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Sorry to keep bothering you but I don't think you are getting the first part of my message. I'm really scared because my mom found out a while ago that I had a Tumblr (rp blog) and she flipped and made me give her my information and then she changed the login one morning. The other day she was asking if I remade a Tumblr or anything and I said no (I already had my current account) but I'm super scared because I don't want her to find out anything because I love Tumblr pls help idk what to do

Ahhhh I gotcha now!! <333

I would try to have an honest talk with her, kiddo. Tell your mom that you don’t give out ANY personal info and that there’s no way you could ever be tracked down or anything like that.

A lot of the time fear comes from people not understanding stuff, and that’s what it sounds like is happening here. There’s also a huge generational gap going on, too. 

We’ve grown up online. It’s as important to us as TV was to our parents. We know how to use it and how to stay safe, and we’re often better at it than older people just because we grew up with it so it’s like a second nature.

Try to explain this to her, and tell her how much it means to you. You don’t have to tell her you made another account, but try to use her hijacking your old one as a starting place for this conversation. I know it might be scary, but I think if you show her how mature you are by asking to discuss it, you have a good chance at getting her to see and understand your POV.

Good luck, bby! Please keep me updated? <333

Imagine your OTP (based on real life situation)

Crush: I would really like to eat something light today. *nudges me* Got any ideas?

Me: Nah, I got nothing. But I do know something delicious and it’s actually free.

Crush: Really? What is it?

Me: *smirks* *whispers* me.

Crush: (Idk but I think she blushed) *smirks* Oh. *lipbites* *whispers* I would really love that. Call me if you’re ready. *winks* *walks away*



(I really like to flirt with my crush and she would unexpectedly strike back but I haven’t confessed to her yet. I don’t want to ruin our friendship ;-;)

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So I recently read this article on one of those sugar daddy/mommy websites where this girl became a sugar baby to help pay for school. And so it sorta gave me this idea of Clarke being a busy surgeon who is just looking for someone to have fun with and who is willing to go to charity dinners and so she posts on one of sugar mom websites and first Finn,then Raven (or Niylah), and eventually Bellamy answer her ad. Maybe B is doing it to help pay for O's school? IDK...what do you think?

I think - yes, I can totally do this. Although, this isn’t a kink fic. So if you wanted that, I’m sorry, but I’m not really okay with that particular kink. If you wanted something sweet, Bellamy being altruistic and Clarke being weird af - that I can do. :D

Also on AO3

“Ok, so how do I write this without sounding creepy?”

Wells shoots Clarke a glare over a coffee table littered with empty pizza boxes and beer cans.

“You are literally posting an ad to a sugar mommy website, Clarke. There is no way anything you write won’t be creepy.”

Still, they manage to come up with something relatively non-threatening because this is not a kink for Clarke. She isn’t looking for a fuckbuddy. Not exactly.

She’s just looking for someone to keep her company, all expenses paid, and not moan about her crazy schedule. Being a surgeon means that relationships are hard and as much as she’d like to fall in love, she prefers saving lives and feeling like she’s actually doing something good for the greater good.

“Which is how most villains start out,” Wells adds helpfully, trying not to grin but failing when she hits him with a yellow post-it pad. 

“You’re rude. Why are we even friends?”

“Because there’s no one else who’d help you write this ad.”

“Good point.”

So she writes the ad, makes sure she emphasizes that she’s mostly looking for someone willing to drink copious amounts of champagne and make fun of snobs on charity galas for a more than polite compensation.

It’s not like she’s actually expecting someone to reply to the ad.

But they do.

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Idk I just. I enjoy Pearl as mentally ill lesbian representation but to me it's like. The show didn't really handle the aftermath of her actions well. Like she DID do a lot of bad stuff, and even if it wasn't intentional and based in her mental illness she didn't actually apologize for it. The episodes ended with the people that got hurt making her feel better. All I really want is Pearl to say 'I'm sorry, what I did was wrong. How can I make it up to you?'

Well yeah, there’s a difference between stuff like “Sworn to the Sword” and “Friend Ship”

And then stuff where like, Peridot is a Horrible Abuser one episode and the next she’s an Innocent Baby in order to call Amethyst abusive, whom everybody will forget about their problems in order to call somebody /else/ abusive the next time an episode with her rolls around.

It wouldn’t be as bad as if people acknowledged that all the characters have done fucked up shit and have their own problems to sort through. And they just, don’t. Well, they do but in a weird schrodinger’s revolving door way where each week has a new character that’s simultaneously abusive and not abusive.

okay so i’m watching the su panel from comic con and i’m just gonna write down interesting things of note bc i like to React to things. it’s like a liveblog but without spamming your dash :)))

  • it’s considered a spoiler whether or not we’ll get an episode explaining how the diamonds came into authority, which means we’re totally gonna get an episode explaining how the diamonds came into authority
  • someone asked why, knowing how much we now know about pearls, pearl wanted so badly to get back to space/homeworld earlier in the season (presumably space race) and rebecca couldn’t think of a way to answer without being spoilery so!! there must be an episode that explores that more in-depth, which i am now really excited for, because i always want to know more about pearl’s backstory - even though we know a lot about her past now, her life on homeworld and how she became a rebel is still a total mystery really
  • the cast and crew are all just so appreciative of each other?? it’s really wonderful to see everyone praising rebecca - her demos, her ideas - when she tends to underplay her role in things, and also just hyping each other up. (i just paused bc surasshu said “aivi does all the piano on the show, which is why it’s so good…” they’re just so good to each other)
  • a rose cosplayer came up to ask a question and deedee just yells “ROSE!” what a cute dork.
  • deedee: “i wanna rap.” #letpearlrap2k16
  • ian: “those material weapons” (those not manifested from your gem) “are kind of mysterious…” rebecca: “where do they come from?” ian: “maybe we’ll find out, i dunno.” i bet you they’re referencing bismuth, since bismuth looks like such a blacksmith. 
  • rebecca’s speech about the importance of lgbt themes in kid’s shows made me emotional, because i’ve been thinking even more about that than usual since mr. greg aired, how wonderful it is to have gender-nonconforming characters and queer characters and openly queer characters who sing songs about their love for other queer characters etc, and how much i wish that existed when i was a kid, and how wonderful it is to play a character who is unambiguously gay (like, i headcanon my legolas as pan and play him as such, but there’s no headcanoning about it; pearl is gay, i am writing a canonly gay character, whose story is based around her love but not because it’s gay, and i really love that). and while listening to rebecca, i was also thinking about how common it is for content creators to have to sort of be vague about this stuff - like, earlier someone asked if she got pushback for some of her ideas, and she said that “there’s always pushback” but added that she fights for the themes she thinks are important in steven universe, but didn’t explicitly mention what those themes were, though i think it’s clear that lgbt themes are among them. she didn’t talk about it until she was explicitly asked. and that’s such a common thing, for creators to tiptoe around actually talking about the lgbt or otherwise liberal content of their creations, because it might alienate some of their viewers or because they don’t want to talk about pushback from their employers or what have you. but i want this stuff to be talked about. we shouldn’t have to be vague about it. so i’m glad she was able to address it so beautifully.
  • i just really like rebecca in general, guys. she seems like a private person, she’s kinda shy, kinda anxious, kinda self-effacing, but so passionate and lovely and kind. i admire her a lot.

heyo i’m somewhat dead here lol

nothing happened irl or like, anywhere,like always

i only have finals

just passing here saying for some asks: do what the fuck u want with gaster!sans lol

he’s like, a dead case to me (for now i guess? i know i will not make the comic, i’m not being negative with it, i’m just not made to make comics haha)

and eeehhh i’m on a weird idk-in-wich-fandom-im-now, overwatch, off, eddsworld, yume nikki (again)????¿¿??¿ we just don’t know

“My, my… look at all the children,” Maria sneered as she eyed the students, no doubt in her mind they were all visiting the Isle for the first time; they all looked much too scared to be used to the Isle. “What do you think, has King Beast lost his mind, allowing all these students to visit us?”

Prankers & Lovers: George Weasley x Reader


Request: Hi, just wondering if you do George Weasley imagines because I love your writing ❤️ if so could you maybe write one where him and the reader are in a relationship and are not into lovey dovey or cheesy things at all- they just make fun of all that and bc of this lack of public affection other students constantly forget they’re together and is tricky idk aha sorry

Warning: None 

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2 months ago

“Y/N, love, would you help me with something?” George asks, bringing Y/N’s attention up from her Potions work.

 “Sure, George, what do you need?” She asks, shutting her book and smiling up at him.

 “See, there’s this eh, prank I’m working on, and I was wondering if you want to  help.” George says, running a hand awkwardly across the back of his neck. 

They had just started dating and he wasn’t quite sure how Y/N would react to his pranking.

 Her Y/E/C eyes brighten immediately, her irises sparking with interest. “Of course I would.” She replies deviously, resting her chin the palm of her hand and turning all her focus to him.

“George, we’re going to get caught.” Y/N hisses as George drags her by the hand into Filch’s office. 

“Rubbish. We’ll be fine.” He mutters in response over his shoulder. 

Y/N bites her lip, but follows him nonetheless as he shows her how to magically enchant each of the chocolates into Puking Pasties they’re leaving for Filch.

“That was brilliant, Y/N.” George says, shooting a cheesy grin at me as we make our way back to the Great Hall. 

“Oh please, George, if it wasn’t for your plan the prank wouldn’t have happened!” Y/N says, beaming back at him.

 George, my boyfriend of 7 months now ,  and I had just succeeded into completing yet another prank. We make our way to the Gryffindor table and sink down into our usual spots. 

“Filch is going to have a bloody hard time cleaning up all of it.” George adds with a smirk.

 I snort, nodding along, “Oh yeah, it’s going to take him weeks to stop puking.”  

“Another prank you two?” Fred asks, quirking his eyebrow at us. 

I nod quickly, taking no time in filling Fred in on our latest adventure. He glances between me and George, thoroughly impressed.

 “I thought we were saying those for another prank, George.” He says grinning cheekily.

 “We can just whip up another batch. Won’t take too long.” George replies.

“Oh bloody hell.” Ron mutters quickly from next to us, his eyes at the entrance of the Great Hall.

 We all turn to follow his gaze, and see Ginny and Dean snogging and heading over to us. 

“Gross.” Fred gags. 

I chuckle slightly, glancing at George who has the same look of disgust on his face. 

Ginny comes over and see’s the looks on her brothers’ faces and frowns. 

“You lot look horrid.” She points out with no emotion. 

“Maybe it’s cause we don’t fancy seeing our little sister get her face eaten for breakfast.” George points out. 

Ginny’s face turns bright red, and she slams her fist onto the table with a loud bang. 

“Just because you don’t have a relationship doesn’t mean you get to be sour, George!” She shouts. Everyone at the table quiets, and Fred’s long laughter is the only thing that can he heard. 

“Georgie does have a girl, Ginifred.” He says. 

Ginny scrunches her nose in disgust, “Yeah, right. Who would be daft enough to date one of you?” She retorts. George and Fred exchange a look, before looking at me. 

“I suppose I would be.” I say, narrowing my eyes at Ginny. Her eyes widen in shock. 

“You guys are dating?” She cries. 

George shakes his head in disapproval, “For 7 months, little sister. You’re observational skills are wonderful.” 

Ginny rolls her eyes at him, “Well you two don’t act like it, so forgive me.” She concludes before turning back to Dean.

I smile at George and he looks at me, frowning slightly. 

“What?” I ask him, concerned.

 “You don’t mind, right? Not being all.. Like them?” He asks, gesturing to Dean and Ginny who are snogging again. 

I chuckle slightly, beaming at him. “No, not at all Georgie. We are who we are, not them.” Y/N nods, reaching over the table nonetheless to give his hand a squeeze.

 “Wonderful, now let’s plan our next prank.” George says, grinning at her mischievously.

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Hi! I only wanted to say that I love the way you talk about Touken! you are so right with everything! this damn fandom needs more people like you tbh. Do you think they will have a moment soon? i need one she waited for four years damn also am i the only one who think this manga could have a "happy" ending? im refer of all the tragedy is in a clear blue sky, the re name and of other things and i dont think kaneki would be killed again, idk maybe im just so postive :,D

What pisses me off sometimes is that they never had a proper reunion, you know? Every time they finally see each other something happens (Haise didn’t know who she was, in the bridge Touka was angry and made him go away, in Cochlea they only shared like two words because Kaneki had to fight with Arima, etc) so they never have the chance to talk, to smile and say “hey, I really missed you.” 

I think (if this ever happens, which I’m assuming it will eventually) the biggest moment that they can share is if Kaneki visits :re as Kaneki Ken, with his true identity, and the meaning of :re is revealed to him. Touka said that :re was a place she made for him, for Kaneki to have a home. If he, who doesn’t believe he has a home, who believes he lost everything he had, finds out (or even Touka tells him) that :re was made for him, I think he will take that as a big personal gift. Like I said before, everybody uses Kaneki. Eto wants to give him “the gift” of the crown to be the king but only because she knows he’s capable of doing it, she wants to use his potential. If Touka gives him “the gift” of :re, a place that is not meant to be a weapon in his hands, only a place to rest, to be himself and finally be at peace, idk, I think that’s what Kaneki has been looking for all his life, a home. And homes are not made of concrete, they’re made of flesh, of people. Touka, Nishiki, Hinami, Yomo, all of them are his home. I do hope a happy ending, it’d be bittersweet, I know it, but it can be good. Like Harry Potter? 96% were dead but the golden trio survived and Harry was fine lmao. 

I think from now on everything depends on Kaneki. If he wants to live, if he wants to fight and be something, if he learns how to love himself and demand respect from others (he’s very masochistic, it hurts me when he’s like that) he can survive and make it out alive of this mess.

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I saw a SJM interview where she said the Chaol X Aelin would never be endgame because of his realtionship with Dorian. Like no matter who he is with and what he is doing, the most important person in his life would be Dorian, and ultimately could never leave him for Aelin/Terrasen. I also know when Sarah originally wrote the books online Aelin/Dorian I think were endgame, but she had a side blog to write rowaelin Smut 😂 I do love Chaol, I'm just bringing this up to continue the conversation

The line about Dorian being the most important person in Chaol’s life makes me want to legit cry. I love them so much.

But also, I definitely read somewhere that Chaol/Aelin were the original endgame when she wrote it as a fanfic. So idk if sources are getting mixed up or what. Everything that was before TOG is basically heresy now.

stupid text post

so like i’ve mentioned to anons i’ve been rly impatient to age theo up to a teen and tbh i already did and she is trapped in cas;–;

so what i want to do is make a boarding school campus and have like a boarding school-themed bachelorette challenge:3 idk if anyone would want to send me their sims for it tho but hopefully when the time comes she will attend school with 7 or more teen sims. im not asking for sims or anything yet tho lol i need 37 years to build the lot and probably re-watch firefly because reasons.

anyways idk, this post is kinda stupid and useless but i just wanted to share my thoughts and also if my blog is kinda dead for a while it’s cause i’m obsessing over theo’s skin and struggling with dorm interior ;~;

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maybe jason made cass like ballet or the contrary bc hey they are brothers OR EVEN cass wanted to do it but bc it has that stigma that is something 'girly' (not that there is something wrong with that) and she never really felt like a girly girl she was kinda giving up on that but jason seeing that and not wanting her to give up on her dreams just yet started going to classes first and one day she saw him with his ballet shoes asked what was it and he went kind of 'oh i was having classes but /1

/2 idk i dont feel comfortable going alone IF ONLY I KNEW SOMEONE TO KEEP ME COMPANY’ and she knows what he is doing but she is so grateful and she really dont wanna say it out loud so she just mutters a ‘i can go with you if you want me to’ and smiles a little bit ok i know this is probably very much wrong with the canon but hey i live for jaycass and it is a au so

this is honestly the cutest headcanon ever, my skin has been cleared, my crops watered….thank you.

ALRIGHT but Jason starting covering for Cass when she starts staying after class to talk with the blonde pianist…. Steph and Jason not getting along at first but trying t because of Cass, only to find out they have a lot in common and becoming really close… Stephanie having a religious experience when she sees them dancing together for the first time… boi i love this au


ok so i literally do not wanna be That Guy but im about to be

about 4/5 years ago i was on holiday when my mum told me that smth looked wrong w my shoulder and i didnt know what she meant, when i got to our hotel and back to our room and looked in the mirror, i saw that something was wrong with it. and i cried, for a long ass tie. i fell on the bed and cried. ever since then i got told i had scoliosis and basically my spine was curved and when i did my own research i saw it was actually pretty common, but i was like- one of the few who had it as bad as i did. now i still dont even know how bad it is and i know its not the worst case out there, but it fucking SUCKS. 

i spent a few years in and out of hospitals getting scans and x rays then had my surgery, which i thought would basically fix it all but it didnt, nothing changed really looking back, i just have some metal in my back now. 

the point to this is that ever since that day i have fucking hated myself, i cant look at my own body without feeling disgusted at the deformation of it and this set of pictures isnt half as bad as the whole thing but this shit has affected my mental health so much to the point where i dont think anyone will love me,where i dont think I will love me, i struggle to believe i can do anything with it still holding me back.

so in short! this is a kinda fuck you post to my scoliosis and my spine for making me hate myself and so i can look back and be like “damn i was so dumb to think that stopped me”

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The fact that Taylor's so business savvy is what makes me think Bad Blood has literally nothing to do with Katy Perry (which was why KP got so pressed when everyone @ her about it). Remember in that Rolling Stone (or maybe it was GQ? the one with the beach pics) where they asked her about Bad Blood and she said something like it was about an ex who she was on good terms with now but she didn't want that to go down the drain so she blamed KP

Yeah I mean… Even if it’s not /actually/ about Katy, Taylor made it seem that way and Katy got a lot of shit for it. Which honestly if it’s not about her in the slightest, that makes what Taylor did even douchier. 

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I'm looking for a fka inspired style... Do u have any shops suggestions?

i dont know what look you are going for and idk if u want something cheap or more expensive (if u can let me know) but i suggest stores like topshop, LCD, or u can go to a thrift shop to find some unique pieces, she wears clothes with cool prints, and also unique jewerly, you can find a lot in and for glasses 

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Idk why but, I feel pity for Orihime because she always loved Ichigo and Idk but I think it would be nasty if they didn't end together. Yes Im a 100% ichiruki fan but Im sooooo afraid I really want them together BUT I think that it wont happen.. And its seems like Renji has some feelings for Rukia omg what do you think ? Im so worried .... Ok I know my English isnt good but I hope u understand me.. Thanks 😊

Anon, your words are confusing. No, not your English. It’s just that your words are quite contradictory? You say you feel for Orihime, so you sympathize with her and want to let her have Ichigo because otherwise, she will be too pitiful. But then you say you are 100% an IR fan despite wanting Orihime to end up with Ichigo (and quite believing it to be the end game). And then you added Renruki too. To be honest, I would have find it more believable if you just said you’re 50/50 about the ships.

I don’t know exactly what you want, but since you asked for my opinion. Here it is.

I think it’s even sadder if one went on with a relationship when the feelings are not even mutual. I expressed it many times on different posts of mine. And no, I’m not even talking about their feelings for each other are romantic or not anymore. Because even if what certain IH shippers saying that Ichi having “romantic feelings” for Ori turned out to be true, the feelings is still not mutual.

How? Because of the difference of the “output” they showed towards each other and been portrayed in the manga.

Any IR fans who scroll down, read, analyzed, and digest the essays and posts of fellow shippers would see that Orihime almost centers her whole life and development around Ichigo (at least, at the end of pre-SS arc). She only sees him and always has to chase after him. 

Meanwhile, Ichigo is not really focusing on her much at all (not even at her own rescue arc). It always about saving the world, protecting people, and being a Shinigami. Ichigo’s interests doesn’t really go much further from that. Now, do you see where I’m getting at?

Orihime gives like 90% of her attention and energy to Ichigo.

Ichigo gives like 45% to saving everyone (with his Pride as a Shinigami and Protector), 45% to his nakamas (including enemies), 10% to personal life. (Note: Just an estimation

In short, he doesn’t reciprocate much energy, thoughts, and time towards Orihime like she does for him. It’s not equal. And while relationships are not really about being give-and-take, one should still be mindful about having a balanced relationship.

The way it is now, Orihime’s love for Ichigo is greater than his feelings for her. And it’s pretty hard to imagine it growing after all the chances they had been given. If Ichigo accepted Orihime’s love because of pity, that will be quite sad. Because that would only show a one-sided relationship (though I think Ichigo takes his relationships seriously, he cannot match Ori’s affection for him). If I like Orihime, I’d rather have her use all the attention and energy she gives Ichigo for herself. I think such serious and strong feeling is not fitting for a guy who doesn’t even notice or returning the same ones. 

Ah, but that’s the beauty of unrequited love. It’s selfless. It doesn’t seek for anything but resolution on it’s own. And with that resolution and memories that comes with it, one can grow even stronger and more beautiful.

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Its okay to identify as ftm and still enjoy feminine things right?Cause my parents give the impression that I have to be highly macho and masculine when it kinda fluctuates for me and idk what to do.I feel uncomfortable with female pronouns though..

Absolutely! You can be as feminine as you want. It doesn’t invalidate your gender at all.

(Small side-note though: “female pronouns” aren’t a thing. Pronouns aren’t inherently gendered. If you mean she/her pronouns, say that instead.)

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I came out to my best friend recently and I thought it went well but I've noticed that she's been distancing herself from me and she doesn't really text me anymore and she changed her profile pics on her social medias (they all used to be of me and her) and I'm really scared I'm losing her because I'm a lesbian. She's been there for me through a lot (including helping me get away from my abusive parents) and she's really important to me and I don't want to lose her but idk what to do

i feel like you should talk to her about it, because i feel like that’s generally the best bet in most situations, but that’s easier for me to tell you than it is for you to actually do.

if she doesn’t want to be your friend anymore because of your sexuality, she’s missing out and she doesn’t deserve you. that doesn’t mean it hurts any less, but it’s true.

idk. i think you should reach out to her and ask her what’s up.

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Exactly! And saying Levi would still have Hanji is as silly as saying it wouldn't matter if Mikasa lost Eren becase she'd still have Jean and Sasha and Connie... It's just not the same, man, and don't get me wrong, I love Hanji but it just wouldn't be the same

yeah, it’s definitely not, and idk how people seem to think it is when the whole ackerman bond thing is pretty obvious at this point. like including kenny and uri we have 3 ackermans who have bonded with one specific person who becomes the most important person to them and who they’d do anything to protect and/or who they’ve devoted their lives to.

the details of it haven’t really been explained but its there, and its obviously not just a normal close friendship even if you don’t think those bonds are romantic. its really deep and when you consider that its almost even worse or seems like it would be more traumatic for levi to lose erwin than if he were to lose a normal best friend or lover who he’s not “”””ackerman bonded”””” with.

even if you don’t consider that, yeah, hange is levi’s friend but the person levi trusts the most is erwin, and i believe that erwin is the only person who levi has let see his true self or know him completely as an adult. an example of this that i like is from one of the interviews, i don’t remember which one, but hange is making a teasing comment about levi’s cleaning thing and erwin defends him and tells hange that they don’t know the whole story :) so clearly hange doesn’t know, and if they don’t know then i really doubt anyone else besides erwin knows whatever the hell it is he’s talking about. 

i think levi is very guarded because of his past, and i think it means a lot that he’s able to trust erwin that much and just believe in him completely without 0 doubts (esp considering that kenny abandoned him when he was a kid, so its easy to see how he could have trust issues, and esp when a lot of the shit he trusts him with are like life and fucking death situations) and let him know him so well. there isn’t anyone else that could give that to levi, and if he loses erwin he’s basically going to be alone all over again.