idk what this is tbh

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ignoring those kinds or asks are best I promise, that anon is gonna be sitting there waiting for your response and you're just gonna be off doing your thing getting excited about Terumob and they're gonna waste their life waiting for a moment of your time they will never get :)

exactly! I responded to them at first but deleted it like 2 seconds later bc honestly its not even worth it, i have mob psycho 100 to scream about anon, sorry. (very same anon has messaged me a couple more times angry that I deleted my response lololol)

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10, 40, 94 & 95 😊

10, 40, 94, 95

10. How would I describe my style?
LOL idk tbh. I kind a just wear what I feel like wearing. I’m really girly though. I have about 10 pairs of nikes in my closet withering away because I prefer girly shoes. I love clothes so much though! I usually stick to the “classy but sassy” rule.

40. How many times have I been to the hospital?
A lot haha. Honestly, I lost count as some point. I have a super weak immune system and went through some health issues last year. I was in and out a lot. I still find hospital bands around my room lol.

94. Favorite lyrics rn?
That’s really hard lol. I seriously cannot decide lol. I’m just gonna go with my favorite song ever. Way too hard to cut it down though.

“And glow, glow, melt and flow,
Eviscerate your fragile frame and spill it out in the ragged floor, A thousand different versions of yourself. And if the old guards still defend,
They got nothing left on which you depend,
So enlist every ounce of your bright blood,
And off with their heads. Jump from the book,
You’re not obliged to swallow anything you despise”

95. Summer or Winter?
Summer. Summer every time. I’m currently mourning the end of summer 2016.


#ThrowbackSterek  →  deleted S1/S2 scene

The boy’s heartbeat speeds up as he approaches, gaze averting to the floor rather than the werewolf stalking closer. Derek catches the stench of fear in the air, and it surprises him. The two of them don’t always see eye to eye–almost never–but they are on the same team now. They’re allies, and somewhere along the way Derek assumed Stiles stopped fearing him like he once did.

“You think that’s all I want from you?” He asks lowly, coming to a stop.

Stiles tilts his head back and locks gazes with him again, uncertainty in his brown eyes. Not for the first time Derek wonders what they’d look like all golden and wild.

“Well, it’s not like you use to come over to play Diablo,” Stiles points out, his voice doing that strained thing it always does when he’s nervous and yet acts like a smartass; as if he just can’t help himself. Sarcasm really is his only defense. 

Derek snorts despite himself, unable to stop the tugging at the corner of his mouth. Stiles’ eyes are wide when watching him from where he’s still crouching on the floor, Derek still standing over him like a predator hovering above its prey.

“I don’t keep you around just because you know how to work Google,” he finds himself saying, “or got a police radio, or can get your hands on things the rest of us can’t.” Derek rolls his neck sligthly, eyes wandering around the room. Anywhere but on Stiles. “You’re pack,” he sighs, trying to sound nonchalant. “Just as much as Scott is.”

Stiles’ heart skips a beat, and suddenly the only emotions Derek picks up are happiness and shock. He doesn’t mean to look back down, but when he does he can’t drag his eyes away from the pleased smile growing on the teenager’s lips.

“Great,” he nods, voice light and smooth this time. “I don’t keep you around just for your good looks either, so I guess we’re on the same page.”

Derek blinks. Oh.