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also wanna say a huge thanks @littleblackchat for your ridiculous amount of hard work in making this zine come together ;0; it was crazy watching you work and i have a lot of respect for you //grovels profusely// ur a beast gurl

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The Sign of Dreams

So I dove face first into TSoT with the idea that it’s all EMP and by golly… it’s a trip.
(So because I’m not clever enough to draw anything from it yet, I’m gonna leave a good chunk of the start at the door)

  • Mrs Hudson making tea and Sherlock commenting that he ‘just thought it sort of happened’. Which is an indicator towards it all being EMP, considering dreams are disjointed and you just end up somewhere, you don’t know how you got from A to B.
  • As it was said here it’s likely Sherlock’s parents are homophobic. And Sherlock saying that his mother ‘understands very little’ is possibly pointing towards the same conclusion. His mother doesn’t understand how Sherlock could be gay perhaps?
  • Not seeing the wedding ‘cause even Sherlock’s mind isn’t that cruel. Again the whole transition was very dream-like, you don’t know how they got from A to B, they just ended up there. There was no set-up, no wedding. (Because there actually was no wedding).
  • Harry (and John’s parents, that is if they’re even alive) not being at the wedding. Possibly ‘cause Sherlock doesn’t know what Harry looks like and only knows her from his deductions and the blog. Sherlock doesn’t expect Harry to turn up to her own brother’s wedding ‘cause clearly she wouldn’t be interested in that if they hardly see each other… Something tells me, this may all be a dream.
  • Sholto is barely mentioned, suggesting Sherlock has either never heard John talk about him, so Sherlock made him up. Or John mentioned him a couple times and Sherlock kinda shoe-horned him in. Again, now that I think about it, someone like Sholto being there but not John’s family seems rather bizarre, don’t you think?
  • The amount of guests at the wedding (barely a hundred people saw the invitation so god knows how many actually turned up) and the lack of family members is strange. We know John doesn’t have many friends and most people hate Mary so… who exactly are all these people? John’s cousins? ‘Cause apparently they turn up but John’s parents and sister… don’t?
  • ‘The two people that I love and care about most in the world’. Sherlock has known John is in love with him since ASiB and that is slipping into this reality.
  • Best man speech features more low self-esteem. I believe the part ‘the bravest and kindest and wisest human being, I have ever had the good fortune of knowing’, is what Sherlock wanted to say to John before jumping. But perhaps he didn’t out of fear of leaving John forever.
  • ‘In short, the two people who love you most in this world’. Sherlock is well aware that he loves John and I think the hug conveys his desperation and want to be with him, as he clings onto life.
  • Mary knows when Sherlock is lying. Yes we could tie this to the fact that she’s an assassin but I’m not here for that. It suggests she’s a character Sherlock made to shut him down, shut him up and shut him out of anything and everything in every respect. It’s the low self-esteem again.
  • The serviettes - ‘That just sort of happened’. Again, like the tea, it’s from A to B with no explanation. Very dream like.
  • One feature of interest, John Watson, saving a life. ‘The best and bravest man I know’. - More stuff Sherlock wanted to say before jumping?
  • Bi colours in the bar suggest that Sherlock knows fine well that John is bi and not gay.
  • Mayfly man case - When Tessa starts it sounds like John and Sherlock’s first night out. Perhaps this is when Sherlock began running out of material and so old cases really began to bleed in.
  • (This point is reaching) ‘He’s saved mine so many times and in so many ways’. Could this mean that John had a bigger part to play when Sherlock fell then the Actual scene leads us to believe? Nothing but speculation, however, there could be something here.
    I mean he’s saved Sherlock a lot but I feel as if I have to dig where I can :P
  • ‘Oh, way out in the middle of nowhere’ This is used in the ‘Sholto is the target montage’ but, no way did/could Sherlock hear that conversation. Hence, a dream. In a dream, Sherlock would know his own plot. Especially since we nickname it EMP and not just a coma dream. Lucid dreaming perhaps. (It would explain all the constant 180′s).
  • ‘I shouldn’t have tried to be clever’. Could reference how Sherlock shouldn’t have tried to be clever on the roof. In doing so, the fall happened and I’ve said it all before, our boy is in a coma.
    ‘You should have driven faster’. Makes me think this could be to do with John’s cab not being fast enough, not making it back to Bart’s in time to stop the events that unfolded.

Now, I have no idea what most of this suggests or anything. I’m tired and not much of a meta writer. However, I really like the theory that Sherlock has been in a coma since the fall and I’m prepared to find anything that points towards that.


The Empty Dream | The Sign of Dreams | His Lasting Dream | The Abominable Dream | The Sickening Dream | The Lying Dream | The Final Dream

what has my life come to….my girlfriend and baby mama is leaving me for an undead…. and I never get any screentime in this legacy…..

is this karma for all the shit I’ve done in other peoples games? am I a bad person? should I sell cyan’s whole element collection at the flea market as revenge?

so many questions, but where are the answers…….salami out

@thememime first of all THANK u for enjoying my claw paws i love drawin them oh so much

now let me think,, how do i actually,,,,,,…..draw them….,, ,

hmmmmmm uuuhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh


ok to tell u the truth when i draw the claw paws its 100% muscle memory after drawing my dragon oc on every sheet of paper i came into contact with in high school, so actually thinkin abt the process is like ?? uhmmmmhhh well you squiggle it uuh

its not exactly a science i guess, and in retrospect its probably an anatomical bastardization, but i just go with what feels right bro. its kind of like a pattern or a rhythm. 

i generally stick with three distinct knobs, a knuckle, another one, and another one after that second one. otherwise its about your line of action and where u want to pull the weight. oh! and i like to let the claws act as an extension of the hand, i give them bulk and weight as well, and they sorta flop around wherever they feel like goin 

and of course there are 8,109,553,449 variations in how ya wanna stylize based on the exaggeration of your curves and angles, also by adding knobby joints and wrinkles! wrinkles are fun

but idk man. tbh ive just been kinda bullshitting it the entire time. please dont slap me with pizza dough


Her hair is still kinda fluffy but I didn’t give her that stupid afro as always 😂😂😂 oh well.. Idk what to do with her hair, I prefer her hair the way I have always drawn it tbh… I think I’m stuck in art block.Again.

those were two sketches with slightly different hair, I don’t really like any of them but I prefer the first one.. I don’t even know why I decided to “finish” the other one.. I make no sense

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Like Suga's 'infires', what would be some phrases the other BTS members would say? <3

Hello lovely anon! Infires is such a funny world lmao xD Uhhh idk how well I’ll do on this but I can try and hopefully it’s up to your standards pls dont hurt me~



“Oh mai gawht.”

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“Girlll~” (If you haven’t seen their BTS Congrats on 4 million followers on VLive I suggest you do, it’s hilarioussss~)

“My introduce?”

“Do your best~”

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“Excuse me~”

“Tony, Tony I luv you~”

“Oh my Gaat.”


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“Jimin, you got no jams.”

“Live life sexily.”

(Tbh what more do you need from Namjoon? ouo)

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“Hellooo~ I’m your hope! I’m your angel! J-Hope~”

“You very, very dirry water.”

“Don’t touch my faceu.”

“Oh my Gaat. My heart is, my heart is, oh my Gaat.”

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“Jjang Jjang Poong Poong.”

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JIN - 

“My heart is… red.”

“Hey! Stob yit!”

“R… Revolution, E… Evolution… D… Drumbrotion.”

“You know pi ttam nunmul?”

“You know BTS?”

“You know annyeonghaseyo?”

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Aggghhhh I’m sorry if this isnt what you were asking forrrrr ;;n;; PLease dont kill meeee this was fun doe

  • Emma: We're giving up rum!
  • Hook: But--!
  • Emma: And dessert
  • Hook: Aw okay.
  • Hook: Wait does that include pop tarts?
  • Emma: Well...
  • Hook: And onion rings?
  • Emma: That's not dessert...
  • Hook: But they're very unhealthy!
  • Hook: What about grilled cheese? It's so fattening!
  • Emma: Oh wow I did not think this through.
  • Hook: And no more hot chocolate with whip cream and cinnamon? That's a dessert for sure!
  • Emma: Okay fine! We're giving up rum and that's it!

HEYY LOVELY PEOPLE!! So I got to 600 followers overnight (it. was. rad) and I’ve been thinking about doing a follow forever for a while, so I’m doing one bc ily!!💕💕💕

I was going to do a regular boring follow forever, but earlier today Liz posted one (kinda) and I decided to steal her idea (don’t worry, she’s cool with it, I think) so lets begin…

@siriusblsck, ILY SO MUCH!! and you were probably one of my first followers lmao, and I love talking to you and every time I get a snap I’m hoping it’s from you, and sometimes it is, bc we do talk a lot, but sometimes it isn’t and it’s kind of a bummer bc I just wanna talk to you forever bc ily (did I already mention that ily enough? no? oh well…), you are definitely one of my bffs, if not my bestestest friend (yes I made up a word for you bc you’re awesome) also we like pretty much the same stuff, and you’ve come here and literally stood like 10 steps from my grandma’s house (STILL. FREAKED. OUT. ABOUT. THAT.) and we’re like the same person only different bc we have so much stuff in common!! (the 5 siblings thing still freaks me out too tbh) so yeah, you are awesome and ily and idk what my life would’ve been (would be) if we hadn’t talked about bridges that one time (past Ana is a life saver!!)

@fjrebolt AGHNBDKHJE ILY SO MUCH NAT!! you are like perfection in a little cute person, also you’re super funny and I wanna play cards against humanity with you again!! and everything you make is awesome and you like me (lmao I’m so lame) and I honestly don’t know what to say about you bc you’re just awesome!! OMG!! I LOVE YOUR VOICE!! (I know you hate that I’m so obsessive about this, but I want your accent bc it’s so adorable!!! XD) you make me want to just go where you are and just like, be with you, and maybe do nothing and just be… 

@foreverjily ok, ily and you’re like as random as I am and it sucks that time zones exist bc I wanna talk to you forever but when I get back from school its really late there and when its not I’m either at school or asleep!! + we always talk about random shit and I love it, we literally just had an honest conversation about the weather, the fucking weather!! I honestly think today’s conversation is the longest we’ve had, and thats sad bc I WANT TO TALK TO YOU MOOOORE!!! also I love how whenever we talk we end up talking about something completely different than what we started with (thanks again past Ana for talking to someone about bridges BRIDGES. ARE. COOL.)

@dailyprophet HANNAH!! when I first started my blog you were my idol (not that you aren’t now tbh), your blog is just perfection (just like you) and you gave me great advice to make mine better and ily!! also you are super cute and fun and just perfect!! 

@alrightevains SELEN!! ily and i love that we ship the same ships and I hate that you don’t have a cat even though you really want one!! idk, I just really like talking to you, you are awesome and ily

ok, I think I’ll stop writing about people bc it’s getting a bit repetitive, but here goes everyone else I follow, mutuals are in italics and mutuals I love the most but didn’t write above (even the once I did too lol) bc I didn’t want everything to be too repetitive are bolded


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also if you think I should do something else to celebrate 600 besides this just send it to me on anon or smth

Once I realized I was a lesbian everything got better. Like today I wore a vest. Would I have done that if I wasn’t a lesbian? Probably not. Vests are weird. But I’m a lesbian and rules don’t apply to me and tbh I looked amazing in that vest!!!

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88 + andreil for the prompts?

  okay so i did no research for this bc im a lazy fuck but just pretend the concept can actually happen lmao thank you,, and im sorry this took so long

88. “Don’t panic but I think we might have accidentally gotten married…”

Andrew pulled himself away from the scene replaying itself through his head when the ambulance rattled; he looked up, and the doors had been swung open, and Neil was being passed down to nurses stood outside the van.

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