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Second Chances

Words: 10.1k

Genre: Fluff / Soulmate AU

Warnings: slight description of a panic attack, swearing

Description:  Soulmate AU in which you get to see colours when you kiss your soulmate. Dan has a particularity.

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AU where Pidge is the hacker in a group of badguy-type spies along with her colleagues Lance and Hunk, and Shiro is a rookie cop who’s constantly been trying to catch them as his special assignment but it’s tough because nobody’s ever seen them and they’re super elusive so all he has to go off is like rumors?? But then one heist went wrong and Pidge kinda got stuck so Shiro ends up catching her and ???? he’s so confused ?? that this tiny, adorable… thing??? is the socially deviant potty-mouthed hacker??? Until she opens her mouth and then he’s like okay yeah yep there it is, i see it now, got it.

(anyway he ends up not turning her in because he wants to use her as leverage to find the other two so he drags her everywhere and doesn’t let her out of his sight, but it’s kinda pointless because she’s a hardass who refuses to talk and– you know what, y’all know how those dumb romcoms go)

EDIT: You know what, she’s not a “badguy-type” hacker. She’s totally like a vigilante justice hacker, working on taking down shady but unfortunately legal businesses and people. Yep. 

EDIT EDIT: Please for the love of god, read this post instead. It got better.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: I started writing it.

Why do we assume the diamonds pearls need rescuing?(or, on the nature of pearls)

Probably gonna be an unpopular opinion but eh, here goes.

Why is it we as a fandom have come to a consensus that yellow and blue Pearl are hopelessly trapped damsels that need rescuing from their diamonds? Like, I understand we’re biased towards that mindset because of our pearl, but isn’t it possible theyre content where they are, or even happy?

Let’s start with our pearl. She left an unknown master(possibly pink or white diamond, but she may not have belonged to a diamond at all, now that we know other gems have pearl servants(rhodonite, “off-colors”)), to join rose quartz and her rebellion. She hasn’t revealed much info about her previous life but we have a few things. 1. She believes rose saved her(I think these were here words, waaaaay back in roses scabbard), 2. She primarily left to follow rose. She maaaay have left because she desired more than to be someone servant but like…based on relationship with Rose, it seems like our Pearl just wanted to be someone ELSE’s servant, rather than a free gem. She’s grown into the role of self ownership over the years, but it seems likely it hasn’t always been that way. Regardless, we gain no indication from our pearl that being in servitude was particularly abusive, just a rigidly mandated life.

Moving on, let’s observe what we know about pearls from others actions and descriptions. During the contest in the gem drill arc, peridot exposed the fact that pearls are servants, disposable, “meant to stand around and look pretty”, and she is incredibly dismissive of pearl, treating her as an inferior. While on the human zoo, Holly Blue Agate is derisive and commanding of pearl, insulting her openly in front of her “master”. In off-colors, Rhodonite mentions that the Ruby and pearl that constitute her were quickly dropped by the morganite they served when she found out they were fusing. From this, it’s obvious that pearls are definitely seen as lesser by most gems, and disposable by some who own them, but, the idea of treating a pearl well is not entirely alien. Holly Blue jokes about Sapphire’s “patience” with pearl, but she doesn’t seem to find it all that unusual. As well, the only gems we’ve seen be verbally abusive of pearls are peridot(essentially a tech person, so probably not actually much above pearl caste wise), and Holly Blue(literally built to cow underlings into submission, see ‘natures the use of feeling blue?’: “an agate terrifies/a lapis terraforms”). Given that we know that gems seem to feel the same emotions as humans, even if they aren’t exactly encouraged(love; topaz/topaz, YD and BD to PD, grief; Blue diamond all the way, etc), it’s not hard to surmise that gems become attached to their pearl servants.

Next point; many people compare the servant status of pearls as akin to slavery and like…yeah, it kind of is, but isn’t that the position of EVERY gem on homeworld? You serve the purpose you were made for, nothing less, you get no choices. But it seems like we only see pearls as unwilling participants in this system, struggling under the thumb of their masters, when in reality , this is the lot of every gem. But no one assumes Holly Blue, or Jasper, or aquamarine are only doing what they do because they’re made to, it’s assumed these gems, and essentially every homeworld gem who hasn’t explicitly defected, is a horrible monster. It just seems a bit double-standardish.

This is getting waaay long so I’ll hit my last point: Blue and Yellow Pearl themselves. From them, we’ve gotten no indication they dislike their station, or that the diamonds heap any particular abuse on them. If anything, the pearls are treated BETTER than any other gem the diamonds have interacted with. Theyre trusted with important tasks(screening communications with yellow diamond in yp’s case), and given a certain amount of autonomy(when BP investigates Greg and Steven making noises in the bushes near BD, blue diamonds reaction is not anger, but simply asking what she noticed. Blue Pearl is confident enough to move away from her diamond to do something on her own). The diamonds have never commanded the pearls, the closest we’ve seen to this is yellow diamond telling yellow pearl to sing to cheer up BD, and she is far sterner with other gems. To be honest, being a diamonds pearl is probably a higher social status than any other gem. Yellow pearl is responsible for saying who does and doesn’t speak to yellow diamond via communicator, and blue zircon insinuates that Pink Pearl was trusted as Pink Diamonds last line of warning/defense(“where was her pearl?”)

I guess that was a long of boiling down this simple question: why do we assume the pearls WANT rescuing? Why isn’t it possible that yellow and blue Pearl have a fairly good life, and enjoy where they are?

Idk, mostly I wanted to blab about what we know about homeworld and pearls and do some theory crafting so. Yep.



anyway the long hair pics are old. my current style is the short one. tho i need to get it cut again. it’s a ridiculous mess, and i hate it. and hey that’s my dog Benjamin aka Benny. he’s a freakin dork. also i know this is like,,,, an excessive amount of selfies to post but i couldn’t choose ok let me live™

i only look masculine in like one picture & that’s lowkey upsetting but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

((they/them pronouns))

  • Hiccup: Where have you been?
  • Astrid: Avoiding your Dad.
  • Hiccup: Oh no, what happened now?
  • Astrid: Oh you're gonna love this. I wake up, the sun is shining, Terrible Terrors singing on the rooftop, I go to the woods to practice training, thinking all is right with the world...
  • Hiccup: ... And you chopped his beard off?!
  • Astrid: Yep... How did you know?
For the people who wants an update about me:

I wont try to kill myself anymore.. and I dont want to self harm again.

I have been feeling so much better since I got out of tumblr, I want this feeling to keep going.

I dont want to stop posting my art online tho.. I still want to animate something that makes people happy.. I want to grow up as an artist and I want to keep growing up as a person. I want to keep learning and I want to find a style for me.

I dont want you (people who has supported me through the years) to be sad bc you wont ever be able to see my art.. I know some people got smiles whenever they saw me in their dash, so I wont be away from you, I know many people discovered that datfeli was me (yep. it was me. I didnt do a big effort hiding it tbh.. What a surprise. But good job to everyone who found out..? idk im surprised,,).

I am still on Internet tho.. I dont post drawings as often tho.. and I’m watching SU again (just wont interact with the fandom by drawing shipping, or drawing so much of it,, I just will maybe draw new charas and enjoy the show’s excllent character design.) I wont get back in tumblr in a long while (idek if i will ever come back tbh) but I am in another social media: Instagram. If you find out what my username is there, youre free to ask if its me i guess. I still dont know if I will be open about it there on IG, but, still you can ask, I have nothing to hide.

Also, I’d like to give you a clue for what the account name is.. it also has “feli” on it, and atm it has 3 posts.

And yeah.. my name is Florence Felipe.. heh. also yesterday (january12th) was my bday and it was quite nice! 

I also want to mention someone: @wal-uigi, for being one of my most active followers, thank you so much for always being so nice to me. Im sorry I left,, but dont worry, Im ok, as in your dreams, and Im posting my art again. Thank you for being a loyal follower who could always agree with me, and defend me, even tho I used to have a bad behaviour in the past.

I know there’s a lot like them, but I hardly remember many names of many people, I have some of you in mind, but I cant remember the exact url, so i cant mention you,, im sorry.. but you gotta know that I love you, and I want to thank you for being there for ne when I needed you.

I dont know what else to type, so, bye, and thank you all for understanding. I might have forgotten something, but if i remember, Ill type it in a new post.

i’m back!

and i haven’t been producing anything or answering questions last night or today or whatever because i’m uh

working on something else.

i always get worried that when i make a preview post like this i’ll lose motivation for something because i’m not keeping anyone in the dark, & i’m like “ahhh they know i’m working on it now so i can take my time” but idk i am actually having a lot of fun with it, so knock on wood?

lots of rambling about Blue Diamond: has she changed at all?

Man I like Blue Diamond in THEORY, in CONCEPT, a cruel, ruthless, powerful dictator, with no sympathy for her own subjects, who was brought to her knees by the loss of someone she loved. Helpless against her grief. Mourning for countless human lifetimes. The fact that it was the loss of, what seems to be, a romantic interest adds a bit of irony when you remember The Answer…

But I feel like they haven’t handled it as well as I’d like? Ideally we would get a glimpse into Blue’s feelings, a private moment here and there (which they seem to be GOING for, but it’s hard to explain why it fell flat for me) but largely, we still see her not through HER OWN eyes, from a very human POV, but we see her THROUGH THE EYES OF HER SUBJECTS. It was a mistake to introduce Blue’s grief the way they did, I think.

If I could change it, although this might not be for the best, we could have had that scene with Greg (I’m just… biased, I love Greg) but maybe leave her a bit more stand-offish and quiet, not so quick to smile at him and accept his words, because to her humans are literally just pets… Yes, she’s surprised a human understands her feelings, but the tone here doesn’t seem to convey just how wild the difference would be to her, or to Greg. We’ve seen him deal with being dehumanized by a gem, when Rose didn’t quite understand human feelings, we know he could be patient and offer her some kind words even if she was a bit more aloof. I think that could have preserved the mystery.

Next step, don’t show her for the rest of the whole Human Zoo/Save Greg arc. Keep her at arms length. She’s there, she’s a threat, she MIGHT show up, but DONT let her. Or at least, use her a bit more sparingly. Cut out What’s The Use In Feeling Blue altogether, although I do think that could become more interesting/relevant later (IF yellow did shatter pink, then this could be her trying to manipulate blue by using her grief, and showing some guilt and/or frustration) 

Because it’s important overall, you can leave Sapphire speaking to Blue directly, but maybe play up her fear a bit more. It would be REALLY HARD, I imagine, to play it cool in front of “her diamond” after ALL OF THAT. It doesn’t have to be anything mayor. 

In terms of art direction, I think it would be better if we didn’t get TOO MANY close-ups of Blue’s face. Keep our distance. Don’t throw her pretty, crying face in our…erm, our faces. It would be so much more mysterious, so much more larger than life and curious and powerful, if we say her head in the distant shadows, her posture upright, her hands three times the size of Sapphire. Maybe send a tear sliding off her cheek and towards the ground.

Speaking of the tears, use them more sparingly. Show her holding back once in a while, trying to retain her dignity, and please. I wish she wasn’t this pretty when she cries. NOBODY just sits there with a perfectly composed face as tears run out of their eyes in a fucking typhoon of depression. If they wanted to humanize her via crying, don’t make it so otherworldly. If they wanted to other her with her still, emotionless face as she cries, then play that up.

Just make it clear. Draw a line in the sand. Is she a dictator or is she a very large princess locked in a tower, unable to change a system she already put in order? WHAT was she doing for what, 6,000 years? was she just crying? Did she never Do Anything? If Yellow was running the world while she sat around sobbing, then ESTABLISH that, please! 

Because it becomes kind of… muddled? It seems like she’s been an ineffective leader, but a LEADER to whatever extent. If she hasn’t been doing anything, why doesn’t she do something? If she’s just as much a tyrant as Yellow, as much as she’s always been, why do I CARE if she’s sad?


It feels like the loss of Pink is meant to have rocked her to her core, destroyed her life, sent her into a centuries long depression… But it doesn’t feel like it actually DID what it was MEANT to do. Because we DONT KNOW enough about what Blue was like before or what she’s like now, or ESPECIALLY how she effects the world she’s ruling. Full of people we’re supposed to CARE about, like the off-colors, like every gem we’ve ever known at some point.

More to character than :’( please.

Haikyū!! Pokémon AU #2

Hey guys, I’m back with another Pokémon AU! 

Though this time it’s a little different since this particular part was a request! The ship that had been requested was Kagehina, and a little backstory of how these two met. This was something very different for me and I wasn’t sure how to characterise them because I don’t usually write them. I’m not to familiar with their dynamics and all so for now, their relationship is on a merely platonic level. I decided to focus a little more on Kageyama since I tend to do so for most of my headcanons where it’s more often than not, one person-centric. After much pondering, I finally came up with a decent plot for these two, so I really hope you guys will enjoy it. Well, here it is :D

[Side note I didn’t format this because I’m very tired and it’s nearly 12 am]

  • Kageyama had grew up in the Johto region though he was born in the hoenn region. His family moved because Kageyama’s dad had found a better job as a radio show host rather than the old engineer at the power plant in Hoenn. His mother now works as a school teacher as and they lived in quiet little apartment in Goldenrod. (Near the daycare Iwa works and stays at, I’m basing the layout off the games, not the anime.)
  • His first Pokémon was a Mudkip he had known and played with at his old house ever since he was a kid. When Mudkip found out he was moving away, the little guy refused to leave Kageyama’s side so his family allowed him to bring Mudkip along.
  • They grew to be best friends, Kageyama’s only friend for a long time really. Other kids thought he was scary and he was often alone during his childhood. Mudkip stood by his side all the time and because of that, Tobio wasn’t lonely.
  • They do everything together, eat, play, get into trouble. There was never once a time Tobio remembered not being with Mudkip. Their favourite thing to do together was play at the beach.
  • Mudkip sleeps with Tobio on his bed, even though he had his own, the two prefer to share a bed than to be separated. Even if it’s in the same room.)
  • Ultimately, his goal was to become one of the strongest trainer’s one can be. Little did he know, he was going to have a rivalry with a certain someone (Or two, *cough* Oikawa.) that would last him his entire future.
  • His family owned a linoone. His mother had an Espeon and his father had a strong Electivire. His mother used to be an all time Poké beauty contest champion in sinnoh, she retired shortly after getting married :D
  • (His mother was born in Sinnoh but his dad was born in Hoenn. She moved to Hoenn after officialising her engagement.)
  • Tobio admired his dad, he would always look forward to his dad’s shows. When he would hear his dad go on about different regions, myths, legends over on the radio, he would always tune in and listen attentively. The moment his father had come home, he would go on and on with questions about the world.
  • Once, his dad brought him over to the radio station where he learned the ropes of how things worked. It was extended interesting to him and it was one of his favourite days.
  • At the radio station, he met a certain orange-headed kid just around his age. He was loud, constantly cooing at different things around the area and Kags could immediately tell he wasn’t from Johto.
  • When the exuberant little boy caught sight of him, he asked if he had a Pokémon to which Kags replied yes. The boy introduces himself as Hinata Shōyō, quickly afterwards challenging Kags to a battle.
  • Kags is skeptical but accepts anyway. If this Hinata-kid really meant what he said, this would be his first Pokémon battle, one he had been dying to have ever since he had Mudkip.
  • They take it outside to a quieter area with no people. Tobio sends out Mudkip and the boy sends out a Pokémon Tobio had never seen, but from what the boy had called it, it’s name seemed to be “Chimchar”. (I actually wanted to give Hinata a rattata as a joke because he reminded me of youngster Joey but I know people would hate me for that so I decided against it.)
  • Unlike Hinata, Kageyama hasn’t caught Mudkip in a ball yet. He just follows Kageyama around or the blueberry-head would carry him or let him ride on his shoulders.
  • They battle and Kags knew immediately he was at an advantage because of their type. His mum had taught him all about it and he was genuinely really good at remembering these things.
  • The two of them battled, back and forth. Chimchar was more on the offensive side and Mudkip on the defense. But because of how quickly he was attacking, Chimchar grew tired really fast.
  • Both Kags and Mudkip saw this as an advantage and used the chance to attack. He wouldn’t lie though, this Chimchar put up a good fight. Mudkip only won by a mere bit.
  • The boy utterly defeated, ran off with his Chimchar. The two of them watched as they disappeared quickly into the horizon.
  • Hinata grew up in the Sinnoh region, and like Kageyama, he had just recently moved to Johto. His mother was a nurse at a Pokémon centre, his family resided in an apartment block in Ecruteak city.
  • They moved because his mum just grew too sick of Sinnoh. (She lived there ever since she was a baby and she says she would want nothing more but to move to something different.)
  • Shōyō had a little sister called Natsu who had a Pachirisu. A Pokémon native to the Sinnoh region too. It was similar to Kageyama’s family, their family also owns a nice, gentle Purugly who likes napping on the porch. (Or maybe she’s just really fucking lazy and sleeps 24/7)
  • Anyway, since Hinata watched a lot of Pokémon tournaments as a kid, it was no secret he had a desire to eventually rise and be the strongest trainer in the region.
  • He has always been a sociable kid. He had plenty of friends who looked up to him for being strong. Even when he moved away, making new friends was easy for him.
  • Hinata loved exploring every nook and cranny with Chimchar, once, he snuck into the bell tower without his mum’s knowledge. He managed to make it so far till he was chased out by some weird looking lady in a kimono.
  • Chimchar is his beloved partner and they love having fun together. Ever since they met at the beach of quiet Sandgem town, they were instantly destined to be best friends.
  • They like hunting for heart scales that washed up on the beach. It was their favourite pastime, and sometimes they ended up finding pearls too. (They sold them and used the money to buy other things.)
  • While Hinata was simply driven by the wondrous sense of adventure, Kageyama was driven by his passion. Even if these two seem to be two completely different types of people at the start, they grow up to be more similar than they would have imagined.
  • (I’m throwing in some KageIwa interaction cause Kageyama does live near Iwa’s daycare. And it’s canon that Iwa is an amazing senpai so why not throw that in here?) After finding out about the daycare not too far from Goldenrod, Tobio waddled along over there with Mudkip in tow to check it out. He was greeted with this absolutely charming boy only a little older than him, and if a crush meant making his heart feel like it got lodged in his throat than this definitely took the cake.
  • Iwa catches sight of the slightly younger boy and goes over to greet him with his Larvitar. Haji recognises he’s new here so he very warmly welcomes him into the daycare to see the Pokémon.
  • He introduces himself as Iwaizumi Hajime and Kageyama does the same. Kageyama knows it’s only been five minutes but he immediately has this unfounded respect for Haji. Haji is a little taken aback when he addresses him as “Iwaizumi-san” but he thinks it’s cute.
  • Since it was just time for him to go and feed them, he asks Kags if he wants to tag along. The boy not knowing what else to do accepts and trails after the older.
  • (When Iwa’s parents saw this their heart warmed because Haji had always been good with kids. He was like an older brother to all the younger children in the village.)
  • Tobio very attentively listened to Iwa teaching him about different Pokémon’s tastes, how to prepare each meal and what to be careful of. When Iwa started petting some of the Pokémon, Kags asked for he could too. Iwa laughs and says of course.
  • Needless to say, Tobio admired Iwa a lot, especially with his gentle way with Pokémon and how every single one of them liked him. He wished that one day he could be like that too at such a young age, to him, Iwa was like an idol alright.
  • He usually finds himself going to the daycare after a bad day cause Haji always lets him play with the Pokémon and treats him to some freshly milked MooMoo-milk. (The entire concept of this still disturbs me so let’s just assume it was from a neighbor okay.) He’d ask what happened and Tobio would always tell Iwa cause he trusted him.
  • Haji treated Tobio like a younger sibling so it was natural for him to get worried. When Haji ruffles his hair or pats his back while going on about advice to help, Tobio will always have an awe-full look on his face. He found it amazing that though Haji was only a few years older than him, he was already really mature and cool.
  • Iwa found out that Kageyama didn’t have any friends and he felt bad for the younger boy, hence, be made it his responsibility to help Tobio make some friends.
  • To do this, Iwa had Tobio come on a Saturday when there were usually other kids around. Tobio was a little nervous since he didn’t usually do well with other kids. Haji tells him not to worry and introduces him to two other kids, Kunimi Akira and Kindaichi Yuutarou :D
  • They surprisingly click very well and those two were Tobio second ever friends, (the first being Iwa of course.) Out of curiosity, he asks Iwa why he decided to help him find some friends. Tobio remembers the sad look Iwa had when he replied, “Because my best friend just left for his journey. I know what it’s like to be alone.”
  • Iwa tells him about how they played together, laughed together, got into trouble together; and every other thing really. How they would make silly promises under the big Oak tree in the forests and how they would run around playing with the Pokémon.
  • Haji told Kags he understood how important memories with friends were and he wanted to make sure Tobio had some of those. Haji also tells him that maybe they might meet each other some day, they had similar dreams and were both driven by passion.
  • For some odd reason, he was reminded of the boy he battled awhile ago, and how maybe that was considered a memory to help him grow too.
  • Kageyama felt very bad after that but Iwa ruffles his hair and tells him it’s fine, “I have the Pokémon here and you after all.” He gives a smile that made his stomach flutter with butterfrees and he can’t help but look away. Tobio doesn’t know why but the last part of what Iwa said made him very happy.
  • Timeskip 4 years and Tobio and Hinata are finally twelve.
  • The house is a disordered mess as Natsu is drowning in tears and Hinata’s mum is trying her best to help her son ensure he had everything he needed. Natsu doesn’t want to say goodbye to her older brother, she knew he wouldn’t be coming home anymore.
  • Hinata of course promises her he would come and visit her as much as he could. (Unlike someone, Hinata kept his promise.)
  • Chimchar had already evolved into a Monferno and Hinata had caught a Magikarp from Mt. Mortar. Even if people said Magikarp was a useless Pokémon, that didn’t stop Hinata from wanting one. (He didn’t know his was a shiny alright. If you can’t tell I’m making his team to consist mainly of warm-coloured Pokémon.)
  • Meanwhile in the Kageyama household, things are much more orderly. They had already prepared beforehand and everything was all nicely in place. Tobio bids his farewell to his parents and they couldn’t be more proud of their son.
  • Mudkip had evolved into a Marshtomp, and he was more excited and ready than ever.
  • Before be truly left for his journey however, he decides to stop by the daycare once more to bid a proper goodbye to Iwa. The older had been one of his closest friends and the reason why he’s Marshtomp is so strong today.
  • These two battle a lot because no one else really likes battles here. It’s amazing to watch them battle because both of them are such amazing trainers. Iwa is actually incredibly strong despite not being a proper Pokémon trainer, it was one of the many reasons why Kags looked up to him.
  • Anyway, Iwa is a little sad that he’s leaving but happy for him nevertheless. He even gives Tobio a parting gift, a Pokémon egg he found and no trainer wanted. He leaves instructions on how to take care of it, and Kageyama being clueless on what to do, is glad he did. Tobio is excited to raise this egg all by himself.
  • The last thing they did was give each other a hug. Haji jokes that he had to come visit him now and then or he’ll beat him in another Pokémon battle. Tobio all pumped, promises the older before making his way.
  • Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, how these two got reunited. It’s a funny story really so stick with me. Here it goes. We all know about ilex forest right? Well these two somehow managed to get lost there at the exact same duration of time at the exact same place.
  • Confused at first by the foreboding sense of familiarity, it took these two a while to recognise each other. When they did however, the famous scene of Hinata asking what the hell was he doing here took place.
  • Kageyama is calm throughout the entire thing and just states his dreams there and then. Hinata slightly intimidated manages to force out the same statement out of sheer pressure.
  • Hinata not knowing what else to do challenges Kageyama to a rematch which the blueberry gladly uptakes. This time, it was clear draw, both teams fought amazingly.
  • Kageyama patched both teams up afterwards. Hinata was surprised he knew how to treat Pokémon and asked where he learned it. He blushes and murmurs a quiet “A friend.” Hinata being Hinata is like, “You blushed do you like them? Is it your crush? Was she from Goldenrod too?”
  • Kageyama is obviously annoyed and he replies, “It’s not like that boke. He’s a senpai.” And Hinata brushes it off quite quickly like “Ohhhhhh.” (Everyone has a crush on Hajime what are you talking about, it’s called puppy love and Kageyama was in Pokéballs deep. Haha, get it? No? I’m so sorry.)
  • But yeah, these two had no choice but to camp in the forest for the night. Monferno helps make the campfire while Marshtomp helps scavenge for berries.
  • Kageyama checks on his egg and makes sure it’s all cosy and warm wrapped around his jacket, he keeps it close by because he doesn’t want any other Pokémon sneaking by and stealing the egg.
  • When everything was checked, they settled in for the night to look forward for the next day. This was merely the beginning to a new found friendship and adventure.
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I'm sorry I'm really shy but I've been following you for a while and I saw your latest post- are you okay?

Yep! I’m fine now. I was discharged at around 3:30 in the morning, and then I slept for a good seven or eight hours. I still haven’t eaten much because there’s almost nothing around here that ISN’T cross contaminated with peanuts, but eh. I’ll manage. Idk what I’m going to do about my homework and class tmrw but one day at a time lol.

What Would Happen If: I read SVT Fanfics In Front Of Vernon
  • Idk if I can post an imagine tonight so I decided to start a series of short scenarios. Instead of a y/n it's just me, the author.
  • Me: *giggles a little while I'm on my phone*
  • Vernon: "What are you laughing about?"
  • Me: "Oh, just stuff on Tumblr"
  • Vernon: "What's on Tumblr?"
  • Me: "Fanfiction about you guys!"
  • Vernon: "Are you reading one about me?"
  • Me: "Yep
  • Vernon: "What am I doing that's so funny?!?"
  • Me: "They set your contact name to "Memesol" on Woozi's phone" 😂
  • Vernon: 😑 "Well if anything is going to be a meme it's going to be YourFace™ once I tickle you-"

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I feel like I should tell you this but I have no idea how. So I play the piano and I’m practicing a piece by chopin. Idk if I saw one of your posts while learning it or what happened but there’s a part that every time I play it I remember you. Like my brain goes “okay play this note, oh btw LJ is pretty cool aren’t they? Yep well now the other note...” Every. Freaking. Time. And I don’t know what to do about it... i- i just felt like letting you know?

AH MAN THIS IS SO COOL!!!! And I actually GET it??? Like I play piano too and I was learning Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies one year and for some reason during the part where it goes to the minor key something somehow created this association to my uncle Jerry and now like even YEARS later when I play that song I get to that part and think, “Uncle Jerry!” for NO REASON AT ALL that i can remember, like…SOMETHING must have happened? To set up that initial association? 

My own stupid theory is that when your brain is in learning mode it’s more willing to form associations to help you retain the new information so you end up with these weird little random links like this? I dunno if that’s actually true but there you have it! 

Anyway this is super cool thank you for sharing!!! (Also omg thank you for thinking I’m cool???? I’m happy to be remembered fondly during Chopin!  <3 I have no idea how to make it go away though lol) 

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idk if youve seen it but theres some "confession" post in the tag talking about how bucky/nat's relationship retconned nat's past. correct me if im wrong but wasn't it more like nat's past + "oh hey bucky was there too"? i cant remember what her canon was before that point but it didnt seem like it changed anything. it was more like their relationship was just added on.

Yep, I saw it and kinda rolled my eyes because that OP is clearly reacting to a telephone-chain of bad information that antis like to put out to taint everything Brubaker did with Natasha (therefore tainting all thing BuckyNat) in the minds of new fans.

Despite what some people may try to claim, Brubaker did not retcon Natasha’s backstory out of thin air just to make her Bucky girlfriend. Before Brubaker ever got to write Captain America, Natasha already had two different backstories – the Cold War spy (who may be much much older than she looks) backstory and the murder orphanage backstory. As with all things Natasha, FYBW has an in-depth write-up [Secret Origins Part 1] [Secret Origins Part 2] [Secret Origins Part 3] that I highly recommend reading, but here is a quick explanation:

Backstory 1, a.k.a. the Cold War spy backstory: So way back in 1972 (when Brubaker was all of six years old btw), Daredevil #88 laid out the groundwork for the Natasha backstory we know today – she was a war orphan that Ivan had rescued in Stalingrad, who chooses to join the KGB/becomes a Cold War spy and who later decided to defect and eventually become a superhero. Daredevil #88 came out about thirty years after the war, so the timeline made perfect sense. However, as we got further and further away from WWII, things got a little weirder. That’s when Uncanny X-Men #268 shows up in 1990. UXM #268 tells how Logan and Steve and Natasha first met in WWII:

While ignoring some of the specific details of DD #88’s timeline, UXM #268 doubles down on Natasha’s connection to WWII and is the first to suggest (but fails to explain) that Natasha is not as young as she appears to be:

The writer, Chris Claremont, left the book shortly after UXM #268, so he never went into more detail/gave any explanations for Natasha’s age. So it and the Cold War origins became a hanging plotline that more and more writers choose to ignore the further we got from the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. (Sidenote: The Red Room entered into the Black Widow mythos in 1999 with the introduction of Yelena Bolova.) Which brings us to…

Backstory 2, a.k.a. the murder orphanage retcon: 2004 was the year Marvel inflicted Richard Morgan onto Natasha, and he inflicted his murder orphanage retcon onto all of us. Morgan set out to tell a story about why sexism bad and proceeded to do so in the most mansplainy way ever with the added bonus of removing all of Natasha’s agency from her entire life. No longer did Natasha decide to join the KGB and become a spy. Nope, instead she grew up in the 1970s in a murder orphanage designed to produce perfect little spies. No longer did Natasha choose to deflect from the Soviet Union and become an Avenger. Nope, instead Nick Fury used special pheromone perfume that forced Natasha to do what he wanted. Seriously. (Keep that in mind next time these people try to claim that Brubaker retconned Natasha’s history just for Bucky’s dick. Because what they’re trying to do is convince people a gross AU retcon from a decade ago is Natasha’s ‘real’ origin story.)


Moving on to 2007 and Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America. In an interview following the release of Captain America #27, he states:

In the Winter Soldier origin issue, which is in my second Cap trade, we show the history and the timeline, and in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s he was deep in Department X. That was an actual Soviet special section during the Cold War, where they did their experimental stuff, like brainwashing and the like. So, when I was researching it, it occurred to me that the Red Room program would have been attached to Department X, and that if the Black Widow was being trained in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, they probably met. [X]

Brubaker either didn’t know about or actively chose to ignore a three-year-old recon, and decided to go back to Backstory 1 because it worked with the story he was trying to tell. The only thing he actually retconned was the ‘fact’ Natasha had a secret relationship with the Winter Soldier for a short time in the late 1950s. So basically all Brubaker did was bring the unaging Cold War spy backstory back into play (with a tiny extra dash of tragic romance), which was then followed by Cornell and Liu who each filled in details and shaped it into the backstory we know today.

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