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Somehow I ship Black Siren with Oliver Queen, Slade Wilson, Zoom and Adrian Chase. And I only just noticed that right now. The “prison” scene between Siren and Oliver showed us a vulnerable side to the character that I think is her true core — she’s a broken woman who sealed herself from feeling her pain in order to be “strong.” The entire Zoom/Siren interaction was just fucking hot from start to finish and there was definitely something going on there. With Slade, I just got so hyped seeing them on the screen together that I was like “I ACCEPT THIS IF THEY WERE A THING” (but he was only pretending). And she called him “Mr. Wilson.” And then with Adrian – when he said that line about “William” being a good name, and looked at Siren and she smiled at him… how does Katie Cassidy manage to have chemistry with literally everyone??? Arrow writers are sleeping on her talent I swear.  


“we’d choose to be shinee again if we were reborn, as long as it were with these same members.”
- happy 9th anniversary shinee! ♡


Dear @orphanblack


modern pride and prejudice
↳ the bennet family

gugu mbatha-raw as jane
antonia thomas as elizabeth
natalie emmanuel as mary
jessica sula as kitty
amandla stenberg as lydia
colin salmon as mr bennet
sophie okendo as mrs bennet

So highkey I got really emotionally attached to @misterpoofofficial ’s oc for allura’s mother and ???? I was originally going to draw her but my skills can only go so far. So I opted for a screen cap edit thing ???

Original screen cap under the cut

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