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idk if youve seen it but theres some "confession" post in the tag talking about how bucky/nat's relationship retconned nat's past. correct me if im wrong but wasn't it more like nat's past + "oh hey bucky was there too"? i cant remember what her canon was before that point but it didnt seem like it changed anything. it was more like their relationship was just added on.

Yep, I saw it and kinda rolled my eyes because that OP is clearly reacting to a telephone-chain of bad information that antis like to put out to taint everything Brubaker did with Natasha (therefore tainting all thing BuckyNat) in the minds of new fans.

Despite what some people may try to claim, Brubaker did not retcon Natasha’s backstory out of thin air just to make her Bucky girlfriend. Before Brubaker ever got to write Captain America, Natasha already had two different backstories – the Cold War spy (who may be much much older than she looks) backstory and the murder orphanage backstory. As with all things Natasha, FYBW has an in-depth write-up [Secret Origins Part 1] [Secret Origins Part 2] [Secret Origins Part 3] that I highly recommend reading, but here is a quick explanation:

Backstory 1, a.k.a. the Cold War spy backstory: So way back in 1972 (when Brubaker was all of six years old btw), Daredevil #88 laid out the groundwork for the Natasha backstory we know today – she was a war orphan that Ivan had rescued in Stalingrad, who chooses to join the KGB/becomes a Cold War spy and who later decided to defect and eventually become a superhero. Daredevil #88 came out about thirty years after the war, so the timeline made perfect sense. However, as we got further and further away from WWII, things got a little weirder. That’s when Uncanny X-Men #268 shows up in 1990. UXM #268 tells how Logan and Steve and Natasha first met in WWII:

While ignoring some of the specific details of DD #88’s timeline, UXM #268 doubles down on Natasha’s connection to WWII and is the first to suggest (but fails to explain) that Natasha is not as young as she appears to be:

The writer, Chris Claremont, left the book shortly after UXM #268, so he never went into more detail/gave any explanations for Natasha’s age. So it and the Cold War origins became a hanging plotline that more and more writers choose to ignore the further we got from the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. (Sidenote: The Red Room entered into the Black Widow mythos in 1999 with the introduction of Yelena Bolova.) Which brings us to…

Backstory 2, a.k.a. the murder orphanage retcon: 2004 was the year Marvel inflicted Richard Morgan onto Natasha, and he inflicted his murder orphanage retcon onto all of us. Morgan set out to tell a story about why sexism bad and proceeded to do so in the most mansplainy way ever with the added bonus of removing all of Natasha’s agency from her entire life. No longer did Natasha decide to join the KGB and become a spy. Nope, instead she grew up in the 1970s in a murder orphanage designed to produce perfect little spies. No longer did Natasha choose to deflect from the Soviet Union and become an Avenger. Nope, instead Nick Fury used special pheromone perfume that forced Natasha to do what he wanted. Seriously. (Keep that in mind next time these people try to claim that Brubaker retconned Natasha’s history just for Bucky’s dick. Because what they’re trying to do is convince people a gross AU retcon from a decade ago is Natasha’s ‘real’ origin story.)


Moving on to 2007 and Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America. In an interview following the release of Captain America #27, he states:

In the Winter Soldier origin issue, which is in my second Cap trade, we show the history and the timeline, and in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s he was deep in Department X. That was an actual Soviet special section during the Cold War, where they did their experimental stuff, like brainwashing and the like. So, when I was researching it, it occurred to me that the Red Room program would have been attached to Department X, and that if the Black Widow was being trained in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, they probably met. [X]

Brubaker either didn’t know about or actively chose to ignore a three-year-old recon, and decided to go back to Backstory 1 because it worked with the story he was trying to tell. The only thing he actually retconned was the ‘fact’ Natasha had a secret relationship with the Winter Soldier for a short time in the late 1950s. So basically all Brubaker did was bring the unaging Cold War spy backstory back into play (with a tiny extra dash of tragic romance), which was then followed by Cornell and Liu who each filled in details and shaped it into the backstory we know today.

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What the heck? Ayse poisoned her kids?


Anonymous said: Confirmed that Ayse is Kaya’s mom but i kinda feel bad for Ayse not seeing her kids. Also is Farya now infertile?

yeah it’s very cruel to take her children away but at the same time i understand why they did it; she’s accused of treason and the sultan’s children can’t stay with her, unfortunately

i think the midwife said some episodes back that it’ll be a miracle if she gets pregnant again, after her miscarriage

Anonymous said: Wtf first Gev and now Ayse and her kids??!! I swear this show gets crazier every episode. I’m assuming that now Farya will take care of little Kaya??

i know!! apparently everyone just wanted to leave……….. lol 

i just wished they had sent gevherhan away to her sisters and that ayse was exiled to amasya                        no blood spilled and asli and leyla get to leave

i hope she doesn’t tbh but maybe she will out of guilt? she was pretty shaken for what happened and i can see her trying to make things right by taking care of ayse’s child            though i don’t know how happy ayse would be tbh

What? A early morning post from kenna???? Yep!!
So, I know I usually do CAH games on fridays, but I thought I’d spice it up and stream something tonight
Whether it be a movie or a couple episodes of something idk
But I’m probably gonna stream Kingsglaive, FMA or a disney movie, I’m not sure yet~
So ye, now if you excuse me, I gots to get ready for school~~~
More details later~

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It's funny because I just submitted an ask idk if you posted earlier. But it was that I didn't want Lauren to confirm Laucy because I didn't think you guys would believe her anyway and she should just keep her privacy. Lol. 8 hrs later. Yep. Lol. Even tho Lauren didn't comment, she should watch this reaction and just chill quietly. Whatever she says, some shippers will deny. What's the point? 🙃

I posted it just like I’ll post this one…

I feel sorry for Dan and Phil if they check their tags and see all the text posts saying “I miss the old Dan and Phil” people need to realize that their both not just two guys who sit in their room and talk to a camera anymore, they’re lucky enough to have opportunities like being interviewed on and working for American TV and working for the BBC and they’re not going to turn around one day and forget people just because they’re both on TV and radio

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can you do a post-ep

This is really short but here you go.

He’s lying on his stomach, cheek pressed against the pillow, arm over her waist.  She smooths the hair on his head.  ”They know.”

“Yep,” he says, sighing.  He snuggles closer to her.  "What did Sam have to say about it?“

"Oh, um… nothing much,” she lies, unwilling to go into the details of what Sam really talked to her about, which was far from ‘nothing much’.  "Callen?“

"Something about risks, I don’t know.”  He closes his eyes, obviously on the brink of falling asleep.  "Not important.“

She listens to his breath even out, knowing that if she doesn’t ask him soon, it’s not going to happen tonight.  ”Deeks.”


“You know you can tell me anything?”


“And you’re my best friend?”

“You’re my best friend, too.”

She bites her lip.  ”Then why did you lie to Hetty?”  She realizes that it came out as a whisper, and she starts to think that he didn’t hear her.  But then he opens his eyes, staring up at her, his gaze tired and blue.

“You’re not in danger.”  He says it like it’s the only thing that matters, and the dread she’s been feeling since she noticed LAPD taking pictures of them that morning sinks into the bottom of her stomach like a lead weight.  

“You’re not either.”  Again, he doesn’t reply right away, and she tries to keep the panic out of her voice when she says, “Right?”

“Everything’s going to be okay.”  He smiles, closing his eyes.  "Promise.“  It’s the second time today that she knows he’s lying.

Breaking it down

I know I shouldn’t. But I feel like it. So I’m gonna. Okay let’s break this anon message down. Message in bold. Comment in italics.

Hahahaha valdaya is so desperate for interaction between val/ zendaya.
Of course we are. Every ship is desperate for interaction its quite normal to look forward to moments.

you guys are reposting this ridiculous graduation ig post. How pathetic.
It was a cute picture. People enjoyed seeing them together. Enjoyed seeing Z graduate. Or getting ready to.

he looked so out of place, he has no reason to be there. he’s not her bf, they’re not even close anymore.
Okay here my dear you sound like an idiot. I can’t sugar coat it. Nor should I. He’s smiling. She’s smiling. They are joking around. Yep he looked so awkward there. How are they not close? You and others keep saying that but never back it up.

idk what is gonna have to happen for you to see trevor is zendaya’s boyfriend.

Again I keep hearing that too. With no proof. He hardly mentions her or sends any type of support or even a simple hey. And not only that they both deny it and to a point of frustration over the rumors. If an act or dating in secret I don’t see them being that annoyed. So what has to happen is actual fucking proof!

I guess you wanna see her tongue kissing and booed up with trev, and that will be your proof.
Yes her kissing anyone and more than a little peck would be proof. However unlike you Z is too mature and smart to be caught in public in those situations. So we both will be waiting for a while.

no one in her life acknowledges val so stop with the val/zen nonsense.
Her mom. Her dad. Her former SIU costars. Her KU costars. Directors. Producers. Dom. Deja. Other band mates. Trevor. And yes I could go on. So get your head out of your ass to acknowledge Val isn’t going anywhere! I’m not saying ship them or to like it…but acting like an idiot and blatantly ignoring everything is sad.