idk what this photoset even is


anyways why make steven visibly have legitimate problems with connecting his human and his gem side only to have the first human he expresses that to be the goddamn racist uncle instead of idk maybe greg or connie

yeah maybe he wants to “know more about his family” but greg is clearly his family, not to mention that it seems like a flimsy excuse since steven’s never mentioned wanting to know more about his family before??


If all this was a work of fiction… the guys who go to nationals would be the protagonists, and the rest of us would just be extras. But, regardless… we got to play… volleyball.

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Hey so I've kind of been off the map for a while since I've been on vacation and haven't had the opportunity to watch a lot of videos on YouTube - so Chase is dead? What video is that?

it’s… complicated. like in the bro average video where we first see chase, he ends up shooting himself with the nerf gun and playing it off like he died, but after the credits, we see him waking up. idk if that really counts as him dying??

and then in jack’s 2nd episode of bio inc redemption, jack named one of the characters in-game “chase brody”, to which many people speculated that that was bro average chase’s real name. jack even reblogged a photoset that linked the two, but said nothing, so many people took on the fact that bro average chase’s real name is chase brody and it seems jack himself has adapted to the idea as well! (example here)

however, in said bio inc video, the character that was named chase brody ended up dying. so people are a little iffy about whether or not that was actually really chase or not.

me personally, i believe chase is fine and happy and with his kids. plus, jack also liked this post, which stated that chase is immortal because of his love for his kids so 💛


I’m not really one to re-upload my old art, but this is one of those AUs I still love to death even though I never draw it anymore, and I actually am still really happy with how these refs turned out ;v; 

so I thought i’d put them in one big photoset finally

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have you ever heard of a youtube channel called peaceful cuisine? based on what you link every now and again, i think you may like it

yeah! I’ve seen people make photosets/gifs out of their videos n I can tell that they make even the simplest recipe super comforting n like their name, peaceful. they obviously focus a lot on professional editing/recording so I get why people rave about them. I personally think that, idk, they’re a little too simple for me lmao… a lot of the foods I like they don’t really make so I’m more into channels like cooking tree, cho’s daily cook or dalmiin’s baking studio 


Sometimes the fluff I draw is so fluffy that just even drawing it makes me die.

Inspired by this photoset of owls. Yeah. Idk anything about birds and for all I know what looks like cute owls kissing and cuddling with each other could actually be birds preparing for gladiatorial battle but hey, it looks cute.


I’m gonna be gone until the weekend, so I finished this quickly so I don’t miss the deadline.

My entry for the 7KPP Poster Design Contest~

This looks ridiculous as a photoset orz. I haven’t animated in centuries; I’m surprised I even remember how to frame this kind of stuff. Idk what even Tumblr’s post sizes are now tbh. The banners are 800px in width, so open them in a new window or something to see the shiny logo in action. It’s just plain old Photoshop animation though, so nothing fancy; my laptop can’t take After Effects with all the unfinished VNs and unwatched anime I have stored *sobs* 

Shoutout and a big thanks to zelcher for helping me brainstorm, and the original GUI designer whose designs I basically ripped off orz. I’ll be upping the character cards on a later date as well; I pretty much gave up doing typography for their quotes because some of them were unnecessarily long (I’m looking at you two, Ana and Zarad).

Preview of one of the character cards under the cut~

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What is my life?  Doodles and such from the past two days, done to take breaks from drawing other things.  Because if I draw the same thing for too long I start getting worse at drawing it.

  • Orem unintentionally grew flowers in his hair thanks to the Spring Queen and I still think that’s freaking adorable.
  • Based on this.  Still can’t draw Randus to my own satisfaction.  Also, when they keep mentioning Assistant as a robotic crab thing, I (living in Maryland) picture an actual crab but, you know, just robot.  Also don’t even question what’s actually under those bandages, it’s probably just as much metal as flesh.
  • STORY BOOKENDS.  Orem after the Celestial Crusade and a memory of way back when it was just a quick jaunt to figure out what happened to his teacher’s friend.  Yes, that’s how I picture memories I guess.

OK FIRST THINGS FIRST anon kun i’m sorry this went completely off tangent and it didn’t rly answer your question…? i had a lot of painful fun doing this tho so THANKS FOR THE ASK i hope you’re having a splendid new year too !

ok keeping this short because wow long post so get your (rly obvious) conclusion and extras under the cut 

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“As the great wealth of the dwarves grew, their store of good will ran thin.  No one knows exactly what began the rift.  The elves say the dwarves stole their treasure. The dwarves tell another tale.  They say the Elven king refused to give them their rightful pay.  It is sad, Frodo, how old alliances can be broken, how friendships between peoples can be lost.  And for what?”

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this isnt meant to be an "unjustified attack to your art/yourself/stuff" but im honestly geniunely curious as to what is going on in the recent (recent? idk i saw it reblogged it might not be recent) karezi photoset

omg no don’t worry that’s not what I mean by attack and well not much going on ;v; they’re just a bunch of separate pictures I had in my folder

Anon:Is there any way you could possibly write a bit more… clearly in your comics? I have a hard time reading sometimes. I think it’s just with the human kids, as you seem to have a distinct hand writing with each character?

as I said other times I’m already writing as clearly as possible, sometimes I even go back and rewrite some letters to make sure they’re more readable, so more than this I can’t do