idk what their ship name is lol

What if Thomas did a video where he himself is not present but the other personalities are and they are visible to the rest of humanity and the only way they can get Thomas back is if Morality and Logic stopped arguing so much and Anxiety and Prince worked out their differences then they fuse back together to make Thomas again?

in s3 i really want keith and allura to become close friends/confidants and lance to slowly broil in jealousy and then to aggressively confront keith one day like “hey u and me its war i will be the one sitting in a tree with the princess” and for keith to very calmly take lance by the shoulders and say

“lance. im gay.”

and walk away

modern au charles lee birthday headcanons

- they have the same birthday, feb 6
- burr at first never told charles that they shared the same birthday
- aaron wakes charles up late morning
- but aaron is up early preparing things for his boy
- he makes cookie cake for charles
- and cheesecake
- and gets two bottles of vanilla coke
- charles wakes up with a pomeranian on the bed instead of aaron
- charles is confuse
- he gets out of bed and there’s aaron in the kitchen with a gift
- charles starts fuckin crying and kisses aaron a lot
- charlie drags aaron back to bed and says how fuckin cute he is
- aaron smiles and rolls on top of him saying happy birthday and kissing him
- things ensue
- they get out of bed and charlie eats the cake n drinks the vanilla coke for breakfast
- proceed with aaron taking charles out to an adoption center
- they pet dogs and animals for hours and charlie is crying
- then aaron takes him horseback riding
- and they come back home after aaron makes a call
- aaron gives charlie his gift which is totally not a mahogany leather collar with property of a. burr on it
- charlie starts crying again
- burr takes them back to their bedroom
- and laying on their bed is enedict arnold
- charlie gets hysterical
- aaron smiles
- ben has fun with charlie and aaron watches
- then aaron does charlie a second time
- and they totally dont spitroast him
- charlie is fuckin exhausted and falls asleep with his two bfs
- charles then asks whens their birthdays
- ben replies with his
- aaron awkwardly says it was today and charles just goes
- “ronnie what the fuck”
- and rolls on top of him and sloppily make out til they pass out


“You make yourself a gift for me to be unwrapped and unwrapped again and savored.”

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