idk what this is to be completely honest

So.. I have something to say.
Just watched Homecoming and I loved it, but there’s a topic that seems not clear for me.

My head literally exploded when *possible spoiler* Michelle called herself MJ. Like, my brain made an instant click.
But even with that, being honest, I don’t think she is Mary Jane. Or an adaptation of her character. She is Michelle Jones, a completely different person, and I adore what we have seen of her so far. For me the MJ call was like a hint of what Michelle could become in the future {I mean, like Peter’s partner maybe?) Idk but i see so much potential right there, because this MJ feels really complex and interesting.
So, no, she is not Mary Jane for me, but rather a different new character that could be important in Peter’s life as Mary Jane character had been.
And I totally ship MichellexPeter tbh. Good job with this one Marvel

hey friends :)

I’m gonna be real honest with you here, it’s been a long time since I’ve worked on the fake bf fic and writing is hard and life is just overwhelming as hell these days, so if y’all wouldn’t mind giving me just a liiiiittle bit of validation that my writing hasn’t turned to complete crap?? that’d be super cool??? please & thank you, here is what I have of ch. 6, it’s not a lot but hopefully there’s gonna be more soon now that I have some kind of flow???? idk man I love you all thank you for being so ridiculously patient

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Dude, I just remembered this proverb my mom told me as a kid and I might not be translating it correctly but it was basically, "cut off your own arm to give others a hand, and then apologize for the inconvenience of the blood" and if that's not Erwin idk what is

Ouch.  That’s painfully Erwin isn’t it? 

Cap credit @itana-007

Thanks for sharing that Anon.  I’ve never heard that proverb.  I’m familiar with “cutting off your nose to spite your face” but that’s a complete different thing and not at all Erwin.  To be honest though, I’d prefer Erwin with all his extremities intact, nose and arms! 

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hey so do you think sometime you could teach us a smol thing on how to make original characters? cause all your nuclear throne sketches n doodls and your perfect ocs make my life shine and i wanna know how in the heck to make up characters from air (((-:

Oh boy well.. I dunno if I could like actually teach how to do that but I guess I have tips? I mean tbh I mostly just make it up as I go.. But a lot of that is because y’all get me to think about these kinds of things with your questions and whatnot.

So, when it comes to my own original characters I usually start out with a design or a concept I like and then I give them another character to interact with and work off of and that helps a lot with developing their traits and personalities, I guess.
a lot of it is… well also kinda projection to be honest. Taking from my own experiences helps a lot.. I have characters who I directly base off of or take certain quirks from family members and friends. (thats optional though, i mean theres no right or wrong way to do this kinda thing) My characters (as of now anyway) are also constantly changing, cuz I havent quite settled completely on what I want them to be. I’m kinda just making it up as I go, keeping what sticks and throwing out what doesn’t.

As for the NT stuff well… IDK writing human personalities into not-necessarily human characters is fun to me I guess (Or at least characters that don’t have a lot to them in the first place.) But that’s the thing, too. When you’re writing a character, you’re trying to write a PERSON. So when I look at the characters like Bendy or the Throne characters, who at the moment are mostly blank slates, I kinda just ask myself “what would they be like as a person.. how would they react to certain situations, characters, environments, etc.. etc…”  
Though, that honestly pretty much just works for making characters in general, too.
I feel like I’m rambling at this point but I hope this makes SOME kind of sense at least? I’m not fantastic at advice.

TL;DR just take what you think is interesting and just straight-up make it. and then go from there. Find what fits.. what doesn’t.. and just Roll with it. A lot of it is just trial and error and you’ll probably find it changing constantly along the way to fit your ever-changing tastes. The only thing you need is to just START SOMEWHERE.

No, it’s not gonna be perfect right away, but with time and love it’ll shape itself into what you want it to be, eventually. There’s really no right or wrong way of doing it, I think. You just gotta do it.

P.S. Thank you for your kind words :D 

Hope this helped sorry If it didnt I guess? I often tend to get sidetracked when writing these long answers here.

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Hi hello chocobabe (・ิω・ิ)(・ิω・ิ)(・ิω・ิ)(・ิω・ิ) ahhhh!!! May I request some Nyx fluff? Bordering on Nsfw? Habshdhhdj I'm shy about requesting but ayeee yolo. Maybe something about just catching his eye and how he goes about catching your attention. But!! If you have an idea and just wanna go for it, you can!!!! Idk I'm too vague or too much lmao, but message me if you need anything!! Love you!!!!! <3

I have to be completely honest, I used to have a hard time seeing what was attractive about Nyx. But I started looking at pictures to get inspiration for this and…okay, I can see it now. 

…I can see it now….*salivates* (also this motherfucker needs to smile more come on, boi lemme see them dimples)

Honestly, I think what’s so nerve wracking about this whole ordeal is wondering if my requesters will hate the work I write. Welp, this is it, hope ya guys like it, if not I promise I’ll do better next time. Also, never be nervous to request anything of me, I’m nervous enough for the both of us, hehehe

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Sexual Tension

Slight NSFW
Word Count: 1,935

Originally posted by lufreya

You weren’t sure what exactly it was that drew you two together that night-to this day, you still don’t really know. According to him, the lights from the bar had hit you just right as you and your friends walked in, the buttons on your work blouse undone to show off a bit of your cleavage, your hair slightly frizzy from a full day of work and a lot of your make up now sweat off after walking around in the summer heat. 

Considering how you felt you looked that night, you are still convinced it was a miracle he looked at you at all. All you know is that the night would probably forever be the most intense, most hypnotic and most sexually charged night of your life. 

Ironically, there wasn’t even any sex. 

Never before had you been so grateful for your local bar to be throwing the annual monthly wet t-shirt contest, and you were glad you had gone with your instinct and not gone that night, knowing that the bar would be filled with drunken idiots hollering at girls with big tits in wet white t-shirts. Now, sitting at the stool in a bar closer to your home, your friend was the first one to point out the young man across the bar checking you out. When you glanced out of the corner of your eye to see what guy hadn’t taken his eyes off of you since you had walked in the establishment, you noticed two things: 1, he wasn’t bad looking-in fact, far from it. And 2, he wasn’t a complete pervert like other guys who ogled you at the bars. 

Other perverts who ogled you at the bars were always leery, licking their lips with a hooded gaze and making obscene gestures whenever you made eye contact with them. And it was these same exact perverts who would get pissy when you refused to give them a blow job in the bar bathroom. 

But he was different-his slicked back chestnut brown hair that reached the edge of his neck perfectly showed off his bright blue eyes, even from across the bar. Those bright blue irises showed no signs of pervertness or ‘I wanna bang this chick’ pheromones, it was more…subtle. You noticed him looking at you out of the corners of his eyes, glancing at you from head to toe before casually looking away. When your gaze did meet, he didn’t shyly look away or pervertly eyeball you. Instead, he just nodded a hello, the corners of his cheeks lifting up to show off laughter lines beside his nose as he smiled. Combined with the stubble and muscles that rippled in the simple t-shirt he wore…he was good looking, no one could possibly deny that. 

You had never experienced sexual tension before, but you were pretty fucking sure this is what it was. 

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Thank you for your posts I seriously can't understand why the fandom wants all the characters to turn against OC by siding with RC. Lizzy, the servants, the Midford family, Undertaker and now Tanaka. IDK OC should file a claim for defamation. This is crazy.

Hello Anon and thank you for reading in the first place. :)

To be quite honest, I tend to feel like you ever since June’s chapter and that is not the best feeling, but the fandom always was like that, wavering between two completely opposed ideas for future developments. 

The thing is, I know our!Ciel lied to everyone for 4 years but thankfully his relationships to others do not rest just on a name, it’s about what he did and what he represents to these people. So yeah, sometimes it’s a bit complicated to understand why everyone should now flock to the twin’s side simply because he’s the one who’s truly named “Ciel”. :/

I know that he lied and that’s definitely a bad thing, but his reasons (or those that we guessed) were understandable considering his trauma, and besides:

  • the servants owe their current home to our!Ciel opening his door to them, it has nothing to do with his brother, so there is no reason for them to choose the twin’s side? Snake is really the only one who might want to leave our!Ciel in case he learns of what really happens during the circus arc.
  • Lizzie fell in love with our!Ciel over time, which is why she feels so terrible and depressed for having to choose between doing her duty to Real!Ciel or her feelings for his twin brother who lied to her for 4 years.
    As a result, I’d say the Midford family will just support Lizzie’s choice, since they surely want for her to be happy (and besides, I do think it’s not that far-fetched for Frances to have always known that our!Ciel was lying about his identity when he came back). 
  • I also explained my take on Tanaka’s position here and I also think he knew from the beginning that our!Ciel was lying about his identity. 
  • Finally for UT, I can understand why people think he wants to bring back the twin, really I do. What I can’t get for now however are his motivations when you see how the arc turned out for some of Ciel’s closest associates, as well as people saying he likes the twin more than our!Ciel, because I miss the logic/proof for that last part.

Now I’m waiting for some people saying that Soma will somehow end up on the twin’s side even though he’s responsible for Agni’s death, just like Sieglinde, because yeah, why not have the entire cast ganging against our!Ciel and Sebastian? Would be the most logical thing in the world. 👍 👍

Ah wait, never mind, I forgot that some people were wondering if Seb wouldn’t actually end up as Real!Ciel’s butler, since he’s the one really named “Ciel” and all, so get ready for a full ganging against just our!Ciel: he who shall die alone all because he lied about his name.

Anyway xD the fandom agreeing on anything is impossible, so all we have is our personal opinion and only Yana’s canon will reunite us at some point. :)

Thanks again for the nice words and for reading Anon! Honestly, I don’t care if I turn out to be wrong in one, two or five chapters, as long as my ideas make sense with the current canon content that we have. 

Have a nice day! :)

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hey... how do find motivation to put in a lot of effort into your art? for some reason im really lacking rn and idk what to do

to be completely honest, anon, I usually look for the easiest and most effective way of doing something because my attention span is quite short and I can’t work on one thing for more than two hours unless I force myself with a deadline or somehow get into a groove

I do have the motivation but it’s misplaced, so I feel like I’m not the best person to ask about that :(

maybe the best way to do it, in your case, would be to try setting aside a bit of time in a day to make clothing and jewelry studies, or studies of anything you wanna use in your works, until it feels more natural to draw them or you find the best way to make them with the least amount of effort?

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It's nothing "beautiful" about it, it's called being a decent member of society. Although I appreciated how honest they have been about every main's emotions, a lot of things have been sugar-coated since the show started. And calling it a misconception completely erases the experience of those who have met such boys. Idk what point you were trying to make, but keep in mind that brown boys can be just as shitty as anyone and shouldn't be free of criticism, or held to a lower standard.

but i do think it was beautiful? i do think it’s a beautiful thing for this incredibly popular show to actively try to break harmful stereotypes. i do think it’s a beautiful thing to see these boys appear so fun and kind and loving when in many other shows or movies they would’ve been portrayed as harsh and rude, as bad boys. i do think that the sincere respect they seemed to feel toward sana, this amazing, amazing girl, was beautiful 

i never said that muslim boys can’t be sexist. the misconception people have is that muslim boys who happen to be sexist are because of their religion, the misconception people have is that all muslim boys are sexists. but the reality is that sexists are, sadly, everywhere. there are religious people who are sexist, there are non-religious people who are sexist, there are poc who are sexist, there are white people who are sexist. the common trait these people have is their sexism. being a sexist, having sexist beliefs….that is what makes you a sexist.  

HAPPY 2017!!!

Originally posted by dailyhappylife

AaaaaaaAAAAA! I know it’s an odd milestone but TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST i never expected to get more than 100 followers, i kid you not. This is all new to me i d on’t know what   to do  i missed   all the other milestones          why do you foll ow this mess that is me

I have been brewing up a lil comic project since I hit 200 actually, but then Marichat May happened, then Unintended Hiatus June… < w> ……………..

ANYWAY MY MAIN POINT IS THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE ALL WONDERFUL I love this fandom, I have never felt so supported and welcomed in any other fandom and you guys are so nice and your comments make me so happy   and this lovesquare kills me everyday  and all i want is to draw/write these lil cuties aaaa

But yes. I post thing for today then I poof for content blackout (making my own post about it tomorrow). I have a thing I want to make for it but we’ll see if I have the time this week. Now that’s enough of this post yes ok bye (ノ*°▽°*) take care!

I’ve been thinking about this fic for like six months but time is fake so imma tell you about it right now

So it’s stevethor and sambucky and sambucky is already established and they do a lot of judging but they’re always physically intertwined when doing so like

“Idk why you don’t talk to that cute blonde guy at the bagel shop, Steve.”
“Yeah… to be completely honest it seems like you’re scared of commitment” but they’re wrapped up in each other on the couch like they’re one person with two heads and too many opinions and Steve kinda hatesloves his friends and he’s dyin

Steve says, “Well you come to the bagel shop and talk to Thor every day so what if we all go…” he has to think for a second. “do that painting and wine shit together.”

Sam and Bucky make the same face and Steve stops feeling guilty that he’s addressing them both as ‘you’. “You’ll have a much emptier apartment if I’m getting laid,” he reminds them. They both agree.

Steve asks Thor and manages not to blush (too much) and before he knows it, he’s on a double date with Sam and Bucky. Thor absolutely loves the painting and wine thing and Sam and Bucky think he might be an alien because that was the worst thing they’ve ever done.

Except for when Steve asks them to go to an escape the room thing.

Sam puts a stop to it then. That is some true white people shit and if Steve wants to get laid by a big blonde dude then he’s just gonna have to go somewhere with Thor alone.

Luckily for Steve, Thor asks him out first this time.

Now they’re actually dating and Sam and Bucky are honest to god dying because they are attached at the hip and disgustingly into each other. “I think it’s a new couple thing,” Bucky assures Sam.

“We weren’t that gross, were we?” Sam asks. Bucky’s got his head in Sam’s lap while Sam strokes his hair. Steve’s got his head resting on Thor’s shoulder. Thor leans over and whispers something into Steve’s ear to make him laugh. It’s awful.

“There’s no way.” Bucky says.

Sam gives Bucky’s hair a tug. “Honestly, we really fucked up.”

Steve leans up and Thor gives him a little kiss. “Gross.”

Wilbur Robinson is great because he has no idea who Goob is or why he stole the time machine, he just knows he fucked up and doesn’t want to get in trouble with his parents. Do you know how much easier things would have gone if he was completely honest and told his parents what happened right from the start?

“Hey, Mom, I messed up and left the garage door unlocked. Some old guy stole the time machine. I don’t know why, but he’s trying to destroy Dad’s life. Please stop him.”

Idk honesty just seems like a better idea than not existing.

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for some reason it makes me really uncomfortable when people react to pictures dan (and phil but less often) posts by screaming about how hot he is, that they wanna whatever with him or like "im so straight". idk how to stop being so put off by it

me too, to be honest. i think because it is casual objectification and it feels a little jarring–esp bc (not to sound like everyone’s least favorite meninist commenters on buzzfeed or something) if people spoke this way about women in the public eye, it would be deemed completely rude/disgusting. i mean, on the one hand, i hate that argument bc (in what has come to be my constant refrain on this blog) dnp are the ones in a position of power and privilege when compared to fans. they’re ultimately not harmed by people sexualizing them and talking about how much they’d like to fuck them or whatever. they maintain their autonomy. they maintain full control over how much they reveal of themselves and what exactly they post to a public audience. but at the same time it can be a little startling to see the extent to which they are dehumanized. it’s foremost for me in the overtly sexual comments made where they can very easily see them (direct twitter mentions, posts in the main tumblr tags, etc.) but again, it’s just a tricky subject. i’m all for ppl expressing themselves and their sexuality loudly and without restraint, but at the same time it can so easily cross the line into a place where those posters kind of lose a sense of dnp’s humanity. they’re just some above-average lookin’ dudes at the end of the day and it’s sort of funny the extremes to which people will discuss their looks at the expense of everything else about them?? and i just think they should be able to pose some arty selfies with creative angles and cute poses without receiving walls of text back about how wet everyone is lmao. idk!! i rly am wary of sounding critical of ppl expressing their interest in dnp the way they want bc it’s literally not my place at all to police how ppl talk about/to dnp and also all the noise is just driving interest in them which is ultimately good for them (going back to my point about them having the upper hand in the audience-creator dynamic) but this is just def a weird boundary for my own comforts!!! feel free to leave further thoughts in the comments/reblogs or in my inbox :) i might not post about this anymore but would love to read what yall think. 

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41 Val

(42) Are You Easily Influenced By Other People?

Well…. er…. idk- Depends???

I’ll be completely honest- I have very little confidence in myself. I don’t find myself to be a very intelligent person.. So when someone who I believe is very intelligent / trust-worthy tells me that I should be doing a certain thing, I usually take their word for it. Like- Oh hey! They’re successful! They must know what they’re doing- So i’ll take their advice. I tend to do that often..

But at the same time I sort of know better?? Like the time where a group of my ‘friends’ were gonna have this so called “Once act of rebellion” party where they were gonna drink and do a whole bunch of crazy shit. At the time, I really trusted those people but drinking and doing.. THAT kind of stuff is just not something i’m comfortable with so I obviously said no. That was just one of those times where I made a wise choice for myself. 

Those so called ‘friends’ now are like… doing really bad right now in their lives lol so i’m just glad I didn’t turn out like them. I’m not gonna let people like that influence me. 

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I was thinking about Vampire Nursey. He's hot, but doesn't really know it. So he doesn't get why Dex is like "idk why someone like you would date someone like me". Maybe he doesn't think different monster types can date? Maybe he wants to break up?

I wrote this half asleep and kind of sick so there are 50000 errors and it might not even make sense. I think I committed the cardinal sin of switching tenses. Also the prompt completely got away from me here, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m sorry. 

For the Monster Haus AU. Featuring Vampire Nursey and Dullahan Dex. 

“I don’t know why someone like you would want to date someone like me.”

Dex wasn’t an open person. Honest, maybe, but not open. Even after a month of whispered confessions and late nights of slipping into each other’s rooms, Dex was withholding on his thoughts on the matter. Not that Nursey was much better, but he certainly wasn’t going to go first in their game of emotional chicken. 

Dex, it seemed had elected to be the first to give, though Nursey suspected it had more to do with the Elven wine pumping through his veins than any personal decision to do so. Nursey hadn’t been much more careful with his intake, so he took a minute to wade through the alcohol in his head to decipher what Dex had said. 

Nursey had no heat in his body, not without someone else’s blood moving through him, but even now he could still feel the warm aftermath of Dex’s skin on his, the tingling singe of that magical fire still hot against his bare chest. Dex lay beside him, and perhaps his statement was more addressed to the dark ceiling than to Nursey. In the silence of the dorm room Nursey could just hear the neighbors next door chatting quietly, could hear the base of a beat playing over speakers two floors down, but mostly he could hear the fire in Dex, crackling in his chest as it swirled around itself and threatened to engulf them both. 

Nursey might not have needed to breath, but Dex was still panting against the sheets. When Nursey glanced over, he saw his eyes were closed, and only thing betraying that he was not actually asleep were his fingers, twisted tight in the fabric of the sheets between them.

Nursey had always thought they would have some kind of actual conversation about what was going on between them after sex one night. Being naked kind of all ready gave you that feeling of laying everything bare, so why not? He just hadn’t expected Dex to go first.

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ok, i really need help so I hope you answer this.I have a boyfriend, and he doesn't talk to me at all for a week.He says its because his friends and stuff like that. He said he s going to a party friday, and I'm a little suspicious he's cheating on me. But my friends says that he's in love with me, and they can see that in his eyes and that he's always looking after me. I dont know how to feel, im really sad he isnt talking to me, but I know his friends are complicated, and im mad idk help me

Ok so I’m sorry if this upsets you, but I’m going to be completely honest here. Anyone who ignores you for an entire week is not a reliable person to be in a committed relationship with. ESPECIALLY if he does that often. He is obviously not willing to put in the time or effort because guess what? When you love and care about someone and you want them to be a part of your life, you MAKE the time for them. There’s no excuse for being that absent from your life. And I’m sure your friends mean well and perhaps they’re right, but also be aware that some people are really good at putting on a show. It can be hard to accept the truth that people aren’t always who you think they are, but it’s important to do what’s best for you and know what you deserve. Maybe you just need to get him to communicate with you better and the problem will solve itself, or maybe he just isn’t the right one for you. I’d say that you should try to talk to him about it first and make things work, but if it doesn’t work out the way you want it to, don’t stick around waiting for him. Because the first time is a mistake. All of the times after that just prove that he has no intentions of changing. Good luck! Hope this helps. :-)

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Being 100% honest, I'm not really sure if I have a complete hold on what angst is. I often confuse it with anxiety over a certain subject, so if this prompt can't be classified as angst I apologize. Weird prompt, I know, but what about Mini feeling like he's not as good as the others? Like he's the unfunny one in the squad? Maybe the other guys cheer him up? Thank you!

take the sadness
i made another version but idk if i should post it :(

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So like I was hella sure I was ftm and stuff but I've really been liking doing my makeup and like girls sweaters and stuff and I'm like ????? Because I'm a guy but I love all these typically feminine things. Idk what to do

Dude there’s NOTHING wrong with liking feminine things. I knows several guys who wear makeup at my school- and I totally get where you’re coming from Ive been there believe me. You are not less of a man if you like so- called “feminine” things. And to be completely honest I feel like it’s stupid that people force genders into everything and it’s not fair. People just like what they like and that’s that.

Also- if you’re still having doubts.. this is my closet.

you are not alone.

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Hey!! :) can we get some interactions between Ahsoka and Obi-Wan? Like he's teaching her Jar'Kai or something ^^ or they're just spending grandmaster-grandpadawan quality time (eating at Dex's, taking a day off, idk...) And Obi could have wings since you love weird prompts :D

Hey there. ^^ I DO love weird prompts and I have a things for wingfics too. XD So, thank you very much for this lovely prompt. I hope you enjoy it.

“What seems to be the matter young one?” an accented voice brought the young Togruta out of her musing. Though it actually been sulking rather than musing, if the female Padawan was completely honest with herself.

“I don’t really know Master Kenobi,” she answered truthfully, she really did not know. She had tried to meditate, but she had simply not been able to find her center and it had left her even more frustrated than before.

Obi-Wan hummed, his intelligent eyes resting on his Grandpadawan, who was sitting by one of the ponds in the Room of a thousand Fountains. Sometimes Ahsoka felt like her Grandmaster could see right through her and into her soul. Sometimes that thought frightened her more, than the war did.

“Have you tried meditation?” it was a standard question, but from the way he had said it, she knew that he already knew the answer.

“I did, but it did not help.”

Another hum. “Well, we cannot have that now, can we?” 

“Master?” she looked up at him startled and with wide eyes. The ginger haired man offered the Togruta his hand, which she took after only a moment of hesitation. She could trust Obi-Wan Kenobi, there was no doubt in that.

“Patience,” he just said and gently led her out of the room and while he walked, the feathers of his wings rustled. It was a soothing tone, one Ahsoka had liked as soon as she had heard it. 

As a Youngling she had wanted to touch them, but she had always been afraid to ask the Master. Now, the thought embarrassed her and she still did not dare to ask. Though she found that thought to be quite stupid. This was her Grandmaster, he would not scream at her or something like that. The worst he could and WOULD to, was say, “No.” But she would be able to live with that.


“The training hall, Master?”

A mysterious smile appeared on the older Jedi’s features and he pulled off his robe. One of these days, Ahsoka would figure out, how he dressed himself with those beautiful blue-green wings of his.

“Since meditation does not work, I thought about a physical exercise. Whenever Anakin would not be able to settle, I would bring him here and teach him something new, to get his mind away from his troubling thoughts.” The female looked in awe at the explanation. It was rare to hear from her own Master’s apprenticeship, Anakin did not like to talk much about himself. Neither did Obi-Wan for that matter.

“Sounds good,” she took her lightsaber in her hand and expectantly waited for the older male to continue.

Obi-Wan was regarding his Grandpadawan for a few moments. There was not much he could teach her about her chosen form, although it would not be his place to do so. Anakin was her Master and he was teaching and guiding her in her form. Unconsciously did he stretch his wing. He noticed how her eyes followed their movements, darting between the two wings, not able to decide on which to settle. An idea sprung to the front of his mind and a smile appeared on his bearded features.

“How about I teach you Jar’Kai?”


Had Ahsoka known how hard the training would be, she would have hesitated with agreeing. Then again, it HAD distracted her from her earlier imbalance and she had found her inner peace again. Also, she had liked to spent her free time with her Grandmaster. She knew that the male human did not have much time between missions and Council meetings and it filled her heart with affection and perhaps even love, to know that he cared so much about her. Obi-Wan was truly like a Grandfather to her. And he was a great teacher too.

Then again, she should not be surprised that he knew so much about Jar’Kai. This form, the use of two lightsaber instead of one, reminded her so much of his wings. The too were both pieces of one whole. They both belonged to Obi-Wan and even though he could move them separately from each other, they belonged together. It was similar with the two lightsabers. They moved apart from each other, but still belonged together.

“You did very well young one,” he praised and there was a warm gleam in his eyes. 

“Thank you Master,” she handed him her borrowed training saber. Should Ahsoka really decide to continue this field of study, then she would need to build a second lightsaber.

“I have no doubt that you will surpass me, with a little bit more training.”

She gave him a smile, but in truth, the young Togruta doubted it. The way Obi-Wan had moved, had flied, over the training ground spoke of years of practice and experience. 

The Padawan decided not to dwell on it too much though. Not with the Jedi Master sitting so relaxed next to her. For a moment she believed that he was going to meditate, but then he stretched his left wing and guided it so that it was before him and he could easily reach it. The young Togruta watched in fascination, how her elder pulled some feathers out of his limp.

“Why are you doing this… does it hurt?” could not stop herself from asking. 

Blue-green eyes briefly glanced her way. “I remove the lose feathers to make place for new ones,” he answered and continued to take care of his wings. He saw how her eyes followed his every move and every feather that he pulled out and put on the ground before him. It were not many feathers, he did take care of his wings very well after all. His own Master had made sure that he did.

“Come here,” he beckoned her over and Ahsoka obediently seated herself in front of him,gazing over her shoulder in curiosity. 

Obi-Wan gave her a comforting smile, which she returned and took the first light blue-green feather between his finger, before attaching it with the aid of the Force to her braid. Obi-Wan made sure that he did not add too much, it was not supposed to look overstuffed. He added just enough of his feathers to create a beautiful picture and Ahsoka seemed to be delighted as well.

“Thank you Master,” she said and when he noticed that her eyes were glistening suspiciously, then he did not mention it….

Alright, it’s 8am I’m going to bed, tonight wasn’t what I was expecting, but that just seems to be how my life goes. Being completely honest, I am thinking about making that “wtf fandom” blog. Moreless to be a place to put these rants, and large convos so people can talk shit through, see where fandom needs to improve cuz lets be honest there has been a lot of shit happening recently. Idk, I’m going to bed, I’m tired and feel like shit, but least got all that bs out there.