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Is the earth 2 and earth 1 westallen ring the same ring? I tried looking at some e2 pics but couldn't tell.

I don’t think it is, but I’m really bad at that stuff. I feel like they got a different ring though.

Actually Flash is just losing ‘live’ viewers. But when it comes to playbacks it’s amongst the top 5 most watched. so it kinda covers up the viewers lost live. So idk what these delusional sb’s are talking about LOL

To be fair, it’s dipped a little in the live+7 ratings too. 3.11 had a 1.8, 3.13 had a 1.9, but then 3.15 & 3.16 had a 1.6. No matter what, though, it’s illogical to blame ratings on an OTP that’s been at the forefront the whole time.

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Requested by: @diving-down-to-wonderland

Request: Well this might be cheesy but maybe something (also with buck) where you’re engaged but after an accident you can’t walk properly anymore but buck still loves you the same and supports you where he can. What he doesn’t know is that you’re secretly practising to be able to work on your wedding. Soooo at the wedding day you are able to walk down the aisle on your own and Bucky gets happy and speechless and stuff ? Idk maybe it’s weird but I kinda liked the thought of it

A/N: I freaking live for angst, here we go! I don’t know if this is what you asked for exactly. I tried, though! Hope you enjoy! -Kaley xx

Warnings: car accident, disabled!reader, mentions of wreckage, reader cannot walk, fluff, angst

You weren’t an Avenger, you weren’t a fighter, and you certainly didn’t believe you had any enemies. You were normal. It was something you and Bucky worked really hard at achieving. He lived his life, fought the bad guys, saved the world, and got to be amazing while you went to school, worked your part time job, and shopped at Target. Normal. You didn’t do anything to cause anyone any harm, you didn’t steal, spy, or track. You just lived your life day to day and while it may seem boring to some people, you were happy. Bucky made you happy, and being engaged to Bucky sent you over the moon. You loved your quiet little life and you knew Bucky appreciated the stillness of it after working some of the missions that he had been sent on. You had Bucky and Bucky would always have you and that was all you needed.

Except now you were panicking on a freeway while trying to find your cell phone because you were certain there were some people following you. You had just gotten out of class when you had that feeling wash over you, like someone was watching you. You tried to play it off as paranoia, you had just had a long day and needed a nice shower. But when you got to the parking lot where your car was parked the feeling hadn’t subsided, in fact, it was stronger and you were pretty sure you heard footsteps behind you. Once you were settled in your vehicle you locked the doors and got out of there as quick as you could without looking back. Now you kind of wished you would have looked back. The black SUV with the even blacker tinted windows was right on your tail and there were two others that were creeping up on both sides of you. You were in some shit all right.

Finally grabbing a hold of your phone you dialed Bucky’s number as quickly as you could, putting it on speaker and throwing it into the passenger seat. After ringing a few times he picked up, cheerily greeting you.

“Hey, doll! Are you out of class already? I-” but you cut him off before he could finish, “Bucky I think I’m being followed and I don’t know what to do!” Your voice shook with fear as you glanced into your rear views to see the SUVs had gotten even closer. “What? Are you sure they’re following you? What does the car look like?” He frantically asked, and you heard a bunch of rustling in the background.

"There’s three of them, they’re uh, they’re black SUVs, I can’t see who’s driving. The windows are too dark….I’m scared, Bucky.”

Bucky cursed as he heard the fear in your voice, and hurriedly flagged Tony down as he happened to be walking through the training room Bucky and Steve were currently occupying. He gave him a confused look but approached nonetheless. “Yes?” He wondered, looking over at Steve who looked just as lost.

"It’s y/n, she said that she’s being followed by three SUVs. Can you get me a visual?” Bucky quickly asked as he tried to listen for any background noise on your end of the call, praying whoever was after you wouldn’t try shooting at you or your car. “What?!” Steve bellowed as he tried listening in on the call as well, while Tony had Jarvis trace your location.

"Hey, baby, I need you to listen to me, ok? We’re looking at you right now and you need to do exactly as I ask. Can you do that?” Buck asked you as Tony and Steve worked on mapping a way for you to lose the followers. “Yeah, I can. I love you, Bucky.” He felt his chest tighten as you spoke, not liking the circumstances under which you’re saying them, “I love you to, doll. We’re gonna lose ‘em, alright? I promise.” He said before he began telling you which turns to take and which roads to go down as they watched you from the holographic screen Tony controlled.

"I can’t lose them, guys! I don’t know what to do!” You panicked as you felt the car behind you hit up against the back of your car. “They’re trying to crash into me!” You sped up and took a random right turn and looked behind you relieved to not see anyone there.

"Wait, I think I tricked them! They’re gone!” You laughed as you turned back around at the same time you heard Bucky, Steve, and Tony yelling at you through your phone to watch out. By the time you noticed the truck coming at you head on, it was too late. All that managed to escape you was shriek of terror as you felt the impact of your car slamming into the other. Then nothing. It was all black.

Bucky let an agonized roar leave his lungs as he watched your car flip several times before bursting into flames, it was as if someone had ripped his heart out of his chest and he couldn’t remember how to breathe. Everything was numb and he had this consistent ringing in his ears. The sound of your scream haunting his mind. “Bucky! Look at me, buddy! Let’s go get her!” Steve spoke urgently with a tremor in his voice as he quickly guided Bucky to the garage where Tony had a car waiting for the three of them.

"I contacted Bruce and he’s setting up his lab right now, we just need to make sure she’s stable until we get her back here.” Tony informed them as he sped off, not saying anything else. Though the speed the car was traveling at said more than any words could have.

"She’s gonna be fine, everything’s fine.” Steve nodded, looking as though he was trying to convince himself more than anyone. Bucky knew he was scared too, you’d become like a little sister to Steve and though he’d never admit it to you, he held a big soft spot for your corny jokes and determination to bring him up to date with the 21st century.

In no time they were at the crash site, thankfully no one had seen it so there wasn’t any crowding. It looked so much worse in person too, Bucky didn’t want to admit it but he wondered how anyone could survive the outcome your car was currently in. As soon as his feet touched the ground after exiting the car, his knees buckled and he couldn’t stop the tears from leaving his eyes.

That was nearly eight months ago. You’d managed to somehow survive the crash, something Bruce and Dr. Cho had a really hard time understanding. You were just happy you were alive, and so was everyone else. Especially Bucky. After undergoing several immediate operations following the accident you went into a coma. You were in it for nearly two months and when you woke up the first person you saw was Bucky. You’d never seen your strong man cry before, he’d always been the tough one, but when you opened your eyes and squeezed his hand he sobbed for nearly an hour while he held you. It was the worse than the crash, you think.

You were bed ridden for a few days before they gave you the ok to start moving around again. Laying down for so long had weakened your muscles significantly so it was time to build your strength again.

Only you couldn’t do that. With Bucky’s help you sat up at the edge of the bed, and when you tried to stand you would’ve hit the floor if it wouldn’t have been for him catching you. You looked up at him in confusion before trying again, only for the same thing to happen. You spent the next hour trying, and failing, to get your limbs to work and the looks of sympathy you kept getting from Bucky and anyone that happened to come by to see you were bothering you.

"I don’t think I can walk anymore, James.” You stated blankly before scooting back under the covers and turning to face away from him. You stayed that way for two days.

It wasn’t the idea of never walking again that scared you. That’s what everyone assumed was wrong, no. It was the idea of being a bride that couldn’t walk down the isle to marry her fiancé. It was the idea of not getting your first dance with him at your wedding or not getting to run around the yard with your future children that terrified you the most. Simple things that had meant so much to you. It wasn’t fair.

That’s what you found yourself telling Tony one day when you had rolled your wheelchair into the kitchen of the tower. He noticed the frustrated look on your face and asked you what was wrong and before you knew it the pair of you were down in the basement with Rhodey, attempting to build yourself some new leg braces too. It was the first time since finding out you couldn’t walk that you actually held a little bit of hope. Maybe you could walk again. At least down the isle, that’s all you wanted.

The project had taken over the two of you, you’d spend hours in the shop trying new materials and attempting to stand. You and Tony hadn’t actually talked about it but he knew you wanted to keep this secret between the two of you. Your wedding was a month away and you wanted to try, for Bucky. And you did good at keeping it hush until one day Steve came down to talk to Tony about something and found you holding onto railings on either side of you as you managed to stand for nearly two minutes.

"That’s a record, y/n! Longest so far! You’re improving, pretty soon you’ll be carrying Bucky through the threshold.” Tony joked as he lifted you in a hug.

“What’s going on?” You turned and saw the shocked look on Steve’s face before gesturing him to come closer. Obeying, he knelt beside your wheelchair you had sat down in and listened as you explained your newest endeavor to him. He swore not to tell a soul and over the course of the next few weeks he could be found helping you and Tony and always lifting you up when you got discouraged.

And then the day came when you did it. Then you did it again and again and pretty soon you were walking around without the help of anyone holding onto you. Granted, it was a little difficult and you had a pretty wicked limp but you were walking! Tony and Steve cheered and you were engulfed in a sea of muscle as they took turns spinning you around. Rhodey even got a turn as he showed off his leg braces and lifted you up. The four of you laughed together as tears blurred your vision and you squeezed Tony in the tightest hug you’d ever given anyone.

“I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. You’re amazing.” You whispered as he hugged you to him. You looked over at Steve to see him grinning at you with glistening eyes.

“You too, Cap. You’re the best friend I ever did have.” You joked as you pulled him over to you.

“Bucky’s gonna lose it, y/n/n. You’re gonna be the most beautiful bride the world has ever seen.” He kissed your forehead and backed away as he pointed up the stairs.

“I’m gonna go make sure he’s still distracted with something. Wanda’s probably tired of keeping him busy for me. Just one more week to go and you can walk whenever you please, yeah?” He winked at you and jogged up the steps.

You turned to Tony with a serious look on your face. “I have a serious question for you, Mr. Stark.” You stated as he smirked down at you. “Lay it on me, sweet cheeks.” You rolled your eyes with a smile as you felt yourself grow nervous.

“How would you feel about walking me down the isle?”

And so he did. The big day had finally arrived and you stood with Tony behind the doors separating you from seeing your fiancé. “Nervous?” He questioned as you fidgeted with your bouquet. “More like anxious.” You responded as you heard the wedding march begin to play. “Here we go, you mumbled and felt Tony give your arm a squeeze.

The doors opened and you began your walk down the isle that seemed to go on for miles. You hadn’t looked up yet, afraid of the reaction you’d get from Bucky for hiding this from him. The two of you had a few arguments over the course of the past couple months regarding your disappearances. He thought you didn’t want to be with him anymore and thought you were avoiding him. You had to convince him you were planning the wedding and getting last minute details worked out. Which you did, while Tony tinkered. You were the bride, after all.

You finally looked up into the beautiful eyes of your beautiful man and saw the tears threatening to fall. He had a look of awe upon his face and he was smiling so big you were sure his cheeks were killing him. You felt your eyes well up at the sight of him and choked out a laugh. You were doing it.

You looked over at Steve to see him smiling tearily at you. And you giggled at the shocked looks on Sam and Clint’s faces. Natasha was glaring at you with eyes rimmed red because you were her best friend and she was so happy for you and, she’d never admit it but, she was trying not to cry. You finally stood face to face with Bucky and your tears finally fell when you saw his own fall.

"You’re the most beautiful girl in the universe, doll.” He whispered as he cupped your face in his hands and rested his forehead against yours.

“I can’t believe you’ve been hiding this from me.” He laughed as you giggled at his wide eyes, “surprise?” You smiled as you grabbed his hands. He looked over his shoulder at Steve and smirked, “you’re a punk.” The guests all laughed as Steve shot back, “okay, jerk.”

The ceremony went beautifully and pretty soon you were being swept off your feet as Bucky carried you down the isle. And later that night, as you laid together in a blissful silence, Bucky propped up on his elbow and looked down at you with a smile. “You’re incredible, you know that?” He asked as he leaned down and nuzzled into your neck. You laughed as his scruff scratched you and tried wiggling away. “Nuh uh, c'mere.” He pulled you closer and kissed your shoulder.

“When I found out I couldn’t walk all that ran through my mind was, ‘I’m not gonna get to walk down the isle at my wedding. I’m not gonna get my first dance with you, and I’m not gonna be able to chase our children around because I can’t walk.’ And I refused to just accept that. I had to try and Tony, Steve, and Rhodey made sure I had all the support I needed. Honestly, without them I probably wouldn’t have done it.” You said as you traced your finger over his chest.

“When you were in the accident and we were on our way to go get you, what ran through mine was, 'God, just let her be alive. Let her come home to me. I can’t live without her.’ Because I can’t. I love Steve, he’s my brother, but I know he thinks that one day I’m gonna snap and I’ll be the same Bucky he knew back in the forties. And the rest of the world don’t know whether to look at me as a murderer or a hero. But you, you see me as Bucky. A guy that is trying his damn hardest to be good. A guy that’s trying to figure it all out. And I love you so much for that alone. You don’t expect anything from me, you aren’t afraid of me. For some reason you love me and I thank god I found you because you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. So when you found out you couldn’t walk and you looked so sad, I promised myself I’d spend the rest of my life doing everything I could to make you happy again. To prove to you that you’re so much more than a disability. But, yet again, you’ve managed to completely blow me away and surprise me with just how independent you are and just how much more I need you than you need me.”

You grabbed his chin and brought him down so you could give him a kiss. “I love you, James Buchanan Barnes.” You whispered against his lips before you kissed them again.

“I love you so much more, y/n y/m/n Barnes.”

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What about a Sheith groundhog’s day story where the condition to end the loop is to finally confess feelings. IDK who should be repeating the day though.

This is way, way super late but omg I love time loop stuff! I kind of want Shiro to keep reliving the day? Just because :3 What if they’re on a planet that has strange properties that manipulate time. What if something is bothering Keith and Shiro spends every looped day trying to figure out what it is? He tries leaving Keith alone, that doesn’t work, tries asking him what’s wrong, gets an excuse. Then he spends the whole day with Keith, trying to figure him out, maybe takes him to different places each day and sees different sides to Keith and falls in love with him a bit more with every loop. 

And then at the end of one of the days, they’re looking up at the planet’s two moons, stargazing, it’s a minute before midnight, before the loop resets, and Shiro just takes Keith’s hand and says “I want tomorrow with you, and every day after that.” And Shiro has his eyes closed, waiting for the day to reset, but the minute goes by and when he opens his eyes Keith is there, so close, whispering “me too” and that’s it there’s no more loop it’s just the two of them, kissing a minute after midnight. 

Against All Odds

So guys, I did a thing. Since S4 has been stressing me out so much with ya know, doomsday stuff, I felt like I needed to switch gears. So, I did a thing because I’m absolute trash and I love fan theories. I’ve tried to include some details from the show but like I’m just gonna go in a wild direction here. I’m gonna try and keep it a bit light hearted for my sanity’s sake because again, this season has me freaking out. 

Also on AO3 here

Here we go…

Abigail Griffin felt numb. She felt like she was floating, as if the airlock doors on the ark had suddenly opened and had set her free into the vast reaches of space. She was only vaguely aware of her papers falling to the ground, scattering into a heap of chaos. However, the papers that now covered the floor held no importance compared to the one she held in her small hands. The document was shaking so much that she could barely read it, but she’d only succeed in reading the same set of numbers over and over again anyways. She didn’t want to believe what these numbers told her, but she knew more than well that they told her the truth.

Ever since Raven, Jackson, and herself had formulated the idea of the Nightblood serum, they had been meticulously testing different versions of it to see which one would suit their population the best. Clarke, who had been at the lab for some time now, was the first to receive the test treatment. Much to Abby’s chagrin, her daughter thought that she would prefer something go wrong with her than anybody else. So she had done it, and thankfully,nothing had gone wrong. However, it didn’t exactly work. Murphy and Emori had both received the treatment and nothing had gone wrong, but once again no working serum. After a furious amount of testing on the kids, Abby had decided that they would need to take a new approach. She’d donated plenty of blood to the cause, but still the solution was only an idea. With time quickly running out, they had very limited options. They’d already spent weeks figuring out the right formulas but for some reason when they tried to make it, the serum couldn’t synthesize. Their last shred of hope came from Jackson’s idea to go into space, which they’d tried to put off but it was now their last option. Naturally, Abby volunteered to go to space with Raven, but her body seemed to have other plans.

Things quickly went downhill for Abby when she never fully recovered after donating so much blood for the experiments, she still felt so weak. She’d been feeling ill beforehand, which she had simply associated with mild radiation sickness. Also, these were stressful times, so it would be understandable if her physical condition suffered. But, that wasn’t exactly the case because even after a few day’s rest, Abby only felt worse.

Despite all of her medical experience, she couldn’t truly fathom why. Raven’s condition was slowly getting worse with all of her constant activity and Abby thought that she may start showing symptoms herself. Though what Abby felt was nothing like Raven described. Yes, she had headaches, but they hadn’t caused any sort of seizures yet. Abby didn’t exactly feel energized either. In fact, she was constantly fatigued, which wasn’t exactly normal for her. However, the misery didn’t stop there. Abby felt nauseous every day just before 11 o'clock, again, extremely unusual for her. Once more, Abby never considered this to be anything other than radiation sickness, but even after staying sheltered for a while it hadn’t stopped. And so being the medical expert she is, she sought out answers. She knew that what was left of the ALIE program inside her brain was very minor compared to Raven’s, so she didn’t jump to a brain scan. Instead, she took a blood test. She would need to do one anyways before space travel, so at least this covered many tasks at once and didn’t waste too much time.

And this is where she is caught now, stuck in this one moment over and over. The lab results infront of her, frantically being scanned by her expert eyes told the truth of her condition, and the truth that she wouldn’t be going into space anytime soon. Abby knows exactly what the numbers mean, which is what terrified her beyond belief. She almost wished that the world would just open up below her and swallow her whole. She could chair below her was no more welcoming than the thoughts that ran through her head, and the empty lab only served to make her feel more isolated. Despite the shaking paper in her unstable hands, she the numbers stood out as if they were neon lights. Her hCG levels were high, and they were only rising.

Abby Griffin was pregnant.

MIllions of thoughts had been running through her head for the past five minutes, however all she could do was re red the same set of data. She was in shock, so much so that if someone were to walk in on her they would not even be able to strike up a conversation. “How can I possibly have a child in a world like this? Does Marcus even want to be a father?” Abby still wasn’t quite sure what her and Marcus were. It’s not like they were married, but they weren’t just friends either. Oh, they had crossed that line even before their nine days in Polis. Now thinking about it, she’s surprised that she’d been so blind to her condition. Her and Marcus had spent nine days in Polis becoming much more than just friends. And just before the 100 were sent down to the earth she had decided not replace her contraceptive implant since she hadn’t had any thoughts of re-marrying. She’d assumed, and accepted, that she would be confined to loneliness for the rest of her life and that her grief would forever define her. However, she was wrong and Marcus Kane had slowly burned down the walls to her heart. In the end, Abby hadn’t exactly been monitoring which day her implant would be completely ineffective, but she didn’t feel the need to care either. She was 42 and more worried about staying alive than a silly little chip.

Though it was at times like this when she wished she’d spent less time admiring Marcus’ muscles and more time behaving like a responsible adult. Though in all honesty she wouldn’t trade in that view for anything, but as these terrifying thoughts came crashing down on her in waves of terror, she panicked at the thought of telling Marcus. Without thinking, she let out a sob and rested her head in her hands. Her faint cries stood out against the silence of empty lab. Though Abby didn’t really care. Everyone had had a long day of preparing the shuttle for launch while also preparing some materials so that a couple of them could go home to Arkadia.

She knew that if she wasn’t going to space anymore that she would be returning home.Though she couldn’t really decide if that was a plus or not. It wasn’t until Clarke was in plain sight that Abby was aware that the thundering footsteps in the hall belonged to her daughter.

“Mom? Mom, are you okay” Clarke cried. She footsteps were now quicker and sharper as Clarke ran to her side. Her daughter heaved a sigh of relief when Abby lifted her head from her hands to meet her daughter’s worried gaze. “Oh my god, I thought…”

“No honey, I’m fine,” Abby reassured her. With the remnants of the ALIE program still posing a threat, Clarke had been keeping a close watch on Abby and Raven. In reality, Abby knew she was lucky to have such care, but was it too much to ask for some time alone? “Go back to bed Clarke,” she begged. As much as she tried, she couldn’t stop shaking and her voice was unusually tiny; Clarke obviously wasn’t buying her act. Her daughter only managed to shake her and and pick up the scattered papers on the floor, though Abby interjected. “Clarke, just leave them,” she pleaded as her daughter organized the papers into a pile on the table.

“What’s that one?” She questioned while gesturing to the oh-so-important document that had served to change Abby’s entire world. Both women reached for the paper, but something in Abby broke and she let Clarke take it. She supposed her daughter would figure it out eventually, and quite frankly Abby didn’t have the energy to fight over a piece of paper. She watched as Clarke scanned the page, only to whisper: “Wait, this isn’t a brain scan, this is a blood test.” More tears brimmed in the corners of Abby’s eyes as she waited for Clarke to see the numbers. As much as Abby wanted this to be a secret, she longed to not feel so alone before she could muster the courage to tell Marcus. She could only watch as Clarke’s eyes stopped their skimming motion and settled on one set of data. She watched as her daughter’s mouth gaped open and Abby could only begin to comprehend what was running through Clarke’s head as well as her own. Clarke had done some medical training on the Ark, she would know what the elevated hCG levels would mean. Her daughter’s eyes quickly darted up from the page to meet her gaze, to which Abby could only proceed by looking into her own lap. Clarkes eyes flashed to her mother’s stomach, then back up to her teary eyes.

“Mom… you’re pregnant?” Obviously she was looking for confirmation. Abby couldn’t tell if she was praying to be right or wrong, though she hoped Clarke wouldn’t look down on her for this. Abby wished that she could giver her daughter a strong confirmation, but all she could muster was the strength to nod her head. Clarke didn’t say anything at first, she only eyed Abby and the test results before carefully placing the paper down on the table. Despite their differences, Clarke was still fairly close with her mother and did not hesitate to enclose Abby in a loving embrace. Though this only served to make Abby feel worse, she should be taking care of Clarke. “How will I take care of another child when I can barely care for one?”

“I’m sorry Clarke, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable,” she breathed. When she pulled away from the embrace she wiped away a stray tear with an attempt to steady herself.

“Mom I’m not going to hold it against you or anything. I mean, you’re probably super hormonal right now, right?” Oh, this was getting to be a little awkward. Abby and Clarke were close, but they each had their own little secrets from each other. And for Abby, she didn’t always like to discuss certain health matters very openly to Clarke, or to anybody.

There was a long silence that blanketed the room after her daughter’s comment. As much as there was so much to discuss, Clarke got the sense that Abby didn’t want to talk about much. There was really only one big elephant in the room though. The baby’s father.

“So… I um… I don’t mean to pry mom, but Kane is the father right?” She questioned, but with a sense of assurance, as if she already knew. It’s wasn’t as if their relationship was a complete secret, but nobody knew just the extent of it. Nobody knew exactly what went down during their nine days in Polis even though she knew that their growing relationship wasn’t exactly a secret. Now, if nobody didn’t know already, they would.

“Yes, it’s Marcus’.” Clarke was a little taken back by her confirmation. Not because it wasn’t obvious who the father was, but because how Clarke had grown up watching Abby and Kane constantly at each other’s throats. “All that time we wasted arguing, how nice it would be if we could have it all back.” All the stress that came with her never ending thoughts was just too much for her to handle. She even struggled to look up at her daughter, who wasn’t even angry at all. “I’m sorry Clarke. I hope this doesn’t upset you, I really do… I know I haven’t talked to you about Marcus and myself with you but…”

“Mom, slow down okay. I’m not mad, I’m glad that you’re happy with Kane. You deserve that,” she revealed. Well, that made Abby feel a little better.

“That’s good… good,” she mumbled. “I just, I don’t know if Marcus even wants a child. Hell, I don’t know if I want another child especially with all this chaos that seems to follow us around. I mean, what if I tell him and he wants to terminate, or what if he leaves once the child is born. I… I don’t know what I would do. The logistics of it all, and what if everything goes wrong. There are countless complications, and most of them lead to certain death down here…” She could see the way Clarke eyed her as she paced around the room. Her daughter shouldn’t have to see her like this, Abby was the mother here. But the words, the onslaught of dark thoughts, they wouldn’t stop coming. Abby knew that by this point her frantic speech was incomprehensible, and that she talked so fast she believed she could never come to a stop. Her pacing only quickened, and with each step her breaths became shorter. She only felt herself feel steady again when Clarke came over and grabbed her hands, squeezing them gently. Her daughter didn’t say anything because there wasn’t much to be said. Instead she lead Abby back to the small bedroom she’d claimed in the brief time they’d been at the lab. Thankfully, there was a small living space connected to the main laboratory so it all felt rather luxurious and strangely comforting.

Once she was back to her familiar space her erratic breathing and shaking had stopped, and with it a typical wave of exhaustion set in. With all the commotion, she’d managed to forget that it was still the middle of the night. She separated herself from her daughter’s grasp and sat down on the edge of her bed. As she let her body relax, she flashed her daughter the classic I’m okay look and watched as Clarke acknowledged her request. However, it wasn’t before she left with the last words.

“I think it’ll look better in the morning Mom, you used to always say that to me. You’re just in shock right now and under a lot of stress, so just take some time to think about it all. Tomorrow, let us all handle the heavy lifting, I can cover for you to the others. We’ll be back in Arkadia in a couple of days once the launch is done, then you can talk about it with Kane,” Clarke ordered. Sometimes Abby forgot how much Clarke had grown up on the ground, but it was in moments like this that she suddenly remembered. They would be journeying back to Arkadia soon, taking with them some supplies and small pieces of equipment from the lab. Clarke had told her what had happened in Arkadia with Ilian, but most of the infrastructure was still in tact so the population still resided there. Home, a hell of a place to raise a child. That was where she would find Marcus, her Marcus, waiting for her. God, she’d dreamed of the moment everytime she closed her eyes, just the thought of running towards him warmed her thoughts. Though tonight, she would not be dreaming of Marcus Kane waiting for her in the center of Arkadia. No, she would dream of him standing in the ruins of the place they used to call home, but he would have a wide grin on his face despite his surroundings. Because the only thing that could capture his gaze would be the who resided in tiny bundle of furs cradled in his strong arms.


“Abby… I… I don’t know what to say. I mean, congrats to you and Kane though,” Jackson mumbled. He had woken her up once he’d read over her tests results, given to him by Clarke, and had been stripped of all his words.

“Jackson, when you go up-”

“Don’t worry about me Abby, I’ll be fine up there. You’ve already laid out the plans, Raven and I will have this done quickly and next thing you know we’ll be back on the ground. Stress-”

“Isn’t good for the baby, I know. Jackson, you know I don’t doubt your abilities for a second, hell I trained you. But, this is our last chance here, this has got to work.” Abby trusted Jackson, she really did. Her second-in-command had always been an at pupil and was now ready to hold his own. Just now with a little life fluttering inside her, surviving was more than just her and Marcus staying together. It meant a future was promised to her by fate, and she was not ready to let that go. “And stay safe Jackson, I’m gonna need some help in Medical when you get back,” she smirked. She honestly worried for the boy’s safety. After all the time spent together in medical over the years, Abby saw him like family more than anything.

“Right back at you. Please don’t do anything silly, like run in front of a murder drone, before I get back,” he begged. The little smile on his face betrayed his serious tone, but Abby knew that she had to be extra careful now. “And don’t be afraid to tell Kane.”

“Get a move on,” she whispered as she gestured towards the shuttle. She really didn’t want to talk about it now. She still wasn’t sure how e’d react, but she could only hope for the best.

“May we meet again, Abby”

“We will.”

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Today's my birthday!! Can I pretty please have some Tfa Blitzwing with cybertronian s/o headcanons? Fluffy, protective, idk anything and everything ya got!!

Omg happy birthday anon! 

Blitzwing TFA

He’s excited to celebrate your birthday, and he has a couple ideas on how to make it special! They don’t all go as planned though…

Random tried to make you a bunch of birthday sweets but he reeeaaally doesn’t know what he’s doing in the kitchen (think that scene in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty where Fauna is making Aurora her cake but she’s literally folding in eggs, using different mugs as measuring cups, WAY TOO MANY CANDLES, etc.) 

Hothead wanted to decorate the base for your special day but Megatron said no. So he settled on a small corner and flung some confetti and streamers around (which got a bit ripped up because he wasn’t very gentle with them) 

Icy wanted to get a heartfelt gift, something that really showed he cared for you. He ended up buying (STEALING and had to fight team prime for it) a nice gift, but on the way back he switched to Random at the wrong moment, who then broke the gift…he saved the wrapping paper though! It’s wrinkled but still shiny 

He was feeling pretty confident about his plan until carried you out, blindfolded for added effect. It suddenly hit him how the sweets were probably inedible, the decorations were really torn up, and his ‘gift’ was just wrinkled paper. He tried to stop you from taking your blindfold off, and once you did he was rapidly switching between personalities, offering many apologies in varying tones.  He paused when you started giggling though. Even though this surprise party was an absolute disaster, he had put effort into it. He had even researched human birthday traditions, because you certainly hadn’t told him about any of it! 

He got a little bit of his confidence back when you kissed his cheek and thanked him for the surprise. He ends up taking you for a flight around the city instead, and lets you pick out some edible cake 

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I need some Poseidon interacting or really being in nonbinary Percy's life ,w,

yes!!!! idea; idk if anyone has heard of the trans dude that poseidon abducted in myth, but headcanon that ever since that happened, he’s tried to learn more and more about trans issues and identities. percy expects him to be confused, at first, like sally was (though sally was supportive all the way) or worse, cruel and abusive like fugliano. but he’s neither. poseidon just nods and is like “you dont have to explain, i know what that means, my child. do you want to go by another name?” and percy just blinks real fast and is like “nah, percy is good. not into perseus though. might drop the, uh, the end part.” and poseidon nods, just accepting it as is, and percy almost bursts out into laughter at how surprised they are.

another idea; a lot of the people in poseidon’s kingdom are neither male nor female so percy goes to chill with their dad and his subjects. they swim around, having a genuinely good time, because instead of asking them why theyre wearing a skirt or why their nails have lil fishies on them, the other folk all poke at their legs like “so fleshy!!! where are your scales, child of poseidon?” and percy laughs every time. “on the inside” they assure the people. “dont worry, just a demigod trait.” and they always believe percy and percy loves it so much.

just….. percy being happy. more happy percy content, yes please. - mod will

Sooo I haven’t been super happy with my art recently and the first time I saw this person’s UTMob au I fell in love with it so what better way to get out of an art slump by drawing some of it! I seriously love their au and suggest everyone go look at their blog. 


Haise’s various styles =w=
Happy birthday, @fortaine!

Da- da- do- do, da- da- do- do, Da- da- do- do, da- da- do- do

Somebody tell me what’s better than love?
Better than love
Make this minute last forever
Somebody tell me what’s better than love?
Even when our love is gone you weren’t wrong to have been
Mi-I-I-I-ine, mi-I-I-I-ine

I have another version with a bg on twitter

20 Followers ! Period !
20 Followers ! Period !

20 Followers Celebration audio!! I tried !! I didn’t know what else to do !!! >_<  I hope you like it ! I should have asked for lines instead of coming up with this on my own!!

No “rubbing” sound effect cause I couldn’t get it to sound right. I’m too picky …. ANYWAY.

This audio has gaps in it so you can act along. There should be enough time for you to reply with the exact script I made…night take a few tries though… Idk

The relationship between you and Sans could be whatever you want. It’s up to you.

—Audio Description—

Sans and Female

You started your period…. Crap !! Thankfully, Sans does his best to help you out.

(The audio doesn’t play at the start for me for some reason…. You might also have to drag it back. You also listen to it here.)

Script is below the cut!

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Reynabeth volleyball!au

  • They’re both on the school team. They tried out as freshmen and basically live and breathe the sport.
  • Reyna has very good leadership. She’s the coach’s favorite, because she’s very reliable and very talented. This puts a lot of pressure on her, though.
  • Annabeth is a very good strategist. She always lets her opinion be heard (even when unwarranted). She can get astonishingly bossy and annoying, but she has good ideas.

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thedownworld  asked:

I need !! Like desperately need someone to write about alec trying to learn how to cook for magnus and burning all the food but magnus still eats it (even though it sucks) and then alec just offers to take him out somewhere else so they go to cute diner or something idk it's up to your

😭 this is so damn cute wtf 😭

Alec swore under his breath as he threw away the charred remains of what should have been a romantic lunch. He’d tried several times to make it work but it just wouldn’t.

“That didn’t look too bad, my love.” Magnus’ voice was soft, full of amusement and affection.

“No. Let me try one more time.”

Magnus chuckled, still leaning against the wall as he watched him restart everything. His arms were crossed and he was looking perfect as always.

Alec tried again but it still didn’t go to plan. As he was about to throw it away, Magnus caught his wrist and took the plate.

“Let me at least try it, Alexander.” Magnus tilted his head, watching him with that usual mischievous glint in his eyes. Alec would have protested but the soft smile he received melted him right to the core.

“Okay. Go ahead.”

Magnus picked up a bit of the food, which looked significantly less gross than the other test runs had looked, studying it for a moment before taking a small bite. His expression was neutral for half a second before he pulled a face between sympathy, amusement and disgust.

“Maybe you should try again…” he said softly.

Alec groaned, shaking his head. “No. No… I’m taking you out instead.”

Magnus watched him before smiling. “That sounds fun.”

Alec gave a soft smile, taking his hand as he lead him to the door.

(Jimon/malec prompts still open)
I Tried

heyyyllo! this is something i wrote because i’m procrastinating. procrastination helps me be creative and shit so.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 500ish

Warnings: sex topics, aliens, and blood/violence

A/N: i’m not planning on writing a part 2, but i ended it in a way that will allow an easy transition for a part 2. it’s not as angsty as the title suggests. depends on if you guys are dying for a part 2 though…idk let me know :)

“I Tried”

One of the moldy mutilated alien-shitheads pinned you against the brick wall, slamming your head onto the surface. You could feel the spot become wet, with what you assumed could only be blood.

“Fuck, that’s gonna leave a scar,” you moaned in pain.

The fugly monster breathed hot air down your neck and licked your cheek with its filthy tongue.

“What the shit? I’m gonna fucking murder you, you asshat!” You squirmed fiercely under its grasp, trying to wiggle your way out. “Fuck!” you shouted, frustrated that your efforts weren’t working. Normally, you were considered strong ‘for a girl’, but even your near-superhuman strength was nothing against this cosmic beast.

“You will serve as a good slave,” it hissed, its voice sending shivers through your entire body.

“I will slaughter you,” you threatened. You stretched your hand as far as it would go, reaching for your knife. “Some help, maybe?” you whined into the telecom. You hoped that someone would come by and help you out, but everyone seemed preoccupied.

“You’re coming with me,” it cackled madly, dragging you by the wrist.
Kicking, punching, and screaming, you fought to your fullest abilities. But you were only getting closer to its fucking mother-ship. This is it, you thought. I’m gonna die a fucking sex slave for these aliens.

Right when you were spitting out your last curses, a red figure swooped by, kicking the alien on the side of its head. He flew to the right, and landed on the sandy dirt. But he hadn’t let go of your wrist. Before you could even yell ‘shit’, you felt your body fly into the air and land on the ground. While you laid down, vision hazy and bright, you could hear the grunts and shouts coming from your left. You tried to get back up, but tired out, you just let the blackness consume you. The last thing you saw was a red blur fighting the alien.

Something was shaking…it was your body. Your body was rocking back and forth.

“(Y/n)! (Y/n), c’mon!” someone pleaded.

Opening one eye, you lazily observed your surroundings. All you could see, though, was Peter’s worried face.

“What?” you asked with a hoarse voice.

Peter let go of you and sighed deeply. “I thought you were dead,” he whispered.

You tried to get up, supporting yourself with one arm. “You can’t get rid of me that easily, Parker.”

He looked appalled, his cute eyes wide and his mouth gaping. You chuckled at him, trying to sit up properly. But the moment you sat up, your mind whirled and your sight blurred. It felt like someone was flushing your brain down the toilet. Peter immediately help you lower back and your hand to steady you.

“My head is bleeding,” you said weakly, remembering the incident.

“I can see that,” he replied with concern, seeing your hair matted with blood. He called for emergency medical attention on his com. He got up on his feet, never letting go of you. “Here, I’m going to pick up.”

“How?” you asked, holding your head. “I’m like, twice your size.”

Then without a word, he swooped you up, his arms under your legs and your back. You don’t remember what happened after that. All you remember is Peter running stealthily back to the jet.

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Get to know tag

tagged by: @boxwineconfession

Rules: answer these 20 questions and then tag some tumblr folks you wanna know better!

Name: Raine

Nicknames: Moon Moon, Kitten, And I have a few others idk. Not many people use nicknames on me cause I have four names already.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5'10. So like. Ginormous.

Orientation: im stuck in that gray unlabeled area where I don’t know what I am really but I know I’m pretty fucking gay even though I like all genders. And I’m not pan but I’m still floating? Idk friends. Sexuality is weird.

Ethnicity: Snow fucking white no matter how hard my genes tried to make it otherwise.

Fruit: Peaches. I will die on a bed of Peaches.

Season: Fall. For those witchy angsty death feels.

Flower: Tiger Lily

Smell: Fresh peeled mangoes, petrichor, the smell of fresh leather car seats after the car has sat in the sun. Musty wine cellars. I like a lot of smells.

Colour: Black. Or Royal Purple.

Animal: Foxes. Because dragons aren’t real.

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?: Tea.

Average sleep hours: 2-4

Cats or Dogs: Cats

Favourite fictional character(s): Elizabeth Bennett from Pride And Prejudice. Baz from Carry On. And Kakashi from Naruto.

Ideal Trip: A duel trip to Ireland and Scotland. Preferably where I never had to come back.

Blog Created: I created this blog years ago, and didn’t ever use it until like eight months ago.

I Tag: @otayurism @seeyounextlevel @gutgemacht @platinumvictor @suspiciousbuttons

Celestial Crown - Ch. 2

Originally posted by trashwilldo

Request: “ The reader is the wife of Emperor Kylo and is cradling her 3 month old baby to sleep when it happens an ambush”

“ I request emperor Kylo brig super busy and he doesn’t have time for the reader and maybe they get some alone time idk ;)”

Summary: After you comply to Kylo taking you as his Empress your new life, though you were hesitant about it, becomes more enjoyable as Kylo goes out of his way to prove his love to you. Though he is swarmed with his new and growing Empire he tries to keep you feeling attended to and loved. Your marriage grows slowly, reminding you both of what you had wanted as teenagers in love. An unexpected turn of events against the Empire also bring you and Kylo closer together. 

A/N: The beginning like 5 chunks of this are back story, but it felt necessary for the flow of the story. So I hope you guys like it! If you want more don’t hesitate to request!

Being Kylo’s Empress to say the least, was a life of spoils. Kylo didn’t exaggerate when he told you he would provide you with only the best. He brought you everything from the smallest gems, to the most beautiful gowns you had ever seen. You insisted it was too much, but for him it was his way of trying to make up for all the years he had been missing and an attempt to let you know just how much he loved you. One of his attempts to swoon you over with gifts was his promise of an entire island, which you denied. Simply owning it for vacation was far too impractical. You also wanted more than just gifts from him, despite how endearing he was each time he gave you one. Approaching you with great hesitation, watching your face intently to gage your reaction. 

Slowly but surely he became better at communicating with you, trying his hardest to convey his feelings and thoughts to you. As that evolved, he also made a good, but rusty, effort to be completely and openly honest with you. Understandably at first a lot of his truth was off putting and dark, but deep down you knew it wasn’t him alone. He was no longer the architect of his own story after he left home. Though his body carried out the deeds, you knew truly his mind was not his own at work. Lucky for him, you were one of the only people to understand that. It was nerve racking at first, had you on edge at first, but soon within only a few months, you could see the young man you once knew in Kylo. The sheer determination he had and displayed trying to be the man he knew you wanted was enough to make your heart swell. 

Of course despite his great improvements, you were no fool to simply jump back into your romantic ways with Kylo. After considerable time however, you slowly started to get him as well as allow him to go beyond just simply holding your hands. The first nights you would just simply stare at each other from opposite sides of the bed, just talking, you eventually got closer. Eventually letting him hold your hand as you drifted off to sleep. Then closer as you finally allowed him to envelop you in his arms. Your kisses got deeper, the hugs tighter, the little gestures of affection more frequent. Months later, you both had finally reached the point of intimacy and romance you had wanted since you were teenagers at the Resistance. For someone as cold and awkward as Kylo, you felt fortunate, and somewhat proud, that you were the only person to bring out his softer side. To say the least, everyone in the kingdom was grateful to you for being the ultimate sedative to their ruthless Emperor. 

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$8.67 | Soonyoung Drabble

Request: “I’ve gotta run, so maybe next time?”

idk what this is I tried. @heliumdooly sorry if you don’t like it

Word Count: 1,214

Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by seungcheofine

“I’ve gotta run, so maybe next time?” The customer said, throwing his empty bowl of ramen in the trash.

“W-what?” you spluttered in confusion from behind the counter.

The customer smiled at you as he headed towards the door, “I really have to go, can’t I just pay for this later?”

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@kelly-sharpe || prompt || million years ago - adele

When I walk around all of the streets/Where I grew up and found my feet/They can’t look me in the eye

She could hear people talking when they saw her. Feel their eyes on here even though they’d look away if she tried to actually catch them in the act. Though there were many people who had been very nice to her, who welcomed her back to town and didn’t treat her like just another gossip token, there were also still those that she knew loved to talk about her family. Her mother, specifically. It was…well, more irritating than anything else. “It’s been two years.” She muttered, not really paying attention to who was nearby that might hear her (because if she had, she might have stoppered herself from saying anything). “Is that seriously still one of their best topics of conversation?”