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1/? BTS — Otherworldly Series

When news reached Heaven that an Angel had fallen in love with a Demon, the guilty Angel was immediately hunted down and captured. As punishment, the Angel was bound and locked away in Heaven’s hidden abyss—a dark, savage place where errant Angels were taken and tortured to atone for their crimes against Heaven.

But what those in Heaven had failed to notice, was that the Angel and Demon were a mated pair, that the two were bonded. Had they been aware of this, they would have known not to mess with the Angel, for to bring harm to a Demon’s mate, especially that of a Prince of Hell, was to unlease the Legion of Hell’s wrath upon themselves.

So the day when the abyss was infiltrated, when all the imprisoned Angels were freed and allowed to wreck havoc upon Heaven and all its Angels alongside the Demons, all of Heaven fell to their knees.

J2 + Greek Mythology AU → Hades!Jensen + Persephone!Jared

After word spread that the God of the Underworld married a mortal man, Jensen began to hear what others, gods and mortals alike, thought of his consort. They all seemed to believe his husband would be something like him—apathetic, strict, forbidding, callous.

There were whispers that Jensen had tricked his husband, that he’d forced him into marriage. Some even dared to suggest that perhaps his husband was secretly a monster—some hideous, discarded being unloved by others that accepted any hint of kindess thrown his way. For how could any being in their right frame of mind, whether they be a god or human, ever willingly want to marry the dreadful God of the Underworld?

Jensen wished for nothing more than to smite those whisperers and send their souls to rot in Tartarus for all eternity. He didn’t want anyone, not even the other gods, to speak ill of his beloved. But Jared always shook his head and quietly asked Jensen to please look away, to ignore their words, and though Jensen could see the hurt in Jared’s eyes, he always relented.

The loss was theirs, Jensen knew. Those ignorant fools could not know just how wrong they were—that Jared was his opposite. For his words and actions were always thoughtful, kind. He sought to help those in need, to show mercy to those deserving, and to bring joy to those suffering. And Jensen’s husband was no monster—had they seen him, they would know that Jared was a handsome human, that his skin had a lovely sun-kissed tan, that his eyes were a dazzling, yet puzzling shade of iridescent hazel that seemed to oscillate between brown and green, that he had a radiant smile that could light up even the darkest pit of Hades. Without a doubt, in Jensen’s eyes, no other human or god’s beauty could ever compare to Jared’s.

How could those clueless imbeciles possibly ever know the truth? That Jensen had unknowingly stolen Jared’s heart before Jared had stolen his. That the soft way Jared gazed at him made Jensen’s chest fill with warmth and his heart flutter in a way he’d never experienced before their union. That Jensen adored the way it was so easy to make his husband flush. How could they understand that what was between them was a pure, divine, ardent love—one that could make even the other gods envious?


anyways why make steven visibly have legitimate problems with connecting his human and his gem side only to have the first human he expresses that to be the goddamn racist uncle instead of idk maybe greg or connie

yeah maybe he wants to “know more about his family” but greg is clearly his family, not to mention that it seems like a flimsy excuse since steven’s never mentioned wanting to know more about his family before??

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Hey so I've kind of been off the map for a while since I've been on vacation and haven't had the opportunity to watch a lot of videos on YouTube - so Chase is dead? What video is that?

it’s… complicated. like in the bro average video where we first see chase, he ends up shooting himself with the nerf gun and playing it off like he died, but after the credits, we see him waking up. idk if that really counts as him dying??

and then in jack’s 2nd episode of bio inc redemption, jack named one of the characters in-game “chase brody”, to which many people speculated that that was bro average chase’s real name. jack even reblogged a photoset that linked the two, but said nothing, so many people took on the fact that bro average chase’s real name is chase brody and it seems jack himself has adapted to the idea as well! (example here)

however, in said bio inc video, the character that was named chase brody ended up dying. so people are a little iffy about whether or not that was actually really chase or not.

me personally, i believe chase is fine and happy and with his kids. plus, jack also liked this post, which stated that chase is immortal because of his love for his kids so 💛


Sometimes the fluff I draw is so fluffy that just even drawing it makes me die.

Inspired by this photoset of owls. Yeah. Idk anything about birds and for all I know what looks like cute owls kissing and cuddling with each other could actually be birds preparing for gladiatorial battle but hey, it looks cute.


I’m gonna be gone until the weekend, so I finished this quickly so I don’t miss the deadline.

My entry for the 7KPP Poster Design Contest~

This looks ridiculous as a photoset orz. I haven’t animated in centuries; I’m surprised I even remember how to frame this kind of stuff. Idk what even Tumblr’s post sizes are now tbh. The banners are 800px in width, so open them in a new window or something to see the shiny logo in action. It’s just plain old Photoshop animation though, so nothing fancy; my laptop can’t take After Effects with all the unfinished VNs and unwatched anime I have stored *sobs* 

Shoutout and a big thanks to zelcher for helping me brainstorm, and the original GUI designer whose designs I basically ripped off orz. I’ll be upping the character cards on a later date as well; I pretty much gave up doing typography for their quotes because some of them were unnecessarily long (I’m looking at you two, Ana and Zarad).

Preview of one of the character cards under the cut~

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this isnt meant to be an "unjustified attack to your art/yourself/stuff" but im honestly geniunely curious as to what is going on in the recent (recent? idk i saw it reblogged it might not be recent) karezi photoset

omg no don’t worry that’s not what I mean by attack and well not much going on ;v; they’re just a bunch of separate pictures I had in my folder

Anon:Is there any way you could possibly write a bit more… clearly in your comics? I have a hard time reading sometimes. I think it’s just with the human kids, as you seem to have a distinct hand writing with each character?

as I said other times I’m already writing as clearly as possible, sometimes I even go back and rewrite some letters to make sure they’re more readable, so more than this I can’t do