idk what to do SHE WANTS ME

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Sooo, im upset. My mom divorced my stepdad legally only a few months ago, though he moved out almost two years ago, and now she is dating this guy. And i guess he's a good guy but it irritates me that they have only known each other two weeks and mom is "serious" about him and like he's always around. She's mad that I am so closed off and like sarcastic with him, but like I don't want another man around, I don't want a step-step-dad. Idk what to do help.

talk to your mum 100%. maybe tell her why you feel so :/ about him around! you could also ask her if she would maybe slow things down for your sake! that situation really sucks i feel u but try to keep an open mind ya know?? with time you might feel better about it but dont try to force it right now if you dont feel fully comfortable with the thought! i hope it works out well pal!! xx

what do we want?!!!
appreciation for fictional girls with flawed and not morally correct nor excusable actions still being treated like humans and going through character development!!!!

when do we want it??!!!

where do we want it?!!!!
in the ghost hunt fandom!!!!

everybody else: idk tho masako is such a bitch shes getting in the way of naru and mai!!!
me: *side eyes heavily and angrily*

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idk what to do my boyfriend wont talk to me like i know he wants some space but hes texting this one girl and i think hes starting to like her like he wont text me back until 30 mins later but when she text he does it immediatly what do i do😭😭😭

Give him some time and then talk with him in person!

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you're part of the free fandom right? i like the anime a lot but i'm hesitating at joining the fandom here because idk how they treat gou, she's a female character in a yaoi anime, and because of how unfair mikasa is treated (and snk it's not a yaoi anime and she's one of the 3 main characters) i'm actually afraid of what people think of gou and i don't want to stress myself because of that cause i like her a lot. So would you mind explaining it to me? thanks a lot <3

I enjoy Free, but I’m definitely far from being a part of the fandom!! lol

From what I do see though, I don’t think she gets treated unfairly, especially not in the way that some people treat Mikasa in SnK fandom. But there’s probably the fact that she doesn’t interfere with any of the yaoi ships to thank for that. 

But maybe if any of my followers who are actually active in the Free fandom could shed some light? I’m a bit ignorant on the happenings in the Free fandom other than some minor ship tension lol

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So my friend literally just got 5sos tickets, and I'm happy for her, I really am. It's just that a long time ago we made a promise that if one of us ever bought tickets we would bring the other. And I've been trying to get both of us tickets for the show, but then she goes and gets some and forgets about me. She's bringing her whole family along for gods sake. I was bawling my eyes out when she told me that. Idk, what should I do and what should I tell her? I don't wanna hurt her feelings.

Aw no bby, that’s such a mean thing for her to do :( that’s so horrible, aw I feel so bad for you I want to cry, but don’t worry, you’re awesome and you will see them live one day 💕❤️ I love you xxxxxx

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what kind of girl do you see luke marrying?

I personally see luke wanting to marry someone who’s a little more reserved; someone who’s got a good head on her shoulders. obviously, she would also need to love music and be up for a laugh anytime, but I think that he’s going to be looking for someone to serve as an anchor for him. he’s always in the limelight, and so I don’t think he’s interested in someone that’s really going to be into like, fame, I think he’s much more interested in someone that’s interested in him for him, as just luke and who’s not at all interested in any “perks” that come with him. he’s going to want someone who can talk him down when he gets in his head, but also someone who doesn’t mind being the big spoon and who lets him bury his face in their neck when he doesn’t want to say a word. I think he’s going to need someone who’s able to make him a priority, because I honestly think he’s going to struggle with commitment at first and his first instinct is going to be, “this isn’t working, I’m away too much” and he’ll need you to slap some sense into him. ultimately though, luke is going to marry someone who knows his favorite song and who sits on the roof when him at night and who always remembers to buy his favorite cereal when they go to the store because he always forgets.

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Story of the first time you had sex?

i had sex in the 2000s for the first time. she invited me over to her house while her parents were out of town, and she had a cool younger brother and he was in the living room playing Halo 2, and I played with him, and it really made her mad, like she was just sitting on the couch super bored and was all “Are you done playing this dweeby game yet?” and I was like “Oh, sorry babe, I will be soon, can you get me a drink please? Luv u.” and she threw a sofa pillow at me and was like “Get your own drink!” and i could tell she was really upset, so I stopped playing and we went to her room, 

and i was like chillin on her bed, and she got on top of me and was like “So what do you want to do?” and I was like “idk” and she just started making out with me, and idk.. it happened, and it lasted like 2 mins… it must have been really disappointing for her but it was still great for me. and then things got weird. i started feeling insecure because i finished too fast. so i broke up with her a week later because i thought she was going to break up with me for this cooler dude, which was dumb… it made no sense, but i was just a teen 

so i was like “im going to break up with her before she breaks up with me.” and i did and she got super sad, and like i tried to get her back, and she was like in the girls bathroom with her friends crying, and like one of them on their way out was like “You’re a fucking asshole!” and I was like “I’m sorry! Tell her I’m sorry!” and she was like “She doesn’t want to talk to you, just go away.” but then afterschool we did meet at like this place everyone went to afterschool and made up, and dated the rest of the year, but then she fell in love with some dude at Tennis Camp that summer and broke up with me over AIM

Opinions on Joy from Inside Out.

So, I’ve been going through the inside out tag more since I no longer need to avoid spoilers, and I’ve been reading how people don’t like how Joy was a bit too selfish.

And I thought i would put in my two cents.


Personally, I don’t think that Joy was being selfish. Maybe a bit sometimes but ultimately I don’t think selfishness was too much of a problem.

I mean, yes she was obsessed with the fact that she only wanted Riley to feel her emotion, And I can see how people could have interpreted it as her being greedy and selfish. (heck maybe that’s what Pixar was going for. Idk.)

But for me, I felt like she was just doing what she said she was doing. Making Riley happy.

“I just wanted Riley to be happy.”

All those obsessions wasn’t because she hated the other emotions, it was because she felt like the other emotions didn’t make Riley happy. That having a mix of emotions meant she didn’t have a “good day”.

And let’s be honest: we all are obsessed with being happy. Only happy.

We don’t realize that other emotions are needed as well.

You don’t like to be scared. But it keeps you safe.

You don’t like to be angry. But it gets things done.

You don’t like to be disgusted. But it gives you standards.

You don’t like being sad. But it makes you feel alive.

I don’t know, I only saw Joy as super caring for Riley and she was just frustrated with sadness because she was different, and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t see things sadness’s way.

Up until the end that is.

And as soon as she figured out that Sadness was needed she automatically, without hesitation, told Sadness to take over.

She didn’t hate sadness. She just loved Riley so much she hated to see her anything but happy.

Did she do unkind things? Yes.

Did she mess up? Absolutely.

I’m not trying to say she was justified in some of the decisions she made.

But I don’t think she was that much of a selfish character. She cared about Riley a lot and she just didn’t understand how every emotion needs to work together, and happiness can’t always be an everyday thing.

She had flaws, but I don’t think they took away from her being a likeable character. At least for me they didn’t. I think her flaws and way of thinking made a lot of sense.

Knife Skills are Good to Have

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,942

Warnings: Little self hate, knife fighting, smutty smut smut, un-protected sex, slight Dom!Sam, oral, and some fluff in there too of course ;) 

Summary:  It has a little twist to it, so it’s Sam teaching the reader how to fight with a knife and is really turned on ‘cause she’s actually really good at it.

Requested from bovaria’s 100 kink list, #65; Fight Sex. Sorry it’s kinda long (pun intended haha) I just want to thank the girls for continuing to encourage me to write and always being there when I need to talk to someone! (and I absolutely love our group convos) You girls are the best and idk what I’d do without you!! Here’s to y’all elyshakate, deans-colette, bovaria, flawedwinchesters, jensennjared, fvckinpayno :* 

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fake ah crew gta au aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [3/6] >> Griffon Ramsey

“Griffon never settled. From hairstyles to boyfriends, she lived for change and doing something new, which is why her weapons were all complex works of art stemming from her restless creative mind. From chainsaw/sledgehammer hybrids to stuffed animals covered in barbed wire and filled with dynamite, all her weapons were the combination of ordinary objects to create extraordinary weapons of mass damage. Once, she purposely chainsawed off a tree and had it land onto a new car belonging to the kingpin of the Fake AH crew, Geoff Ramsey. And instead of putting a hit on her and the rest of the Girl Gang, he ended up buying the carving she made out of the wood and asked her out on the same day. After that, she knew she had found someone special. So for once, she ended up settling.”

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:i can't find a site that's for sure streaming /Daft Punk Unchained/ and while it looks like the Canal+ site might do a stream of it i don't want to swear to it because nothing's for certain and while i know that *somebody, somewhere* is bound to have the doc uploaded online the moment it finishes that still leaves 85 minutes where i will feel like i have failed DP because i could not watch the documentary as it happened the first time and idk this is just... this is getting to me more than it should
Seeing their ideal types on the street

Jin: *acts strange while observing her* ‘ WoW look at heR everytHinG’ Jimin: Hyung what r u doing? Jin: Idk my body likes that booty

RapMon: ‘Why do i have to be with these guys. She probably thinks I’m stupid too. My IQ is high girl! *observing her nonstop*

Suga: *goes inbetween the two girls* Hello Ladies, can I come through? 

*after it* Sorry, you looked too perfect, I wanted to get near to you. 

J-Hope: *stops her and start talking* Hey, I’ve never seen you here.. Can I invite you for a coffee?

Jimin: *goes to her* I’ve noticed that you were looking at me. You think Im cute?

V: Oh hellloooo’ *checking her out*

Jungkook: *makes eyecontact and smiles at her* 

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I think roleplayers are so cool… like to take a character or a person and adopt them and sort of become them is so interesting to me they’re basically like actors but they do it for free and they have communities I bet they have favorite people to roleplay with and have things they hate roleplaying like maybe they’ve never been drunk so they hate roleplaying that or maybe they’re really good at doing text conversations and they keep up several scenarios going on all at once and just idk wow thats cool and I love it when they talk to each other through the tags either still in character or out of character 

idk just shout out to roleplayers you guys are cool keep doing your thing please so I can weirdly stalk you and watch your community from afar

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i came out to my very best friend a few months ago and she recently admitted to having treated me differently and distancing herself because of my sexuality. it's heart breaking and I feel so betrayed. she says she feel ashamed that my sexuality makes her treat me different but that doesn't take away the fact that it hurts. I don't want to lose my best friend and neither does she but idrk what to do. idk how to get her comfortable with the idea that I'm not straight.

heey okay what you can do is let her see some information, maybe watch the movie imagine me and you together and let her see that we are just as normal as she is. just educate her that will help. make her a part of the lgbt community let her know what it is.

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So I was talking to my friend who says she's "gender fluid"- she vey much is doing for attention, she never has a "guy day" or whatever - and she was talking about how she wants to buy a binder and shit so I asked if she will get a packer and she says "lol what a packer" so I told her, she says "so it's a dildo? Why buy a packer when you get a huge strapon and its like the same thing." And I wanna strangle her?? Now she wants to buy a strap on so ppl thinks she gut a huge dick idk she annoys me

She’s just ganna look like she has a huge perma-boner…..


Amelia came walking out of the OR looking like she’s been crying, a three hour surgery for one of her favorite patients and he doesn’t make it. Sometimes Amelia questions why she ever decided to become a surgeon. With everything faded, it’s just her walking- taking deep breaths not paying attention “What, oh sorry did you say something?”