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so there’s this part in chapter 62 where simon and baz are lying on the carpet in front of the fireplace holding hands, and when baz asks simon if he was on the List Of Things to Not Think About, simon says ‘trying not to think about you is like trying not to think about an elephant thats standing on ur chest’ and baz just has a good few moments of fond reflection before he starts smiling and says 'i dont know if that’s a compliment or…’ and they’re giggling and idk the idea that baz is a teenaged boy still baffles me sometimes, but its scenes like that one where the casualness of it is so lovely? its easy to relate to and thats what makes reading carry on so nice

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Idk if you've talked about this but the fact that the scene in 12x23 when sam is pulling dean away from cas has to be a parallel to 1x01 when dean is pulling sam away from jess. Like I'm not crazy those scenes are pretty much the same. Round of applause to Dabb and everyone who worked on that cause they had to know what they were doing right? I haven't really seen any posts about this and I'm sitting here like how is everyone else not seeing this? (Also I hope you're having a lovely day ❤️)

oh there are LOADS of posts about this!!! its definitely a big thing. umm I wish i could find a good gifset, but basically if you look for gifs for 12x23 the first one is of Jess so it’s been noticed and it is awesome!

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And we had not just this but also the Cain/Colette parallel too..

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So yeah, good spot and its definitely a thing! 

There have been SO many romantic parallels for Cas/Dean over the whole series and quite a few this season, I love it. The ultimate one obviously being the anti-mirror of Mary/John and then the true mirror as @mittensmorgul pointed out to me, pretty much every scene we have ever seen of Jess has now been paralleled with Cas. Eg:

 Lets not forget that Andrew Dabb is the one who wrote Bloodlines and paralleled the whole Dean-Cas angst filled holy fire scene of 6x20 with a canon romantic couple in a canon romantic setting too… but I’m not going to turn this post into a Dean/Cas parallel post or it will take days and ruin everyones dash with all the giffing, suffice to say theres a shit ton of it ;)

Anime recs to temporarily cure depression??????

Idk these series help me out a fucking lot and dont make me want to die anymore. I love depressing shit too but heres a list of more lighthearted stuff I guess

•literally any ghibli movie: literally any of them bESIDES GRAVE OF FIREFLIES NONNONOONONNNOOJJNKOJJ

•ouran highschool host club: its mainstream for a reason. I re watch my favorite episodes of it when im depressed it makes me feel whole

•doukyuusei: lighthearted gay romance without all the disgusting tropes of ya/oi or b/l. Very blissful and pretty to look at. Probably my favorite movie and manga

•nichijou: the funniest short running series of all time

•gakuen handsome: a literal fucking shitpost idk what else to tell you just watch it (watch the half hour long OVA first before the miniseries)

•ghost stories (dub): the best anime dub in existence

•haikyuu!! (?????): idk this show just makes me really happy


•orenchi no furo jijou: a boy finds a merman and lets him live in his bathtub its kinda dumb but cute and lighthearted and also very short

Idk theres probably some I missed but take these theyre good and I like them

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I have this head cannon where Mccree sings and writes songs in Spanish about Hanzo and sort of sings them at 3 am when he can't sleep so one day Hanzo just walks by his room and hears him singing and this ends up becoming a routine without mccree knowing Hanzo does that while Hanzo doesn't know what the song is about but Jesse singing just calms him and it's like Idk it's just a thought

My dude….my dude I should have put a stipulation that you can’t make me cry CUZ IM HOLDING BACK TEARS HERE

I can totally see this being a thing, especially in the early days of their unrequited pining. Maybe Jesse writing songs in an effort to try and work out his feelings and frustrations and fears about this *titilating * (see what I did there) situation he’s found himself in. And it becomes a habit, especially after rough missions where death came a little too close to calling on Hanzo.
It becomes a healing thing, rests his mind a little.
Unknowingly, creating soothing lullabies to a ptsd nightmare haunted Hanzo who sits outside his eye-shot to listen every night.


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Jess, I know you're still salty with SC but after a week I feel Cait is the one hurting more. I read if there is one person who will crack, it's Sam but I think it's Cait. Recent actions show not the real Cait for me. IDK but it's woman's gutfeel this time. I can't look at the bday photo, whether it's recent or not, she's not happy.

I know this is an unpopular opinion around here but I don’t feel like either of them are hurting. What would they be hurting about? 

LETS START OVER AT THE BEGINNING !!! do you like cowboys ??? do you often ask yourself   ‘ damn what time is it ??? ‘   well that’s simple, its hiiiigh noon…at least somewhere in the world. look no further this blog is a cannon divergent JESSE MCCREE rp blog. leave a like or reblog if ya’ll are interested in interacting with this smelly cowboy, i’ll be happy to check your blogs. thanks again partners.

Idk I just wanted to point something out b/c idk i’ve seen people try to push the headcanon on people that “ Jesse is 17 in the blackwatch skin” and it’s kinda disturbing with how they try to force people to believe it’s canon when we really don’t know.

MY OPINION??? He’s older in it. McCree wasn’t in Blacwatch just when he was 17. He was in it for years on years on years. Also please take a gander at these.

( This one looks more close around the time. But THIS one is a big difference v )

He looks SO MUCH younger and also the second image his hair is a lot different with no facial hair and he just looks completely different and younger. Also, the younger he is the slimmer his shoulders are. That’s how everyone is. He looks around 17, 18, possibly even a fresh 19. 

McCree didn’t go into blackwatch and go save the world RIGHT OFF THE BAT. No, he went through training with Reyes for probably quite awhile. The second picture I provided is them being congratulated for some really good shit they did, so it’s been a while after Jesse joined.

Now look at his skin. His shoulders are a lot more broad and he has a lot more strong and structured features. 

I also wanted to point out the hat.. The Blackwatch colors are Black, Grey, and Red- so of course he wouldn’t wear his normal hat he wears in those pictures or in his regular skin. He’s also an actual cowboy. He’s not a fake one or a wannabe. He is a serious hard on ACTUAL cowboy so of course he’ll have more than one or two cowboy hats. 

Yes I know all his stuff is deadlocks stuff, but that doesn’t mean he literally JUST GOT OUT OF IT. maybe he likes it and again maybe his birthday was cloe aroung the time? He could and could not be 17 in that skin. Or also he just wears it as uniform? 

Now i’m NOT saying THIS is canon. I just wanted to point this out for the people who attack others over it and point out my opinion and also so people can hopefully stop shoving it in peoples faces and stop people from forcing it upon people. Headcanon what you will, but until someone actually gives the exact age, please don’t fight over such things?? Also we don’t even know their birthdays. McCrees birthday could have been close or close as hell when he as pulled in. You don’t stop aging at 17 and just automatically become 36 like wtf??? lmfao

what if

what if Sam got the mark of Cain

what if Sam was the knight of hell

what if it was Dean that had to get him back

what if Sam unleashed the darkness

what if Sam had the connection with Amara

what if Sam was the walking soul-bomb

what if the person Amara brought back was Jessica…

what if we learnt more about Jess’ family background

what if she grew up like Sam did

what if she moved to Stanford to get away from it all

what if she’d been having the dreams too

what if she was too worried to tell Sam for fear of him freaking out

what if she told him it wasn’t his fault

what if he believed her

what if Sam got his soulmate back

what if

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question? ok so i was listening to jesse mccartney bcus ytfnot? & was thinking bcus he voiced dick in yj, what if dick had to go under cover as a pop star for reasons? idk mind control thru music?? and dick low key forgets its a undercover mission and is TOTALLY into the pop star life. Damian and Jason are his body guards. no?? thats not a kid he just skip his growth spurt. he will fuck u up.Bruce is totally the mom-mager and at this point tims the only one who remembers that this is a mission.

I really love that YJ Dick is voiced by Jesse, and this HC made me crack up reading it. Thanks for sending it. 

Dick would probably get really into the whole pop star thing. It’d be pretty hard to get Bruce to forget the case, but I could see Jason and Damian getting really into ‘protecting’ Dick while he’s on tour. Damian probably gets a reputation for being the tiny-angry-don’t-mess-with-anyone-while-he’s-around one while Jason’s known as mostly relaxed but will end you if you get too pushy with Dick.

And poor long suffering Tim, he’s given up weeks ago on convincing any of his family to actually act normal and ends up solving the case on his own.

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So what do you hope we'll see from Cassidy and Tulip? I know it's unrequited and while it' the unrequited dynamic that mainly appeals to me, I'd also like to see moments or just moment, where Tulip thinks she could fall for him if it weren't for the fact that she's absolutely in love with Jesse obviously.

lol under other circumstances (i.e. if Jesse for some reason just…didn’t exist lol) I would be pulling for it to be mutual. honestly at this point…idk. it’s very very different (thankfully) from the comic book dynamic - so much so that I think it’s going to completely go its own direction now, which is good. but given how it’s played out up to this point, I think the friendship that’s grown between them as a result of their both being wild, free spirits who think in shades of gray, have a strong sense of justice, and have abandonment issues galore but are also very tender at their core will bring them closer together as friends (and unfortunately will make Cassidy love her even more I’m sure). I don’t think he’d ever impose his feelings on her but if Jesse fucks up one too many times, I can see Cassidy getting bitter about her choosing Jesse over him maybe. And I can see both of them potentially be defensive about each other and protective of each other as I think they understand each other very well - Cassidy perhaps a bit more so because he’s not as walled off as Tulip is at times.  But yeah…it’d be nice to get a moment where it’s clear that under other circumstances, she might think she could love him. And for him to be aware of that. That’s the dream.

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what gender is your jesse?

well, in my opinion its generally an important thing to remember that canonically, there’s no actual gender in minecraft as a whole . while i’d like to say that that converts over to mcsm, it .. sadly doesnt, thanks to some lines by certain characters and such .

that being said ! i generally like to believe jesse is eternally in ‘weird gender hell’, where they’re not sure how exactly they identify and probably never will (i’ve swapped between calling them bigender, genderfluid, and just nonbinary before) . either way, jesse is jesse, and they’re pretty happy with that !

like i get criticizing jess over certain things and i KNOW him leaving without a word is super shitty and if i were rory i would find it virtually impossible to let that go

but honestly


would it have been much better for him to deal with disappointing her again, to add one more thing to the list of ways she can compare him to dean and act as if he’s a terrible boyfriend (even though he was trying his best and wasn’t emotionally abusive and was supportive of her future plans but i digress)

would it have been much better for him to stay in a town and retake the year and deal with every single person – barring rory and luke – saying they saw it coming, saying he’s trouble and can’t get his act together?

like you have to think about his mental health here

if things had gone a different way, i think he could’ve stayed, i think he and rory could have at least made it last a while, but with how things happened? it wouldn’t have been good for him to stay in stars hollow

and he should have told her, yes, but it’s not like she was the queen of communication either? she literally never told him when she was mad or dealt with her anger towards him and jumped to conclusions (re: the black eye)  – and hey, they’re both kids, so they can’t be expected to be perfect at communication anyway – so like it’s pretty unfair to put all the blame on him for something that was on both of them

it was wrong to not say goodbye, yeah, but i at least understand why he did it. he wasn’t a shitty boyfriend at all, he was a kid who did his best given the shitty cards he’d been dealt, and instead of staying and fucking up worse, he got out and he grew the fuck up

and maybe it wouldn’t have turned out so badly if he stuck around, but he chose to leave and get his life together for himself, even if it meant leaving the girl he loved behind, because he didn’t want to keep hurting or disappointing her

Parallels, subtext, and metaphors were abound this episode, often times layered on top of each other

I think one of my favorites was the 2 groupings our 4 hunters split into this episode when we got into the meaty, exciting parts of the monster hunt

Cesar, who is the Cas parallel and Jesse’s husband, goes off with the real Dean to hunt and discover the nest, meanwhile, Jesse, who is also the Dean parallel, teams up with Sam to do some investigation and interrogating. So, via parallel characters, Dean is essentially able to be with Cas and Sam at the same time, with equal importantance, in two different ways.

Kind of like, how it’s, you know, totally possibly to maintain a platonic relationship with one person who is your sibling at the same time that you maintain a romantic relationship with a totally different person who is your lover, and love them both equally importantly but in two totally different ways. You can have two different types of relationships with two different people at once that are both equally important despite being totally different. To you. And the plot. Or something. Hmmm. Gee. I wonder what this could POSSIBLY mean.

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Hi! Just came across this and wanted to contribute :3. How about mchanzo in a petty jealous situation?

Hanzo was angry at himself even as he did it, only grew more frustrated at himself as he continued it and hated himself by the end of it, Jesse throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation and storming out of the room. Hanzo wondered if Jesse had finally left him, nothing less than he deserved and he had never deserved Jesse.

Ironic, how you fear of losing someone can be the very thing that makes them leave.

He knew, Hanzo knew, that Jesse loved him. Jesse told him every day, with his words and actions, so many times every day that Hanzo could not keep count even though he had tried. But he couldn’t stop his own insecurities, sometimes they felt worse for the way Jesse treated him, after all, how could he, Hanzo Shimada, who had murdered his own brother, deserve this, deserve Jesse. It was simple in his eyes, he didn’t.

Most of the time he was okay, assured by Jesse’s arms around him and sweet words in his ear and ridiculous public displays of affection that whether he deserved it or not Jesse loved him and was not going to leave him, and he was happy, happier than he had any right to be.

Hanzo didn’t want to be the jealous type, who started arguments about exes whenever they showed up. But he did, every time.

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