idk what this is but it's for jess

what if

what if Sam got the mark of Cain

what if Sam was the knight of hell

what if it was Dean that had to get him back

what if Sam unleashed the darkness

what if Sam had the connection with Amara

what if Sam was the walking soul-bomb

what if the person Amara brought back was Jessica…

what if we learnt more about Jess’ family background

what if she grew up like Sam did

what if she moved to Stanford to get away from it all

what if she’d been having the dreams too

what if she was too worried to tell Sam for fear of him freaking out

what if she told him it wasn’t his fault

what if he believed her

what if Sam got his soulmate back

what if

What if Sombra doesn’t have any information on McCree, because she’s the one that wiped it?

They’re only seven years apart, and she looks really young when she’s meeting with the Los Muertos gang, so if she runs with them and McCree runs with Deadlock around the same time, maybe they crossed paths at some point in their youth? A deal gone wrong between the two gangs and things go south, but McCree comes across a little girl somewhere in the midst of it and he’s not about to kill a kid, what do you take him for? He makes sure she gets out of harms way until the shooting stops, and he forgets about it, but Sombra doesn’t, because when the world is an eye for an eye and someone goes out their way to keep you alive, you kinda owe them one?

But Deadlock goes down and McCree disappears with Blackwatch, and maybe even she forgets about it for a while with bigger fish to fry and powerful friends to make, until the day comes when Overwatch crumbles and a bounty shows up on her radar on one named Jesse McCree, and she remembers the rival gang member who helped her once.

McCree gets a call, a few weeks after he’s left Overwatch, in a small, run down motel out in the middle of nowhere, with little to no traffic and no reason to be calling. It’s early in the morning, and his sleep addled brain is catching up when he lifts the receiver and mumbles a sleepy “hello?” There’s silence for a moment, until a voice comes on the phone and says two words: Favour repaid.

The line goes dead, and McCree is now confused but wide awake - he tries reverse calling the number but there’s no source to be found. His mind goes to the worst possible scenario that he’s been compromised and he high tails it before the sun has risen and he gets swarmed by bounty hunters or feds or former rival gangs out for revenge.

Except… try to find any information on a man named Jesse McCree, and you won’t find a damn thing. It’s like looking for a ghost. Sure it won’t last, things can never stay off the grid completely, and he’ll surface and it’ll all start all over again but for now, the world forgets about Jesse McCree.

Normally when I go visit my family on Vancouver Island instead of my parents in Toronto, I don’t even think about snow. Since it’s February and they haven’t had much in the past three years, but just when I left and landed here, my cousin texted me to say they got snow. I’m now tempted to go back just to have fun in the snow. Anyways, I’m Jesse, or just Jess.

like i get criticizing jess over certain things and i KNOW him leaving without a word is super shitty and if i were rory i would find it virtually impossible to let that go

but honestly


would it have been much better for him to deal with disappointing her again, to add one more thing to the list of ways she can compare him to dean and act as if he’s a terrible boyfriend (even though he was trying his best and wasn’t emotionally abusive and was supportive of her future plans but i digress)

would it have been much better for him to stay in a town and retake the year and deal with every single person – barring rory and luke – saying they saw it coming, saying he’s trouble and can’t get his act together?

like you have to think about his mental health here

if things had gone a different way, i think he could’ve stayed, i think he and rory could have at least made it last a while, but with how things happened? it wouldn’t have been good for him to stay in stars hollow

and he should have told her, yes, but it’s not like she was the queen of communication either? she literally never told him when she was mad or dealt with her anger towards him and jumped to conclusions (re: the black eye)  – and hey, they’re both kids, so they can’t be expected to be perfect at communication anyway – so like it’s pretty unfair to put all the blame on him for something that was on both of them

it was wrong to not say goodbye, yeah, but i at least understand why he did it. he wasn’t a shitty boyfriend at all, he was a kid who did his best given the shitty cards he’d been dealt, and instead of staying and fucking up worse, he got out and he grew the fuck up

and maybe it wouldn’t have turned out so badly if he stuck around, but he chose to leave and get his life together for himself, even if it meant leaving the girl he loved behind, because he didn’t want to keep hurting or disappointing her

aunttita  asked:

Hi! Just came across this and wanted to contribute :3. How about mchanzo in a petty jealous situation?

Hanzo was angry at himself even as he did it, only grew more frustrated at himself as he continued it and hated himself by the end of it, Jesse throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation and storming out of the room. Hanzo wondered if Jesse had finally left him, nothing less than he deserved and he had never deserved Jesse.

Ironic, how you fear of losing someone can be the very thing that makes them leave.

He knew, Hanzo knew, that Jesse loved him. Jesse told him every day, with his words and actions, so many times every day that Hanzo could not keep count even though he had tried. But he couldn’t stop his own insecurities, sometimes they felt worse for the way Jesse treated him, after all, how could he, Hanzo Shimada, who had murdered his own brother, deserve this, deserve Jesse. It was simple in his eyes, he didn’t.

Most of the time he was okay, assured by Jesse’s arms around him and sweet words in his ear and ridiculous public displays of affection that whether he deserved it or not Jesse loved him and was not going to leave him, and he was happy, happier than he had any right to be.

Hanzo didn’t want to be the jealous type, who started arguments about exes whenever they showed up. But he did, every time.

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did you guys ever consider that when jesse said he was taking a break from social media he meant he was taking a break from the fans? assuming this ig acc is his, its on private and we should respect that. i wouldnt blame him for wanting to hide some of his life especially seeing how some of you guys are reacting to stuff like this. just let him do what he wants and hope for the best of him, thats really all you can do