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Children Don’t Do The Things I Do

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Pairing: Bucky x younger Reader

Warnings: SMUT GOOD LORD, lil bit of sir!kink, spanking, hair pulling, swearing, orgasm denial, reader dresses like a little girl (idk what that’s called lmao)

Summary: Reader is much younger than Bucky. The youngest Avenger at that. They come home from grocery shooping just to overhear Bucky, Tony, Clint, and Steve talking about her and her childishness.

Word Count: 1,994


A/N: Reader is 18+ and i literally know nothing about anything hahahah

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All It Takes

[title] All It Takes

[pairing] T’Challa x Reader

[summary] T’Challa’s kingly duties have been calling him into work lately, leaving the reader with the company of Uuka, T’Challa’s friend, who can get a little too flirty.

[warnings] none

[a/n] yo im on a chadwick boseman craze rn idk what’s happening

[translation] i used Xhosa for the “Wakandain” language in this fic because that’s what they used in Civil War

Sithandwa sam- my darling / my love

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Wakanda was buzzing with excitement. Women and children were quick to reserve spots to witness the event, or to claim the television for the night, even the men were in the spirit of things. After a marginally over a year engagement, the thrill and frenzy of the royal wedding was in the air.

Young King, T’Challa Udaku,  was getting married and the people were thrilled.

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New Auror (Percival Graves x Reader) Part 1/?



Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader 

Warnings: none?? idk what to call this really. arguing??


No one, with the exception of Madam President, has ever told the great Percival Graves what to do, when to do it or how to do it.

But when MASUCA employed a new Auror, that all changed.

This new Auror, Y/N L/N, would always find a way to one up and ultimately embarrass Director Graves every chance she got, and bloody hell she knew it. Her quick wit, strong demeanor and determinedness were her most powerful weapons. She knew how to get under his skin in a heartbeat, she knew every way to press his buttons and she was proud of it. Not to mention that she was trying to steal his job away from him.

After months of Y/N’s employment, Percival had put his foot down. He was sick and tired of Madam President choosing her side and everyone else gushing about how “absolutely wonderful and charming” she was. At first he went to Madam President’s office, expressing his concerns to which she just said, “Director Graves, I suggest you bring it up with Y/N herself, as y’know, telling on her to her boss is a bit childish. Leave, please.”

So he did. He called her into his office, to which she -albeit reluctantly- agreed to. Y/N thought it was rather unusual, this was the first time Graves had even talked to her outside meetings. She made herself comfortable on one of the chairs, eyeing Graves up suspiciously.

“So, Graves, why am I here?”

He studied her face for a while, tapping his fingers on his desk before straightening his back.

“I have some… concerns.”

She furrowed her eyebrows, “regarding what, exactly? Make it quick, I’m not getting any younger here, Graves.”

He bit his lip at her comment, trying very hard not to lose his cool. “Regarding your attitude.”

This made a smirk appear on her face, “oh, is that so?” She sat up on her seat in mock eagerness, “please tell me more.”

Percival drew a deep breath, “yes. Your attitude. I will not stand for it, nor your constant drive to undermine me, to be better than me because doll,” he paused, leaning in, “we both know that’s not true.”

A flick goes off in Y/N’s head and she scoffs, “I see what’s going on here.”

“Please tell me more.” Percival mocks.

“You’re jealous.”

Percival draws back, shocked. “What?! I am in no way whatsoe-”

“Yes you are! You’ve been jealous ever since I got here, ever since Madam President agreed with my lead instead of yours! You think I will become the new you, and I would start by taking your job!” Her voice lowers dangerously low. “You’re jealous because I’m better.”

“Oh please, get off your high horse, Y/N. Why would they give my job to someone like you?” Percival growls back.

Y/N stands up fastly, her palms face down on his desk. “You say my attitude’s bad? You’re just a man who is scared that he is replaceable, that there is someone better out there, and god forbid that be an independant woman. You’re terrified at the concept that I might be able to take your job away from you and you’re making it all about me, making it all my fault so you don’t have to see what you truly are; a coward.”

Percival’s face remains the same. Jaw locked, eyebrows furrowed. On the inside, however, he was going to burst. His head filled with so many thoughts. 

“And you know what the funny thing is, Graves? You don’t even have to worry about me taking your job away from you. You wanna know why?”

His eyes slowly trailed up to Y/N’s.

“I’m getting transferred, you idiot.”

Imagine Jensen Proposing to You

Imagine Jensen Proposing to You

A/N: I feel like i’ve posted this one, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, so idk. But, here it is! Again, or not.. Who knows? Also, no hate towards Danneel!

Pairing: Jensen X Reader

Warnings: Fluff

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Y/F/N Y/L/N. What a woman. She was a fireball. Feisty as they come. She could rock blue jeans and a messy bun just as well as a dress and heels. Messy hair just as well as perfectly placed. She’s a natural beauty. And somehow I ended up lucky enough to call her mine. Other girls i’ve been with were just in it for my money, what I could give them, but not her. Y/N could care less about the money I make, or my fame. She loves me for me, and for that I owe her the world.

I stood in the door way of our shared living room, watching her sing into the broom as she cleaned.

“Jensen! I didn’t know you were watching me!” She shouted, blush creeping across her gorgeous face.

“Just enjoying the show sweetheart!” I chuckled. “Hey, I have a surprise for you, meet me out back in thirty minutes! No peeking!” I was beyond nervous and I hoped she couldn’t tell.

Excitement danced across her beautiful y/e/c eyes before she scurried off to wait in our bed room.

I rushed out to our large back yard to set up. I started a fire and laid out a blanket and pillows. Lining her path to the fire with rose petals. Once I was done I waited nervously for her, fumbling with the small velvet box in my pocket.

I watched as she made her way to me, eager to see her reaction.

“Jensen! This is amazing!” She squealed, excitement radiating from her.

“Only for you sweetheart. Now close your eyes!” I said before dropping to one knee, removing the small box from my pocket. “Ok, now open them!”

Tears began to fall softly from her eyes as a huge smile spread across her lips.

“Y/F/N Y/L/N, will you make me the happiest man on this planet and marry me?” I asked, tears threatening to spill from my eyes.

“Yes! Of course!” She shouted.

I placed the ring onto her delicate finger, no longer able to hold back my tears.

“My happy ending.” I whispered before picking up my soon to be bride and spinning her around.

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So I literally set up a tumblr just so you could help me with this book hah. Its about 4 people who all have there own problems and are so different. 2 girl best friends called Cami and Bella. Cami is beauty queen popular girl of school and Bella is just her bookworm best friend. The pair adore each other but are so different. Cami is dating jock Jacob who is gay and don't want his parents to know and enter new boy who befriends the bunch and kinda like Bella but idk how to start it or put plots

Oh my God you are adorable. You created a Tumblr account to ask XD, I love you.

Okay let’s see what can be done for Cami, Bella, Jacob and our new guy. Also I’d like to tell you that in a story I’m currently working on, one of my characters is called Camille, but we call her Cami! I’m very grateful that you added their names in so I can identify the characters easier, thank you. So you’re looking for ways to start off your story then include plot twists? I have a few key points for you to remember:

  • What tense are you writing in? Past or present? This’ll be important so you don’t mix up what your characters are doing or what they have done. I mostly write in the present tense so the reader can feel more engaged in the story, not as if they are reading someone’s diary etc.
  • Are you writing in First, Second or Third person? Need a hand with these?
  1. First Person- ‘I’, ‘we’, etc. Literally ‘I did it’, ‘We did it’.
  2. Second Person- You, etc. Literally writing as if the reader were a character.
  3. Third Person (My fave)- ‘They’, ‘Him/Her’, ‘It’, etc. Writing from an outer-body perspective. This comes in handy when you’re addressing more than one persons emotions, how did each character react emotionally?
  • Setting and scene. Where are they? This is where the ‘who, what, where, when, why’ helps out. I’m going to obliterate the education system now by saying: You don’t need to use all of them. If you’re trying to show a sense of mystery, it isn’t key for you to tell the reader why they’re at the current setting, just to set the scene. Just don’t tell your teachers I said that.

I think that’s the raw basics, but I wanted to fill you in just in case, I’m not trying to talk you down if you’ve already figured that out! So what I’ve got from your characters so far is that they are young and in love, they best kind. If that wasn’t what you were going for then ignore the next bit:

  • Teens in high school.
  • Guys wolf-whistling at Cami and Bella constantly teasing her about it, but really not minding. She’s never been jealous, she’s content with her books.
  • Jacob being super accepting towards both girls because he knows how different they are and never wants Bella to feel left out.
  • The three of them going shopping together and Jacob being overly opinionated about it all.
  • Bella always recommending books to Cami and Cami never reading them, but one time she decides to read one and gets a surprise at how good Bella’s reading-taste is. 
  • The new guy sharing interests with Bella, whilst Cami and Jacob watch like overprotective parents.
  • Cami and Jacob always looking out for Bella and Bella always noticing and teasing them for it.
  • The new guy totally hitting it off with Jacob even though they don’t have all that much in common: Much like Cami and Bella’s friendship. 

I love the diversity of your characters, and I’m sure we can all agree, that you shouldn’t change them and their characteristics at all. It’s totally okay for to just jump in with the storyline, bring the reader in at any point you decide. For instance you can bring them in on the boy’s first day of highschool or way back when Cami and Bella became friends in middle school. Whatever you choose, your characters will eventually come to the original point of your story and it’ll all work out how you planned! It’s a great idea and just guessing and trying out different ideas can help immensely. Good luck on your story and I’d love to read it. Lots of love, from Yasmine xox

title: three for the price of one
summary: after getting to know each other online, Dan and Phil spend a promising first date until Phil gets a phone call and leaves in a hurry. Dan finds his wallet and decides to drop it off at Phil’s place the next morning, hoping for an explanation. However, he ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for…
genre: fluff with a tad of angst
warnings: alcohol mention, minor character death mention, and like two swears
words: ~ 7.6k (wow ok)
beta: the wonderful @femtastico
excerpt: When the song fades into a slow-paced one, Phil’s arm slips down from his shoulder and snakes around his waist, and Dan gently pulls him closer until the other man’s chin rests on his shoulder. They sway on the spot, engulfed in each other’s presence like a small bubble in a sea of people. The butterflies in Dan’s stomach have doubled and are swirling uncontrollably.
“Hi there, again,” Phil whispers, and Dan runs his hands up his torso, feeling the blue-eyed shiver under his touch. “Hi.”

a/n: this is roughly based on one of my all-time favourite movies “the holiday” with cameron diaz and jude law that you should totally watch if you haven’t already bc it’s super lovely (no i’m not late for halloween shh)

soo ur still good 4 tonight?
Dan taps away at his laptop nervously, waiting for the reply that comes seconds later.
- I am indeed. x] Why, are you having second thoughts?
He exhales, a smile forming on his face automatically. Phil has got a way of combining perfect grammar with strange emojis that makes Dan’s stomach flip over in the most pleasant way. And thinking about the effect Phil will have on him when they’re face to face for the first time in a couple of hours does absolutely nothing to calm his nerves.
Nah just making sure haha :D, he types and hits send, ignoring the fact that he is nowhere near as relaxed as the casual “nah“ suggests.
Phil just sends a in response and Dan promptly chokes on his own saliva, hurrying to replicate the symbol, accidentally adding a second 3 to the heart. Hopefully Phil won’t think he’s overly eager. Although he is, but Phil doesn’t need to know that.
- Can’t wait to see you, but you will have to let me leave now if you want me to be on time! ^-^
k, see u in 3 hours!
- :)

Dan stares at the smiley face for a good half minute, his own face mirroring the expression, before he pulls himself together and logs out of the dating website.
„Right, time to choose an outfit.“
He turns around to critically behold the assortment of clothes that are spread out across his bed. His two favorite pairs of black skinny jeans, four different black t-shirts, one button-down (black) and two jackets (both black as well). At least the colour won’t be a problem, he thinks chuckling to himself, and gets up from his desk chair.

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so, i saw @galra-prince-lance ‘s post and i was bored so i’ve decided to do this ask game lmao

Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

Nickname(s): my name is pretty short so I don’t get nicknames very often, a group of close friends calls me Els tho

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: I have no idea lmao…

Time Right Now: 15:40 pm

Last Thing Googled: the h&m site because i wanted to look for some coats

Favorite Music Artists: i pretty much listen to everything that’s out there

Song Stuck in Your Head: idk i find a new one every week

Last Movie Watched: kjdbd i literally do not remember

Last TV Show Watched: the newest shadowhunters episode

What I’m Wearing Right Now: a black long sleeved tee, a blue hoodie and a pair of leggins oh and my beloved black converse

Blog Creation Date: around the end of july

What Kind of Stuff I Post: all things voltron lmao

Do I Have Any Other Blogs?: i have a main blog where i post all sort of things i like and a miraculous ladybug sideblog

Do I Get Asks Regularly?: nah

Why Did I Choose My URL?: well klance was already taken….

Hogwarts House: I don’t know a single thing about harry potter i’m sorry fjdk

Pokemon Team: Mystic


Average Hours of Sleep:  it depends… but i go to bed pretty late on average i guess like 7 hours of sleep

Lucky Number: 11

Favorite Character(s): Lance

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With?: it depends where i am. if i’m in my college house, none bc the environment is very heated, if i’m home then a lot

Dream Job: i’d like to be a journalist sigh

Following: around 60 i think

and… yeah i’m tagging whoever sees this lmao

You Caught the Feelings

Prompt: “You are so fucked.”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 651

Fluff, I think? Idk I’ve never done fluff before. I hope you like it! Please please PLEASE send me requests (prompts, ships, whatever!)

part ii


Sometimes, you wondered if hair was really necessary.

As a part of the Avengers, your job called for serious physical demand. Jumping, flying, kicking, punching, killing was all good and all. But your long ass hair getting in the way was not.

In the Quinjet with Nat, Steve, Bucky and your dad, you were fiddling with your hair, trying to figure out what to do with it.

“(Y/n), just cut your hair,” Nat suggests. Easy for her to say, she looks good with shorter hair. With your round face shape, you weren’t confident that shorter length hair would look on you.

“I don’t know Nat, I don’t wanna look more like an egg than I already do.”

She laughs at your joke. “Believe me (y/n), you don’t need to have short hair to look like an egg,” she teases.

You give a lopsided grin, “Gee thanks.” Sighing, you drop the topic. You weren’t even going to consider cutting it. The goal was to grow it down to your butt. “Whatever, I’ll just tie it.”

Bucky had been talking with Steve and Tony, but had overheard your conversation with Nat. He sauntered over and sat down next to you.

“How ‘bout you braid it?” He proposed.

“I would…but I lowkey don’t know how to,” you admit.

Bucky looks at you with his brows knitted, “‘Lowkey’?”

You smile at his confusion, “I never learned how to braid.” With your family background, there wasn’t anyone who could teach you how to braid, or anything other little girls learned. It’s not like your dad was around to teach you. Tony had always away because of “work”.

The corner of Bucky’s lips turned upward, “I could teach you.”

With an amused look, you couldn’t hide your grin. “The Winter Soldier, the ex-assassin, knows how to braid hair?”

With a bashful smile, he nodded. “Well, with hair as luscious as mine, you have to learn how to take care of it.”

You turn your back towards Bucky and hand him a hair tie as you challenged him, “Alright then Terminator, show me your skills.”

He carefully took your hair and divided it into three pieces. “Wait, do you want a french braid or a normal one?” he asked seriously.

“Whichever one you want,” you laugh. He continues with what you think is a french braid, his fingers running through your hair. His touch sent shivers down your body. You wanted to scrunch up your neck, like that water bottle meme. Bucky finished braiding, a little too quickly. You were enjoying his touch and had to be told that he was done braiding.

“Oh, thanks Buck,” you exclaim, running your fingers over the neat braid.

“One second,” Bucky says, adjusting the braid. He fluffed out the braid, “It’ll make your braid look more ‘undone’.”

“Trust me, it’ll be become undone in no time,” you tease.

And unexpectedly, Bucky leans in close, his lips near your ear as he whispers seductively, “You wanna see how long it takes for it to be undone with me?” Shit.

WhaT DE fUCk? Your senses went into overdrive. Your heart raced and your head was spinning. Feeling his breath on your neck, you leaned into him.

“GET AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER,” your dad yells from the pilot seat. “I’m not blind, at least try to make an effort to hide your feelings, (y/n).”

“Give ‘em a break Tony. (Y/n) is an adult who can handle herself,” Steve says, giving you a wink.

Blushing slightly, you shout back at your dad, “Chill out, Tinman.”

Bucky’s hand grazes your waist before he gets up to go back to the front of the jet. You finally let go your breath. You had been holding your breath unconsciously. Shit. Feeling yourself catching feelings, you sigh dramatically.

Nat, who had been watching you two the entire time, laughs maniacally. “Oh, you are so fucked.”

Giving her a desperate look, you whine, “I knOW.”

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I Speak English - A.I.

Request(lmao I’m gonna keep going on anon but hi it’s zach) okay so like what about one where y/n works as the bartender at the hotel that the boys are staying at a for a few days and when they come down for drinks y/n and Ashton hit it off and then like idk man you can take it from there maybe they just have a quick fuck or maybe they become good friends or like they fall in love? who knows

Summary: The boys arrive at their hotel in Amsterdam and decide to go for some quick drinks before calling it a night. 

Pairing: Ashton x Female Reader

A/N: I was hearing “Y/N” with a cute Dutch accent and I couldn’t stop smiling I love Dutch accents and I love Amsterdam. 

As soon as Ashton stumbled into the small bar with his best friends, his eyes were glued to the gorgeous girl behind the bar. There was nobody else in the room besides the five- clearly, since it was a hotel bar on a Friday night in Amsterdam- which made him feel a little bit more confident. He was determined to talk to her, get to know her, maybe even do more with her. Most of all, he wanted to know her name. 

“Hi,” she greeted, a warm smile on her face as the four took seats along the countertop. 

“Hello,” Ashton responded, his voice stuttering a little. “Can I get a- wait, do you speak English? Christ, I’m so ignorant. Uhm… Krijg ik een biertje alstublieft?” The bartender giggled, a sound so sweet to Ashton’s ears. Her smile grew into a grin. “I speak English just fine,” she informed, remembering his request. One beer. “Can I get you three any drinks?” She asked his friends. 

Thankfully, they went easy on her and got beers as well. She bounced over to the tall cooler and grabbed three bottles of beer, returning to the bar and popping off the lids before handing them to their respective owners. The three mumbled words of gratitude before returning to their conversation, but the curly-haired boy with horrible Dutch wanted to speak to her. “So, what’s your name?” Ashton asked, smiling at the pretty girl as he took a long swig of his beer. 

“I am Y/N,” Y/N grinned, sitting down on the bar stool she dragged behind the countertop. “What’s your name?” 

“Ashton. Are you from around here?” Y/N nodded, resting her elbow on the tabletop and her head in her hand. “Born and raised,” she informed, casually eying Ashton up and down without making it too obvious. He wore a black button-down shirt, slight stubble lining his chiseled jaw and messy chestnut curls on his head. He also spoke with what she identified as an Australian accent. 

“That explains your adorable accent,” Ashton flirted, causing a soft blush to paint Y/N’s cheeks. 

Ashton and Y/N spent their entire visit talking, Y/N occasionally parting to retrieve more beer for the four, but mainly chatting it up with Ashton. Eventually, the bar had to come to a close. 

“Am I going to see you again?” Ashton asked, his hands digging into the pockets of his coat. Y/N smirked playfully, shrugging her shoulders. 

“I don’t know,” she responded, butterflies swarming in her stomach as she observed the fascination in his wide hazel eyes. “Maybe you can take me out the next time you find yourself in Amsterdam?” 

Ashton grinned, nodding his head in agreement. “Sounds like a plan.” He bit the inside of his lip, mustering all of his courage to make the next move. He leaned in, his cold hand resting on Y/N’s cheek and his other hand on the small of her back, pulling her close as he pressed their lips together. Y/N smiled into the kiss, her arms wrapping around his neck. His lips tasted like beer, which was originally an unpleasant taste for her, but it tasted so good on him. 

The boys whooped and hollered at Ashton, who flipped them off in response as he parted their lips. “You fucking bet I’m gonna come back tomorrow,” he chuckled, his forehead leaning against hers. 

“I’ll be waiting for you, Ashton.” 


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Pairing: Cas x Reader
Word count: 610
Request: Anonymous. Can I request something (drabble or oneshot I really don’t care) where the reader and Castiel are line a thing, but not official (although he thinks they are bc he doesn’t know anything about human relationships xD) and the reader calls him honeybee for the first time as a pet name and he just basically melts because he loves it so much? Idk how to explain what I’m thinking :(
A/N: I hope this is okay :3

Tossing a fry at Dean, you laughed. You just ended a hunt, and were sitting at a twenty-four hour diner eating burgers and milkshakes at three in the morning. Your feet were on the chair next to Dean, and Sam was next to you. “Shut it, Dean.” You smiled.

“I’m just saying.” He held up his hands. “There is no way that you could have done this without me.”

You rolled your eyes as your phone rang. “Look at that. You were saved by the phone.”

Sam glanced over and chuckled. “It’s her boyfriend.”

“Cas is not my boyfriend, Sam.” Getting up, you picked up at walked away to take the call. While, sure, you and Cas were seeing each other, neither of you had made the move to ‘exclusive’. “Hey you.” You smiled.

Dean shook his head and watched you for a minute before glancing at Sam. “You think that they’ll ever figure it out?”

“Figure what out?”

“Dude, how can you not see it? They’re head over heels for each other! I’m expecting a Vegas wedding between cases and little half angel babies.” He laughed.

Cas’s face lit up when you answered the phone. Hearing  your voice always brightened his mood. To him, you were his girlfriend, as you did everything that couples did. So, he wanted to surprise you with something, but wanted to see how close you were to returning to the bunker first. Finding out that you were about a day and a half away, he hoped that was enough time to put together something you deserved. He was still knew to the whole relationship thing.

“Cas!” You called out as you walked down the stairs into the bunker. “Cassie?!”

Dean chuckled. “I still can’t believe you call him that.” He was grinning.

“Don’t make me think of something to call you, too, Chuckles.” You smirked at the way his face fell. You each went your own way, always liking a little space after being so close in the car, and at the motel. Walking straight to your room, you weren’t expecting to walk in to see Cas. He was sitting at the end of the bed, holding a stuffed bee with a heart. You smiled, knowing how much he loved bees. “Awe.” You shut the door and moved to him.

“There’s more!” He grinned, looking so proud of himself. “Here.” He handed you a braided necklace with a honeycomb on it. “I made it myself. Don’t worry, it won’t attract bees.” You chuckled and pecked his lips. “I wanted to do something nice to show you how much you mean to me. I wasn’t sure what, so I made you that, and got you this.” He motioned to the bee.

You pulled him in to a hug. “Thank you so much, honeybee.” You said quietly, in awe of how thoughtful he was.

Cas beamed, loving how that sounded. “You’re welcome.” You could hear the smile in his voice. He never wanted to let you go, feeling a warmth spread over him at the nickname. He’d happily be your honeybee. “Does this mean you’re my sunflower?”

Chuckling, you pulled away to look at him. “I think I can do that.” You nodded.

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Be Our Baby

Title: Be Our Baby 

 Rating: NC-17 

 Pairing: JongTaeKey 

 Summary: Jonghyun and Key both love each other, the only problem is that Key doesn’t exactly have a physical form. Taemin can fix that. Inspired by the movie Her.

“I’m kissing your cheek.”


”I’m running my fingers through your hair.”

“Mmmmm…That feels good…”

”Does it? Then maybe I should stop so that you’ll stop being lazy and get up…”

“Gnn….Don’t stop…I’ll wake up…Eventually…”

”Hmfph! You’re going to miss the train to work if you don’t get up right now, and I’m not going to feel sorry for you.”

“Fine, fine! I’m up, I’m up!” Jonghyun groans, dragging himself upright from the soft confines of his memory foam mattress and goose feather blankets. It’s a lot colder in his apartment than he likes to keep it normally, and he knows to blame Key for the frosty temperature. They can be vengeful sometimes. 

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tattoo artist!luke was watching ink master on the tv in the living room, a grey beanie shoved over his messy hair and a black muscle tee that had various holes with a pair of grey sweatpants. although he’d been off all day, he was exhausted, apparently unable to keep up with the little ball of energy he called his daughter. she’d wanted to play everything under the sun since she woke him up this morning and he complied but he was worn out. it was only when you got back from being out all day and she talked your ear off about what the two of them had done that day that she’d finally settled down, laying on her stomach and coloring, humming along to whatever tune was playing in her head.

“dinner should be ready in an hour,” you announced, sitting down on the couch. you bent your legs underneath you, scooting over to luke’s outstretched arm and resting your knees on his thighs. you pressed a kiss to his inked arm, looking up at him. “you doing okay? you look like you’re beat and yet you haven’t even changed all day.”

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anonymous asked:

I think that KC has a good chance at being endgame... Did you watch their phone call during a crossover last season? Anyway, I have to say, I mostly follow the TVD fandom, where there are a lot of fights and immaturity, and you know what, I don't think that the mostly young crowd comprising TVD fandom has ever shown such levels of crazy exhibited in some corners of the Outlander fandom. IDK what's in the water, but some extreme real life shippers.... I have no words.

Yazz, Anon I did watch the phone call in the crossover episode. It gave me hope for a moment, then nope. I don’t want it to be then end of KC, so fingers crossed for an end to each saga with a KC pairing. Klaus also said, “ no matter how long it takes”. That coupling would have been epic, damn those writers. Can you imagine the fireworks? 💥🔥

I can’t involve myself too deep into another fandom. OL fandom takes a lot of energy. Extreme real life shippers leave many people speechless, you’re not alone on that account.

Alice 🐇

loving eyes

pairing: josh + maya
warning: this is my first one-shot in english (in fact, it’s my first story written in english, at all). this is also based on this beautiful brazilian paint commercial in which I cry whenever I watch it, so, please be nice to me. I’m really not up for hate because this is a story about love. 

When Maya walks through her door, she can sense the smell of fresh paint in her nose. 

“Babe? I’m home!” She calls for Josh while throwing herself on the couch to rest her legs for a little while. She’s really tired.
Maya hears footsteps on the stairs, already aware that Josh is coming down. She looks at him with a wide smile in her heart shapped face and he gladly smiles back.

“I have a surprise for you” he says, taking her hands into his and walking her upstairs. His shirt is filled with paint and she can’t help but giggle in excitement about the fact that he looks even better in a dirty shirt like that.

“What’s this all about?” Maya asks before he stops in front of the white door.
“You’ll see.” Josh answers before opening the door and revealing that the room recently painted, looks like a warm nice day outside with the bluest of the skies glowing next to the sun.

Maya is speechless for a moment. “It’s so beautiful, Josh!”
Josh then lifts up a small mirror to her face and when Maya looks at her reflection – or, as he was expecting to, her eyes –, a tiny tear rolls down from her shiny baby blue eyes down her cheek.

“Now she won’t ever feel alone, because she will always have her mother’s eyes with her.”
“You painted her nursery with the color of my eyes.” Maya is crying and her hands are pressing gently against her pregnant belly.
“I did.” Josh tells her, almost crying himself. He steps closer, holding his wife and embrancing his unborn baby girl in his arms. “I love you” he whispers in her ear.  
“I love you too.”

Habits of My Heart

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: Reader leaves Dean because the Mark has changed him, but he can’t say no when she calls. 

Warnings: smut, fluff, sad!dean, moc!dean

Words: 1172

Note: IDK. I’ve been obsessed with Habits of My Heart by Jaymes Young so this is what happened. Sorry it’s kinda sad but there’s a happy ending. SENSUAL DEAN IS AMAZING 

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