idk what this is. i just love their vulnerability here

Marauders Fancast

So this is my idea of who should play the marauders if ever a movie about their betrayal and J/L’s deaths should be made. 

James Potter - Avan Jogia 
I like the fanon Indian Harry, and Avan would be an amazing James, I think haha

Sirius Black - Robert Sheehan 
Robert Sheehan plays ‘don’t give a fuck i’ll do what i want and who i want’ really well, which is pretty much how sirius is. watch misfits and you’ll know what i mean!! i also think he has that charm and sparkle and sirius has.

Remus Lupin - Thomas Sangster 
thomas can play the bookish, lovely, and still-willing-to-prank remus. i know he can. and i feel like he’s got the look, too

Peter Pettigrew - Elden Henson 

Lily Evans Potter - Emma Stone
Not only is Emma an amazing actress, she has red hair and green eyes. Already this is better casting than Warner Brothers. I’M JUST KIDDING but no seriously she’d do amazing if she could get the accent haha

Severus Snape - Ezra Miller
rEALLY good look for snape plus he’s a cutie pie and good actor what MORE DO U NEED (he plays vulnerable v well and god knows he could be evil really good too)

Alice Prewett Longbottom - Felicity Jones
just… just look at her. her beautiful soul and wow. she would be a great alice. she’s in it. idk. i love felicity jones.

Frank Longbottom - Lee Thompson Young
honestly i sat here and thought about the whole ‘neville is a young aryan boy’ thing and i don’t even care lee and felicity would be SO CUTE (getting tortured together oh wow)

Bellatrix Black Lestrange - Nathalie Emmanuel
LOOK HOW GOOD HER HAIR IS FOR THIS WOW also she’s a great actress so she should definitely do it. I like to imagine that she’s still young and kinda fresh and good which is why she looks so much more full of life and happy than she does when she’s older. IMAGINE HER TORTURING FRANK AND ALICE IT WOULD BE SO GREAT (and sad)

Lucius Malfoy - this random guy i found

idk i’m getting tired now and i don’t know how i feel about all my choices lemme know

some of these are like super random lmao

anonymous asked:

what are your thoughts on the whole Waverly and Rosita thing? you are the voice of reason in this fandom we need your input

I love that you think that bc I’m rarely reasonable ummm thoughts under the cut?

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