idk what to do with the picture tbh

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Hi Ingrid :) what do you think we could do to help the actors have less creepy and offensive people commenting on their photos? i feel like we (as we, part of the fandom who gets that what’s happening is very wrong) should do something about it. idk, i feel so bad for them and so sad when they have to take actions because of inappropriate behaviours :(

I honestly don’t know?

I think the only thing we can do is call it out. That one skam group on Facebook used to be horrible but the admins have taken a grip and doesn’t allow stalker pictures for example, and that’s a huge thing tbh!
Call it out if you see it. It can be really uncomfortable to do, but it’s honestly the best way to do it?

Like, many times the person won’t care at all. Like some teen wolf actors’ nudes were leaked, someone made a post about it on a fb group saying how horrible it was.
You know what people commented?
“Send them to me!!” “Where can I see them?” “So hot!”
It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen and when I started telling people, hey you can’t do this, people jumped at me, calling me a prude, stuck up and that people ‘can just search it up anyways’
This is from a girl group. Not long ago a girl shared with them that her boyfriend had been spreading her nudes and over a thousand people messaged him and told him what a dick he was. Now the same girls are doing something just as bad???

But, sometimes people listen too. I was in a skam group chat and this one girl were talking about how she wanted 'a gay friend like eskild’ and how she loved gays.
I was not sure if I wanted to say something or not cause I didn’t want a herd of fan girls jumping down mg throat, but I did. She immediately apologised, said she didn’t mean it that way and thanked me for telling her.

Anyways, in conclusion: call it out. Don’t share photos that are obviously taken without consent, tell people who are saying inappropriate things or doing creepy things that hey this isn’t okay?
I honestly don’t know if there’s anything we can do on top of that.



So Idk why my images end up odd sometimes? clicking on them in a full screen mode usually helps but for those who had trouble with the last update, the image was a picture of Gabriel Agreste saying “I know we’ve had our disagreements, but this is unlike you”

and it’s been a while since I’ve done a week day update. I’m just, sorry I wasn’t feeling up to doing an update last weekend. tbh I’m not even feeling right rn, I feel choked up and it’s hard to breathe right and i’m nearly always close to tears. But um, if I didn’t do this, I wouldn’t do anything today. I know something more predictable is best but I can’t seem to keep that promise and so I’ll just update as I go no matter the time or day

and hopefully I can calm down

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Below the cut are alternative fcs to switch out for your usual white fcs when casting in Disney RPs. I really love the potential of Disney RPs, but there are way too many characters that could easily be replaced by another fc with more diversity. I do not touch the current diverse characters in this list. Each FC has the following listed: name, ethnicity, age, age range, hair colour and eye colour.

This list is sectioned by characters, each has 3 alternative fcs with pictures included! Use ctrl+f to find the character you want.

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Color meme: green!

In regards to this post

green: what’s your favorite thing to do outside? - I love hanging out on the beach and sight seeing! I also love taking walks in the park and taking pictures of birds and stuff. 

do you like camping? - I used to go camping almost all the time actually. I still like it, but don’t have the time to do it much anymore

what would you spend $1,000 on? - Video games and anime merch tbh. Or food. Idk it’s a toss up. (Or a new computer tbh.. idk)

 what’s your job, or what do you want to do as your job? - I’m currently working on my graphic design degree so.. Something in that field is my goal. My dream job is actually concept design (like.. character design in particular)

 what’s your favorite article of clothing? - Sweatshirts man. I love to snuggle in them. If not that, then Pj pants. Same reason tho :D

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Hey, did you notice that, in the Reflection comic, Torbjorn apparently keeps framed that picture that shows, I think, the original -the one where it shows a young Pharah- Overwatch team? It's in the spot above the chimney in Torb's house

I DID SEE THAT OMFG I’ve never written Torb just because like idk I’m not quite sure what to do with him but I really wanna work that into my “A Knife” universe.

Thanks for the ask!

RULES: tag seven followers you want to get to know better. repost, don’t reblog.
TAGGED BY: @ullielwrites

GENDER:  Female
HEIGHT:  5'2″.
DREAM VACATION:  welcome to new york… its been waiting for you
WHAT I POST:  mostly shit posts
AESTHETIC:  Pastel shit, T Swift’s 1989 tour
LAST THING GOOGLED:  pictures of lin….
FAVOURITE MUSIC ARTISTS:  T Swift,  Lin-Manuel Miranda, FOB
DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS:  Yeah I have my personal and a bunch of other rp blogs
▍WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL:  it sounded cool
FAVOURITE CHARACTER: Lucifer probably he’s my son, but also Mazikeen, and idk if hamilton counts but the whole hamilsquad, deadpool, poe, finn, rey, leia, spock, chekov, kirk, booker dewitt, spider gwen
DREAM JOB:  Working with T Swift as her hair/makeup artist
FOLLOWING: idk I lost track

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I was tagged by these two amazing humans @oblivionkid and @sapphicholtzman
What’s your current job? Still at school but I do odd painting jobs to get extra money
What are you talented at? I don’t really know, umm people say I can sing pretty good but idk
What is a big goal you are working toward (or have already achieved)? In the summer I was Glinda in Wicked which was PRETTY FUCKING AMAZING so I’d love to do more of that
What’s your aesthetic? Anything gay tbh
Do you collect anything? It sounds super creepy but framed pictures of Kate McKinnon?? My friends bought me them for Christmas/Hanukkah so I guess that oml I sound so creepy
What’s a topic you always talk about? 100% Kate McKinnon or anything musicals
What’s a pet peeve of yours? People irl
Good advice to give? Give no fucks and go watch ghostbusters 2016
What are four songs you’d recommend?
Anything from Heathers the musical, but my favourites are candy store and blue
The election week cold open from SNL bc honestly I cry
Waving through a window from dear Evan Hanson 
And the whole of Hamilton 
I tag @adashofdearbhla @i-hate-boy-bands @i-invented-the-oven @lmaoelliee @youve-been-holtzmanned @holyholtzmannbatman @been-holtzmanned @togaytotouch @findmeonbroadwayinten and anyone else who wants to bloody do it idk

they say we are what we are, but we don’t have to be. i’m bad behaviour, but i do it in the best way. i’ll be the watcher of the eternal flame, i’ll be the guard dog of all your fever dreams. i am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass. i try to picture me without you but i can’t.

CHARACTER AESTHETIC. jean de reynard. 

Exo Reaction to  bumping into you while looking at condoms

Idk what I would do tbh. Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Takes a picture of you and him there* “I have to do this! It’s blackmail material!”


“Oh look who it is! Are you planning something for tonight babe? Because I am…”


*Just imagine you are going to pay when you see this*


“Why are you buying the textured ones? Why not… the normal ones… yes?” *Awkward panda*


“Oh look at this! I’m drinking milk and you are buying condoms! What a naughty pair we are!” 


“Luhan Is that my girlfriend buying condoms?”
“Yes..” (Lu)
“Oh she got the biggest size! Good girl!” *Both clap*


“Oh… oh hey babe… I think we both.. thought of the same thing…” *Wink wink*


“Wait a second.. you said you were buying something delicious… does that mean you got some of the flavored ones?!” 


*In disguise* “I came here to buy some… for my girlfriend and I… Do you think she’ll like the ones with colors? oh.. hey Y/N… Never mind…”


*Can’t believe his luck* “You didn’t see me here ok? No.. no!” *Runs away with three condom boxes*


“You know what babe? Wait.. I have to check if we are buying the right size..”


*Hides so you don’t see him* “Why is she buying that size?! That’s not mine! I have more of… !!”

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Things I’ve picked up from the RUN JP MV

“Dedicated to all the boys who lived in this painful world” 

“The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.” 

There’s the “Won’t trust, Can’t trust, don’t trust” 

“Youth is not/never coming back”

This is just a nice picture 

There’s a lot of stuff here and tbh Idk if there is ANY relevance

“Res non Verba” 

“Memento Mori” 

“Pro Memoria” 

“Je ne regrette Rien” 

“Carpe Diem” 

“Dum spiro spero” 

“What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn’t happen much, though”

 what does this all meAN? 


my aesthetic is grey cloudy skies and trying pathetically hard to be cute

tagged by @samnesmail​ and @voidb01​ to do variations of the same ask meme so i combined them into one SUPER ask meme. 

name/nickname: Sonya/Marble

height: 5′7″

starsign: aquarius

hogwarts house: slytherin or ravenclaw we just dONT KNOW

last thing I googled: “christian slater 61st annual academy awards” don’t look at me

fictional character you’d like as a sibling: idk all the fictional characters that i like i want to bang so none. 

number of blankets I sleep with: 1

favorite bands/artists: Marina and the Diamonds or Timber Timbre but tbh i’ve been listening to mostly spotify playlists recently so it’s all the fuck over the place. 

song stuck in my head: Alarm by Wise Blood.

when did I make this blog: 2012/2013? but I’ve been on Tumblr since 2011. 

how many blogs do I follow: 613

what do I post about: mostly memes and cat pictures lately. 

do you have any other blog: yee i have a side blog where i post about Mr. Roboto, Christian Slater, Christian Slater’s moustache (which is real and definitely exists), Rami Malek; the usual. 

why did you choose your url?: my grandpa owns a marble statue of a narwhal. 

do you get asks on a regular basis: depends on what i post. i haven’t gotten any in a long time. 

gender: female

pokemon team: the yellow one

fave colour: pink or gold or rose gold? 

average hours of sleep: 6-7

lucky number: 7 cause im unoriginal

fave character: so hard. um. Darlene Alderson is pretty bomb. 

dream job: ffffffffuck i don’t know. i think i answered this recently on a different thingy?? something in film & TV production.

aesthetics: my new black coat and neon signs.

tbh everyone i know has already tagged me or been tagged by someone else for this so im just gonna. not. but THANKS FOR TAGGING ME FAM i enjoy these thingies. 

tbh dont get the obsession with knowing precise details of harry and louis’ lives… they are two rich men in a long term relationship you dont really need to hardcore investigate property listings and company names and financial details to conclude that they live together in a nice house

// Ima open them up cause eyy… Bills.

I am open to more then Digimon too~ Other Fandoms and OC’s

Can’t do - Mecha, Shippy type stuff, uh honestly we can talk about it cause I am not sure lol I just know the first two are a big no.

                                           - Digital Prices -

                                                 Line Art

Bust - $5 // Waist - $10 // Full Body - $15 // Additional Character + $3

                                                 Flat Color

Bust - $8 // Waist - $16 // Full Body - $24 // Additional Character + $6

                                            Shaded Colors

Bust - $12 // Waist - $24 // Full Body - $36 // Additional Character + $12

Examples ;

                                          - Traditional Prices -

Character Study Pencil Sketches - $15 (Just like it shows in the picture, lots of sketches) 

                                            Inked drawing ( On printer paper )

Bust - $4 // Waist - $8 // Full Body - $20 // Additional Character +$6

                                             Copic Colored Drawings

  Bust - $10 // Waist - $20 // Full Body - $40 // Additional Character +$10 // +$10 for background

With the traditional drawings, I can ship those to you no problem! Out of the US I might need to charge tho.

More examples of my  art can be found here {x} (art blog is new) I’ll be posting all the none Digimon art there. Digimon art can be seen here {x

I will handle all the commissions here since this blog is slower and I’ll be able to keep up with everything. I will have 5 slots open so I don’t accidentally over whelm myself. I go with PayPal atm but I might switch. Idk to what yet. It’s all in USD as well. 

Thank you for taking a look♥

I will add on more as I get use to this.


Gave him what I hope will be his final tweak ;u;