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A School Spell Jar

(sorry for the crappy image quality, I’m desktop only. also, the sugar and coffee mixed together, at the bottom. grrr)

soooo, this was my very first spell I made myself, and I’m really glad with how it turned out. I first made it back in December, just before school started back up. I knew I had a hard time with school, so I decided to do something witchy about it! At this point, I was still totally a baby witch, and I’m proud of how I was able to step out of my comfort zone and make a spell jar.

Now, for the spell jar;

Ingredients:                                                                                                         Sugar to sweeten the rest of the school year to me and me to school in general Coffee grounds for energy and courage to do better and not slink to the back Cayenne pepper to burn away old, bad habits.                                               Cloves to aid in seeking what is sought, good luck, friendship, and keeping negativity at bay                                                                                                  Rosemary for success                                                                                       Basil to protect against stress and, again, the courage to be a good student

also, I didn’t do this the first time I made this jar, but bc I had some extra space in the jar, I topped it off with some coarse sea salt, for cleansing and idk what else.

Beforehand, I cleansed the jar. Since I couldn’t find my cleansing spray, I rubbed some hand sanitizer on the jar to cleanse it. Then, I just kind of thought of my intent a lot, and as I was layering the herbs, focusing on what they would each bring me.

The last time I made this jar, it helped me get out of bed easier in the mornings and also go to sleep easier! This time, I’m not sure how it’s manifesting, but it’s only been one night.

Feel free to message, ask or dm, me and tell me how this works out for you! Add feel free to reblog/like to bookmark, and you have my full permission to use and alter as you see fit, just if you post your spell jar anywhere, please link this post/tag me/etc.

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maxeytheviolin  asked:

Okay but what about Johnson and chowder- Johnson comes back to visit at some point and checks in on the new goalie, to see how the storyline is doing without him, you know (even though he knows of course it's doing fine, it was never his anyway) and they start talking etc. imagine Bitty's reaction when he finds out his first college boyfriend is dating his baby chowder

Buckle up, kids. I ship it all, apparently, so let’s go on a journey!

Also: I apparently only have plots for these random pairings, instead of writing any of the actual stories I’ve been considering. This has pushed the Kent Parson oneshot that goes along with “And their words are just whispers and lies that i’ll never believe” out of my mind, has pushed my Tamora Pierce modern AU drabbles out of my mind AND has pushed my Johnson/Snowy au of my au out of my mind. So, thank you, and enjoy.

It’s Bitty’s senior year when Johnson decides that he’s had sufficient enough time to ‘find himself’, and he knows that by now Bitty and Jack, while having some strife and rocky patches, are going strong, and while some part of John will always miss Bitty’s freshman year when they were together, he knows that his part in that story was just to move the plot along. He was the tool that led to Jack’s realization, and when it came time for the Author to move him along, he went. 

But, he’s back for the end of the season, conveniently written in when the Wellies goalie coach got asked to come work with the Flyers and Hall and Murray had asked Johnson to come work with Chowder a little bit. 

John can’t say no.. He knows where the author is headed with this story, he’s seen the prompt, he knows the plot. So he says yes and that is how he ends up back on the ice at Faber, skates on and grande latte in his hand as he watches Chowder drill in the net. 

Bitty was pleased to see him, that had been nice. He’d hugged John and beamed at him and had asked if he’d found himself, and John was able to honestly tell him he was still working on it, but he was closer to the end of his own story-arc, which was nice. And Bitty, bless his sweet heart, had just beamed and hugged John again. It was nice that their breakup had been easy on him, John still felt guilty about the canon divergence, but hey. What the hell, you know?

But anyway, he focuses back on Chris Chow, who is an excellent goalie, John has to admit. He can honestly say he’s impressed the Junior can drop into the splits on the ice AND get back out of them. He wonders if the Haus uses that for a party trick and then chuckles to himself. 

Of course they do, this is OMGCP, after all.

After a few more drills he moves over to Chris and starts giving pointers, grabbing a stick and a bucket of pucks to shoot at him. John isn’t the greatest shot, but he’s decent in this story, so he’s impressed when he’s only able to get a few past Chow and into the back of the net. 

He’s also impressed that the chattery kid from the locker room has turned into a terrifying block of goalie in the crease, and when they make it off the ice and Chow is back to normal he mentions it. 

“Haha, yeah. Everyone says I’m different on the ice!” Chris replies, tossing his glove and blocker into his stall, quickly adding his stick and pads to the heap of gear. “When Farmer and I were dating she used to say my gameface was terrifying.”

John knows they broke up a few months ago when Farmer headed for training for the Olympics. He also knows that they might end up together again someday, but who knows. After all, canon divergence is so open to the interpretation of the Author.

Johnson nods, “I get that. I think a lot of goalies do that. It helps us focus.” As Chris nods, and heads for the showers, John heads for the office to tell the coaches what he’d seen. He’s leaning outside the front of Faber when Chris comes out, hockey bag slung over one shoulder and a Sharks beanie jammed on his head. 

“Want to grab dinner at the dining hall? I don’t think Bitty left much to cook in the Haus, but there might be a pizza stashed in the back of the freezer.” Chris says with a smile as they start their meandering journey to the Haus. (Bitty offered to let Johnson have his room for the weekend while he’s “interning for the Falcs”) John agrees, because why not?

Time passes, a friendship grows, the playoffs loom and John is asked back to help out on their run for the win. He agrees. 

Sure, they spend a lot of time together, he and Chris. Sure, they end up in the corner with the backup goalie (Well, he’s there sometimes, I mean) talking strategy (And about life) and sure, Bitty notices. But he’s just glad his sweet son Chowder has someone who knows NCAA hockey and can lean on him. 

Well, he’s glad until he finds them outside the venue for the last playoff game, Chris holding onto Johnson for dear life as John gives him a (he hopes) comforting pep-talk and smooths his hands up and down Chris’s back. They’d had the “Chris Chow is very pan, thank-you-very-much” conversation a few months back, and Bitty’s mentioned dating John during freshman year. 

They’d been on a couple casual dates, but they’ve kept it on the DL because of playoffs and the fact that John’s kind of coaching? 

Well, I mean they kept it on the DL until Bitty walked in on that charming scene and made eye contact with John over Chowder’s shoulder. Bitty raised his eyebrows as if to say “What, seriously?” and John shrugged in reply, meaning “Yeah I mean, until this AU I never saw it coming either, honestly.”

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please preserve your Nick/Judy tags and use them to write a fanfic please please i'm begging you i want m o r E

You’ve GOTTA be referencing this post so here u go anon I’m using your ask to preserve them because I don’t know why would you want me to write it out when I literally wrote out the entire thing and how it goes but I can give you this

#I ship them after a long and tumultuous working relationship fraught with the struggles of workplace romance #having to work past the drama of predator-prey relationships that would inevitably still exist

#I want toes to be trod on and serious talks to happen

#then they can move on to the feelings jams about how they haven’t gotten over their backgrounds yet and how they’re still healing

#It’s the talks about the nightmares and how they can relate to each other while still respecting that the other’s facing demons they aren’t

#then there’s the pining and the need to take care of the other while realizing their partner is perfectly capable of doing so on their own #but they still want to ANYWAY #Confessing such a thing would be so offensive they couldn’t possibly (they both say to themselves)

#Nick’s pretends he’d be cool enough to address his feelings but he’s a Han Solo who just gets antsy and nervous and clumsy #maybe even a little bit bitter #Which Judy doesn’t read favorably at all

#They screw up on the job and that’s when Chief Bogo tells them to sort their shit out

#They get in more and more fights over smaller and smaller things until she blurts it out as a twist of the knife for her side of the fight #and Nick realizes he’s been a colossal dick about it and slinks away with tail between his legs

#Once Nick can swallow his pride and Judy can realize she’s been really confrontational towards him #Once they’re on equally humble ground ready to spill the beans on how they’re feeling #because a romantic confession couldn’t POSSIBLY hurt their partnership more than all this fighting has

#ONLY THEN are they allowed to start courting each other

(For abelinajt)

When Beth was younger, they had two cats on the farm. This was when the farm had still been fully functional and the world hadn’t rotted from the inside out like an apple cracked open to expose the worms within, of course. 

They had been outdoor cats really. Her Mama called them the barn cats, her Daddy called them the mousers, and Beth called them Sunshine and Pouncer. In contrast to her name, Sunshine was an all grey cat with a sleek pretty tail. But she was the sweetest cat ever and Beth could almost always find her curled up on a bale of hay soaking up the sun wherever it happened to be shining into the barn. 

Where Pouncer could be found depended mostly on Sunshine. If she was laying in a patch of sun giving slow flicks of her tail than Pouncer was right there a few feet away, hiding so he could pounce as if her tail were a particularly sneaky mouse instead. Pouncer was a large calico, all full of trouble as her Mama used to say. He was an amazing mouse catcher but he was also too clever for his own good; when he was two he’d learned to open the horse stalls if they weren’t latched properly, and when he was four he developed a new favorite game of playing with the belts and buckles on the riding saddles, which often led to them being tugged to the floor.

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