idk what this is owo

St. Olga
  • *in which Star and Tom are friends and talking over the mirror*
  • Tom: So what have you've been doing lately?
  • Star: Oh, Y'know. School, friends, battling Ludo's monsters, and infiltrating Saint O's
  • Tom: *spit take* YOU WHAT!?
  • Star: Yeah! We save Pony Head from becoming a rubber stamp princess! Right Marco?
  • Marco: *who just can in to grab his phone* What? Oh, yeah.
  • Star: We even had disguises!
  • Tom: Really? I'd like to see them *smirk*
  • Marco: Oh no you don't!
  • Star: Oh yes you will! Radiant Shadow Transform! *waves wand*
  • POOF! Marco in a dress
  • Marco: Ugh *face palm*
  • Tom: *wolf whistle* You look like a cute princess.
  • Marco: I'm NOT cute! *crosses arms and pouts*
  • Star: D'awwwwww, you look so cute!
  • Tom: *snaps a picture*
  • Marco: *blushes* Tom!
  • Tom: Keeping
  • Star: Ooo! Send it to me!
  • Marco: Star, you don't even have a phone!
  • Star: Ship it
  • Marco: Ship what?
  • Star: Spicy Nachos for the win OwO

ANONYMOUS SAID TO DOZYDOODLES: John <3 Aradia maybe? If not, then Aradia <3 Dave? I am a sucker for rarepairs

“i sense a disturbance in the force” -dave probably

anonymous asked:

Hey cinidorito what is the the brush you use? idk i really want to know owo also love that hat I want to hug it

sometime i will use this pencil settings (i like how it loosk and feels) 

and usually the line i will just use normal pencil XD so does color (i am really lazy help)

i will use crayon to blur 

and the rest mostly i just use normal pencil to color 

sometime i will adjust the color ( i mostly choose Warm colors) 

i guess it’s all @w@ i know i am really lazy XD

and and and you and hug my hat if you want , remember to return it to me uwu