idk what they are doing

I wonder how old MC, the fathers, and the children are.

So with the kids

Amanda- 18. She said so herself.

Daisy- 10. Brian told us.

Val- 25. Haven’t played his route but I read it somewhere.

Ernest- 13. he’s in 8th grade so he’s around that age.

Chris- I’m guessing 9ish maybe 10. He doesn’t look older than Ernest.

Christie and Christian- maybe 7-8 years old.

Crish- Toddler. Maybe older than River. So a year old?

Carmensita- Haven’t played Mat’s route to know. Its probably 13 like Ernest

Lucien- 16-17 not older than Amanda.

Briar and Hazel- 11-12. Look around the same age as Daisy.

River- Less than a year old.

Now where do the parents come in. MC and Craig when to college together and were roommates. So let’s say it was as soon as they graduated high school. So 18 and graduated at 23-24. They kept in contact since Craig has met Amanda but last saw her when she was River’s age. So I’m wondering if MC and his partner had/adopted Amanda soon after college, and MC and partner and Craig and Ashely went their separate ways.

So MC and Craig could be around early 40s? God, Craig doesn’t look it though.

I would say that Robert and Joseph are around the same age and are the oldest of the dads. Probably late 40s to 50 years old. Mat- late 30s Brian-Mid-40s Damien- Mid-40s Hugo- Early 40s. Same age as MC and Craig

me @ people who are hostile to artists: do you really think you will gain something by that? lmao what you are probably goin to earn is being blocked by that person you are being mean at and that the artist stop doing art for what you want.


lololololol. um, yeah so everybody did the Thing™️ with the middle pic so I did the Thing™️ with the middle pic. these were taken weeks ago, since it’s summer, I’ve been looking more n more trashy n I can’t actually post a recent pic

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Guys I need help

So here I am again. I’m sorry this post isn’t very well formatted, I’m only on mobile for a little while.
As if there weren’t enough things going wrong, my stomach has been bothering me so much that I went back to the doctor (successfully missing more work.)
They ran multiple tests on me, and suspected kidney stones. Currently, I’m waiting on the results from a CT scan to determine if that’s the cause. If not, it’s potentially a lot more serious (like pancreatitis or appendicitis.)
Either way, I’m going to be out of work again.

I’d reblog my commission info but with how much pain I’m in, I can’t really do anything except lay on the couch.
I need help making sure my phone and car are paid. I’m about $150 short.
I’m honestly panicking, because I literally CAN’T do anything right now. I can’t get help from anyone. I can’t even do proper commissions.

I know I’ve asked a lot of you guys. It honestly pains me to continue to do so, and please know how grateful I am now for the help I’ve received to date.

Please, anything helps. Sharing, donating, anything.
I will lose EVERYTHING if I can’t make my bills.
If you want to help me, please PM me for my PayPal email, as I don’t want to broadcast it.

I don’t know what else to do.
Consider this post a mini hiatus until I figure out what’s wrong with me and start to get better.

I dunno guys I just drew somethin’.

It’s getting kinda dire in the money department for me...

I’m working two jobs…one at a bakery (to pay bills, utilities, food, etc) and then a work study job at my college to help with my tuition. But I’m still 5000 dollars short of my tuition and fall semester is coming up. I’m on tumblr a lot I guess, I’m wondering if there’s any way I can earn some coin here…

Emphasis on earn. I don’t want any handouts. I’m not any good with art but I’m a good writer? I wonder if there’s writing commissions niche on this site. I’m gonna go to bed now and let my head soak. Can you guys give me any ideas on what could help me? My tumblr IM is open to the public.

Update on the Last Chapter of that Marvin x Whizzer College AU (ie "I'd like to believe that I'd do it again" on AO3): Good News & Bad News

• I was nervous about how the last chapter would go but I personally think that it is going /very/ well pacing and characterization and plot wise (all of which I think that the story has been spotty on every once in awhile). It is really coming together and i am excited for everyone to read it.

• I am dedicated to tying up all loose ends that the previous chapter left and re-establishing themes and I am referencing a lot of callbacks to earlier points in the story.

• I have been writing a /lot/ yesterday, Sunday, and today.

• Right now, about halfway finished writing a rough draft, it has 5, 247 words. It is going to be long.

• I know I promised you that it would be completed early/sometime this week, but given what I still need to write and edit and I have other irl stuff to do, that will not be possible.

• I’ll still be working on it, but expect the publishing date to be later - as in sometime next week.

I know that this is a highly anticipated chapter, which is why I have decided to take my time on it and not rush the process. My worst nightmare would be any of you disapointed in the ending bc I had been stupid and rushed it in order to stick to an arbitrary schedule.

TL;DR - The last chapter should be out next week, and it is very long.

I think this boy I’m texting doesn’t realize his read receipts are on and he keeps reading my texts right after I send them but waiting 3-4 minutes to reply back and at first I thought he doesn’t really know what to text me and has to think abt smth interesting to say but now i’m starting to think he’s purposely trying to space out his texts like ppl do when they don’t want to text back immediately and look too eager and wow i did not realize my heart could combust like this

kay but i wanna know what everyone’s fav animal is its important it’ll make me happy