what happens
  • so you shouldn’t sleep on him and start stanning him because my baby huang renjun needs more love
Bruises - A Riverdale Imagine

Archie x Reader

A/N:  i love polite requesters :) they make me so happy. also- this one is long, which i haven’t done in a long time, so that makes me super happy!

Requested by: @hayley0005
“Hey could i request a imagine with Archie Andrews with the prompts 4,15,and 17 mainly just the first two if threes to much. Kinda where something goes down between them a fight idk and archie flips out on a guy or someone basically overreacting thinking reader needed help just tense between the two. haha. Hope it makes sense.”

4. “You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”
15. “I don’t need saving. Not now! Not ever.”
17. “You cheated on me! What was I supposed to do? Smile and forgive you?”

Warnings: mentions of cheating, a small (physical & verbal) fight & just a lil angsty- but i didn’t forget the fluff!

Word Count: 1517


Reggie Mantle didn’t know when to quit.

We had dated for a while- nearly eight months- and I thought everything was prefect, until I found out that he had cheated on me. Multiple times. With different people.

Ever since, he’s been trying to get me back. I’m with Archie now, the red-headed man of my dreams, but even that isn’t enough for Reggie to leave me alone. He knows we’re together- the whole school does- but he just doesn’t care. Reggie doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants; which, unfortunately, happens to be me, in this case.

I was standing at my locker, packing my bag with all the materials I needed to bring home, when Reggie appeared next to me. I groaned, but didn’t turn to face him. “What do you want, Reggie?” I ask, obviously annoyed.

“You. But you already knew that,” he responds, without missing a beat.

I roll my eyes and close my locker. “And you already know that will never happen,” I shoot back.

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting? Maybe just a little?” he asks, trailing behind me as I begin to walk away.

I turn around immediately, my hair flying over my shoulder. “You’re kidding, right? Tell me you’re kidding,” I say, growing angrier with every word. *** “You cheated on me! What was I supposed to do? Smile and forgive you?” *** I shout.

That’s when Archie joins us, looking very concerned. “What’s going on?” he asks sternly.

“Nothing,” I say, glaring at Reggie. “Let’s go.”

“Oh come on, babe, don’t be like this. Can’t you just let it go?” Reggie whines.

Before I can respond, Archie takes a step closer to him, and spits, “She’s not your ‘babe’ anymore.”

Reggie scoffs and rolls his eyes, stepping around Archie and closer to me. “Why don’t we let her decide that, yeah?” he says, taking my hand. Immediately I pull it back, out of his grasp, but it’s too late. Archie shoves Reggie against the lockers, jabbing a finger to his chest.

*** “You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!” *** he shouts. Reggie’s beginning to look more and more angry.

“You better back off, Andrews,” he says menacingly.

“Leave her alone and I will,” Archie hisses. The two boys are incredibly close, standing nearly nose to nose. My heart is pounding- both with anger and with fear.

“Come on, Archie,” I say, desperate to get out of this situation. Archie looks to me, then back to Reggie, and takes a step back. He picks up his backpack, which he had previously thrown to the ground, and begins walking towards me.

That is, until Reggie calls, “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then, beautiful.” In the blink of an eye, Archie’s turned around, and I barely have time to process the fact that his fist is flying towards Reggie’s face. It connects with a sickening crack, and for a moment, Reggie just looks stunned. But then that look of confusion turns to one of anger, and Reggie is swinging back.

A full-on fight breaks out. Fists are flying everywhere, they’re falling to the floor, and I begin to notice drops of blood staining the white tile.

“Stop it, both of you!” I shout desperately. But it’s no use. I’m not even sure they can hear me.

It doesn’t take long for a teacher to step in, breaking up the boys and walking them both to the principal’s office.

What a great way to end the day.


I don’t bother staying to see how much trouble Archie is in. I don’t want to know just yet.

“Why did he have to step in?” I keep asking myself. I was fine! Annoyed, tired, and upset, but still fine. I was leaving. I was walking out when Archie had to say something, press Reggie’s buttons. None of that had to happen.

I’m not a princess. I don’t need him to “defend my honor.” I can take care of myself. I understand that he was trying to stand up for me, but all it did was get him a busted face and a week-long suspension.

After a few hours, once I’ve calmed down, I decide to walk over to Archie’s house. I know he’ll be grounded for getting into a fight, but I’m sure Fred will let me see him, just this once- after all, the man adores me; plus, he’ll understand why I need to talk to him.

It takes me about ten minutes to reach Archie’s house. I knock on the door, and- as I’d suspected- Fred answers. “Hey, there, kiddo,” he says, a small smile lighting up his face. “I’m assuming you’re here for Archie?”

“Yes,” I sigh. “I’m sure you’ve grounded him, which is definitely the right thing to do,” I ramble, and he chuckles. “But I need to talk to him. Just for a few minutes. There are some things we have to sort out,” I tell him, as I begin to blush slightly.

“I figured you’d be over sooner or later,” he smiles. “But knowing you, I didn’t think it would be for a couple of days,” he laughs, and I can’t help but laugh with him. “He’s upstairs, in his room,” Fred tells me, letting me inside. “He’ll be un-grounded next, when he goes back to school.”

“Thank you,” I whisper, hugging the older man. I turn to the stairs, but quickly turn back around and ask him, “Do you have any ice-packs?” He laughs and grabs one out of the freezer, handing it to me. He smiles as I walk up the steps, heading straight down the hallway to Archie’s room.

His back is to the door. He doesn’t notice me standing there; he’s too engrossed in strumming that guitar of his. I stand there for a few moments, listening to the soft music before I bring attention to myself.

“I’m surprised you can still play with how bruised your hands must be right now,” I say dryly, and I nearly flinch at how harsh I sound.

He whips around immediately, and I’m not prepared for what I see.

His lip is split and swollen, and looks like it must be incredibly painful. His right eye is a deep purple, and is practically swollen shut. I doubt he can see anything out of it. All in all, it looks like somebody decided to smash his face with a baseball ball.

It feels as though all the air has left my body, and I’ve forgotten how to breathe. But I don’t cry.

I walk over and sit on the edge of his bed, facing him. “Damn,” I mutter, reaching out to stroke his cheek. He still flinches, even though I’m being as gentle as possible. Seeing him like this breaks my heart.

“Why’d you have to do that?” I breathe out, my voice barely above a whisper. I can feel the tears stinging the back of my eyes.

He shakes his head. “He needs to learn when to back off,” he defends himself.

“Yes, he does,” I say, exasperated. “But that doesn’t mean you start a fight with him!”

“He wouldn’t leave you alone! What was I supposed to do? Let him stand there and call you 'babe’? I had to do something. I had to- to save you,” he finishes.

*** “I don’t need saving! Not now, not ever!” *** I snap angrily. “I am perfectly capable of handing situations by myself.”

“I know, I just…” he trails off and looks down.

I sigh, exhausted. “Get up,” I tell him.

He looks up at me, confused. “What?”

“You heard me,” I tell him as he stands up. “He busted your face, not your ears.”

I pat a spot on the bed, right in front of me. He sits down, and I very carefully press the ice pack to his eye. He winces. “That was really stupid,” I tell him, and he gives a small laugh. “But I love you anyway.”

I lean into him and press a gentle kiss to his cheek- the one that’s not swollen and covered in bruises. “I love you too,” he whispers.

I Had Enough

Pairing: Phillipa Soo x Reader

Summary: Phillipa is so busy with Hamilton the reader doesn’t see her anymore and when they finally do, reader breaks down

AN: Probably going to be a two-parted and idk how well this is towards the middle endish because I was out of it when I wrote it. Just that little warning.

Words: 1393

Warning: Angst; depression; swearing; heartbreak


9:30 pm.

That’s what the clock read. You gave up all hope that Phillipa was going to show up anytime soon. Rising from your seat, the chair scraped back against the floor as you picked up the two empty plates and silverware, carrying them to the kitchen to put them away in their respectful places. Going back to the table you covered up the food you made and put it in the fridge.

The food was untouched and you lost your appetite when your girlfriend of two years was a no show. It was your anniversary. She texted you saying she will be home after the show by 8. That was an hour and a half ago.

You were exhausted, having a long stressful day at work and it being your anniversary, you cooked dinner for Phillipa and yourself since she wouldn’t be home until later, the both of you were going to eat and drink some wine and spend the night together but that didn’t seem to happen at this point.

Stripping out of your clothes you threw on a t-shirt and jogger, crawling under the covers, you buried your face in your pillow. Suddenly a sob racked through your body. It didn’t stop there unfortunately. Reaching up you gripped the corner of your pillow tightly as you continued to cry.

This was hard for you to say the least. You felt mentally and emotionally drained as bad thoughts clouded your mind.

You moved to NYC to be with Phillipa. She made you so happy.

Everyone was accepting of your relationship. The two of you were two jigsaw pieces that fit together perfectly. At the time she wasn’t in Hamilton like she is now. The two of you spent so much time together after work and she’s helped you through so much that you can’t not be thankful.

Phillipa was so happy when she got the leading in role of Hamilton. You were happy for her too, knowing her dreams of being in theater and on Broadway some day.

But then the rehearsals started. That didn’t completely bother you, you knew that there was a lot of things that needed to be done to get the show and cast together. The two of you at the end of the day got to curl up on the couch and talk about everything over tea and a movie.

Phillipa introduced you to the cast and everyone got along great! You were there on opening night and you were Phillipa’s #1 fan (obviously).

You knew she’d busy, she would feel guilty because the only time you would be together was when she came home at night after a show but at that time she’d be too tired for anything so she would go to bed. Which was understandable so you didn’t really say much on it.

But that was before your normally good days turned to bad ones.

You have depression, you take medication but it didn’t really help in your situation. And you forgot to get a refill.

Phillipa was a worry wart when it came to you. She always took care of you even if you didn’t want it. Always made sure you ate, took your medication everything. After a month of performing she started to forget about you, it felt like.

After you forgot to get a refill was when your good turned to bad. Phillipa was the one to remind you because you forget so easily sometimes but now that she wasn’t here you didn’t remember.

You missed her. You missed your girlfriend. The less the two of you talked/texted the more alone you felt.

You tried to be happy after months gone by since the first show but it was hard. It was pathetic in your mind that you felt like this but it’s not like you could help it.

Another strangled cry left your lips as you let all your emotions out into your pillow. You had enough.

The front door of your apartment closed shut and you heard it. Turning your head at the digital clock it read 10:30. Lifting your head up you flipped your pillow over and rested your head on the dry side. Everything felt numb. You just…didn’t care.

The door to the bedroom slowly creaked open. Phillipa peeked her head in and from her eyes in looked like you were sleeping. Slipping into the room she got changed before getting into bed besides you. Your back faced her.

“Are you awake?” Phillipa quietly asked. You kept your eyes close, pretending to sleep. Exhaling softly she turned around to face the other way.


You woke up early that morning to an empty bed. Though not a surprise. It was a day off so you didn’t have to worry about work that day.

Getting up was the hard part. Everything was numb. You hated it. Inhaling deeply you couldn’t help but smell coffee and a clink.

‘Is she home?’

Scratch that hearing something in the kitchen was enough to get you up. Throwing the covers off you grabbed your hoodie that hung on the back of the door and put that on before leaving the room.

Phillipa sat there in the kitchen drinking coffee. Her head perked up when she heard you come in.

“Good morning.” She chirped. You ignored her all the while getting a mug and pouring coffee in your cup. “Sweetheart? Is everything all right?” She asked worriedly.

“Everything is fantastic!” You sarcastically stated causing Phillipa to frown, setting her mug down.

“What’s wrong?” She asked as you walked past her.

“Don’t you have a show to go to?” You retorted, throwing her a look as you went by leaving her stunned and hurt. You never spoke to her like that before. Getting up she followed behind you.

“Y/N what’s going on with-”

“I can’t do this anymore Pippa!” You shouted, spinning around to face her. Her face dropped.

“W-what?” Phillipa’s voice sounded meek. You sighed heavily tears threatening to spill once again from you, shaking your head you took a long sip of your coffee.

“I never see you anymore Phillipa! We never talk anymore, I can’t take it!” Her once confused, soft look went hard.

“Are you serious Y/N?” Phillipa asked in disbelief.

“Yeah I am Pip! All you care about is Hamilton! I know how much it means to you but its consumed you, like what about me? Why am I here at home while you’re having the time of your life and forgetting all about me!”

“Stop being selfish!” She yelled, infuriated at this point. Phillipa didn’t have a show until later in the day and wanted to spend a peaceful morning with her significant other but that couldn’t seem to happen.

“How about you stop being fucking selfish!” You shot back. “I’ve had enough!” Your voice lowered down to a whispered. In front of her eyes she saw you break.

“What do you mean?” Phillipa was afraid to ask but did so anyways. You sniffled.

“I’m tired Pip.” Your voice cracked. “I tried…I tried being happy but…..I’m not. It hurts. I just want to stop hurting.” You cried. The mug slipped from your hands, crashing to the ground. You yelped from the burn the hot coffee gave you.

“Are you ok-” You cut her off.

“No! No I’m not okay! It’s one thing to miss something like date night because of work but you said you’d be home by 8 yesterday and I sat at the table until 9:30 waiting for you to come home. Everything was set up. I had a shitty day yesterday and had a shittier anniversary because you weren’t there!” You shouted.

Phillipa’s eyes watered.

“Y/N I’m sorry.” She says.

“I can’t do this anymore.” You then told her. She shook her head.

“No sweetheart please don’t do this.” She begged as you walked away from the mess on the floor, away from her and to your room.

Tears were streaming down Phillipa’s face when you came out holding bags. You cried too as you looked at the woman you love, who’s bottom lip quivered, trying to suppress a sob.

Phillipa watched you go and it broke her heart but what hurt the most is that she’s the reason why you left.

softhie  asked:


HAHAHA. Okay I have been thinking about it for a total of 2 minutes tops. 

Harry and Louis growing up together, needy and clingy, in their own bubble for years, teenage love etc etc until Harry’s family moves to the US and they break up because long distance is too hard. Louis is crushed and he will never forgive Harry and so on and so forth.

4 years later.

Harry shows up on Louis’ doorstep. Harry has a glimpse of the boy he used to love  for two glorious seconds– all crinkly eyed and happy– just before his face hardens.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” 

Harry can’t help but fumble with the strap of his bag nervously under Louis’ glare. 

“I came back.”

“I can see that. What the fuck are you doing here.” Louis repeats, the slight tremble of his voice btrays how nervous he is.

“I came back for you.”

Louis’ laugh is cruel when he slams the door in Harry’s face.

You Can’t Leave Me - Part One

Originally posted by youneedtostrut

A/N: It’s my first imagine so I’m doing something kinda sad? This is taking me forever to do because my internet is going so slow but I wanted to get an imagine up.

Summary: A fight with Bucky distracts you from the mission.

Warnings: Violence, injury  and pain?? (idk)


“You’re being ridiculous!” you screamed at your boyfriend of two years.  

“Am I?” Bucky screamed right back. You were standing in your shared bedroom at the Avenger’s base entering a senseless fury. It was only a matter of time before you both started saying things you didn’t mean.  “All you ever do anymore is go down to Tony’s lab. You see him more than you see me, and no one seems to know what the hell it is you two are doing down there! Are you cheating on me,Y/N?”

Little did he know you were actually working with Tony to alter your powers. As well as being a super spy and avenger, you had the ability to heal people of their injuries and illnesses. The only problem was that you took them on yourself. Ever since the battle of New York when you took on some of Tony’s injuries so he could survive, he had promised to find a way to have you heal people without taking on their injuries.

You hadn’t told any of the other Avengers about this and had demanded Tony keep it a secret. You didn’t want them to think this was a gift you didn’t want or needed to fix. If it didn’t work it would only make them feel guilty every time you took their injuries. It didn’t really bother you that much. You knew the others were needed for fighting more than you were. So you never minded when you took someone else’s injuries so they could continue fighting.

Most of them were fairly minor. A stab to the thigh here, a broken wrist here. Nothing fatal. But Tony had come up with a way to speed up your healing so that you weren’t just transferring the injuries but also healing them within minutes.

“Of course not! I love you and only you.Tony is practically my brother!” you defended. You knew it wasn’t exactly far of you to keep this secret from him, but it hurt you deeply to think Bucky actually believed you would cheat on him.

“Then what have you been doing down there for the past month?” Bucky refused to accept your words of reassurance.

The serum was almost complete, Tony just needed information from the hydra base you were raiding today and you could test it. They were so close it hardly mattered anyway. “Look Bucky, we’ve been-”

Just as you started your explanation the elevator door opened to reveal Steve in full uniform. The whole argument between you and Bucky had started from a comment said in passing as you had gotten ready for your mission. “Are you guys ready?”

You looked at Bucky, his stare hard.  “I’ll explain everything later,” you said, voice lowered.  

“Let me have a swing at something,” he stepped onto the elevator with Steve.


The mission was simple. Small hydra base. Get the information and weapons wanted. Arrest the hydra soldiers get out. It didn’t even require the whole team to go. It was just you, Bucky, Steve, and Tony.

You and Bucky were to fight off the hydra soldiers that were in the building and Steve and Tony were to fight any of their leaders and find what they needed.

As soon as we arrived it was clear that Bucky was out for blood. The only other times I had seen him fight so relentlessly was when he was the Winter Soldier. We approached the hallway where we would split into our two groups, and it was swarming with hydra soldiers. Bucky fed his blood lust as he held soldiers by their necks and took their legs out with an audible crunch as their bones broke.

Somehow he looked less like the Winter Soldier than he ever had. As the Winter Soldier he was cold and unfeeling, his eyes dead and lifeless. Now he looked like he was in a world of pain, barely even trying to control his rage as he tore these soldiers apart.

“Meet on the roof in 15 minutes. Don’t die,” Tony said as he turned down the corridor to the left. “And Y/N, try and keep your dog on a leash. We don’t want to have to wait until these people come out of hospital to interrogate them and arrest them.”

“I know what you’re doing with Y/N, Stark. And I might still have to go on missions but I don’t have to listen to you,” with that he yanked his earpiece out of his ear and stomped on it. Before continuing to put hydra agents on the ground.  

“Did he just do that? Please tell me he didn’t really just do that,” Tony said on the other end of the line.

“Unfortunately he really just did that,” you fought off hydra soldiers as you spoke. Bucky was no longer checking behind him to make sure you were safe and weren’t being overpowered. He just powered forward.  

You became so distracted by Bucky moving ahead without you, you didn’t notice the soldier that had crept up behind you as you fought hand to hand with another one. He hit you with the butt of his gun and you started seeing stars. Instinctively you elbowed backwards and kicked forwards, putting enough distance between you and your two attackers to make another move you. You spun and swiped the gun from the man who hit you, punching him in the process. You then shot the other man in the foot and took the attacker’s legs out so he was on the ground.  

Suddenly there was an explosion from somewhere else in the building. “Y/N, don’t open any closed doors. All the doors in the house are hooked up to explosives,” Tony warned. Luckily the one to discover that was the one wearing the metal armour.

Bucky was still storming forward, not having heard the warning taking no extra caution. He finished off the last of the hydra agents in the corridor and turned to open a door. “Bucky, no!” I screamed.  

But it was too late.

Part Two:

today’s highlights from the vet college™ include
  • classes from 8 am to 7 pm
  • my management of veterinary practice professor is legally charged in another country
  • p sure the said professor tried to gaslight us ??
  • dogs in the classroom (that was nice)
  • let’s play a game of “Can I casually pet the dog and take notes at the same time (I can)”
  • At 3 pm “Do you have any other classes after this?” collective dead laugh
  • how the hell is it colder inside than outside???? 
  • “there’s like two sandwiches left in the cafeteria”

anonymous asked:

ok just woke up to jikook gifs from the stream and honest to god it's starting to feel like they *want* to hint at a special relationship. this goes for recent stuff at concerts too. while the idea of them actually coming out is still very far away, the possibility of it happening is becoming less and less of a total impossibility and I just 😳😳😳😤😤😭😭 these two have killed me this festa

idk what jikook is even doing anymore. like every time i think they’re done attacking me, they go on and hurt me even more. I have no idea what that was even about, like???? why did the members bring this up??? why did jimin ask “was there just only me to you?” ????? why did jungkook just stare at his lap and gulp really hard and then not answer the question ???? why was jimin smiling the entire time as if he already knew why jk only got him a gift???? why did jungkook not answer?????????? I feel like (gotta clarify for those few ppl: if jikook r real) the idea of them coming out is becoming more and more of a possibility. Like no joke, one of my biggest head canons is 10 years from now, if gay marriage is legal in korea (and even if it’s not, my boys will go somewhere where it is), they’re just gonna get married and then be all “oops, oh yeah. we’ve been dating since like 2017… lol soz for forgetting to tell y’all” and ppl will be shook. and like bts will be like the supportive and proud friends and everything will have a happy ending :)

The moving castle

Solas had been gone for hours, from the comforting warmth of their fire and from breakfast; six eggs and a sausage.
She didn’t enjoy the food as it was presented, but in the rays of early sun she accepted it, a tiny smirk and a little laughter, humming with content.
Relishing the smell of morning as she sat on the dirt by the fire, digging groves with the tips of her toes, forming poems with the flowers of her thoughts.
Small daydreams of pleasant futures, a childs gurgle and forehead kisses, soup boiled for eight hours and carrots ripped straight from the ground just before being eaten.
It was three hours later, judging the by sound of her voice, that he came through a foliage thicker than truth.
A gentle, small smile played on his lips and he wore his heart on his sleave, coming close enough to whisper.

“You said you liked these,” he nodded, with the night sky in his eyes and purple berries in his hands. “So I found some.”

It was at that moment, where everything changed, and this is how she felt it; a sun only rising once to never settle, the sugar sweet tug of her lips, showing her teeth.

“You were gone for so long!” She mumbled, stuffing berries into her mouth; to taste the sour sweetness, or to free his hands for a touch and a new discovery.

“But I came back,” he whispered, placing a smile on the tip of his tounge.
She laughed and danced around him, reciting stories of their untold future, telling him tales of a new and old home.
She dropped another two berries in her mouth and whispered a poem left untold.
“You are a love of mine,” she sang, before seeking his lips with her own.
She stayed silent under his curious gaze, still swaying her hips to the song of their love, chewing on her bottom lip.

“You came back and I treasure it,” she said, coming closer and settling her hand above his heart, placing a feather in the dip of his bones.  “We have forever to talk about it.”

Goth Mc

@hellouglybug request:

can you do RFA jumin, saeyoung, and saeran   reaction to MC being goth, but super short and lovely touchy, just super goth ^^

Since I don´t know that much about the subculture called goth, I search for some videos on youtube but the video that I like the most is this one: 

p.s please tell me if there is something incorrect in this HC about goth culture or anything else. 


When he sees you the first time:

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  • “But you were so cute on the messages and calls, why are you dress like this?” Jumin thinks.
  • He treats you the same way that in the game but he just stares at you a little bit too much.
  • And from nowhere he asks you “Why are you dress like that?”
  • You just explain all the goth thing and Your love for the style and how you appreciated the beauty in the dark.
  • He understands and He loves it.
  • He will buy you all your clothes of your style.
  • And if someone stares at you.
  • Jumin will look at them with eyes that say “what the fuck are you looking at?”


  • “Satan GO  away from this little body” seven says
  • “Really?”
  • “Jk, I have to be a father first and then I will exercise you”
  • He is obviously super ok with you being goth and sometimes he calls you his cute little vampire.
  • He will tells people that you´re going to meet that you’re very grumpy and get mad easily.People actually believe him and with your gothic appearance they make stereotypes on their head and get more scared of you.
  • But when they actually get to know you they are like: But Mc is the cutest person in the world, why would Mc´s boyfriend troll  me like that?

Seven starts with his “goth jokes” and you are like:

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Soul mates

  • He didn´t know why he liked the things that he likes?
  • Why he was weird?
  • All those thoughts got away when he meet you.

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  • He wasn´t weird anymore
  • He wasn´t alone anymore 
  • You introduce him to the goth community and he feels like in home.
  • Sometimes people get scared at you two but then see how cute you actually are to each other and they ar like “aww”

People when they see you two:

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You two (but with gothic clothes):

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People after: probably the face that you are doing and that is probably an “Aww face”

AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU READ REQUEST the request says “ super short and lovely touchy” (IDK what it means lovey touchy) but the first scenario is for a goth Mc with a cute and gentle personality and this next one is for a  goth Mc with a cute and gentle Physical appearances first impression


  • ???? 


  • Oh m god your so cute


  • Are you trying to be scary?

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

Pentagon to their s/o hanging out with her ex. Part 2.

Shinwon: super insecure especially if your ex can do certain things with you like go to a dog cafe together. Knowing he can’t do certain things with you and your ex can will kind of destroy him. asks a bunch of questions about him. really obvious he’s worried so you would have to reassure him that you two are just friends. Probably tries to fight his fear. “S/O LETS GO TO A DOG CAFE RIGHT NOW.”

You: You sure? You don’t have to do this, I love you no matter what.

Him: LETS GO WHILE IM STILL FEELING BRAVE. Don’t go with him anymore. 

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Kino: the sunshine will totally be cool with it. Actually becomes good friends with your ex too. Your ex ends up hanging out with Kino more than you. Should you be happy or worried idk man you decide

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YanAn: “What? Why are you still friends with him?” Not afraid to show his dislike to your ex whenever your all in the same place. Calls you several times while your with your ex. Leaves voices messages with an outside voice even though he’s inside and expect the tone to not be a mean one but serious and slightly annoyed and cute like “WHERE ARE YOU. WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME ON READ.” 

Be pissed as f**** if you were supposed to go to a amusement park date with yanan and your ex tagged along. “I didnt sign up for this stress.”

“Ahhhh your here too…”lowkeywantstosmacktheex 

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Yuto: super clingy to you now. Whines for attention when your back from hanging with your ex. Becomes a huge puppy but still nice to your ex though, no harsh feelings. “I missssssyou you said you’d be back by 7. It’s fine, you’re with me now. Let’s watch some movies I rented. We can eat now, the delivery man just came a minute ago so it’s still hot”

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lets you hang with your ex but expect him to be ugly when you come back.Him:

“So I see he’s older. You had a thing for older guys huh.

You: Omg.

Him: HmNothingnothing-didisaysomething?anywaysimtallerthanhim so im not worried. (whispers while he is deadass looking at you: he’s like half of me just so you know).

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so i know it’s kinda Pathētïqùę and attention seeking to talk abt this on the internet™ but i’m having a shit day…. shit two months actually and my mental health is just at an all time low and i want to die every day and i don’t have energy or motivation to do ANYTHING. this is why you rarely see art from me anymore. i just. i’m at a loss idk what to do.

what do you guys do when your depression is kicking your ass so hard all you can make yourself do is scroll aimlessly through social media or sleep? i just don’t know. what to do. i am exhausted and i never do anything