idk what this is u can interpret it however u want

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"Its not that deep" says someone who apparently doesnt know one piece can be deep with all the forshadowing and things in the story anon do u have eyes? PluS this person rambling or however u want to call it its something Many others like so whats the point of your ask????

yeah like it’s hard for me to really???  refute them exactly because i write so much shit and i don’t know which post in particular brought on that message but regardless of which it was i find their response kind of confusing.  something like this post or this post (that i literally start off by saying “i know i’m reaching” ftr) are just kinda….basic observations/speculations that could very well hold ground in a series with as much thought put into it as oda puts into op, so idk what’s wrong with those.

i get the feeling they were reacting to posts more like this or this where i go on poetic tangents about my personal interpretations of sabo’s feelings but like…..literally what’s different about those posts from fanfiction???  because that’s exactly what those posts are, they’re fanfiction written in meta/headcanon form since i’m too lazy to actually write them out as an story.

you (hopefully) wouldn’t go up to someone’s long angsty law fanfic on ao3 or w/e and be like “lol you write too much and you’re so pretentious, it’s not that deep” because the whole point of fanfiction is to explore characters beyond the depth of their original narrative.  and that’s exactly what i was doing in those posts.  when writing those posts i wasn’t trying to say “this is exactly what oda intended” or “this is exactly how canon!sabo is”, it’s just headcanons that i like exploring because i like sabo.  pretty much EVERYONE who has a bona fide favorite character has explored them beyond the confines of canon.  i’m not inventing the wheel here.