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coloring (more like editing) process

gonna use this mob to finally explain my COLORING PROCESS.. and how i go from these base colors to the final product .. 

i always start with my base colors, which are almost always the same, so i keep a color palette to choose from. I usually pick the skin tone first and then change the hue for diff colors (I sometimes change the saturation and brightness too) The example below is the skin tone i use almost Always.. and of course it can be changed later on

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To my awesome followers!

You’ve all been so lovely and gracious the past few days! Thank you to all of you. You people are the BEST! In light of recent events, many of you have been expressing a lack of interest in the fandom and feel that it’s not fun anymore. So I decided to try and add some fun back into the fandom and try and remind you all why you came here in the first place!

Look out for gratuitous amounts of Elriel angst and fluff and (OH YES) smut! Send me a prompt for any ship and I’ll write you a drabble or some headcanons! I probably won’t get to them all, but I can sure as hell try!

sheith classical music au

so we have the dance au, the long distance au, the ice skating au… it wouldn’t be much of a push to have a classical music au, right? like please gimme all

  • Keith plays the classical violin and he’s really AMAZING. He’s a prodigy. His parents are so proud of him. Those rich family type.
  • He’s made a name and held solo concerts himself–always sold out. He loves classical music so much it’s the only thing he does. He breathes it.
  • After one of his solo concerts, he’s going back to their hotel. He’s inside his parents’ car when suddenly they crashed. Both his parents died and Keith… Keith turned blind and he’s got a broken arm.
  • Keith cried like he was a little kid again. HE JUST LOST EVERYTHING. He’s now an orphan but he’s 19 so he got his parents inheritance. He gets by. There’s nothing much he can do anyway with a broken arm. He still lives in their house and the house staff still takes care of him. 
  • Now here comes Shiro. Shiro plays the electric violin. 
  • Coran is Shiro’s mentor and Keith has been under him as well. So Coran goes “You’re losing your passion, Shiro. I want you to go to this address and meet this person. Get to know him.”
  • So there Shiro was, in front of a huge mansion. “Kogane Family” it says on the front gate. “Huh. Must be a loaded guy.”
  • Butler lets him in and he was pretty much expecting to see an old guy in his mid 30′s since Coran spoke highly of the dude–and god huge mansion bro. He was not expecting a guy 2 years younger than him.
  • “Who are you?” Keith asks cause honestly who the hell was he
  • “Um, Coran sent me here. You might know him since you–”
  • “I know him.”
  • “Oh, okay. I’m Shiro btw. Well, I play the violin and he told me I might find my passion again if i met you. For inspiration and all.”
  • Keith gets angry. “Are you bloody inspired now?!!”
  • Shiro is surprised. “What do you mean?”
  • “…Keith.” Shiro didn’t know and he didn’t know how to react either
  • “Yeah go find the broken violinist who took over the world and captured a lot of people’s hearts. Go mock him and prove you’re better than him.”
  • “Keith, I don’t think that’s–”
  • “I CAN’T SEE, SHIRO. I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING. I. AM. BLIND. My doctor said I will never be able to play again AND THAT… THAT…” Keith breaks down and cries.
  • Shit shit shit. Shiro approaches him and just hugged him because wow this guy is so broken and Shiro did not expect this AT ALL
  • “I can’t play the violin anymore,” Keith sobs. “I can’t.” sobs. “I want to but I can’t. I LOVE PLAYING THE VIOLIN.” Keith adds softly over and over
  • Shiro didn’t know what to do but he visited Keith EVERY DAY who was all “You’re here again?!” “I brought my electric violin!” “So pretentious! Everyone knows the classical one is the best!” “You haven’t even tried it yet.” “Well, idk because I CAN’T, SHIRO FYI. You’re a shitty player anyway” and Shiro laughs because friendly banter is a good sign
  • The thing is, Shiro would play and Keith would go “Wrong. Do it again.” 
  • They spend a lot of time together that Shiro is so glad that Keith can’t see him blushing when Keith is laughing OH BOY THIS IS BAD
  • One day Keith goes “I want to play again.”
  • “You will.” Shiro didn’t miss a beat
  • “But my arm and my—”
  • “Prove to them that your disability couldn’t stop you from doing what you love, Keith. You want to play the violin again? DO IT.”
  • Keith smiles and Shiro is like OH DAMN MAN I THINK I AM IN LOVE
  • “Okay, it might take a while and I need to convince my doctor and I… can you… um… would you like to–”
  • “I’d love to play with you.” Shiro finishes

Oh damn. Okay. OKAY. I will draw this. Just wait and see. OTL I need to have Keith playing the violin SO BAD.

Galra! Keith headcanons

- When Keith gets pissed he gets pissed. Like we’re talking glowing yellow eyes, baring his sharp teeth, and some of his skin slowly turning purple. Then he just kinda pounces on the first thing he sees

- When he sleeps he curls up and sometimes his nose twitches like a cat’s does

- No matter what height he falls from or how he falls Keith always somehow lands on his feet

- When Lance gets annoyed with him he throws a ball of yarn so Keith can go away and play with it

- “Here go play with this”

- “Oh, yar-gOD DAMN IT LANCE”

- His vision at night gets noticeably better

- He can’t taste sweets anymore but good riddance he liked bitter stuff anyway

Feel free to add onto this or something idk that’s all I got

anonymous asked:

Hey! Scamp* anon here! Omg I don't even remember asking that ask, I was like was that me and realized it was! Btw you don't have to apologize! Wow Charlie is such a bully, like "next time I'm coming for your sister" what in the world? How rude. Poor Robin. Do Sunday and Delaney have depressing stories as well. Also sorry for spamming you with messages! I'm just so invested!

hi!!!!!!! yeah i wanted to add charlies kid in gen2 but idk anymore!!! lol and i only really have sundays story drafted,,, but idk about delaney i feel she probably has a sad story too

The Sun

rip me

i have like four different greyson tarot plans bc i didn’t know what to do or how to do it o<-<…

just shoves this here never to be touched again bc omfg thE STRUGGLE WAS REAL

Keeping Up with Magcon 29/06

I saw some people lost as I was scrolling down my dash so I am doing a little post lol

  • Shawn’s Lyric Video is coming out next week
  • Carter tweets about JLo’s booty and Jacob quotes changing booty for personality which makes Carter answer mentioning @/shitpussiessay and then Jacob answers again saying he needs to ask his mom about that
  • Taylor tweets a screenshot of the group chat where the guys complain about Jacob with “Speaking up for everyone” as the tweet text then deletes it
  • He tweets again saying that he was speaking up for the family then tweets saying “Love you guys” but he doesn’t include Mahogany and Hayes and someone asks him about them and he says there weren’t enough characters
  • Part of the fandom is teaming up against Jacob, part is against Taylor and some others don’t know where to stand
  • Carter is getting hate again
  • Matt is slaying Jacob
  • Jacob is hurt or at least acting like he is (Idk what to believe anymore tbh)
  • Cam wants to keep from speaking up so he doesn’t make it worse
  • The rest of the guys are quiet
  • Some of them have unfollowed Jacob
  • We were all happy without drama
  • What does this mean for the fandom?

I don’t know if I am missing anything. If I am please tell me or add it here :)