idk what this is from

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wait what is ragan smith's nickname/where did it come from? every time she's mentioned on gymcastic they call her fibell or fireball idk but I literally for the life of me cannot figure out what they're saying lmao.

idk it’s from game of thrones or something I think idk I guess she looks like the character but I don’t call her that I call her “beads” haha

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Yeah. Again. He was limping. 😢And he is not the only one who got injured. Lay too. Idk what happened to him. And even Rap Monster from BTS had problems from heat and couldn't finish the concert. 😢

Wow I didn’t know Rap Monster from BTS was at the EXO concert!! Did he have a fun time!?! :D

(Lmao I’m jk that’s horrible for all of them, they really need rest and they also need to be careful whenever doing movements or songs that require a lot of physical effort ;-;)


any recommendations for skin care treatments i can find in a drug store??

my face is breaking out n it never does n i’m running out of my dermalogica mask n cleanser n don’t feel like spending $80 on it

i use clean n clear 2x a day n its been working for me for like 2yrs now but idk whats goin on rn with my skin

like anything from masks to scrubs?? or something that makes ur pores feel good

but also can be found at a drugstore!!!!


does anyone else have like?? 2 different types of energy?? idk what theyd be called but i call it ‘productive’ and ‘nonproductive’ energy. productive energy is the energy you use to actually get stuff done. make food, clean your room, shower, etc. and nonproductive energy is kinda like,, your nerves are jittering and you feel like youre bursting at the seams but it wont actually do anything?? you feel like youre going to implode with energy but its not enough to actually get you out of bed? idk im not describing this right but my words arent working today

Shouto and Dabi hanging out together, for an art trade with @suzuyas! They’re best bros alright….


i love you for inspiring me to ps
↳ nonnie said queens of shadowhunters [½]: lydia branwell