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it had been raining for the past three days leading up to the championship game against your rival school. but the rain didn’t bother calum, the soccer team’s captain. in fact, it only pumped him up even more. as the game started, his hair plastered to his forehead from rain and sweat. he’d send you small glances on the sidelines where you stood underneath the protection of an umbrella. you watched as the game progressed on, calum’s white uniform sticking to his abs after he had slid on the ground to get the ball. he tore up the field with only seconds left in the game and they were tied. you jumped up and down in anticipation, watching as your boyfriend skirted around multiple defenders before rocketing the ball into the back of the goal. the crowd around you erupted in cheers and screams. but the first thing your boyfriend did was run to you, knocking the umbrella out of your hands and crashing his lips against yours, running his wet hands through your hair. to him, it didn’t matter if he won the game or not, you were always his winning prize. 

a lackadaisical, soft bellied roxy lalonde

“Oh,” Griffin said after opening one eye to see who’d walked into the room. He’d hit the call button hoping to see one of the hospital staff to ask about them bringing him the papers to leave, again. “I was expecting a nurse or a doctor or something.” He shifted his position, wincing slightly as he did so and grumbling something about his shoulder sling, though still smiling. “But since you’re here you might as well quit looking at me like that– I don’t look quite that awful. Hey, and help get this thing of my shoulder too, while you’re at it.”

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what grade are you in??

gorl idk I’m going to graduate from university in a year… 16th?

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"#my favorite thing about billie piper is #she is either high fashion wtf is she wearing omg #or#MOM PICKING HER KIDS UP FROM SOCCER PRACTICE #and there is NO in between" your favorite thing about billie is mY LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT BILLIE lol man i weeeeep for the year 2007 when she was in chucks and jeans and cute tops every night leaving treats & i could hold my head up hiGH

ugh I know. Her style has gone downhill. 

Do I like her style? Not in the slightest hahahah but the spontaneity is so amusing to me. 

I watched episode 12 of Who Are You: School 2015 without any english subs (bc I’m impatient) and this is what got from it:

the story behind jung sun- ioo is revealed - finally all has been revealed (about time!)

the meeting of Tae Kwang and his mother on her wedding day - jfc why you gotta make me sad

Eun Bi giving back of the medal to han yi ahn and his text message (idk what it says yet) - awww :’) friendship restored

the confession from gong tae kwang - overload of feels for this… I will not survive this

the rejection and hug - feeling my heart clenching (I’m not giving up with this ship; she’s aware of his feelings so maybe she’ll consider him?… there’s some hope?)



i cannot wait for monday

EDIT: they were shooting an umbrella b/w Tae Kwang & Eun Bi - there were photos online - WHERE IS MY UMBRELLA SCENE *flips table again*

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Hello! This year, Ramadan will be from June 17 to July 17. Ramadan, as far as I know, is based off the Islamic Calendar, which depends on the moon. This means that some countries may start earlier than others. My family starts with our home country of Morocco, which means we might start earlier or later than Saudi Arabia. I'm not sure what to tag it with; this is my first year on Tumblr! Thank you for considering your Muslim followers!

ok I’ll start tagging the 15th to the 18th where I am juuust to be safe. 

so it’s going to run like this

I never post NSFW stuff so you guys are ok

food and swear words (that’s a thing right) will be tagged #NSFR (not safe for Ramadan, a lot of people use that tag) I don’t swear personally but I know submissions and asks do sometimes bc we get all emotional about fandom ;) so I’ll tag those. 

(if you don’t have xkit, go download the google chrome extension tumblr blacklist and blacklist the phrase NSFR. or you can just not go on tumblr for a month) 

Is there anything else?

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Hey, so since this is specific to you I decided not to ask on phanfic, but I wasn't sure if you were aware on the admin picture-hover things you're called Lauren and also on the Credits page your pronouns are different from what they say here. Idk if you want it to be this way or not but just in case you didn't realise/know I wanted to let you know because you may not want that name/pronouns there :) hope I haven't offended you!

i actually didn’t know that i totally forgot to alter it, i’ve changed it now though, thanks for letting me know :)))

anarchovegaynism replied to your post:if you’re fretting over nazis wellbeing idk what…

no please, tell me, i wanna understand where you’re coming from.

putting nazism as a ‘political opinion’ is giving it too much credit. it’s not legitimate, it’s violent and disgusting and needs to be stomped out by whatever means necessary. and quite frankly - history shows that this is through violent oppostion. i don’t think moralising to people who nazis would frankly eradicate if they could about ‘oh idk if you should enjoy nazi suffering’ is something worth doing at all.


you’re the coolest chillest guy and i wish we’d talk more often tbh! your presence here is so unique, you’re always advocating (and practicing) kindness, genuine interest, sincerity… which i know u know is so dif from what’s suppose to be kwel around here. (and i know im certaintly guilty of being blasé and judgemental about lots of shit but thankfully your presence helps to remind me what the real deal is). idk exactly why that is but from what we’ve talked i have this idea in my head that you’re the sweetest most caring son to your mama and i cant tell you how much i love that (even if it isnt exactly tru it’s just the kind of vibe you give out). i also love your taste in movies - it’s very particular and uninfluenced by bullshit canon western cinema 101, which i think is so so great. you’re this authentic sweet guy with a thing for gore movies. <3 we’d make movies together and hang out at 5am in a park if i lived in LA.

mutuals send me #’s so i can make a post about you

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you could get your nails done, go shopping, get your eyebrows done, buy things from lush idk that's what I like to do for myself aside from things food related.

How much money u think I have

Bishie Bias tag???

bc i wake up at five am to three meme tags from o-taku-tome not that i mind

Thanks for the tag sis ♥♥♥

What is the height difference between you and your bias? 


I SWEAR TO GOD IM NOT SHORT (haha who am i kidding im five fucking three) HIROSHI’S JUST REALLY TALL

Which type of guy is your favorite?

The oresamas??? idk it varies per game i guess 

like sometimes i really like arrogant berks (aka kiyo,kyohei, riki)

but sometimes i also like the derederes or the sweet ones (idk how you call them im just basing this shit from what my friend says) (aka soryu)





All of the Voltage guys are now real, which ones do you think you would actually get along with in real life?

Well, tbh, I think I’d get along with Baba and Hiroshi in the sense that they’d probably spoil me and let me do what I want (but they’d probably see me as a little sister or whatever)

I also think I’d get along with Johji bc we both like history 

And maybe I’d get along with Nagi??? just bc he’s so nice and sweet af

Your bias shows up at your doorstep and proclaims his love for you. What would be your reaction?

”Holy fuck, are you actually real??”
*begins to poke Hiroshi in places that don’t need to be poked*

“So you are real…”
“Should I kiss you? Can I do that?”

“Well, damn. I don’t know what to do. Get inside, let’s eat first. bc im not quite sure if im making sense of the situation”

and then i’d kiss him senseless bc why not?

but okay major cuddling and just a lot of ranting about how this was never going to happen and how omygod ily so much and i cant even why are you only here now i went through so much and you gave me hope and now you’re actually here i cant please just hug me and stroke my hair and dont leave bc id be more than devastated 

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I like how that anon the other day called me psycho. I am a psycho. I’m motherfucking crazy. Lol I’m severely mentally ill idk what else you expect from me??