idk what these shits are even called

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(Au anon ;)) au where they definitely got a lil too drunk during a party and woke up somewhere cuddled in a corner on Jonas' couch and shit isak is like gotta go and SHIT we have the same phone so I took urs by accident and i dont even know ur name is and suddenly its freaking out with notifs like MEDS!!! W is that an angry girlfriend calling and idk what to dO whats going oN IS THAT A DOCTOR CALLING M E???? Also lock ur phone w a password next time 👀👀 and den Isak is his usual 🐍🐍🐍 self //

(Au anon) // and totally snoops around not rlly ( but rlly) and hes sHOOK when he sees this guy has been texting someone saying that theres a super cute second yr w snapbacks nd bomber jackets hed totally kiss and make out nd hold hands with,,, meanwhile Even is like shOOK because hes suddenly in the middle of a boii squad groupchat where they r like O ISAK WHAT DID I HEAR HMMMMmmmmMmm 👀👀👀 and a mom sending weird bible paragraphs?? And an angry father????? Alsi a girl that keeps texting //

(Au anon) // u but wow u dont rlly reply a lot to her do u now lmao,, but then even is shOOK cuz this is def cute guys’ phone and thats his groupchat where he sends lame memes to and then some guy called Magnus just said ‘finally cuddled w ur weird giraffe crush now Isak?’ And even is like omg,,, and then they meet again eventually and a new number is added to their phones w a lil heart next to because hey we know sm bout each other rn we might as well go out on a date?

Just watched the new riverdale episode and oh man.

So much stuff going on but I got so hyped about the new couple that’ll probably happen. Kevin and that guy from Southside (Joaquin I think?) I mean what kind of Romeo and Juliet shit with Kev being the sheriff’s son and all. And also that comment he made while they were watching the movie and he called out smth like “southside trash” or whatvr i was like “judgmental much?” but now he’ll probs fall in love with one of them and realise theyre just ppl like. It has so much potential basically. I hope they dont fuck it up.

Also the whole thing with Jughead had me like :’(( cant wait to see what happens next.

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what about age regressors who call themselves littles but don't want a cg/daddy/mommy?

idk man lol honestly the term “little” used to be a way to describe the alters under age 9 (i think???) in a did / osdd system… which is why its fucking SHIT that it isnt safe anymore to say that bc it automatically means ddlg or some shit. idk i dont even have an opinion at least not one i wanna share on here bc every one freaks out n i dont have the emotional capacity to deal w that rn 

MCR: Gerard X Reader: Smoking

Smoking With Gerard / Here I Go Fallin’ In Love With A Fan Again

Warning: Tobacco use, profanity

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Forewarning/Inform/KFA(Knowledge For You Ahead): You are a angsty teen in this. Idk what age but you aren’t 8 or some shit. So…. When he calls you kid just go with it, okay? I’m sorry.

It was the middle of February, a pretty good night. For some reason you were out smoking a cigarette, there were some rumors going around that day about Gerard ‘Ray’ roaming around (YourTownName), like a vampire they said.. attempting to strike fear in hearts, maybe to some, none stricken in yours, although. They even said his last name wrong! No way, this was true. It made you excited. The thought.

You were so done with everything. You were standing against the lamppost, it about 12am, maybe later. You leaned farther against the post… Slowly huffing. You sighed. You heard footsteps. It was very dark, and the neighborhood echoed, so you didn’t know which direction. Younoticed a man walking very slowly, almost causally, down the street on the left. You payed no mind. You thought it might be some neighbor, probably a drunk one. Surprisingly, you didn’t run off. As he got closer into the light you noticed his features, black hair, red eyes, beautiful posture and face. Raven suit accompanied by a red tie.

Oh my god.

Gerard fucking Way.

No way.
(I’m sorry)

He literally had no business being here. You looked him up and down, sort of awkwardly. He looked at you, stopped. Gave you a questioning and slightly irritated look. “Aren’t you a little-” you gazed his way. Holding your cigarette in your two fingers, puffing out the last bit of smoke, directing it out of his face. He readjusted his red tie, and made his legs a bit wider out. “Can I?” He lent out his hand, you didn’t offer. You put your face back a bit, trying to avoid his gaze and especially him. His hand made a wave like gesture, it upside down, palm put. “Please?” He asked with a smile, showing his teeth, moving his face a little bit to the right to seem pleasant and beggingly. You sighed, glanced at him. You pushed out a smoke and he took it, put it between his teeth. You quickly turned to your side, looking off in the distance. Gerard looked at you, waiting for you to look his way. He noticed your ignorance and finally opened his mouth, “Light.” He said, looking at you, his hands pressed against the ends of his suit. You blushed a bit, face a bit scrunched. You got out your lighter and lit it. He stared at the flame, the cigarette, then you. He gazed at you, you gazed at him. You looked at the cigarette, a bit over-lit… You flipped the cap back on and shoved into your pocket quickly, embarrassed. “Thank you..” He said in a sing-songy Cooey tone, stepping back.

“So,” he said, exhaling.. “What’s a kid like you doing out on a night like this?” He asked. You were so done with everyone’s shit you almost wanted to slap him in the face, and storm home.

But you didn’t.

YOU gestured your cigarette with your hand, “Who cares..” you growled. “I mean.. Do you really care?” You said, staring at him in a very ignorant and arrogant tone. “Does anybody really care?” You growled, finished. He looked at you, swayed his body to the left a bit. Showed his beautiful teeth. “Yes..?” He asked, eyes rolling to you.

You sighed.

“Look,” he said, gesturing his cigarette and lifting it in the air. You glared at him. His eyes immediately, looked down. “I know as young as you are, you don’t want to take up with anybody’s bullshit..” He smirked, crossing his arm, lifting his left that held his cigarette. “I know that you probably don’t care.” He trailed on, taking another inhale. “But, you seem like a pretty cool kid. And you probably don’t have many people telling you that,” he smiled. You glared, curved your frown into a smirk. “You don’t know me,” you growled. He sneered. You glared hard, stared at him. ‘This guy really thinks he’s gonna lecture me like he’s my fucking parent?!“ You thought. “Think that’s funny?!” You hissed. “N-no,” he laughed a bit.. holding it back. “I certainly don’t.” You hissed again. “Look, i’m not…” you blocked out his voice, obviously lecturing again…
who were you kidding?
This man was fucking gorgeous,
And whether he knew it or not,
You knew it was Gerard.
And the mini-fight you guys were having was already making you hot and bothered, even more by the second.

You smirked, he looked at you quizzically. You stepped forward and smashed your lips against his, “Oh, fuck,” he cursed, taken back by your actions. “Holy shit…” He sighed, you pulled back and let your hands wander over his shoulders down to arms..
You sneered “I know who you are!”
“I know you’re Gerard!” You cried proudly. He looked at you surprised.

“Ah, shit.” He said looking at the ground.
“Really?” He questioned.
You nodded proud, still keeping your tight smirk.

“Well, damn it..” he said, suddenly smiling down at the ground. He looked back up to you, eyes lit like the stars above you.

“Here I go fallin’ in love with a fan again.”

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Should your bf make fun of you for being fat and comparing you to other girls? Like would it be okay cuz i make fun of him but not in a appearance way and he says its a joke but now idk... cuz its been a month n he says stuff like " you should look like that victoria secret model, but i guess your okay "

no he shouldn’t wtf. drop him what a pig man. what he’s doing is so direspectful and even i feel offended by it. he has no right NO RIGHT to say shit like that to you. and to bring you down by calling you fat and comparing you to ‘model’ wtaf man. i cave the fuck outta him tell his dog ass to go bark at a bitch instead of you bc you deserve so much better and so much more that what he’s giving you. i love you

Third Age Verse ?

What about an Aegnor lives!AU where he survives the Bragollach but he has terrible burn scars all over his body and up his cheek and neck and so he’s become extremely withdrawn and shit and he basically just follows Galadriel around through the ages

He calls himself her bodyguard because he wants to give himself a sense of purpose but in reality, she probably guards him more than he guards her.

I don’t even wanna imagine his sense of failure when Celebrian was attacked okay


So the episode starts out at Adrien’s and he’s hardcore training like he has a punchbag, different kinds of fighting equipments (idk what they call them) maybe he’s even in his suit (but I would like to see him flipping shit in his civilian form because Andrien Agressive) and he’s sweating and panting but he just keeps training and it’s the coolest thing because he has awesome skills and we’re all like “damn this kid is a fucking fighter” but he could actually kill you while looking like an adorable cinnamon roll and he just wants to be prepared for the next fight and keep himself in shape to help Ladybug JUST IMAGINE

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Ok, so I read your post against Killing Stalking, and I guess my question is... what's wrong with torture porn? If it's just fantasy and I would never support this stuff in real life, but I just find blood really attractive. And whether it was a guy and a girl or BL I love horror porn 😍 so are you still gonna call me a homophobe?

that literally…
wasn’t even the argument????
the argument was that it’s fetishizing yaoi torture porn claiming to be a psychological horror
idk where you pulled that assumption from but you missed the argument bad if what you think I was saying was “torture porn is homophobic”
either way I ain’t into any form of torture porn anyway so keep that shit 12638599846846873843180484798326 feet away from me
you do you I guess but seriously

okay so shutthefrukup and i came up with this FACE family headcanon where like arthur and francis are extremely involved in like, PTA stuff for alfred and mattie but francis get’s so into it like he goes to every PTA meeting and alWAYS WINS THE BAKES SALES AND SHIT AND HE GETS PHONE CALLS AND SCREAMS ‘LESLIE SHUT THE FUCK UP LESLIE I WON THE BAKE SALE FAIR AND SQUARE!! YOU’RE NOT EVE NA NATURAL BLONDE YOU FUCKING BITCH’ AND ARTHUR IS LIKE 'well if you keep getting older you won’t be blond anymore’ aND FRANCIS STARES BACK AT HIM SO OFFENDED LIKE HOW TH FUCK DARE YOU AND ARTHUR DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT HE GOT HIMSELF INTO ANYMORE IDK BUT FRANCIS AS A VICIOUS PTA BAKE SALE BITCH NEEDS TO BE A THING 

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Is it bad if my boyfriend ignored me all day to play GTA with a friend? Or is this normal? I don't expect you to know but idk who else to ask

I hope you don’t mind, but I turned and asked my husband this and he thinks no it’s not normal. GTA is a game that you can stop and take the time to message back. I guess what I wonder is if he was fully ignoring your texts and calls, like not even some sort of reply back?

Sometimes when people are doing something like playing a game shit happens and they forget to respond. However, if they just acted like it was nothing and didn’t seem to care that they didn’t get back to you then I would take that as a red flag. 

If it keeps happening and they don’t seem to care then I would consider that a problem. Time to do your own thing is healthy of course, but full on ignoring is just hurtful. 

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what are your thoughts on shipping real life people? i think it's kinda gross personally but idk.

like okay here’s the thing, i appreciate you asking bc i do enjoy talking about it, but i’m not really in the mood to be shamed for this. so if you’re actually interested in what i think about things and you like discussing things with an open mind, i’ll gladly share. but if you’re here to call people gross and problematic for “shipping real life people” then i don’t know if i really want to start this shit today, you know? it’s sunday evening and i’m in a really good mood and i don’t really want to let that go. i think it’s a complex topic – especially on this site where it’s really easy to be misconstrued and demonized. 

Things I’ve Actually Said on Skype Sentence Starters
  • My fiancée has a nice ass, I do say.
  • She/He may or may not have slapped her/him on the ass nonchalantly.
  • I have access to Klondike bars.
  • I have two gangs actually.
  • Oh my gode.
  • Did you see that risqué goddess?
  • Help me boobs are trying to add me on skype.
  • It’s not my fault I’m the mean asshole who protects everyone.
  • Nerd is a term of endearment.
  • I dunno if you wanna know the extent of creepy but like. CREEPY.
  • Well, I wouldn’t be your type if I was a guy/girl.
  • Okay, I have a LOT to say about this one bitch.
  • I mean, I’m in a polyamory.
  • I got hit in the face by a gatorade bottle.
  • I am in in bed refusing to grace my family with my glorious presence.
  • Did you know gay guys grab ass way differently than straight guys?
  • Yes, welcome to hell. Do you want a name card or plate?
  • Yes. This old woman is cute.
  • I’m an exciting grandma.
  • Grandma is sexy and she knows it.
  • Grandma’s have a very late rebellious phase.
  • I obviously went through a gender change and had many facelifts.
  • It was a bit shady and in the back of an RV, I have my regrets.
  • I may or may not have had a fling with Santa.
  • Grandma’s a slut, dear.
  • I’m not committed enough to drop a few thousand on a nice computer.
  • Ignore them, they are lil’ fuckbois.
  • Holy hella they are hot– I’m like, ten times gayer than before.
  • Holy lord jesus, light the way, boy do I need the trinity today.
  • What was heterosexuality again? Oh right, it doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.
  • I found more nudes and I’m steadily going more gay.
  • This is why women are gay. These women.
  • Laughing my damn ass… in?
  • Humans aren’t supposed to be this perfect.
  • I’m half Canadian I can’t punch you.
  • I’d slap you if I weren’t half Canadian.
  • I’m a slut for minor characters who die traumatically.
  • My friend wants me to dye my hair blue… Why? It’s the warmest color.
  • Being ‘cute’ is the reason I’m single, I’m supposed to sexy and/or hot.
  • Believe it or not– I’m a teenager stuck in an adults body refusing to grow up.
  • Now I know why all my friend drag me to those damn movies. They fucking hide in my shoulder.
  • I mean I know they drag me to haunted houses so when they are just done they can hop on my back and hide while I hiss at pervs.
  • My class mate just called me to yell at me in French and then asked if she got it right.
  • I exploded hot dogs like.. We put them in the microwave and they just… ‘Sploded.
  • I have a pound of beef jerky to aid me in my struggles.
  • No cannibalism, I am not food. I like to breathe.
  • Cortana is the new bae. CortanaForQueen2k15.
  • Don’t ask me– I’m high on oxygen.
  • Yuri manga is literal gold like– Yaoi ain’t got shit on this stuff.
  • There’s this zombie in this book… It said, “Do you know how I like to eat people? I like to eat the scrotum, and then the brains.” And now I’m feeling very violated and I’m a woman.
  • You’re not allowed to confuse me with emotions and boob.

If we were in a movie, I’d be the one to look at you with big moon eyes and say, “You’re not like the others.”

And we’re not in a movie, but I tell everyone about you. Like, I’m in love with this boy with a broad back and a musical laugh and he calls me a little shit and there are places in the world where the sun doesn’t stop shining. I wish I could’ve put that up there just for him.

And when he reads poetry it feels like he’s planting flowers in my lungs, I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. He’s got this smile like the whole universe decided to shine between his lips, these eyes like oh my fucking god let’s spend forever together.

And he makes me feel like he is water and I have spent my entire life dying of thirst. He’s got this nice ass too, you should see it. He could be screaming at you, veins standing at attention in his neck, throat ripping, and he would still be the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen.

And I love him like I want to take dance lessons together. I want to spend nights listening to him talk about politics and the sky and God and never get bored. I want to make pancakes together at 2 PM on a Tuesday, I want him to go to work and when he comes home I’ll wrap myself around his bones like he’s been gone for a millennia, I want to build a home somewhere between his chest and his shoulder blades, a castle made of marrow and sinew and flesh and hair and I want to live there for a thousand years.

Not that that’s weird or anything.

But I promise, if you met him you’d understand. I mean, he’s good down to his eyebrows. And we don’t even like the same music but I’d listen to his forever just to see more of what goes on in his head, like if I could capture his thoughts between my fingers I would unwrap them at night and fall asleep to the written parts of his soul, I swear, I wish I could capture him in poetry.

I think God planned on him and me. We’re kind of like matching melodies.

—  5/13/15

Hey guys sorry for the lack of posts/youtube/message response! 

I just recently got engaged! 

To this moron. She’s cool I guess. Whatever. Proposed via photostrip cause I’m basically romantic af (boom our first date was at that fair and saaaay whaaaat theme this year was “A Fair to Remember” with shit everywhere that was like “It All Started at a Fair”. I didn’t even plan that shit, that was just what we call I’m clearly amazing at love.)  (the “will you marry me” sign got blown out and i proposed w/ a ring pop but like w/e. clearly the quirky romantic shenanigans of a rom com so like? it is adorable rather than me being a fuck up obvi hahaha)

But yeah! So for the past few weeks I’ve been running around with like idk wedding shit and job stuff and in general having a busy July/August??? Which is lame?? So I am planning on getting back on the ball and doing some more Kirkmall/random drawing/ and like youtube?? Remember that Let’s Play??? I do I need to continue with that??? Hopefully next week updates??? 



It’s #asianinvasion and you know what? I’m tired of racism. I’m tired of my people being fetishised. I’m tired of the fact that I’ve been called shit like “ching chong” and “beijing” and a “fucking Asian” and being bullied throughout my primary and high school life by white people and now I see them appropriating and associating with my culture and saying they’re “appreciating” it by trying to look and be one of us. No. I’m not having my culture, the only thing that makes me who I am, taken away by the exact people who oppressed it. You want to be Asian? You want to deal with the racism, slurs, stereotypes, belittling, fetishisation, strict culture, or being labelled as “submissive”? No? Then don’t try to be us. We don’t want you here.

#AsianInvasion #MyCultureIsNotYourCostume #IAmNotYourFetish #IAmVietnamese #IAmChinese

Serious question; what does “mom” mean? Jordan called me mom and i just, he’s two days younger than me, i don’t understand. I went to my trusty life saver urban dictionary but even that failed me, telling me a mom is someone who gives birth to you, like no shit Sherlock. I feel out of the loop.