idk what this was doing on my folder


WIPs i’m currently working on.

gnar is for one of the raffle winners.

Dairy-us and banana soraka will be future redbubble stickers.

My brain goes a mile a minute so i end up having a mountain of WIPS

that’s just what is on my desktop at the moment

excluding that WIP folder and the other WIP folders i have stuffed in random places.

idk i always gotta fight myself to get anything done


agents of shield character aesthetics [2/?]

↳ Daisy Johnson


With heavy steps Lucina wanders.

Why, oh gods, why did this happen again?

Her foot gets stuck on a crack in  the floor and she loses her footing, falling onto the ground.

Why did I lose everything again?

Her attempts at getting up come to a stop after a few tries as her body is too worn-out.

It’s as horrible as the first time…

Her head hangs down but snaps back up as soon as she hears the sound of footsteps.

No, wait…

Coming towards her is a painfully familiar figure.
If she had the strength, she’d run away from it.
Far, far away.

“What do we have here?”

The figure kneels before Lucina, smiling.

“Where have you been? I missed you, you know?”


“Oh? But it’s not a lie. After all, one part of me love you dearly, my dear Lucina. And, if I’m not wrong-”

The figure’s hands start cradling Lucina’s face.

“-you love that part as well, right?”

The previously eerie smile turns into a twisted smirk.

This time, it’s even worse.

I had this sitting around my art folder since January, so I decided to finally finish it. It’s another alternate time line or something, idk.

How to edit square icons into circle icons, batch icon method.

Alrighty, so first off, here’s the link to the tutorial I made on my rp blog for how to batch edit your icons. This method for creating icons is what I’ll be using as the base of this tutorial. Please note that this does require either the animation toolbar or the timeline one depending on which version of photoshop you’re using. 

This shows you how to go from this


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oryokun  asked:

i made a gumi a while ago and tried out the techniques u do on face edits, long story short i failed miserably and only ended up deleting the whole folder for the model :^)

pats ur face i mean- u can’t expect to be like SUPER GUD from the get-go man hehehe i finetuned my technique for a couple years thru experiments and i can only relay those tips onwards just limit the time u need to do ur own face edits and to improve ur current skilset but u GOTTA practice dat shit man \idk what im talking about im so tired i feel sad 

TBH as long as it doesnt look like the usual tda miku ur already somewhere ahead in life u feel but same tho i delete models all the time looks into the sky

The 30 day Function Development Challenge

Okay, so I will be starting this Thursday, because then it lines up neatly with September and I don’t need to think about it. Here’s my current list of challenges, and again, I am still taking suggestions and you’re also welcome to follow along.

Since I plan my days generally, but opportunities (or obstacles) come up, I’ll usually post at the end of the day/the next day which challenge I did since most can be done in 20 minutes or so. Also some require multiple days and so I’ll count those on the last day. You’ll figure it out.

Finally, a lot of these items fit into more than one function category, so I’ll talk about that in my posts. The categorization is not perfect, but it’s useful.


Spatial reasoning puzzle

Read an article I disagree with and find loopholes.

Start learning a new skill/refreshing an old one


Do an internal sensation meditative thing (yoga, meditation)

Learn Bullet Journalling and keep one for a week.

Develop a consistent morning routine for a week.


Observe self in a group and how I relate to people, write down thoughts.

Do something you don’t necessarily enjoy but you like the people involved.


EXPRESS YOURSELF (do some art)*

Go to a museum and analyze why you like certain pieces.


Go to a new restaurant

Go to a new cultural event without researching it to death (movie, play, museum, etc)

Go to a new park

Mind map/free writing


Plan out job applications and go to career center (note: this is Te in my life; basically any long-term planning that could benefit from immediate action will work as a substitute for this)

Find a small project you’ve procrastinated on and do it.

.Organize folders on laptop/in google docs


Listen to the news and try to figure out what will happen next

Come up with genuine answers of where I see myself in 5 years


I forget who said “watch a fish idk” but I kind of do want to go to an aquarium?

Physically challenge self (note: am running a 5k on Labor day, but I’ve done that before so I’m trying for something different).

Belated, but go through photos of ‘opportunities’ (running clubs, tutoring jobs, etc) on phone and actually go to them/do them and write about the experience.

*This is just one example of something that could come from multiple functions. I actually saw this under Fe, but in a list made by an Fe user, so since I have Fi instead I’m putting it here. Move it around as needed.

(edited after the initial post because I accidentally left off Se)

anonymous asked:

I want textures on paint tool sai bc my brushes just aren't cutting it but idk where I can find them to download and I also don't know how to do it. can you please help?

you can search it up on google or even deviantart for that. just search “paint tool sai brush textures”

as for “installing” them, this is what you gotta do:

after finding a texture pack you like, download it and open the file folder for that AND where your sai program folder

1. this is where your going to copy and paste those texture pics into

1A. this is optional and I sometimes do it, but you can do the same.

2. Now I guess it depends if the file you downloaded came with it, but in order for those brush textures to work (this also applies to papertex), you have to have the names of those files in one of these notepad files (CONF file, just right click and ‘open with notepad’ ) 

the next step is to type (or copy and paste) the names of the pics’s names into the conf file as 1,brushtex\ >insert name here<.bmp EXACTLY how it looks in the brushtex folder. so any capitals have to be capital in the conf file. Once you have them all in, save it and close. Now open sai and they should be in there, if everything was done correctly. I hope this helps.

My day doesn’t end when the bell rings...

The final bell rings at 2:15.

2:15-2:30  Bus duty
2:30-2:40  Met with the school counselor to discuss a whole lot of nonsense that’s been going on with about 5 of my students outside of my classroom
2:40-2:55  Met with the MTSS coordinator to discuss how 14 of my 24 students can’t read at grade level and idk what the hell to do about that
2:55-3:05  Cleaned my classroom
3:05-3:20  Organized all of the papers that were turned in to me today
3:20-3:30  Copied next week’s homework
3:30-4:05  Stuffed next week’s Monday folders with all the stupid newsletters and notes home to parents that get shoved in my box each day
4:05-4:30  Redid my bulletin board and hung up all the anchor charts we created this week (this involves standing on desks so I do it when no one is around to yell at me for it)
4:30-5:15  Wrote a series of MTSS intervention plans for 9 of my 14 low ones
5:15-5:50  Copied all the things I need to implement those intervention plan next week
5:50-6:00  Stapled and hole-punched all the things I need to implement those internvention plans next week

Aaaaaand THEN I left the building…3 hours and 45 minutes after school was dismissed. And now I’m at home, sitting on my couch, about to start planning next week’s lessons. Because of course I am.

tiny Aletheia “So embarrassing even demons are too put off to mess with“ Trevelyan can’t do her best impression of Krem without assistance.

but idk, I’ve had this sitting in my sai folder for like a month now and I dunno if I want to color it or just leave as is. orz