idk what this is but the video's so hot * *

DL (Plushie Skit)- Ending Episode 12 CGs (Shu)

Subaru’s Version:

I believe many fans love the final conversations with the boys~

Here is the video in case you do not know what am I talking about:

I love those incorrect sub title pictures!! I have to screen shot them all~

But What if it’s not incorrect sub titles? It’s “incorrect” pictures?

So IDK why, but my brain was like “HEY use this as your skit!”

Well.. The Super Hot Scenes I just ruined with my plushie Shu LOL

Now it’s just funny and cute and like “Oh Yeah Plushie what do you want to do huh?”

And I am doing Subaru’s version now, I’m such a sinful woman…

You can yell at me if I ruin your hot Shu OWO

(Again, if Shu is in his uniform this will be perfect damn it! I should get a uniform Shu!)

(That Smirk on Plushie it’s kinda creepy O.O)

The last picture makes me laugh!! He just like “mommy I want food” *innocent face with watery eyes* 

Day 10 - YouTube AU

look! im actually posting something!!

i just learned about @carryon-countdown so im starting today lol~

Baz is a famous YouTuber who is known for his violin skills. He plays a lot of covers of songs mixed with a few original ones.

Simon is a hot mess of a human being. He’s less busy on YouTube but he’s incredibly vine famous. Think Thomas Sanders because he would be an incredibly nice human being making jokes with friends that somehow blow up one day.

He goes to check on why it blew up so much and he finds a video recommended for him on a channel (I can’t think of a name but its something like BazTalks or GrimmlyPitch or idk). Apparently this super popular YouTuber mentioned him in one of his Q&A videos when someone asked what his favorite vine account was. Baz had given a short list (which included Simon’s channel).

So Simon watches some of Baz’s videos and he quickly falls in love with his piercing eyes and the sharp way he pronounces words and how at peace he looks when he plays the violin.

Penny, at the time, is a YouTuber known for book reviews and the occasional skit or cooking tutorial (which turns into drunk kitchen very quickly). She has known Simon since middle school where they became fast friends, and she knows him like the back of her hand. So it’s not a surprise when she confronts him about his internet crush.

Luckily for Simon, Penny knows Baz through the YouTube world and arranges for them to do a collab. So Penny brings Baz in and they do a sort of collab about a book about a young musician or something lmao. Simon comes home from school or something and hears Penny making a video but he sneaks into the room and nearly drops his papers when he sees Baz.

They invite him into the video and it gets a lot of views so they do some more in the future, and Baz helps Simon set up a YouTube account where he posts longer videos discussing his life and current events, some prank videos thrown in there too. A bit after that though, Baz opens his feed to see that Simon has posted a coming out video where he talks about being bisexual and stuff. So then Baz is like “holy shit he could actually like me” because somewhere along the line he’s definitely fallen in love with Simon’s laugh and his smile and everything else.

So Baz calls him about it and they have a long conversation about what sexuality means to them and it ends with Baz deciding to make one too because it’s been long enough.

A few days after Simon Snow’s coming out video was first uploaded, Baz uploaded his as well. Baz asked Simon out just to see how things would go and they both had such a good time (Baz kan be nice when he isn’t trying to act like a jerk and Simon makes terrible hilarious jokes). They decide to start dating and they’re very cute together and everyone is so happy for them.


k but ever since tumblr went mad about iwaizumi hajime (with good reason holy shit look at that boy) i’m just imaging iwa getting famous for some reason (idk something noble like rescuing a cat in the background of a news report or something) and makki and mattsun just stoke the flames by repeatedly forcing iwa into youtube videos, and before long there’s like… a tumblr fandom for him. 

iwa doesn’t care, iwa’s predmed, he doesn’t have time for this, but man OIKAWA is obsessed with this. there are women and men ready to throw themselves at iwa. he’s so jealous, he goes into a meltdown. iwa just looks at him like “what the fuck. i don’t care about that. i care about you.”

oikawa cries bc i can’t write him as anything but a hot mess

I wish Aaron Carter wasn’t so awful now.
When I was like 6 years old I used to stare at a picture of Aaron carter with a dolphin from the booklet of one of his cds for like… hours on end… but then I finally met him when I was 18 and it was so like… okay yes Aaron carter said I was hot… but why is he like that now… I respect that he still knows all his old dance moves and still puts on a Shaq jersey and uses a headset mic in tiny venues for that real nostalgic vibe but really
why is he like that….
In other news/why I started thinking about this I just saw a video of Proto zoa from zenon girl of the 21st century and it really got me thinking about people I had crushes o as a tiny child and if I still think they’re hot now and idk what proto zoa looks like now but I am still Very Into that late 90s space rock star look

Tag Game

I was tagged by @ivagavril, thank you♡♡

How old are you?: 26, will be 27 in October.

What’s your current job?: Customer Support/Tech Support and I’m also a part-time uni student majoring in Japanese.

What are you good at?: forgetting about tea i’ve already made Um, to answer semi-properly though, it’s been a while so I’m probably a little rusty but I used to be a decent enough writer I guess. My other talents include reading very quickly, failing at stealth in video games, and compared to where I used to be I guess Japanese.

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?: Currently working on finishing my degree, and studying to pass N1 of the JLPT.

What is your aesthetic?: Uhh, cool mornings, hot tea, pages of books, pen and notepad, blank documents, cursivecursivecursive, something language related, idk

Do you collect anything?: BOOKS, all the books. Plus some figures, DC Comics, otome games, stationery, and cute things. Soon to add Drama CDs to the list~

What’s a topic you always talk about?: I’d love to say something fandom related, but really it’s work stuff I talk about the most. So, stuff I’d love to talk about more: Harry Potter, Batfamily, otome games, Liar Game, SPEC, Black Desert, other video games, YA fiction, Japanese language stuff, idk a bunch more.

What is a pet peeve of yours?: These days all my complaints are work related, but generally I’d say people who are unnecessarily awful about female characters. Like, over half the time their reasons aren’t even legitimate.

Good advice to give: No matter how busy you are, always make sure to take at least some time for yourself and relax or have fun or something.

What three songs you recommend?: Stars by ERIHIRO, Desire by Meg Myers, and Dirty Laundry by Bitter:Sweet

I tag: @cerenady, @littlegaijin, @maycastle, @fanglets, @dulciiss, @dialoverwaifu, and @littlemunchkitty

“Have you guys ever gotten flack for how you dress?”

Lauren: Yeah… it’s ridiculous! Just because we dress according to our body types and dress the way that we want to. A woman embracing her sexuality isn’t wrong, it’s not being a slut.

Normani: Mainly (from) women.

Camila: People aren’t getting that it’s time to move on and be accepting of other women dressing however they want.

Lauren: I’ve noticed on our video comments, it’s people’s go-to, to accuse us of the whole ‘slut thing’. Then they support men who do the craziest things, and say nothing about them. F*cking Justin Beiber… I’m sorry, excuse me. Justin Beiber takes his pants off, posts a pic of it, and it’s like, “OMGOSH, he’s so hot.” What. Is. That?! How is this reality?! Know what I mean?

yea, no. i entertained the idea of making a vga fanzine revolving around my fantasy idea, but i don’t have the time or motivation to do it. instead i’ll just occasionally make shitty doodles and post them here.

so what’s happening here idk. fwesher is like looking for flowers or some shit and he like falls off a cliff but becky saves him and then he gives her the flowers as thanks and grown fraser is like “that peeweemee is making a move on becky!” or some shit.

i don’t think i provided enough context to this. but oh well. it’s too hot today.

anonymous asked:

Any good studying ways?

  • record class lectures
  • take notes if you’re not allowed to record during class
  • color-code like crazy (highlighters, pens, etc.)
  • use post-it stickies to add extra commentary for future reference
  • annotate like mad in the margins of your books
  • manage your time wisely (i suck at this tbh and always end up pulling all-nighters… even rn lol so g’luck to you friend)
  • allot more time for the stuff you barely know and/or are more densely packed with information and work your way up towards the easier material (that way if you run out of time you’re not totally screwed)
  • multitask and listen to audiobooks of your texts during breaks or whenever you have free time
  • take naps if you’re tired no matter what time it is bc you will definitely feel refreshed
  • reward yourself with food or a hot bath or a cat video when you complete a certain amount of material
  • quiz yourself with flashcards, online practice exams, etc.
  • turn off your phone, laptop, any distractions that may hinder your performance (seriously, just have the bare minimum essentials near you)

idk this is all i can think of at the top of my head rn… hope it helps!

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Did u like the music video?

i thought it was a cool concept, he looked hot, it was nice and interesting but.. There were a lot of mistakes, it wasnt done very well, idk how much of a budget they had but comparing the effects and costume and whatevers of ENC to that just makes it look WORSE, and like they couldve done so much better.. 

a few examples 

i honestly dont know what they were thinking bc this is like 2 seconds after he got stabbed??? you can see his full stomach and hes magically healed?? who is he??? deadpool???/ he would even take longer

do i even need to…..point it out……..whats wrong with this…… looks like someone took a picture of brendon and just moved it across the screen in fact now that i’m saying it yeah im pretty sure thats what they did, he doesnt fucking interact he looks like an ugly yet majestic bird escaping through the window after aunt hilda slapped it with a broom. he stays in the same position… the same….. position…i dont know………what these people were trying to do….. (also quick point out he doesnt have the injury there either)

no to mention how it never actually looks like the tentacles and brendon are legitimately interacting except for a few points/areas, and ik yes theyre gonna look like that to some degree but like it looks like one of those netflix movies that somehow has ½ a star about the sharktipus trying to invade iceland

i mean what is this????

ANYWAYS i could go on picking it apart but i dont want to..

I dont think it really fit the song? again at some points i could see and match up but like i was talking to my friend oliver @tinybren and like we both thought itd be more of like katy perry last friday night theme, but the whole tentacle monster thing doesnt really fit the vibe of the song at least imo, if they had had him getting fucked up and having fun and then waking up the next morning even w the girl and like going through having a hangover for just a short amount of time, or even if they like had him get fucked up and that was the cause of him seeing angry squidward, it still wouldve worked.. aha.. 

I guess i just have this image in my head of what i assumed it would be, it’s not my least favorite music video, i can understand why a lot of people dont like it for different/multiple reasons. I would say i dont dislike it, i like certain areas, i enjoyed the overuse of bedrooms eyes and the amount of licking he did (whether it be to his own lips or to someone else). Plus he looks good when he gets slapped. I can’t look at a lot of parts without laughing, im hoping he was really going for the ridiculous theme over scary/creepy because if he WAS trying to freak……honey……let me help you okay…..

I like it more than the Hallelujah video and ill probably make my mum watch and laugh @ it with me, all in all it couldve been better, i dont think the idea worked as well as they were hoping, and the next MV should have a much better budget or less special effects…this sounds mean ok i love my son ok i love brebdop i have been so mean recently with the tat and now this omg i love him ok i dont hate him or anything. im a monster fanatic, im a brendon urie fanatic, even more so with naked brendon urie (they did that part really well..i appreciated the camera work for that), put them together and youve automatically won me over so even if i dont like this music video it has a place in my heart!! forever! now. and in ways i have to automatically like it. Because i like that kinda shit, so.. To answer your question.. Yeah i guess i did/do.

so i just randomly thought of an au what if erwin is a really popular youtuber, like he probably plays games and does vlogs and stuff. and sometimes does really boring review or informational videos. idk… but levi is a fan of his videos and is thirsty bc “omg he’s so cute and hot. and he seems rly sweet” even tho he’ll never admit his thirst for that cute, gorgeous youtuber and it turns out they both live in the same city. so one day, when levi walks into a cafe or store or something, he recognizes that blondhaired, chiseled faced man. tbh he has a small fanboy moment but hesitates to go up to him. but when erwin is near him, levi is like “hey, you’re that youtuber, right?” and erwin looks surprised and smiles. “yea i am” and then levi just stands there awkwardly with a blush on his cheeks. and then erwin asks him if he wants tea or something. idk