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fun ask: if you could talk to a member of bts who would you want to talk to and about what?

this is the hardest question i have gotten in a long while what is this :-)

‘fun‘ ask my ass

jk i think this is a fun question n id love to read other ppl responses to this too so pls comment on this ask if u have any ideassss!! ok? good

this can get long so..

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cartoons come to life: courage the cowardly dog (requested by anon)
bonus: human!courage 

Abandoned as a baby, he was found by Muriel, who lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband, Eustace Bagge.

But c r e e p y stuff happens in Nowhere. 

It’s up to Courage to save his new home.

 #like what if courage was actually a weird quirky boy   #living on this farm   #with his strange……parents? aunt and uncle? grandparents? idk???   #and eustace is always calling him a dog as a ‘joke’ or whatever….bc he’s an asshole   #and because of how skittish and easily frightened and odd he is   #and then that begs the question   #are the monsters and supernatural occurrences in Nowhere really happening? or is human!courage just hallucinating all this shit?   #i can’t believe you just made me write courage the cowardly dog meta lmfao

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Recently I saw fans posting a gif grab from what seem to be a behind the scenes video of 1d maybe their last album and harry was visibly upset and the fan wrote that harry called Lou a wanker and Lou called him shit or fucker or something I forgot it now and I'm really trying to know if that true or she just made that up lol . H looked really upset in it .

lmfao yeah it’s from a tour diary idk if louis called him anything but harry said wanker at the three of them (looks mainly louis) and stepped back from them


Lmfao my name is Jodie and I hate olicity fans. She basically slutshamed KC for posting a funny photo against Trump, in which she showed nothing more than the full expanse of her leg and the curve of her rear, theres nothing on show that wouldnt be shown on daytime tv. Then they judged Emily - who they claim to love - bc she supported her friend. So, theyve judged and torn down two grown women for doing basically nothing. Claim to be Emily’s fans but then begrudge her choices in some pointless excuse to mindlessly hate KC. Then when I called her out, she started tearing down me and telling me my opinion wasnt worth shit and basically called me a child for defending two grown women’s right to do whatever the fuck they want. So all in all, this woman dismissed the rights, opinion, agency and choices of 3 adult women that she doesn’t know for no reason whatsoever because she’s a hateful, self-righteous fuck.

You’ve filled me up with sweet memories.

So um, yeah. I don’t know what to say about this. Enjoy…or not idk your preference when it comes to shit like this. lmfao sorry ily and I respect you I promise  Btw there are italicized words idk if you can tell or not

Ps. @secuteimagines here you go

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I am so in love with your heart, mind, and soul.

 My headphones were protecting my ears and filled my head with the boss battle tunes before I heard my name being called. I was still in bed, trying to beat the newest release of Undertale. 

“Coming!” I stated before lifting myself from the mattress. Before making my journey downstairs I looked back at the sleeping boy wrapped in my sheets. I couldn’t help but smirk at the color similarity between my lavender covers and his newly dyed hair. 

Because fuck baby girl, what would I have become if you didn’t force yourself into my life?

     My mother was rushing through the living and kitchen, eagerly looking around in small spaces and counters. I stayed by the bottom of the stairs, awaiting her awareness of me. She finally did a once over and warmly gazed at me.

     “I have to go to the hospital earlier than usual today” Her thin hand finally wrapped around the object she was searching for, keys. “Bad accident down Mayberry street.”

I nodded in understanding as she headed for the front door. “Good luck and stay safe.“

     “One last thing” She muttered. “Is, he still up there?” She glanced upstairs pointed gingerly.

     I felt my entire face burn as realization occurred. Even after two months, it’s still uncomfortable having to discuss my lover with a parent. I nodded numbly and choked out my words. “Yeah, he’s still asleep.” 

     She plastered a warm grin on her face and began to turn the lock. “I assume he’ll look after you for the day.” I hummed in agreement and looked down at the varnish on my toes.

     “I’m really glad you stuck with him, he’s a good person with a big heart.“
Her name left my lips childishly and she simply laughed. “Hey, I’m just saying. You’ve changed him for the better." 

Stay with me forever

     After shooing my mother out the door, I began my descent upstairs. When I pushed my own door open, there he was on his phone.

“You’re awake.” I spoke softly.

     Justin gazed up and crinkled his nose at me. “I wish I wasn’t, I’m exhausted.” I couldn’t help but quickly walk over to my bed and slide my body next to his, moving my computer to the floor.

     “Maybe a certain someone shouldn’t have stayed up all night singing about random shit and taking photos on my computer.” I joked, remembering all the funny faces and kisses that were captured while the moon was still high in the sky. 

“True.” He chuckled. “But I still had fun with you." 

Let me show you how much I love you

     Justin pressed his fingers into my waist and pulled me to his torso. He pushed his thumbs into my lower back, massaging the sore areas. I grabbed onto his forearm and laid my forehead against his chest. 

     “You’re an absolute doll to make love to.” He cooed.

     “Stop talking” I muttered, becoming embarrassed for the second time this morning. My mind was invaded with memories and sensations I would have never felt without him.

     “It’s true, you’re a real workout though.” He laughed, earning a light swat of my hand onto his arm.

Sweetness is your specialty

 “I love you.” I stated quietly, tracing the words in his darkly inked skin
I need you

     “I love you so much more” His hand brushed over my melanin rich complexion before placing a kiss on my lips.

You saved me