idk what this photoset even is


Swan Queen~Fractured Fairytales (AU )


Sometimes the fluff I draw is so fluffy that just even drawing it makes me die.

Inspired by this photoset of owls. Yeah. Idk anything about birds and for all I know what looks like cute owls kissing and cuddling with each other could actually be birds preparing for gladiatorial battle but hey, it looks cute.

what your fave in attack on titan says about you
  • eren: you read a lot of reincarnation au fics, you all differ depending on who you ship him with
  • mikasa: you hate the fandom and continuously ignore them while reblogging photosets of chapter 50
  • armin: you live off of the screm meme and gifsets about seeing the ocean
  • hanji: ??? idk what youre doing but you do you
  • levi: youre boring and youre obsessed with yaoi
  • jean: *insert twelve horse jokes here*
  • ymir: you love yumikuri more than you love yourself
  • marco: you ship jeanmarco
  • historia: you probably get a lot of undeserved anon hate and youre most likely a lesbian
  • reiner and/or bertholdt: do you guys even do anything???
  • sasha: you deserve a cookie bc youre one of the only pure souls here
  • connie: you prefer the dub over the sub unironically
  • annie: you cry a lot
  • erwin: youre just really into chris evans arent you
  • "my fave isn't on here": you clearly need to chill

I’m gonna be gone until the weekend, so I finished this quickly so I don’t miss the deadline.

My entry for the 7KPP Poster Design Contest~

This looks ridiculous as a photoset orz. I haven’t animated in centuries; I’m surprised I even remember how to frame this kind of stuff. Idk what even Tumblr’s post sizes are now tbh. The banners are 800px in width, so open them in a new window or something to see the shiny logo in action. It’s just plain old Photoshop animation though, so nothing fancy; my laptop can’t take After Effects with all the unfinished VNs and unwatched anime I have stored *sobs* 

Shoutout and a big thanks to zelcher for helping me brainstorm, and the original GUI designer whose designs I basically ripped off orz. I’ll be upping the character cards on a later date as well; I pretty much gave up doing typography for their quotes because some of them were unnecessarily long (I’m looking at you two, Ana and Zarad).

Preview of one of the character cards under the cut~

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