idk what this is exactly but yeah

Gentle reminder that yes, Riku was able to conquer his darkness in contrast to Terra, but while Riku has been forced to use his darkness to fight his friends, Terra was forced to use it to save his friends.

Riku grew into his darkness and embraced it willingly, in that way he had way more control over it. Terra on the other hand struggled with it, having been told all his life that darkness is bad and then suddenly it’s the only thing he can use to save Ven, and later on, Aqua. This internal struggle is exactly what Xehanort used to get into Terra. So by no means does that mean that Riku is better or stronger, their situations are simply fundamentally different.


2.02 || 2.11

  • *Keith's home video ends*
  • Keith: That was awesome. My mom looks really young there, doesn't she?
  • Hunk: Dude, what was that? What happened right there?
  • Keith: Huh?
  • Hunk: What was the family on the stairs? What was that?
  • Keith: That was probably the next family coming in to get there presents.
  • Hunk: What are you talking about? What was happening there?!
  • Keith: That was the Christmas tradition....Where you go house to house collecting your presents and when the next family comes, you would run.
  • Hunk:
  • Hunk: I'm not aware of this tradition, Keith. In fact, I think you were just stealing from that home....
  • Keith: What? No! I was taking their presents but they were taking MINE. Yeah, that's why there were never any presents at my house when I got back. The neighbors took them. You're telling me on Christmas Day you wouldn't go from house to house collecting presents?
  • Keith: But my mom said that was the tradition!
  • Hunk: And your mom is a thief and a murderer who eats people, so she's not exactly trustworthy.....

hey remember in tdt how niall would say ronan’s name like he meant things like “knife” or “revenge” but he’d say declan’s name like he just meant “declan”. at first it seems like it’s because ronan is his favourite so he’d assign more meaning to his name while declan is inconsequential to him, but you know those meanings weren’t exactly pleasant things..

and then in trk (ch 31) there’s a scene where declan, gansey, and matthew all say ronan’s name like they mean something else. but adam says ronan’s name like he means “ronan”, and ronan feels better afterwards. it’s framed as a positive to have ronan’s name being said like it just means him and nothing else (especially considering ronan and adam’s relationship has a lot to do with being known, and accepting and understanding each other as they are).

so yeah idk exactly what this parallel means (it might not even be intentional but who cares i spent a lot of time thinking about this), but i take it as there being more complications to niall’s views of both ronan and declan than what’s explicitly stated (by the limited perspective).

ok. i see why people are salty about allura ending up in blue lion, im salty about the new lion arrangement too, and how it was weird how she couldnt pilot blue at first even tho she piloted castle for the first time but theres something that i noticed while watching it again?

like, when allura finally can connect with blue on that gase planet shes like “I can hear u now!” (idk if its exactly what she said but im like, 98% sure it was this) and like, what if till that moment she could pilot blue but blue didn’t give her any tips on how to do it?

like, paladins could pilot their lions so well (with small mishaps but still, better than their experience/abilities would normally allow them I think)  because, like they mentioned many times, lions “fed ideas into them”, now if im right then it means that blue didn’t give her any advice as to how to pilot her until that point in episode 3

like, yeah she piloted castle for half of her life but its drastically different than piloting a lion considering the design and all that, and without the help of blue of course she would have troubles with managing it.

to add to that lets notice WHEN blue started to actively communicate with allura – it was right after she asked for HELP

now, we know that allura shoulders a heavy burden of saving the universe and along with it avenging people she has lost along with her planet AND her father’s legacy, she had to be strong and command entire team all this time without a time to grieve or vent to someone about her troubles, she tried to be completely self sufficient in this area and rather act as a pillar for the team, blue’s action made her admit that she has weaknesses and that shes not invincible and admitting it would actually make her stronger

like, it wasn’t the case of alluras incompetence it was blue trying to help her open up?

to further  prove my point let me remind yall that blue was called “the mom”, the nurturer of the lions, she appointed her paladins based on their potential and how much they could improve, right (pls hit me up with these sweet sources or slap me if im wrong im kinda writing it as i go lfkdj) so maybe she saw that allura needed to let loose, needed to open up and stop acting like she cant show weakness in front of her team, that she sometimes needs a helpful hand too

that’s all from me on the matter for now? i know that this show isn’t flawless or anything like that, i just don’t necessarily want to drown in my own salt without thinking it all out through properly

can we talk about how illogical spock prime’s reaction to meeting jim on delta vega is though

so the first thing he says is

“james t kirk”

which okay makes sense - spock either recognised him by appearance (unlikely because yeah cpine and shatner look similar but not that similar) or idk the “touch of his mind” or his essentially kirkness or smth

and then he says

“how did you find me?”

okay hold the frick frack up spocko

you’ve just met a man who you know is kirk, but who is…considerably younger than the last time you saw kirk - who you know to be dead, by the way - and also has notable physical differences to kirk, such as the wrong colour eyes

what exactly makes you believe that this guy knew you were missing and followed you through the black hole and came looking for you? there is nothing logical or sensible about that conclusion

so can we take a moment to appreciate how soul destroying this illogic is?

that in the moment of his life where he is hurting the most, the most lost, the most confused, the most guilty, all spock knows is that james t kirk has somehow stumbled into his life again and, completely illogically, but emotionally, sentimentally, for a few seconds spock actually believes that james t kirk is there to do what he always does, what he is best at

he has come to find him and bring him home

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RE: the "race" thing, I always tell my English-speaking people that we don't use that word in Italian and they almost can't believe it but I can't believe it's a word that is actively used and even encouraged to use elsewhere :/ it makes me so uncomfortable and I think the only time I've seen it used in Italy was on a medical report where it used the word "caucasian" to describe me but I can't remember if it said "razza" before that or what :/ idk it was super weird

UUUUGH yeah it’d have felt horrible to me tbh and yes exactly what you said

OK So the new poster seems to have a lot of subtle easter eggs for season 3 even tho its for season 2?????

I’ve got five…

First easter egg: THACE IS ALIVE!!! He’s hurt but alive, p sure we’ll see more of him in season 3. He’s probs gonna play a big role. I knew he wouldn’t have just died in season 2, he’s a very well designed character and that usually means they’re in it for a while :p

Second easter egg: KLANCE??? Well not exactly klance, I just feel like in the next season they’ll be exploring a lot of their dynamic and teamwork, it’s the only weak link in voltron that isn’t really resolved yet. They’re in the swim outfits not only bc its funny/cute but also it might be a reference to a scene where they had to work together???

Third easter egg: MATT HOLT!!! Season 2 itself hinted to matt making a show sometime soon, when pidge actually manages to find his whereabouts when in the beta traz episode. This definitely solidifies that discovery and its importance. We already know matt will be in season 3 with that whole snapchat post lol but yeah this just emphasizes it more. I’m excited to see pidge and matt interact (and matt and shiro).

Fourth easter egg: We know zarkon isn’t exactly dead, he’s rebooting or whatever, and it’s interesting that the poster chooses to depict him post battle?? Idk, emphasizes how much zarkon is gonna step back in the next season, lotor will definitely be taking center as villain. I wonder what happens when zarkon gets stronger and how the father/son thing plays out.

Fifth easter egg: that mysterious galra dude/lady. They’re standing all ominously and foreshadowy in the back of everything. Of course voltron wouldn’t include that mysterious character without intending to bring it up later, but choosing to include the character in the poster seems to indicate they’re gonna play a big role in the later episode? Definitely someone that will interact with keith a lot. Who knows what if this is actually his mom?????

I may be over reading a lot of this ahah. But yeah all in all the next season seems to hold a lot of really really exciting new additions and juicy information and awesome scenes and more cool character designs so i’m rlly looking forward to it C:

right, idk about you, but from these shots alone, i’m not getting good vibes. 

i know this is skam, i know its not like other american western shows, but shows use this technique, where they … use shots like these below. it’s a classic technique, including calls going straight to voicemail and people becoming unreachable through contact.

i’m getting major major “last goodbye” vibes from these, like even’s goodbye text to isak in o helga natt, like how isak got flashbacks of even of all their good times, in o helga natt, and sana reaching out to her friends as a last ditch attempt, like with yesterday’s “dear eva/dear isak” parallel, just like in o helga natt.

if we’re talking even/sana parallels, this is going exactly down that route. and i just hope … it’s not going down that route. plus there’s rumours/spoilers of the police at nissen. episode 8 right now already has so much “drama” happened, and we’re only on tuesday. 

i wanna say this is like, a warning … but yeah. take what you want from this. 

i just hope even and sana talk. soon. please.

Deina Locket

for @shambalasims3 Little Witch Academia Challenge!!!!

Just discovering she’s a witch, Deina in now enrolled in Little Witch Academia & ready to truly discover herself. Now determined to learn everything there is about alchemy spells. Hopefully her childish nature & sleepy personality won’t get her in too much trouble w/ Bonehilda.

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things you said after you kissed me (BuckySam)

Sam pulls away first, a knee-jerk reaction if he’s being honest. Because Bucky, that fucking asshole, just kissed him.

“What the-“

Bucky’s eyes grow impossibly larger. He says, stunned, “Oh fuck. Sam, I’m sorry, I-“

“You kissed me!”

“Yes. It’ll never h-“


“What?” Bucky’s head tilts to the side like a puppy. His brow furrows in confusion.

Sam’s lips are tingling. It takes everything he has in him to not reach up and touch them. This thing he and Bucky have, it’s petty arguments mixed with respect. It’s burning looks and pining alone in his bedroom at night, more annoyed that his heart has the audacity to fall for someone like Bucky Barnes than anything else. It’s not mutual attraction. It’s just not. “Why did you kiss me?” He asks.

“Because I…” Bucky trails off and searches for the right words to say. He does it a lot, like sometimes his voice needs an extra second to load. “Because I wanted to. Because I thought you wanted me to.”

Sam blinks at him. “You wanted to?”

“Of course.” Bucky looks like he’s not getting Sam at all. “Who wouldn’t. Have you seen yourself?”

“You like me?”

Bucky shrugs, completely nonchalant and then drops a confession into Sam’s universe all casual, because that’s the type of asshole he is. “No. I love you.”

Sam laughs and takes a moment because yeah okay, maybe this is exactly the thing they have. Only Bucky would manage to annoy him with a welcomed confession of love. “How long?”

“Too long,” Bucky says. He moves his body closer to Sam’s again and Sam lets him rest his hands on his hips. He leans into Bucky’s touch and somehow feels Bucky’s confession even more with it.

“You have awful timing.”

“I hate you,” Bucky says, laughing.

“No. No you don’t. You loooov-“

Bucky interrupts Sam by kissing him again. It’s longer this time.

i still can’t believe “your pal, your buddy, your Bucky” is an actual line u know, like,,,, your Bucky, Steve’s Bucky….like what the fuck….because idk about you but the amount of times I’ve spoken to adults and they go “You know Gary? Yeah, Nicola’s Gary” to like, make sure u know exactly which person they’re talking about is significant and it’s always a spouse or partners name, it’s never “you know Gary? Yeah, [Gary’s friends name]’s Gary”…so like, what I’m saying is, fuck everything else “Steve’s Bucky” confirms stevebucky antis do not interact

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but the trailer portrays her as sneaky, as if even's nosebleed was her fault because the beginning of the chain reactions was her, intentionally making noora trip and knowing what would happen next (because that smirk?? it's the "sana knows everything" kinda smirk). Idk, what do you think??


That’s the entire point of the trailer. That you think she’s the reason as to why Even’s nose bled. Because, see, here everything goes back to her, doesn’t it?

All the events that happen in between get somewhat dismissed. Even’s nose bleeds = Sana’s fault, which yeah, she is part of the reason why, but everyone else also plays a part in it happening too. 

In the bigger context, isn’t that exactly what’s going on in the world right now? We scapegoat so unconsciously, like a reflex, because we don’t wanna take the blame, so we find someone else to blame, not realising that we in some part, are all to blame. 

And that’s the point, to show her as sneaky, because that’s the first thing you’ll think, won’t you? Sneaky Sana caused that = a misunderstanding, because do we know her full motivations? No, therefore, creating a misunderstanding.

Can we please stop spreading the idea that Bob compared his relationship with Echo to his relationship with Octavia?

He said that Echo UNDERSTANDS something about his relationship to Octavia and there’s a part of her that he is drawn to.

He DIDN’T say she was LIKE his sister. This idea is spreading like wildfire and his words are getting twisted. I just don’t want people to be disappointed and confused when this statement turns out not to be true to canon.

worthy ;; thor odinson imagine

Originally posted by petty-revenge-stories

   Pairing: Thor x Reader

   Words: something about 900

   Prompt:  Thor x reader pplssss where its like you’re from midgard and his parents don’t approve of you cause you’re mortal or smthg but then you pick up mjolnir and they’re like woah and then Thor makes you his princess. idk LOL thanks <3 submitted by @milleniumxhan

    Warnings: none

    A/N: I know this is not exactly what you asked for, but I hope you’ll like it anyway! x

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Reading comments from people whining about how public school was traumatizing because the teachers WERE SO MEAN.

One person literally describes DIBELS and how that ruined their reading life because they stood up and proved they could read but they were still put in some percentile because of it. Uhm. That’s literally the point of DIBELS.

Another one crying about how they got punished for not showing their work in math. The teacher isn’t specifically targeting you. The teacher wants work shown so that the teacher can help you if you’re doing something wrong. The teacher can’t read your mind.

It blows my mind to see so many people who lack the empathetic ability to put themselves in a teacher’s shoes. It doesn’t excuse the true traumas (teachers telling children they’re stupid/smell/bully a child for not being good enough) but to actually believe that a myriad of teachers over the years got on to you constantly and somehow it’s *their* issue and the public school system’s issue but not yours? Really?

Yeah maybe they don’t react in an always professional ways because they have 30 students in a class and are expected to make each one not only benchmark but grow. And maybe they made you do something they had no control over because a district mandates what they are allowed and not allowed to do in order to meet their job standards.

Idk man. Some of these complaints I looked at from the teacher’s perspective and *know* all the little actions and small grievances that led up to it. Because I hate to tell you: I have kids exactly like you in my room. Every teacher has had kids exactly like you. None of you were once in a lifetime students no matter how smart/talented/gifted you are.

I was just so put off by a lot of the arrogant tones in the stories being shared. Especially when they were mixed with real, horrifying stories. Being sat out for recess for not following directions (that’s essentially what you did, girl who kept reading ahead despite being asked multiple times not to) does not equate to being told you don’t belong in a class because you had to ask help from the teacher. (For the record: I never sit a child out for recess unless it’s something grievous, and I NEVER punish for reading ahead b/c I was reading ahead person in school too. Usually I just give them a funny look and the student giggles to themselves and stops because I’ve asked them to. They recognize it’s not about reading ahead; it’s about following a direction I’ve asked of you.)

And don’t even get me started on the people who asked why school is necessary and gave their experience with homeschool in which they were top percentage of the graduating class and gifted. School is necessary for the children unlike you who *don’t* have parents willing to help them get and stay ahead. School is necessary for the kids who are neglected and whose only source of food comes from that cafeteria. School is for the children who don’t always have the money or access to the good stuff like tablets, computers, an abundance of literature. Homeschool is an amazing option but it’s not the best or only option for a large percentage of children in school.

Let’s be clear: just because you’re above your peers intellectually does not mean you’re the only child in the classroom or the world. Being unable to look beyond yourself is the real problem. And you’re either the person in life everyone likes and looks up to or the person in life who *thinks* everyone looks up to you and likes you.

Education is a science. We learn the research and psychology for children. We *know* what we are doing. Does that mean we’re perfect? Heck no. No one in any field is perfect. But we’re overworked, underpaid and expected to do the job of five people. Have some empathy for us. Most of us are doing the best we can with both hands tied behind our back. Some of us are real jerks, and it sucks. And I’m sorry. But if it still bothers you to this day you need to talk to someone about it. I barely remember anything from school and definitely not enough to remember incidents where the teacher sat me out for reading ahead despite being asked multiple times not to. Because I know that happened. I guess I recognized and had parents reinforce that it wasn’t about reading ahead: it was about not following the directions.

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hl with kitties!! (or all the boys) that's always a good idea!

idk what exactly these creatures are. but h&l love them.

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For the angst text fic PRINXIETY, Virgil finding out at one point prince only got with him because of a dare and was gonna leave him, but he fell in love... Bringing the cliches

ooh this one hurts

human au cos i think it fits better


Virgil 🖤 1:01am
so when the fuck were u gonna tell me that dating me was a dare

Roman 💛1:02am
What are you even talking about? Virgil it is one in the morning, and we have early classes tomorrow. go to sleep.

Virgil 🖤1:04am
cut the crap Roman. Logan & Patton told me everything. ur shitty theater friend dared u to ask me out and that’s the only fucking reason we’re dating

Roman 💛 1:05am
Love.. I promise that’s not the only reason we’re dating. yes, i was dared, but i fell in love with you! i promise that’s true.

Roman 💛 1:08am
Virgil, please.

Virgil 🖤 1:11am
why the fuck should i believe u

Roman 💛1:12am
cos i love you Virgil !

Virgil 🖤1:13am
yeah and i can’t believe that now, Roman

Roman 💛1:14am
what exactly did Patton & Logan tell you

Virgil 🖤1:17am
they said they overheard u playing truth or dare with ur theater friends at one of ur stupid parties. “Hey Roman I dare you to ask that weird emo kid out. I think he likes you. Man, that would be hilarious.” , “Oh, Virgil? I don’t know guys.” , “You gotta take the dare.” , “Yeah, okay. But im not staying with him.” , “Of course not.” or something like that. u never wanted to fucking date me, Roman. fuck off with ur “im in love with you” bullshit. bye.

Roman 💛1:19am
Virgil I’m so so sorry. please talk to me.

Roman 💛1:21am
i shouldn’t have taken the dare. i shouldn’t have hurt you like this, but i promise i love you. i love you more than you could ever know.

Roman 💛1:23am
i fell in love with your snarky comments and dark humor. i fell in love with your mischievous smirks and the adorable giggles you try to stifle. i even fell in love with your dark emo style cos it’s so uniquely you and im so fucking sorry okay? please forgive me. i want to be with you, and i promise ill never do something as stupid as the fucking dare ever again. please, little prince?

Roman 💛1:26am
please, Virgil. i love you so much. ik i said i shouldn’t have done that stupid dare, but it was honestly the best thing to ever happen to me. it was shitty yeah, but it gave me you.

Virgil 🖤1:28am
u really mean all of that?

Roman 💛1:29am
every last word. i love you, and i do regret hurting you deeply.

Virgil 🖤1:31am
well fuck i love u too u idiot. but im not letting u off that easy

Roman 💛1:33am
that’s understandable. ill do whatever it takes to make it up to you, my love.

Virgil 🖤1:35am
well u can start with buying me coffee before class tomorrow im gonna be fucking dead

Roman 💛1:36am
it would be my pleasure, dear. you should really try to sleep now.

Virgil 🖤1:38am
idk if i can im still a little shaken up

Roman 💛1:40am
from what? oh dear did you have an anxiety attack?

Virgil 🖤1:42am
yeah but im fine

Roman 💛1:43am
oh, my love. im so sorry. do you want me to sneak over to your dorm?

Virgil 🖤1:45am
idk Logan might want to kill me if u do. he stayed up late studying

Virgil 🖤1:45am
just be really quiet. that dumb nerd needs to sleep

Roman 💛1:47am
of course. ill be right over. i love you my dear emo 💖

Virgil 🖤1:48am
yeah yeah i love u too Princey. see ya in a min xx


idek if this is good or exactly what you wanted but hey i tried

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