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Better as Three Part 2 (M)



Part 1   Part 3

Characters: Mark Tuan (GOT7) x You (OC/Reader) x Im Jaebum (JB, GOT7)

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Slight Angst, AU

Length:   4,713 words

Plot:  Mark feels bad for ignoring you for the past few nights – and he is hoping to make you feel better with a pleasant surprise.

Warning/s:  Poly!Markbum, Polyamorous relationship, Kitchen counter sex, Overstimulation, Slight Dirty Talking, Fingering, Cunnilingus, just overly detailed het smut and it’s kind of a makeup sex too??? Idk jfc

A/N:  I ended up not changing much, LMAO.  So it’s pretty much still the same with the first one I’ve posted, I just removed the irrelevant parts and also did my best to proofread though idk if I succeeded haha.

You were stirred from your sleep the next night when you felt the need to drink some water; however, you had forgotten to bring some inside your room.

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Elope || Jughead Jones

Request from anon: 26 with jughead and then maybe she’s says I don’t care I will always love you idk I thought it would be cute

Request from @jughead-babe​: 28

26.) “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”

28.) “How drunk was I?”

The reader and Jughead get eloped after a drunk night together. This fic deals with the aftermath.

A/N: The reader and Jughead are like 18 in this chapter to make the marriage legal (because I think you need a form filled out by a parent if you’re younger than that).

Gif by @ravemreyes


Being the Sheriff’s kid, there was a lot of stuff Kevin Keller could do. One of which was get himself and his group access to the gay nightclub “Innuendo” for the night of his eighteenth birthday. You had never been to a club before and although you weren’t a fan of crowded public places, you had always wanted to check out a club. Your parents would’ve never allowed you to go, which is why you didn’t tell them you were going and were eternally thankful when they announced they were leaving on Friday morning to go on a couple’s retreat, giving you the place to yourself for the whole weekend. Your best friend Jughead on the other hand had never wanted to check a club out and seemed to have planned to spend his entire life away from crowded public places. Nevertheless he came after you begged him for days to join you. In the beginning, the two of you were just hanging out at the bar talking to each other. Then the bartender snapped at you to either order a drink or leave the bar. The two of you complied, not wanting to give up your seats. One drink led to two. Which lead to three. Then four. After that, everything was a blur.

The bright light peering through the blinds was just one of the many things that woke you up in the morning. Combined with the pounding headache, your aching limbs, and the ringing in your ears, you felt horrible.

You opened your eyes and groaned as the light nearly blinded you. The only thing you noticed was that you were in your room.

Good you thought. At least things didn’t get too crazy last night. Probably just had too much to drink.

You fumbled blindly for your phone on the stand next your bed before your fingers came into contact with a cool screen. You forced your eyes to open again as you attempted to read the messages that had come in. A second later, you felt the full extent of your hangover hit you and you swallowed down the bile that threatened to come up.

God. How drunk was I last night?

You forced yourself to look at your phone and tried to read through the messages again.

You got crazy last night! Hope you had fun with Juggie! ;) -Ronnie

Wow, Y/N, I didn’t know you had it in you! -Betty

I told you you and Jughead were endgame! -Kevin

Do you know where Jughead is? He hasn’t responded to my texts. -Archie

You frowned and pulled your covers back, sitting on the edge of the bed, still looking at your phone. It was then that you noticed you were completely naked and your cheeks became bright red as you held your sheets up to your chest.

What had happened last night between you and your best friend?

You froze as you felt movement from the other half of your bed.

Did you dare turn around?

You turned your head slowly and you eyes widened when you saw the all too familiar black hair splayed on the pillow next to yours. You didn’t have to be a genius to know who it was.


He was on his side, his bare back facing you, his body slowly moving up and down with each breath he took. You panicked.

“Jughead! Jughead!” you exclaimed.

Jughead jerked awake immediately and fell off the bed with a thud. You quickly got up, holding the sheets around you.

“Jughead?” you asked, quieter this time.

A groan sounded from the floor as Jughead pulled himself up.

“Y/N?” he said groggily as he stood up all the way, still half-asleep.

Your eyes widened and you quickly turned around once you saw he was naked as well.

“Juggie, you’re naked.” you quickly said, cheeks reddening.

Jughead was now wide awake as he looked for something to cover his lower region. He quickly settled for the pillow he slept on, now on the floor.

“Uh, okay, you can turn around.” he stuttered.

You turned around and the two of you gave each looks that said, “What the hell happened last night?”

“Okay, don’t panic,” you said. “Jug, what’s the last thing you remember?”

Jughead racked through his brain trying to find something that stood out. He looked up at you.

“I don’t know, we had three or four drinks and then after that it’s all fuzzy. What do you remember?” he asked.

You were about to answer when you ran a hand through your hair and winced as it got caught on something. Your pulled your hand away slowly and you eyes nearly popped out of your skull when you saw you were wearing a wedding ring and plastic engagement ring. You looked up at your best friend who looked like he was going to pass out. You then realized he had on a wedding ring too. Jughead followed your gaze and turned as white as a sheet when he saw the metal on his finger.

“What. Happened. Last. Night?” he asked.

You looked down at your phone on the bedside stand and got an idea.

“Just—Just look through the photos and videos on your phone. I’ll look through mine. Maybe they can tell us what happened,” you said. “But first… Let’s put some clothes on.”

After the two of you got over your initial shock and gathered up your clothes, you could focus on your hangovers which had dissipated a little after the both of you threw up three times each. You had just heard Jughead spit out his mouthwash when he emerged from your bathroom, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Okay,” he said, sitting on the edge of the bed next to you, pulling his phone out from his pocket.

“Let’s see what went down last night.”

The two of you went through your photos and videos. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot, just some blurry photos of you and Jughead at the bar and some of you dancing. Then you found a video.

“Hey,” you said, getting Jughead’s attention. “Check this out.”

You played the video and were greeted by the view of a wood floor.

“Is it recording?”

“Juggie, I know how to use my phone! Wait, let me turn it around.”

The camera flipped so it was facing you and Jughead. Anyone could see that the two of you were very obviously plastered. Based on the background of the video, the two of you were at the town hall.

“We’re married!” you said as you and Jughead held up your hands, revealing your rings.

“I want to thank the lovely judge who married us, I can’t remember her name but she was really nice! Oh, and to the town hall who gave us these wedding rings!” you said loudly.

You winced at drunk you’s loud voice.

Video Jughead looked at your ring and frowned.

“You know the diamond in your engagement ring is fake right? It’s plastic. I found it in the cereal box we bought earlier.”

Video Y/N shrugged.

“I don’t care. I’ll always love you no matter what.” you said.

“I love you too.” Jughead said before the two of you kissed, the video cutting out.

You slowly put your phone down and silence enveloped the air.

“So…” Jughead said. “We’re married. We’re really married.”

You nodded.

“Guess so.” you said.

Why didn’t you feel upset? You were still in high school for God’s sake! You had a whole life ahead of you!

“How… How do you feel about all this?” he asked.

You shrugged.

“Honestly… I’ve had worse.” you said, letting out a breathless chuckle.

Jughead smirked.

“Yeah, same.” he said.

The two of you were quiet again. You decided to take a chance.

“You know, what I said in the video…” you began. “That was true. That wasn’t the alcohol talking. It was all me.”

You didn’t know why you were unleashing all of this on him now. The two of you were already overwhelmed with so many thoughts and feelings. 

Well… One more wouldn’t exactly hurt now, would it?

Jughead chuckled.

“Really?” he asked.

You smiled and nodded, shyly looking down.

“I feel the same,” he said quietly and you turned to look at him.

Jughead chuckled again.

“Kind of wild, huh? Best friends for six years and then straight to marriage. We never got to do cheesy confessions of love and the dating in between.” he said.

You decided to be bold.

“We could do it now,” you said. Jughead looked at you. “The dating. I mean… we have the rest of our lives right? Til death do us part?”

A smile grew on Jughead’s face.

“Til death do us part.” he agreed and held your hand linking your fingers together.

So maybe everything was moving a little too fast. Maybe you and Jughead were pretty young. Maybe your engagement ring was a plastic toy found from a cereal box the two of you had bought at four in the morning to satisfy your drunk cravings. But as long as you and Jughead were together, nothing could stop you.


A/N: Holy SHIT, this took me five hours. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Send me feedback! The huge mashup one will be posted later tonight!

Concrete (pre-apocalypse!DarylxReader)

Thank you @dxsturbxa for the prompt!

Prompt- Hi!  can i request an imagine with Daryl based on the song Concrete from Tom Odell?<3


Y/N and Daryl are hanging out in an old, abandoned hotel on the outskirts of Georgia and talk about their hopes for the future. One thing leads to another and Daryl ends up accidentally confessing his feelings for Y/N and… well you get it.

In this, I’ve made Daryl around late teens-early twenties?

Warning: fluff, not really smut but a lot of making out and clothes flying all over the damn place so its kind of implied??? idk im really uncomfortable with writing full on smut. strong language and mentions of abuse.

Originally posted by daryl-dixon-is-life

Originally posted by love-is-equal66



“Daryl, come on!” I giggled, running up a ridiculous amount of stairs.

“Calm down, you’re gonna get us caught.” Daryl grumbled, despite slightly speeding up.

Daryl and I had been wandering around for hours, only to discover that we’d stumbled across a run down hotel that had been completely and utterly abandoned. The insides were derelict and messed up, but were still relatively intact. The wallpaper was peeling, the furniture in the lobby was damp and the rugs were worn to oblivion.

“Daryl, who’s gonna catch us? There’s nobody around for miles. Live a little, damn.” I chuckled, finally reaching a floor that didn’t look like the plague had hit it.

“Wow… this place must’ve been classy back in it’s day.” I panted, catching my breath.

“How’d you figure?”

“Because I don’t know about you, but I’ve never felt more out of place in my entire life.” I joked, still astounded by the decent condition of the halls.

Daryl and I became best friends when we were younger because we grew up on the same street. We’d go and hide in some park or woods whenever we got scared of our parents. Daryl’s father always beat up his brother Merle, but as soon as Merle left, it was Daryl’s turn. My Dad died when I was little and my Mama started drinking and beating me when she did. Occasionally, I’d get away before she could and find Daryl.

This was one of those times.

“So, what now? We just stay here for the rest of our lives instead of going back?” Daryl sighed.

“Obviously not, we have to go back at some point, but I figured we could just have some space for a little while.” I replied, then headed off to look inside some of the rooms

I found a large room that was surprisingly full. A bed with numerous amounts of pointless pillows, nightstands with decorative lamps, paintings of fields and ominous looking strangers, and near-mint condition rugs.

“Daryl! Come look at this- oh.” I yelled, only to find he’d been standing behind me this whole time.

“Not too bad,” Daryl sighed and jumped onto the bed.

“I’ve definitely seen worse.” I scoffed, shutting the door behind me and wandering around the room.

“We’ve fuckin’ lived in worse.” Daryl uttered, slinging the throw pillows across the room.

I came across a painting of a woman in a long robe-like dress, a glass of red wine adorning her hand and her hair trailing down her back. She had these amazing brown eyes, but they had absolutely no depth or warmth behind them. She looked soulless and quite frankly, a bit lonely.

“Pretty hot for a painting.” Daryl piped up.

“Shut up, Dixon. Keep in in your pants.” I laughed and hopped onto the bed, the oddly soft sheets sinking beneath me. 

We laid there for a little while before I propped myself up on my elbows and let out an elongated sigh. 

“Daryl, where do you think you’ll be in five years?” I asked.

“God knows. Either in jail or dead, probably.” I wanted to believe that he was joking but he genuinely thought that.

“Where do you want to be in five years?” I rephrased.

Daryl thought for a moment, as if he’d never actually considered it before.

“I don’t know. Maybe in a mechanics. Maybe just kind of riding around. Not back with my old man, that’s for damn sure,” He sighed. “What about you?”

“I don’t know either. I want to do something to help kids though. Don’t want anyone else to go through what we went through. Maybe a teacher?”

“You dropped out of high school.” Daryl chuckled.

“True. Maybe I could open a home for abused kids. Start a business.” I shrugged.

“It’s not a bad idea.” He nodded.

I fell back onto the bed again and tapped my stomach in an uneven beat. Daryl placed a hand over mine to stop me, but I continued over his hand. This went on for another five minutes before he grabbed me and pulled my body onto his and wrapped his arms around me, trapping my arms by my side.

“Daryl, come on! Let me go!” I squealed. He loosened his grip around me and I turned over to face him.

“You’re an ass, Dixon.” I laughed, sitting up and leaning back against his bent legs.

“Yeah, what’s new?” He smirked, not realizing he had his fingers intertwined with mine.

I smiled and let out a small giggle at his self-depreciating comment.

“I really do hope you open that home y’know. I hope you get out.” Daryl said.

“No, I hope we get out. We’ve had each other’s backs since day one and we’re not stopping anytime soon. When I go, I’m takin’ you with me Daryl.” I told him.

He smiled a little and then propped himself up on his elbows.

“You don’t want to drag me around.” 

“Yes I do. You’re my best friend. Even if you are the biggest pain in my ass.” I joked.

We both laughed hysterically, but it all came to a halt.

“God, I love you.” Daryl laughed.

I stopped almost immediately, taken aback by his words.

“I mean, uh… I meant… Forget that I said that,” He chuckled awkwardly.

“Let’s not forget it… You mean that?” I asked softly.

His eyes searched around the room, desperately trying to think of something to say, but he didn’t have to. 

I placed my hands on each side of his face and pressed my lips to his, and in response, his hands found their way to my waist. Daryl sat up properly and leaned back against the headboard, allowing him hold onto more of me. His hands traveled down to my hips and rested there, gently digging his fingers into my jeans every now and again. My hands switched from his face to the hem of his shirt, which he then fluently pulled off like it was nothing, only breaking the kiss momentarily before continuing. He tossed it across the room, exposing his sculpted, slightly bruised torso and well-placed tattoo. I ran my hands up his stomach and chest, his skin burning up with anticipation. He flipped us both over so his body was hovering above mine, his hips rolling against mine on occasion. I sat up and tore my shirt off, sending it flying in the opposite direction to Daryl’s. 

“You sure you want to?” He asked between kisses on my neck.

“Positive.” I confirmed, running my hands through his hair and across his shoulders as he made his marks over my neck and throat.

The next morning, the first thing I felt was Daryl’s warmth radiating onto me. My head was buried in the crook of his neck and his arm was protectively draped over me while he still slept peacefully. I gently placed his arm back by his side and got up slowly as to not disturb him. The first item of clothing I found is Daryl’s shirt, which was at least two sizes too big for me, but I threw it on anyway. I stepped outside onto the balcony and laid my eyes upon miles and miles of emptiness, bar two old women walking their dogs. One of them realized that I was in the abandoned hotel and laughed. She waved sweetly and continued walking, so I figure that she must’ve done the same sort of thing when she was my age. My legs trembled slightly due to the sore, yet oddly pleasing sensation in my core. Suddenly, Daryl joined me on the balcony, wrapping his arms around my waist and hugging me tightly. Glancing back, I noticed that all he was wearing was a sheet hung loosely around his hips.

“Hey, gorgeous.” He whispered in my ear.

“Hey.” I replied, grinning like an idiot.

“What you doin’?” He asked, resting his chin on the top of my head.

“Nothing, just… thinkin’.” I sighed.

I turned to face him and placed a long, lingering kiss against his lips.

“Thank you for last night, Daryl.” I smiled contently.

“It was beyond my pleasure, baby.” He laughed.

“Y’know, I get that this hotels nice, but… I would’ve spent last night with you on a bed made of concrete with no sheets.” He told me.

“Me too. Even though, the bed was kind of a bonus,” I chuckled. “I don’t want to go back…” I said sadly, resting my head against his chest.

“We don’t have to. Let’s just stay here. Or run away.”

I laugh at his outlandish proposal.

“I’m bein’ serious. Y/N… run away with me.”

I look up into his eyes and for the first time, I see genuine sincerity.

“Okay… Okay, lets do it. I love you.”

Just A Click Away - Peter Parker x Reader

Originally posted by koenigreus

Prompt : Reader has to choose between her sweet online friend and her cute blind date. (not my gif)

 Warnings : nada 

 Word count : 2.7k 

 A/N : Italics = messages 

I kinda miss writing Peter Parker stuff, so i decided to post this. I might write some more, so if you want something, ask me here. If i get some i like, ill write.

Read my other shit : I Have To Keep You Safe : Part 1 Part 2  Part 3

It had all started a few months back, you meeting Peter. It was by chance really, a bit of dumb luck. You had joined this dumb website your friends had told you about. It was a way for teenagers to meet other kid near them and make friends. Most people used the site inappropriately, for sexting or something crazy, but you were just bored. 

 You had talked to a few guys, a girl here and there and they were all the same. The guys usually started out with “send a pic (;” and you would automatically close the chat. A few tried to start an actual conversation, but you knew their true intentions. You were close to giving up as a whole, and spending your time elsewhere, until you met Peter. 

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Request: If request are still open, could you do something with Kylo accidentally killing the reader in a middle of a battle? I haven’t been feeling the best and I just need something to make me cry. I’m so sorry.

A/N: Idk why requests like these appeal to me so much like….I enjoy writing them even tho they literally rip my heart out??? Thank you anon for requesting this, I hope this makes you cry! [gif not mine]

Warning: Death

Word Count: 2.6K+

We’ll make it through. I promise you. The sound of the sweet voice rung in his head, the sight of something so innocent and pure that took the human form. We’ll make it through. I promise you. The same words repeated in his head, all he could think about was the lovely face he was once able to hold and kiss. The once lovely person he used to call his own. We’ll make it through. I pr-

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Dangerous Woman Tour Full Review (Including Full Song-By-Song Breakdown and Videos)

Helloooooo here with my Dangerous Woman Tour Review. It’s ridiculously long so I made it a “Read More” post. Please reblog if you read, because I put a TON of effort into this and therefore would like to spread it to as many people as possible to make this worth it lol. This review includes my opinions on basically every aspect of the show, as well as a song-by-song breakdown and lots and lots of videos. Let me know if you have any questions, I can answer anything!

DISCLAIMER: my opinions literally don’t matter and you may hold different ones and that’s all good you do you

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Astro Reacts | Being Your First Boyfriend

Author’s Note: gifs aren’t mine, and credits go to creators! lol so I originally meant for it to be you as their first girlfriend, but it was easier if I switched it around. I used the whole young love concept they’ve had so far, idk if it’s any good but I liked writing it! hope you enjoy~ -assstro


You: “You’re the only person I’ve ever really liked, even though I’m not sure how many other people liked me, or if I’d just get hurt if I liked anyone.”
With his friendly & approachable appearance and personality, it’s likely that JinJin has had some relationship(s) in his past, so he’ll understand what it’s like for himself. When he learns that he is the first to steal your heart, he may or may not be a little cocky, and will give you his signature eye-crinkling smirk and put his face just breaths away from yours. And of course he’ll say something eye-roll worthy…
“Well love shouldn’t hurt, it should heal, and I’ll do just that…besides, I’m your only cure.” *grins*
“You’re so cringe-y.”
“You love me.”


You: “You know…I’ve never had anyone date me except you. I never went through the hardships you have gone through.”
Recently MJ has revealed that he’s been in four relationships - but upon him hearing he’s your first ever significant other, he’ll find something about it so special, because well, it’s you. He would wonder why someone as funny, good-hearted and uniquely styled as you have been single for so long. On the night you laid your head on his arm as he wrapped it around you, both of you laying on the couch, you felt at ease and let the words come out. Myungjun would have to process this, and once it sinks in, he will press a kiss on the corner of your lips and tell you something.
“Well then I’ll make it so you’ll never have to go through them yourself. I’m always by your side - when you need to talk, when you wanna cuddle, when you snore and talk in your sleep-”


You: *cute and innocent* “I have you and I’ve had you only…”
Even if people have been falling for him left and right and he’s probably flirted tons, Dongmin probably only stayed focused on his schoolwork and training. Now he’s busy with fame. But now that he has you, he knows how it feels to truly like someone. While hugging him after a good talk, you’d tell him that he’s the only one. No matter the reason as to why this is, Eunwoo would be super flustered. He might even think you’re joking since you’re perfect to him (how could anyone not date you?), but whether he believes you or not, he wants you to know he will make it as good as possible for a first relationship.
*awkward n blushy*
“You’re kidding right? No - I mean, then don’t look at anyone else. We’re only for each other.”

MoonBin (ignore the captions lol)

*binnie does something sweet*
You: “You’re the best boyfriend anyone could ever have!”

Though he’s a super likable person, I have a feeling Moonbin probably didn’t have time for relationships considering he has been busy with the industry since childhood, though he definitely had some flirtationships. But only you made him feel completely different. After hearing that he’s your first boyfriend, he would be rather surprised and humbled, but also more protective from that day on.
“Well, I’m the only boyfriend you’ve ever had. And we’re gonna keep it that way.”


You: “I’ve never really had a boy that shared feelings like this, I’m nervous, but it’s cute~”
Since he’s in the maknae line, it’s likely he hasn’t had a relationship yet either, but he’s aware of others’ experiences and how it could go for him. Apparently, even though he’s young, and “young people are clueless,” it’s said that Rocky can be trusted and reliable. On the day you both confess, you’d tell him, and he’ll feel the need to make this as good as possible, despite it being innocent. Let’s just say he will literally be your rock - though a really soft one.
“It’s cute? A - am I cute?” *super smiley and shook* “I mean, if we’re cute together, we’re going to STAY cute together, trust me!”


You: “Sanha, we’re each other’s first loves.”
To be honest, it’s obvious Sanha probably hasn’t had too much going on in love in the first place. Though he may not have had a real relationship before, Sanha would probably understand how they work from hearing and observing other couples. He thinks of this on day you tell him, only wanting the best for you both. You’re huddled into his arms, squishing his face and you’ll tell him ever so casually. Sanha will grin, a grin sweeter than sugar, and look down into your eyes with his warm brown ones to tell you what he thinks, close enough to peck your face.
“I mean we’re young, but…we’re going to learn together, alright? Then we’ll be each other’s first and only~”
*wants to cringe but maknae knows he can pull that off*

You and I - Mitch Marner

Request: Can you do a cute Mitch Marner one where the reader and him are best friends who secretly like each other and then they confess + fluff? I can’t wait to read more of your writings!! Have an amazing day!

Word Count: 1728
Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Warnings: None

I have no idea how I came up with this concept but I liked it and went with it! Not as fluffy as I initially thought it would be but I really like this one so I hope you do too!

“What a game!” you exclaimed as you ran across the parking lot to your best friend, Mitch Marner, as he walked out of the Air Canada Centre. Immediately, you jumped into his open arms and returned with one of the biggest hugs you could give him. He had scored the game winning goal against the Maple Leaf’s biggest rivals, the Montreal Canadiens. “What a goal! What a guy! I’m so proud of you Mitchy!”

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pedestrianfootbridge  asked:

1. Do you think there's anything to be said about how Cisco purposefully sabotaged the speed bazooka for Savitar when you consider how in Rogue Time he was put in a very similar position but in that episode ended up giving in to the villains' demands? I mean, I guess he did try to tamper with the cold gun back then too and Leonard caught him, but I always felt personally that it was sort of a desperate, last-ditch effort on his part and not really something he planned out (1. because it wasn't

2. shown or stated that he tampered with either the heat gun or the gold gun - even though neither Leonard nor Mick would know how a gold gun works off-hand so it would have been the easiest to tamper with and 2. because all he did at that time was leave out a crucial piece of the cold gun that he still *built*, just didn’t put in). He was essentially in the same position - bad guy(s) threatening the lives of people he cared about (even if Caitlin was ‘Killer Frost’ at the time).

3. I’m not sure *what* exactly it could be saying; maybe that the loss of his brother has made him a bit harder or maybe getting/mastering his vibe powers has made him a bit bolder, or since that was S1 and given they had Barry at the end of this finale essentially passing the torch in some ways to Cisco, it might be showing that he’s grown up a bit and gotten more experienced in keeping a cool head in dangerous/deadly situations?

Now here is some meta I can get behind.

Cisco is season 1 was so goddamn vulnerable. And so brave. So fucking brave. This adorable and beautiful man with a heart of gold and jokes to match who stood up to Captain Cold with a vacuum cleaner and a voice hard enough for Snart to believe he’d actually use it. That, or Snart just had a soft spot for him because of it. Either damn way, the heroism of that moment.

And then things happen, bad things, and they’re getting worse. People keep getting hurt: Bette died, Farooq almost killed them all, Caitlin got kidnapped. But good things are happening too! He’s truly close with Barry and has a new bff, they tracked down Ronnie! Who is alive!!!! Even if Hartley’s still a dick (or not, depending on the timeline).

So Cisco takes the bad with the good and keeps smiling. Looks up to Barry, you know he does. And he’s got this family event he’s got to attend and he’s feeling super off because he just had this terrible nightmare of Dr. Wells straight-up murdering him and he’s shaken by it because that’s crazy, right? It felt super real, though, and he’s now supposed to play nice with his brother and yes thank you Barry let’s get some beer because fuck Weather Wizrard we beat him without breaking a sweat and

And then Lisa Snart walks into his life and he’s so off-kilter with her beauty and of course it’s too good to be true, he even says so. But he’s so brave, again. Like with the vacuum cleaner. Except it doesn’t matter, this time. Because Dante is there, and no no no no no. That wasn’t supposed to happen. This – this is wrong. His personal life and work life were never supposed to bleed like this and for the first time he thinks he really understands why Barry hasn’t told Iris about his powers. 

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

All he has for the next 12 hours is panic and adrenaline. Sweaty, slippery hands making weapons that make him sick. Not for him, but for Dante. He knows he’s a goner, but this is the only way he can stall for time despite that. So long as he gets Dante out of here, that’s what matters. That’s what keeps his fingers moving over pieces of machinery.

He tampers with it at the end because it doesn’t occur to him to do so before that. He’s so focused on coming up with and discarding plans for how to save Dante from this nightmare that he doesn’t think to ruin their weapons. He could’ve. He’s a genius. He’s kicking himself. But he tampers with it at the end as best he can and it’s pointless - it’s too late. But he’s never been in a situation like this and he wasn’t sleeping well before and now hasn’t slept and the adrenaline and caffeine are making him crash hard.

It was pointless anyway. Cold saw right through it. And he’s still not free. He’s supposed to stay awake, still, and make another one. For the cruel, beautiful, toxic Lisa. Cisco might hate her for a moment, there. But then, not. Because it’s another way to stall. Another day spent keeping Dante safe and alive and he even convinces his captors to feed them and refuel his coffee needs.

He doesn’t tamper with this one. He wants to, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Not to her. She did this to him, but for a little while there she was… nice. And smiled in a way no one’s smiled at him in a while and he can pretend she meant it but not if he ends up killing her with her gun backfiring (and not if Cold kills him for hurting his sister). So he finishes the mean piece of machinery and he’s still empty. He’s got some plans for deception, but really the best plan is to get a cellphone or any phone and contact Barry. He can be there (wait for it) in a Flash.

He’s working on the logistics (with Lisa, he thinks, it’ll work best. But then Rory’s outfit is the loosest and thus the easiest to steal from. But he can get closer to Lisa without being suspected, for sure. Decisions, decisions…) but then Dante rushes it. Cisco could smack him for it, honestly. He was working on a plan, goddammit. Not that Dante knew that. But if he’d given Cisco another minute or three, Cisco could’ve at least told him to try and steal Rory’s phone if he was gonna go all Rambo on him.

But then Cold walks in and all plans go out the window when Dante’s hands get iced.

Nothing like this has ever happened. Nothing remotely. It’s not supposed to happen. His family isn’t supposed to be involved.

And what’s he got to fall back on, thinking about it? What would Barry do? Let his family get hurt? Never, in a million years. But Cisco can’t jump in front of a weapon that’s already been fired, can’t save Dante when he’s already injured. All he can do is give Cold what he wants and hope he doesn’t die in the process. Hope Dante doesn’t die, at least. 

He’s in a lose-lose situation with zero options and he takes the one he can live with and still sleep at night, he hopes.

Flash forward a few years. He’s been betrayed. Those nightmares of dying were real. He’s seen a blackhole he helped create swallow one of his very few friends. He’s seen a lot more death. He’s been pushed away and pushed back, himself. He’s been betrayed again, and he’s been terrified of what he knows he can do. Of the moment of temptation he felt at Reverb’s offer, the eyeliner notwithstanding. He’s seen magic and lost friends, too many now, and he’s grown and grown and grown.

He is powerful. Frighteningly so. And yet. And yet some days he stills feels like the Cisco who stood in front of the Reverse Flash, helpless in the face of his own death. Of the Cisco who stood in front of Captain Cold and whispered “Barry. His name is Barry Allen.”

And some days? Some days he feels a million miles away from that Cisco and wishes he still could feel like him. Because when Barry (his name is Barry Allen) as Savitar takes him, when facsimiles of his two best friends as Killer Frost and Savitar are colluding to kill him, he doesn’t falter. Not this time. 

Because Cisco knows better, now. He’s thinking ten paces ahead. He gets that Savitar needs Killer Frost alive. Cold didn’t need Dante, except as leverage against him. It’s different, and it helps keep him calm. Savitar’ll hurt her to get to Cisco, if needed, but he’s bluffing at least about when he’ll kill her. 

It doesn’t matter, though. The threat jarred Cisco memories. He’s been here before. And now, faced with this situation agin, he’s got a plan. 

There’s no firing pin to tamper with, but he doesn’t need one, and this won’t be a last-second effort this time. You’d think Savitar would see this coming, knowing Cisco, but then, Barry didn’t see him tamper with the firing pin the first time around either. Barry just saw him save someone he loved, without any of the intermediate planning. 

Cold was five steps ahead, Savitar is six steps behind, and Cisco…

Even if he hadn’t been here before… Cisco’s older. He’s bolder. He has experience not just with this but with everything. He has trauma and triggers and he’s been through his share of panic attacks and he has practice thinking around those things more than he did before. He’s seen a lot more death and pain and heartache. 

He knows that even doing everything you can, even doing your best, the people you’re trying to save can still die anyway, in ways you can’t predict and can’t fix. Not even with time travel.

There’s only so much he can do, but this time around, he can keep calm and actually do it, plan for it.  He’s not letting Savitar get away with anything, not on his watch.


Request: Hello, I really love your writing!! And I also really miss Matt the radar technician! So I was wondering if you can write a modern!matt where the reader and him are close friends that have feelings for each other and she sticks up for him bc he gets picked on. Idk something like that. But yeah! You always know how to make your stories amazing! Thank you!!

A/N: I’m so glad I received Matt requests bc I miss that son of a bicth……thank you, anon, for the request! Enjoy :) [gif not mine]

Word Count: 2.5K+

Warning: None

Matt was, what you called, your average ‘nerd’. His glasses were as big as his head, the silver rims and thick lenses that hugged his nose. His attire was always neat and in place–although the opposite went for his bright blond hair. Now that was a mess. It was hard to keep the curls looking nice. Brushing them weren’t an option and neither was jelling it, so he let it be.

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re·frain (requested)

Pairing: Modern!AUWarren Worthington iii x Reader 
Featuring: Alex, Jean, Peter, Scott 
Request: 9 for the heartbreaking prompts with Warren please
Word Count: 1556 Words
Warning: angst, swearing, fluff, overused tropes(??)
A/N: Since I’m so fucking original this is another song inspired imagine.This time it’s thanks to Sam Smith’s I’ve Told You Now.
Tagging: I lost my tag list so idk who to tag lmao. if u wanna be tagged hmu!! 

Originally posted by softtroublemaker

((gif not mine, credit to owner)) 

 The sound of the door slamming resonated throughout your entire apartment complex. Warren stood in the hallway for a moment, staring at the shut door and listening to your shuffle around. He could hear you swearing from inside your shared apartment and part of him thought it would be best to leave. But instead he turned the doorknob slowly, the door creaking loudly on its hinges as Warren entered. He barely got the door closed before a shoe flew past him. You had missed purposely by a long shot, but Warren did take some offense.

You chucked your other shoe in the same direction, but this time the shoe just clattered on the floor a few feet away from Warren. He looked down at it before flitting his eyes to you. You were standing by the kitchen, your arms wrapped around you as you sniffled. Warren wanted to say something along the lines of ‘no one’s ever acted like this after I kissed them’, but it didn’t seem like the time. Instead he let a heavy silence fall between you two. Your eyes were fixated on the ground, while Warren watched your every movement. From the shifting your weight to the slightest frown tugging at your lips. It didn’t really help, seeing as your expression remained unreadable as you seemed a million miles away.

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Revenge (2)

Description: Part 2 of a kind of AU Marvel series (cause I can’t stick with what the movies have set up idk also i don’t know what Infinity War is gonna be like so)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader?

Warnings: idk. probably smut? angst? fluff? guess you’ll have to read it to find out

A/N: gif is literal sunshine 

Part 1 here

Originally posted by aestheticimagines

Last Time:

I shook my head, wishing I could forget. It all felt so real.

“I never even knew him…” I said, confused.

“Who? Who was the dream about?”

I looked up at Steve. “Bucky.”

“What do you mean, ‘Bucky’?” Steve inquired, face paling at the thought of his friend, frozen again. 

I paused. “I– That’s what my dream was about. I think he’s in danger.” I started panicking at the thought, and not exactly sure why. 

Steve pulled me closer to him. “Hey, hey, it’s alright Y/N. Don’t worry, okay?”

I nodded, beginning to calm down. 

“Now, why would you think he’s in danger?”

“I don’t know. I just know that I woke up terrified and the only thing I can think about now is him and that something’s wrong.” I rambled. Steve covered his worry with a calm expression. 

“We’ll go check him out tomorrow, okay? Make sure he’s fine.”

“No. No, we have to get him out of there.”

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World of Winx season 2 review


Now that I’ve said bye bye high school,  let’s talk about WOW!

~(beware my ability to make gifs)~

Holy canoli.

This season was A-MAZING! Definitly better than the last one, and I loved season 1.

Things I utterly loved:

The winx


Okay maybe Bloom in the beginning was a a bit spotlighted (what else is new) and I had to take innumerable deep breaths whenever she sang or was mentioned that SHE was the one who wrote the lyrics for the band, I must say that she was great in this season. I found really interesting how her nemesis was approached: The fact that nobody else could see her but Bloom, how the others thought she was a little “cuco cuco” with her actions and words but always worried for her. Idk I liked it, it made her vulnerable and not so FOREVER INVINCIBLE. She was great in this season.


Oh, my heart. I believe Stella’s personality was one that definitely was rescued, I found myself laughing more with her, she wasn’t so “exaggeratingly eccentric and childish”, she showed that she was aware of what she was capable of without being cocky. She was more mature.   And when her nemesis brought back her childhood insecurities (COF COF FLASHBACK SEASON 2) that nearly crushed me. Stella isn’t confident all the time, she doesn’t find herself perfect nor adored by everyone. She has her insecurities and demons and she overcame them and that is such an important message…Stella you won my heart.

(And fuck you mermaids)


HANDS UP FOR THE SHY BADASS FLORA! HER POWERS WERE ON! Seriously, I know that in beginning she was considered one of the most powerful fairies of the squad, but I couldn’t see it until now! I mean, the way she defeated her Nemesis and managed to restore (even if it was only for some seconds) the forest of the world of dreams made me speechless. You go Flora, you goddess, Nature is powerful indeed! Plus, extra kudos for the flower scene…WOW knows what truly is important and what messages should be transmitted to the audience.

(I also adored her playful side, so kawaii)



(Despite that) I got many good surprises from Musa in this season, in fact, she features one of my favorites scenes:

I said- I CAN’T SLEEP WITH THE LIGHTS ON!- I died in that scene.

Her personality was back: Boy did I miss the sassy, bossy and “I’m gonna kick your ass you pirate son of a witch” Musa.  Yes she’s more feminine but she knows when to raise her hand and voice on a tough sitch! (Not to mention how to stop fires) And even tho she has that tough side of hers, they were loyal to her soft side: she still is a dreamy person, creative, emotional and feels things intensively. I love that. [thinks about the scene where she stares at the ceiling of the theater].

I loved how she was more involved with music during the show, either in casual short scenes or in her powers.  Speaking of wich, one of the things that I believe WOW ruled was exploring their powers individually: I got so many shivers at the Notre Dame scene, when those bells started playing the theme song in such a sweet delicate melody *dies*, all in all, Musa worked a lot with sound waves and finally did something that I was dying for her to experience! – Eco localization.

I say yes to the Paris lover/rules at gymnastics Musa(I mean she pratically had a Quasimodo moment on Notre Dame) and I hope we can see her singing more instead of just testing the sound…


My baby, my precious. I felt like my soul left my body when I saw her fighting Virus with the sword. EPPPIC! Tecna is not all about computers in WOW, she actually shows how clever and perceptive she is. I meam sure she loves technology and all that but her logic isn’t dependent on a computer: she can fight, she can think, she learns how to trust her instincts (one of her biggest battles during the whole show) and she can also be goofy, kind, an amazing friend and a beautiful “control freak” *w* (yes my girl loves her shit in order prob TINK?!)

-Layla (Don’t care she’ll always be Layla to me)

Was I the only one who felt she was very bitchy during the whole season? And not just with Matt but, well, in general. Anywho, tossing that to the side, I liked her character development, how she learnt to trust Matt and that, episode by episode, her faith on him was growing. I also liked how they portraited her as a girl who “doesn’t think before she acts”, who’s impulsive and wants to get down to business, because Layla is brave, strong and powerful and dealing with her Akeles heels also seemed interesting to me (even tho I found her Nemesis the most boring).  Her powers got another turn: she was a morphix fairy, then fluids fairy(1st movie), then fairy of waves and now back to the fluids (I’m actually pretty okay with that).

Thumbs up on the sarcasm and on the more screen time.

New characters and plot

I found the plot itself very interesting. Once again, it’s like Disney, Once upon a time ad winx had a baby and Dragon is it good.

The story was intriguing, the characters design was beautiful and unique: in love with Matt’s hair, the pirates concept was awesome and the mermaids style was so back to rainbow 2008 art! Heck even the nemesis look incredible even tho some scared the shit out of me(yes virtigo and banshee i’m talking to you). The songs were also good (mainly onirix), there wasn’t an episode where I felt like”END ALREADY”. I SAY HELL YEAH to transformation sequences that seduce me. I specially loved how well their powers were explored, how Flora was so incredible and SHE TRAVELLED THROUGHT THE ROOTS OF THE PLANTS OF THE EARTH YALL, Layla surprised me with the way she managed to control water….They’re not just “naming powers” that look the same,this is deep stuff guys, each fairy is powerful because of their uniqueness and essense and that amazed me.

Summing up: 5 STARS!

So that’s why I’m just going to state the things that slightly annoyed me (EVEN THO THE GOOD THINGS OVERWEIGHT THE BAD ONES, THE BAD ONES ARE PARTICALLY NOTHING BIG OR DRAMATIC)

-How Tinkerbell gave up her powers-“Tinkerbell, you can’t get rid off your powers for someone you just met!” I mean, I’m a romantic person, I’m all about the cheesy loving stuff, but that was too much, too desperate and quick. Their whole love story was pretty much like that and I was actually excited when they met in forest, but now… No me gusta.

-I know plenty of people shipped Tinkerbell and Matt but…


-The winx in action (as fairies in the world of dreams) I felt like they were more powerful individually in this season than together. Yeah, we got some nice convergence scenes but they didn’t seem so BAAAM you know? Like in the finally battle what did they do? It’s not that I don’t like Onirix, I actually found it very nice (including song and outfits) but when during action time? Ehhh…


-Tecna only makes shields…I only liked when she fought without being transformed, when she could just touch the floor and get acess to the systm in the room, her logical vision, her fighting skills, etc… Onirix was just boring for her ☹

Do I want a third season?

 YES and no. Yes, cuz damn I’m loving WOW so far but no because we all know in this fandom what happens to things when they get long…they end up “corrupted”, ruined, fucked.

So yeah there you go 😊 Thank you Netflix for bringing my girls back, for restoring their personalities, their “badassness”. For giving important mature messages without making the show childish and dull. For reminding us that our fairies rule with or without magic and that they’re not completely lost. Thank you for making me really happy and hopeful.

(I bet Venomya would cringe at my review…)

Welcome to VintageWhump!

Howdy all!

Welcome to my new blog! I’m vintagewhump- but you may already know me as whumploversanonymous! Same girl, different blog.

Why the new blog you ask? My whole life I’ve had a passion for the “oldies” genre in general. I love the music, shows, movies- everything! And that’s where I got my start as a whumper! I fell in love with the angstier Kryptonite scenes in Adventures of Superman (1952) and the numerous intensely injury-filled moments of Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983). I’ve watched more westerns and war movies than I could possibly count and scenes dozens and DOZENS of just bullet-whump instances from these! As I said, I’ve always had a passion for these thing, but I felt a bit out of place posting them on my current blog (idk, I felt like spamming oldies was a bit not what you signed up for over there lol), so I rarely post older whump scenes -despite loving them so much. SO, I figured I’d solve the problem by creating a second blog just focusing on the oldies! This way, if there’s any oldies type whump fans out there who don’t like (or just don’t typically view) the modern stuff, they don’t have to be bothered with that either!

What about whumploversanonymous?? No- I’m not shutting down the other blog. This is just a side/co project. Granted, for now, most of my creative efforts will be driven to populating this new blog and creating content (gifs, videos, fanfics) that you haven’t probably seen before (since it’s not you know.. modern)

aaanyway, that’s a long post but before I go I’d like to thank all the members of the whumpers chat room and whump community who spurred me on to create this blog and not only encouraged me to embrace my love of oldies but who willingly watched (and got sucked into!) some of my favorite shows/movies with me! I love you all so much and thank you for you help! (Looking at you Jo, Emrys, Marie, Val, Nikki, “ouch”, - ALL of you! I love you so much!!) Please give me a follow, I promise you won’t regret it! 

Till next time!

-Whumploversanonymous (aka VintageWhump)

@fyeahvulnerablemen @emrys-knight @the-wandering-whumper @classicwhump

I'll Show You (Part 6) - Theo Raeken Imagine

❁ (not my gif, cred to sweet owner) ❁

A/N: Sorry for making you guys wait for so long! I’ve been busy with university and had writers block but the wait is over, part 6 is finally here! Idk how I feel about this part, let me know what you think and request for more. Also sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc, it’s unedited.(:


Note: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Pairing: Theo x Reader
Warning: Cursing, that’s all I think.
Word count: 2078

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Seventeen Reaction to Their s/o Making Tall Jokes

Request: seventeen’s reaction when their s/o is smaller them and always tease them like “how’s the weather there?” or calling them giraffe or giant, something like this

A/N: I literally always do this, probably because I’m salty about being short (5′2 squad in the building), but that’s not the matter right now. I hope you enjoy!

Seungcheol would just awkwardly laugh, not knowing if you really meant it or not, but trying not to take it to heart either way. If he felt one day that you did take it too far, he would pull you aside and ask you to lessen up a bit.

“Heh, yeah, I’m such a giraffe.”

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

Jeonghan would find it to be really cute tbh. He’d find your teasing to be adorable, it might even boost his ego a bit - especially when you had to ask him to grab a cup for you.

“Yes, it’s quite nice being able to reach my own cups.”

Originally posted by seungheol

Joshua probably wouldn’t even be phased by it. He would laugh at some of the funnier ones, but would find it to just be a cute little thing you two had. Similar to Seungcheol, though, if one did end up hurting his feelings, he would ask you to stop.

“The weather is actually really nice up here.”

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Junhui would become an actual grease ball. He would take your teasing as an opportunity to tease you back - mixing in some flirting with said teasing.

“You know, it’s good that I’m taller than you. You don’t have to bend down as far to suck my d-”


Originally posted by ftwonwoo

i swear every gif i use of him for a reaction is fucking massive

Soonyoung would find your teasing to be a normal thing in your relationship. He would for sure be the most chill about it; even making some short jokes to you along the way.

“The weather is nice up here, probably because I’m farther away from hell.”

Originally posted by hvung

Wonwoo would be the most silent about it. It wouldn’t hurt his feelings or anything, he just wouldn’t make that big of a deal out of it. If you did manage to make a joke that was on the funnier side, though, he wouldn’t be able to help the silent giggles that left him.

“Okay, that was a good one…”

Originally posted by manner-makes-a-man

Jihoon would be fucking ecstatic about this. Literally all of the jokes he has ever heard about his height are about him being short, so you making jokes about him being tall??? They would be compliments to him!

“Y-you really think I’m tall!? I mean uhh *cough* yeah yeah, being a giant is great.”

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

Seokmin is another person who would love the jokes. Teasing and pushing each other’s buttons would definitely be a part of being his partner, so you making these kinds of jokes, as well as him making short jokes, would be quite normal.

“Ahh yes, I’m a giraffe, but I’m the giraffe to your armadillo.” idk I was trying to think of a small animal and that’s what I thought of give me a break

Originally posted by pabospoiler

Mingyu already knows he is a giant, so someone pointing it out wouldn’t be something new to him. He would consider your teasing to be cute, if not adorable, because it always managed to make him laugh.

“How’s the weather? Let me show you!” *picks you up and kisses you*

Originally posted by mountean

Minghao would turn into an awkward little bean, not really sure if your teasing was a joke, or if it was supposed to be mean. Of course, after you cleared it up to him, he would laugh and even joke along.

“If you think I’m tall then you must be pretty tiny!”

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

Seungkwan would turn into diva boo in 0.3 seconds. He would instantly turn this into a sass-off, which would quickly turn into a rap battle, which would soon lead to the both of you being out of breath and panting on the floor.

“Do not mess with Boo Seungkwan of Jeju.”

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Vernon would be torn between happy and offended. He would take the compliment of you calling him tall, yet you calling him a giraffe was an interesting way of putting it.

“Y-yeah, lets just focus on the part where you said I’m tall.”

Originally posted by mountean

Chan would turn into an actual ball of squish. No matter how much of a tease you could be, the fact that his partner just called him tall would be the only part he had remembered.

“You just called me tall~ I’m so tall~ just the tallest~” (basically imagine Rudolph when Claire called him cute.)

Originally posted by dinochans

-Admin Yeonie

idk yet

GIF Sources:

I got a bit carried away with this hahah, and sorry I did more details about the reader in the volturi and her with Jasper than I did with the the reader and the imprint wolf, i will make a part 2 of this where the reader meets the wolf and they imprint etc. Hope you enjoyed <3

Request “Hi! I was wondering If you could do a thing where the reader is Jasper’s sister but they went their separate ways just after escaping from the coven in the south and she joins the Volturi. Her amazingly powerful gift that is better than even Jane’s (idk what it is maybe you could make one up?). So she has been trying to get away and during breaking dawn battle a wolf (Embry, Jake or Paul) imprints on her. Thank you much!! You’re beautiful. Additional complication(?) Alec is obsessed with her???? (+) Hi! I’m the anon that requested the Jasper’s sister, wolf imprint at the Breaking Dawn battle. I would appreciate you coming up with gifts and letting me choose. Thank you for that btw! And also I was think you could just pick the wolf you think would best fit the character. Thank you so much! I love your writing! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. You’re amazing! Have a wonderful whatever is left of your day! Also if you’d just rather choose the ability that’s okay too!! Thanks!!”

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Freebies | Newt

A/N: hey guys so here’s another original of mine :) i’m pretty sure all the ladies out there are gonna relate to this am i right ladies. P.S. the gif idk i thought it was funny bc it’s funny how guys portray us when we’re on our periods idk just enjoy the story :))   

Pairing: Reader x Newt

Warnings: boys getting scared over mother nature

Word Count: 1888



Being a girl sucks. Period.

Being the only person with a vagina among 50 other guys also sucks.

Being the only girl in the Glade that has to go through a period every month sucks the most

It also meant feminine products were the most scariest thing ever. According to the Gladers.

And lord behold, you are now on your period.

Having you period was the worst thing ever. Since you were the only girl, the other Gladers would  scratch their heads at times when you were on it.

The first time you got it, you had a vague idea about it, but you weren’t sure. That ended up hanging out with the Med-jacks for a full week. Even to this day, a bunch of the Gladers get the heebie-jeebies at the slightest mention of it.

And now you were moping around, clutching your stomach, praying that you don’t bleed to death.

You walk over to the med-jacks place and see Clint organizing some supplies.

“Yo Clint!” you groaned, “is there any more… products… left?”

“There’s only a few left, Y/N,” Clint said, “the Box will come sooner today. Until then, hang around for a bit.”

You bit your lip to force back a choke.

“Do I have to?” you groaned as you flopped down on a bed.

“I’m afraid so, Y/N,” Clint responded, “what if you get harsh pains ”

“Then I die,” you simply said.

It was nice that you got to hang out and not work, but it also sucked. You were planning to hang out with Newt in the gardens.

You kept denying it, but there was no doubt that you’ve gotten close to Newt the past year. He was a real nice guy, and you couldn’t help but developing a slight crush on him.

But of course, you had no clue if he ever liked you back. And it wasn’t kinda allowed, either. Ever since you came through the Box, Alby has made it very clear that relationships were not allowed on any circumstances. Serves the Gladers right for staring too long when you do something.

The alarm signaling the supply box coming up rang. You mentally rejoiced in your head; you can finally cry alone in your room.

You broke into a run towards but was stopped short because Clint got a hold of your shirt.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Clint demanded.

“To go get my pads, where else?” you sassed.

“I don’t think so,” Clint started, “You’re not well and it’s hot out. You can get heat stroke,”

You looked at Clint in disbelief as you began to protest, “I have every right to get my things. I don’t care if they are underwear, pads, tampons, or anything considered ‘feminine’ for the matter.”

“Oh, c'mon Y/N, just rest for a minute. I’m sure all of your supplies are in a box or something. No one’s gonna know,” Clint said.

“Here’s a deal: next time, when the supply box comes up, you can go get it. We’ll alternate everytime,” you proposed.

“Fair enough,” Clint agreed as you gave him a hug and jogged outside to go fetch your stuff.

Clint wasn’t kidding either about the heat either. Should’ve listened. 

You saw the gang of Gladers surrounding the Box’s entrance, eagerly awaiting what new things the Creators brought this time.

As you were going to approach the crowd, Newt came from behind you and picked you up.

“What’s up, Shuckface!!” Newt boomed.

You made an ear-piercing scream for two reasons; one obviously because you were caught by surprise and two you were obviously on your period and you felt Niagara Falls flow out of you.

“Newt, put me down! Please!” you begged and laughed. You prayed to the heavens above that you wouldn’t stain through your pants. That would be a nice view to see.

“And what if I don’t,” Newt challenged. 

“Because I am gonna start crying and you’ll end up in the Slammer,” you half-heartily said.

“Oh, I’m so scared,” Newt said, still carrying you. 

Newt started pushing through the crowd, you still in tow, and placed you inside the Box with Gally where he was checking all the supplies.

“What’s this," Gally asked in a posh voice as he gestured towards you.

"I haven’t gotten a clue, my dear Gally, I think it’s a girl!” Newt replied with the same voice.

“A girl!" Gally exclaimed, "I thought girls were a myth!" 

"Well I guess they are not,” Newt said as a matter-of-factly as the Gladers were chuckling at the show unfolding in front of them.

Even Alby was having a good time and added. “I think the Creators are starting to like us because this one is a real beauty. Isn’t it, Newt?”

Newt blushed a deep red and mumbled, “A real beauty, I say.”

This earned multiple hoots and whistles and you felt Thomas pat your back and say, “that’s my girl!”

You couldn’t stop laughing as Newt put you down into the Box and gave Gally a friendly hug. It was then his turn to carry you around.

“Look at this gem!" Gally announced as he held on to you tighter, "She probably outshines every single Glader here!”

“C'mon guys,” you giggled, “I’m just an ordinary girl!”

The Gladers began to disagree and started complimenting you on the most ridiculous things as you started handing out supplies outside of the Box.

“Well one thing’s for sure," Gally said as the last of the boxes were being whisked away, "you sure are ticklish.”

“I’m what,” you screeched before Gally started tickling your sides.

“Stop! Stop!” you screamed between laughs, while Newt watched from the corner of his eye.

But it was too late. You felt something seep through your jeans, and sure enough, it was blood. 

“Holy fuck,” you whispered to yourself as the Gladers began to quiet down, concerned at what happened. In the whole 2 years you’ve been here, this has never happened to you. the only time you’ve ever stained your pants was the first week you were here… when there wasn’t any pads.

You scooted to the far end of the Box and started to hyperventilate.This can’t be happening, this can'r be happening, you kept whispering to yourself.

'Y/N, are you okay?“ Newt said as he crouched down next to you. 

You nodded furiously saying you were alright, but suddenly a jolt of pain shot through your abdomen.

You curled up into a ball and started to sob silently, repeating the words this can’t be happening, this can’t be happening.

Oh god, Y/N, did I hurt you,“ Gally cried out.

You started to feel faint and tears started to stream faster and faster.

Now the Gladers got scared. You were close to all of them, and you called them your brothers. Even though, some did try to hit on you on a daily basis.

Newt carefully picked you and ordered, "Med-jacks, NOW!”

As Clint and Jeff laid you on a makeshift cot, the two of them including Gally and Newt whisked you away to the Med-Jacks’ huts.

You were definitely a hot mess.


5 Hours Later

 "Look she’s waking up!“ a voiced yelled.

"Quick! Someone call Alby or Newt, preferably Newt because he called dibs,” someone else snicked.

You struggled to get up, but you heard Jeff in the distance say, “don’t move, just relax. You’re excused from working for the rest of the week.”

That was the only thing you heard before you sat straight up and gave Jeff the evil eye.

“Are you saying just because I’m on my period, i can’t work!” you fumed.

“Not my orders,” Jeff said as he put up his hands in defense, “don’t hate the messenger, hate the one who ordered it.”

“Then whose order was it?” you asked in a pissed off mood.

Clint and Jeff looked at each other and looked scared.

“Oh, c'mon don’t don’t me Gally is up to this. He’ll do anything to get into my pants,” you sneered and stood up to confront Jeff and Clint. But it didn’t help when you had searing pain all over your body from the stupid cramps.

“Actually, it was me,” a voice said from behind.

It was Newt.

“Really,” you huffed, “because I can take care of myself, thank you very much.”

You turned to face the Med-jacks, “Clint. Jeff. Thank you so much for the help today. You are excused from any work. You don’t have to help me.”

“Thanks Y/N!” the two guys beamed as they both ran out to do whatever the hell they wanted.

“Why did you that!” Newt questioned.

“Because, I didn't need any help. I can very well take care of myself,” you grunted as you carefully plopped yourself on the bed.

“Then why did you faint??” Newt asked.

“Clint said it was hot. I told him fuck that, I’m gonna be a bad ass. Sadly I was on my period, and the heat did me worse,” you rambled on, “plus you and Gally were carrying me around like if I were a sack of potatoes. Which, I might add, was not pleasant.”

At the slightest mention of the word 'period,’ Newt looked like he was going pass out himself.

“Yo, Newt,” you called as you snapped your fingers in front of him, “you don’t seem to hot.”

Newt ruffled his hair, “What are you talking about, Y/N? I'm always lookin’ hot.”

“Yeah, sure. You winced at the word 'period.’ Every guy here is horrified of mother nature,” you laughed.

“Well, it’s not our fault we don’t know much about the female anatomy,” Newt explained, “especially with that body of yours.”

“You suck at flirting,” you giggled.

“I try. At least I have the decency to actually tell you how much I loved you,” Newt confessed.

“Wait, what,” you stuttered,

“You heard me: I love you. All those compliments that the Gladers were telling, well it’s all true. You’re bloody amazing, Y/N. And it’d be an honor if you would be my girlfriend,” Newt stated.

“Of course, Newt, I would love that,” you cooed as you gave Newt a long hug.

As Newt was leaning in for a kiss, Thomas barges in.

“Y/N! Gally told me to tell you that how long is he going to be in the Slammer?” he panted.

“Why would he be in there in the first place?” you asked.

“Because you said, and Gally quoted, 'if Newt or I make you cry, then we go into the Slammer’” Thomas said.

“Aw, poor baby,” you said, “Tell you what, Thomas: tell Gally that he gets 1 hour in the Slammer, plus a crash course on the anatomy of a girl.”

Thomas smiled widely, “Will do, boss!” and off he went to break the news to poor ol' Gally.

Newt started to chuckle.

“What!?” you exclaimed.

“it's amazing what you can do to keep things in order, Y/N” Newt complimented, “maybe you should be second-in-command.”

“Shut up and kiss me, you moron,” you sighed.

And at the end of the day, you and Newt had a wonderful kiss, and you felt all your troubles wash away.

Except for the fact that you’re gonna embarrass Gally tomorrow. That’s going to be funny as hell.

Being the only girl in the Glade has it’s way.

It’s the most fucking awesome thing that’s ever happened to you.

A/N: hell yeah two updates in one day how awesome can life get. well i’m off to bed, going to dream about newt y'know the usual. have a nice day/night/ whatever and stay fabulous! cheers xx 

- Mayra