idk what this is oh god

pet headcanons idk

ashe: a little hedgehog. everyone teases her because “it’s prickly just like you” but everyone thinks its really cute

markus: one time he shooed inien’s cat away from a magpie and he’s been finding trinkets on his windowsill ever since so he either has a bird friend or he made an unintentional deal with a spirit. other than that though his responsibilities are focused on his imps

gregor: isn’t much one for pets but someone gets him a hermit crab that he pays very careful attention to and occasionally frets about if it’s happy or not

thog: not a pet person. barely a people person. and yet here he is, surrounded by all these people and their pets

kyr: kyr strikes me as a lizard kind of guy. he’s got a little gecko that chills around the non-explosive area of his workshop

inien: the mangiest ugliest most foul-tempered cat to exist. it’s less of a pet and more of a growly roommate. she names it Ash (”don’t give me that look, ashe, i named it that because it’s gray”)

firi: a tarantula named peach. that bar’s reactions on seeing it range from neutral to outright objections 

colvin: a parrot, it feels right. can you even imagine, inien would just,, never come over (colvin: huuuuugh! parrot: rwaaaaaa!)

moren: moren loves dogs. specifically, he takes in ever stray and rescue dog that he can

karen: she’s someone that has only ever has fish, but she takes really good care of her fish

xin: an ant farm

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how do you think papiwise would react when he wakes up from hibernating only to find out that his s/o had gotten into an accident that resulted in death while he was resting? would he even notice right away bc he be hongry? would he even care? idk, im really curious to know what you'd think bc the other blogs i've asked either didn't get the ask or didn't want to answer for whatever reason and like, i haven't seen much for this angsty topic and i want to know mORE also sorry for the long ask :'^

oh my god I’m so sorry I hate doing angst…

I think he would probably assume that they’re alive, I mean why wouldn’t they be? Maybe take some time finding a few meals and then realize that he wants to see his s/o. Then he’s having a lot of trouble and he keeps looking and he’s starting to worry cause they were supposed to wait for him…

ah idk I can’t imagine him being sad. maybe he’d go on a huge murderous rampage and start his hibernation early cause he couldn’t handle the grief.

he’d probably wake up again 27 years later and still feel very frustrated, not understanding why he couldn’t be with his s/o. because now it’s been over 50 years but he’s only awake for one at a time so it feels like barely 2 years. he knew it was never going to be easy, but he didn’t expect it to just end like that…

 this hurts to write ugh I hate writing about death :(

//Here goes

Jax sat at the table in the Mess Hall, staring at his teddy bear Krisp for a good ten minutes now, progressively tearing up. After a while and a single tear falling down his cheek, he laughed, harder than what the silence would have liked.

“O-oh, Krisp that’s a great joke! Like he would, like I would! I would never hurt anyone, and my dad wouldn’t either! He might have used to but he doesn’t now, right?” He paused, as if waiting for an answer.

“..o..oh, Krisp don’t say that, he would never-” He looked away. “N-no, I haven’t had those thoughts I- Don’t call me a liar-!”

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I just built a popsickle stick house for my plants... it took me all night and i have blisters and cuts on one hand... but it was all worth it for my babies... oh and i accidently bought more plants... idk why im telling you this, but im guessing its because i thought you might understand what im going through since you relate to some plant things 🌱 😣

OH MY GOD THAT IS SO CUTE!!! and i almost bought more plants today too but my dad was there and literally was like “ Emily stOP” so i didnt D’: and ys keep saying stuff i LIVE FOR PLANTS 

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hrt appreciation post here we go

(it’s long so prepare or scroll really fast if you wanna pass it)

me, 1993, wtf is a gender i wear diapers for god sakes 

late 90s, rockin some shades and some crazy sweaters even though i live in FL (still do that to this day)

time jump to… early 2000s, flexin and loving dogs (still doing that to this day wassup somethings never change)

oh wow here comes Middle School™ and the emo phase begins (sadly no pics during the emo phase)

oh shit what up 2008 scene phase yes that is a STAY BRUTAL™ sweater) 

then ya boy calmed down a bit and stopped giving a fuck about impressing ppl (idk why I thought being scene was impressive dont ask)

ya boy graduated HS and was free to do whatever to his hair so colors were everywhere but also was the time when his self worth was at his lowest and was dressing and looking how he thought people would want so he could get them to like him (ew right?) 

ya boy got his very first mohawk and rocked that shit for a few years

dis is some pics of the year he starts questioning his gender identity and after 6 months of research and “soul searching” decides to start HRT

yo boy is SIX MONTHS ON T !!! and starting to grow facial hair B)

YO BOY IS ONE (1) YR ON T AND JUST HAD TOP SURGERY! but also shaved his head a few months back and feels hella ugly lol 

fwd and we are now 1.5 years on T ! Hair is finally coming in and he’s look decent these days.

WHOOOA LONG HAIR WHO DIS!!! YA BOYS TWO (2) YEARS ON T !!! and 1 YR POST OP! Feeling amazing tbh

ooo shit we winding down now yall

ya boy is Two (2) years and 3 months on T and thankful every day that his blood work came back with the all clear to start T, thankful for his support group and friends/family that love and support him (shout out to my sister), thankful for how well he’s transitioned even though it was long and hard on the mental state a lot of the time, he pushed through and came out the other end smiling and happy in his skin. Thankful every day that he can afford to start on HRT, thankful every day for all the support he gets online from kind words to donations that helped afford top surgery + donations I got when he was filing for the name change as well. 

I’m posting this in hopes that it helps anyone who needs it. I’m a huge believer in doing things for yourself and making sure your happiness/comfort is always first before someone else’s. I hope it gives inspiration and motivation to those who are scared to transition in fear of what their families will think, in fear of how they will transition, fear of all the nerve wracking things that comes with HRT. Hoping that it shows you, that while HRT isn’t an over night fix, that takes time and a lot of hard days but in the end, you come out on top. It’s still a struggle some days but nothing compared to the days when I was pre-T. 

Feel free to message me if you have any questions about HRT with T and I’m happy to answer to the best of my ability!

My name is NIkk and I’m non binary! He/him pronouns =)

my brother is starting to listen to be more chill

i’m gonna type out what he says about each song. (italics are when i’m saying stuff to him) (edit: i made this a week or so ago and i forgot about it so i’m posting it now)

Jeremy’s Theme - “who’s jeremy and why is he special enough for his own song” “it’s just an instrumental and he’s the main character” “oh”

More Than Survive - “is this michael-yeah it’s michael” “i love michael” “me too”
“how many times can one person say christine” “oh just you wait” “oh my god it’s still going”
“go go go go!”

I Love Play Rehearsal - “what if you think of this one?“ “yes.”

The Squip Song - ”wow okay it’s from japan buddy”

“are the alien noises in the background necessary?” “yes.”

Two Player Game - “of all the characters to get a tattoo of he picks pacman?-oh it’s michael again nvm i like him.“

“this ones good” “theY keEp yElLINg” 

*lots of headbanging* 

“oh god they’re yelling again okay” 

“michael is my favorite person too” 

“oh my god so much yelling.”

The Squip Enters - ”what’s this one-oh okay”

Be More Chill Pt 1 - “what if i don’t want to take my hands out of my pockets?“ “idk man” 

“i know the squips a bad guy but i like him” 

“I’m made of math’ *cackling*” 

“*judgy tone* Madeline.”

“ohh hamlet” 

Do You Wanna Ride? - ”i want frozen yogurt….”

Be More Chill Pt 2 - “waIT I DONT LIKE HIM ANYMORE” “the squip?” “YEAH”

More Than Survive Reprise - ”this ones good" 

“okay it’s good but there’s a reprise in the first act??”

A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into - “*gets to the end* wait-what?? go back????”

The Squip Lurks - ”my aesthetic"

Upgrade - *headbanging to the ‘upgrade-upgrade!’ part* 

“back to christine? okay.” 


“poor michael…” 

“wow they didn’t even try to rhyme anything with loser-i mean it works so hey” 

*mumbles* “what?” “nOTHING i wasn’t singing along.” 

“*voice cracks* he-e.. he blocked him-m…”

Halloween - ”this is good"

“oh wow okay they’re all yelling now” “yeah aha they do that-” “shhhh i wanna hear”

Do You Wanna Hang? - “i don’t like this one..” “me either”

“oh the squip makes everything so much more uncomfortable, he’s like an old man trying to help jeremy-*realizes an adult tying to get a teenager laid*oH MY GOD”

Michael In The Bathroom - ”*hears the first note* NO NOT THIS ONE.”

“this is so much more heartbreaking when you’ve heard the rest of the story”

“george has such a nice voice”

“*glaring off, not really at anything in particular* michael deserves better. can we find him a nice boyfriend?”

“*tears in his eyes as it ends, forcing a smile*that was fun let’s never do it again thanks”

The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set A Fire) - “is this jenna ro-*hears chloes part* oh yeah it is cool”

“you said she was in heathers too right?” “yeah” “cool”

“*jaw drops a bit* wait rich did what??”

“he burned the house DOWN?!” “yep” “WHAT THE HECK RICH”

“’no i was crying’ *laughs* same” 

“ that george?!” “yeah, the guys dress in feminine clothes and dance and sing in this song” “thats so freaking cool..”

The Pitiful Children - ”ohhhh i like the squip again”

“is he literally going “beep boop”?!”

“*nodding his head* this one is really good”

The Pants Song - “i don’t know if i’ll ever love anyone that much” “same”

“ohhhh, is this aplay on michael loving jeremy?” “i mean, yeah but like-” “no they’re gay.”

The Play - ”*eyes widen, before belting* MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRANCE”

“i want the confidence of jake with the squip”

“did michael go ‘ugh’ at the girls?” “i think so” “mood.”

*at the two player game reprise part* “HEY IT’S THEIR SONG AGAIN!!” 

“jeremy christine is lying to you she doesn’t love you, but it’s okay cause michael does” “LIAM” “what?!”

Voices In My Head - “oh rich.”

“homeslice?? what year is it” “i wish i knew”

“i mean sure i’m happy for jeremy but like come on, he obviously loves michael”

“is this that will guy you love?” “sure is” “oh- i see why now. his voice is really nice.” “mmhmm”

“*eyes go wide when everyone starts singing* thats so cool”

“*frowning* is this the last song?” “sorry, but it is” “no i need more” “we can listen to the full performance later” “okay..”

trc dudes as mcelroy Boy Quotes™

ronan: he’s a fun-havin’ fun-lookin’ dirty boy. like a really rowdy boy. just a dirty boy. just a rowdy, dirty boy. he’s a true rowdy boy.

adam: my perfect boy. my sweet boy let me show you the world! my sweet boy! MY BOY!

gansey: it’s a beautiful baby boy. there’s a good boy. hey! hey! hey there’s a, now that’s a boy that i could get into! that’s a perfect boy! let me see this perfect boy. justin’s special boy.

kavinsky: garbage boy. garbage boy boy stinkman. 

noah:  nervous little punk boy…

henry: i gotta say you’re starting with a sweet boy. he looks like a sweet boy. MY BEAUTIFUL BOY! oh my sweet boy! sweet boy.


greenmantle: very bad boy.

jesse dittley: VERY strong boy! a thick boy. oho yeah, i bet you can’t knock that boy over with a pail of water.

declan: oh god this is such a good wrestleboy.

matthew: you want a big boy or you want a little boy? a little boooy!

y’all need to see this

okay so im not going to lie, this scene really scared me, especially when Lance screamed at Keith ‘don’t do this!’ because damn that gave me chills. But if this isn’t one of the best example of lance being keith’s impulse control and the fact keith does care what he says and oh god klance is so real i love these two then idk what is

to me this scene was very important and i think about this a lot


they need help (i need sleep)