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It’s late, the nursery nearly pitch black but for the soft, faint purple-ish glimmer of the nightlight in the corner.

Emma can just barely tell where he is in the dark of the small room, but she knows he’s here with them —he always is.

He’s sat on the floor, she knows, uncomfortable as can be, but unmovable just the same. His back against the closet’s door, legs unfolded in front of him, his face in his hand.

It’s been a long day; a day of waiting, a day of worrying and pacing and sickness abounds.

They are home now though, have been for a few hours, and while the little bundle in Emma’s arms has been asleep and settled for almost as many hours as they’ve been home, there’s nothing humanly capable of separating them from their daughter right now.

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it’s three in the morning and you’ve woken up on the floor of your school. the corridors are silent save for the metronome of (your?) breathing. around you, the lockers sigh and move. you try not to make eye contact.

humming fills the hall. you don’t know whether it’s because the heater is alive or because something else isn’t.

dust dances around the emergency light. you watch the bulbs grow hands and catch it. you notice that when the dust hits the carpet it turns into a moth. this is comforting.

the windows are broken. the windows are fixed. on closer inspection, it turns out the school never had windows.

a computer is on. you don’t recognise the site, but then of course you wouldn’t. the screen watches you even when you turn your back on it.

there is a crying noise coming from the clock. it dissolves when you try to comfort it. the pens tell you it’s for the best.

the drowsy moonlight is pale and waves at you like an old friend. it is three in the morning, and you’ve woken up on the floor of your school. the corridors are silent.

the night breathes on.

ftm gothic:

-you go online and find dozens of transboys. they are all named caden or alex. you do not question it.

-you have been presenting as male for months, years. you own several binders. every website screams at you, begging you to not use ace bandages. you haven’t worn ace bandages in 3 years. the websites scream anyway. 

- you know everything about being trans, as proven by the hours you’ve studied ftm tips and stories. you remember transgirls are existent as well. you suddenly know nothing about being trans. 

-you tell your school you’re trans. they either expel you or applaud you. you do not know which happens. it is a game of trans roulette. 

-you sit in bed and look up at the trans flag on your wall. as prideful as you are, you know you only bought it because it was $5.00 on amazon.

-you find old papers and art from your childhood. you resist the urge to scribble out your old name. it’s a drawing from when you were too young to speak. the sharpie shakes in your hand. 

-you wake up feeling disgusting and start coughing. you are sick with a cold. you speak aloud to yourself. it is now the best couple days of your life.

-you are finally on hormones. you check your chin for a full beard, you wipe your face of all the oils that have built up, you marvel at all the hair on your legs. you look up from your legs and see nurses. you have been on t for three minutes.

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"Are you going to over think this if I tell you I want you tonight? You. Me. The Mill. Alone."

“I’m not sure I can think at all after that.” Aaron’s smug smile tells him that was exactly his plan. “What’s brought this on?”

“Been watchin’ you all day.” He perches on the desk in front of Robert, annoying smirk firmly in place.

“I’ve been making boring phone calls…”

“Mmm, smug snarky businessman all day, aren’t ya? Any chance you might be finished soon?”

He’s not even finished speaking before Robert’s closing his laptop. “Let’s go.”

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voltron character as stupid shit my friends and i have said
  • Lance: if i was a fruit i'd be a tomato becuase no body realizes that i'm there, in the fruit category
  • Hunk: let's bake cookies with carbonated milk and sell them to raise money for a chemistry field trip
  • Pidge: ah yes, if you take the molar mass of oxygen divided by the radius of the sun multiplied by avagadro's number, then add the square root of the earth's area and finally multiply it by 0 you would get the amount of fucks i give
  • Shiro: ah yes, whats on the agenda today? death? ah perfect
  • Keith: *teacher calls him obtuse as a joke* i know what that means,youre calling me fat
  • Allura: cut off your Fallopian tubes, BAM NO PERIODS!
  • Coran: why do kids get snack time and nap time, they dont even appreciate it. i say we should give the nap times to highschoolers and give the kids our workload instead.
  • Zarkon: hey help me create this huge epidemic that will wipe uot half the population so we can decrease our population bc its scary
  • Haggar: magic is real, just look at the kids who get straight A's
can’t get no respect

[or, how to lose the respect of each sign]

aries can’t stand those who back down from a fight. If you’re the type that doesn’t deal with shit head-on, hesitate during a crucial moment, or use underhanded means to achieve your ends, aries won’t give you no respect!

taurus can’t deal with impatient, temperamental, or controlling personalities. If you’re competitive, always in a hurry, and have no chill, chances are, they think you’re an idiot. Overly-emotional, impractical people get no respect from taurus.

gemini hates boring people. That’s pretty much it- you might be the most horrible person ever, like a serial killer or some shit, but as long as you’re interesting, gemini is down to clown. The second you start to bore them, you won’t get no respect.

cancer doesn’t like people who joke about emotions, lack sympathy, or poke fun at their flaws (even playfully). If you’re a sagittarius loud, flaky, and always have to be out and doing something, instead of enjoying the comfort of family and home, cancer can’t respect you.

leo doesn’t like stingy, serious, reserved personalities. If you’re a capricorn tight-fisted workaholic who can’t just let loose and have fun, stay away. If you withhold praise and affection, the lion won’t give you no respect.

virgos are grossed out by lots of shit egotistical personalities. If you’re the type to brag, fish for compliments, or hog the spotlight, keep away. People who are irresponsible, gloss over details, and don’t play by the rules, get no respect from virgo. 

libra can’t stand selfish people. If you put yourself first, take more than you give in a relationship, or are prone to being blunt and tactless, do libra a favor and gtfo. Those who create awkward situations or hurt others, even inadvertently, get no respect from libra.

scorpio hates lots of shit, but if you’re shallow, fake, or prone to bending the truth for any reason, you’re basically dead to them. Tbh, scorpio is tied with gemini when it comes to hating boring (uncomplicated) people. If you’re not deep, or only pretend to be ‘deep’ to seem cool, scorpio will give u NO respect.

sagittarius can’t stand nit-pickers or worry warts. If you’re afraid of roller-coasters, spiders, etc, that’s fine. Sags understand fear. But, if you’re too much of a coward to try to conquer your fear, sagittarius automatically loses respect. If you’re bogged down by fear or focus on little details/flaws, just stay away.

capricorns don’t have respect for whiners or rule-breakers. If you can’t deal with your problems independently and maturely, if you stir up unnecessary trouble, and if you half-ass your work (esp in a group project) cap will give u no respect.

aquarius doesn’t care for stupidity. If you’re ignorant, bigoted, and let your emotions run amok instead of thinking things through logically, aquarius has no respect for you. Republicans and traditionalists, keep your distance.

pisces is a lot like libra. If you’re selfish or lack sympathy, you are not okay in their book. Also, if you’re too focused on material details, like being on time, thinking too much about money, and preoccupied with fleeting, earthly issues, pisces will give u no respect.