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,, so i spent maybe 3 weeks on this Wesper animatic of their first kiss and i’ve looked at it SO MUCH i kinda (ahem REALLY) hate it now but it’ll be your first time seeing it so,, enjoy? maybe? idk if the SoC fanbase ever got animatics but?? first one probably?

enjoy, my dudes! tell me what you thought about it in the tags or something <333



so. lil info- im doing seven (7!!!) different designs! one per character except for cynthia and larry who will both be on one same keychain/charm.
they are all double-sided and the ones for connor, evan and zoe will feature both the main actor and the understudy (ben-colton, mike-mlb, laura-olivia)
(sorry garrett and asa im giving myself too much work im gonna die)

heres some research for the designs for the kids! the parents will be coming soon, or. well as soon as i can fjshsjs but theyll be a lot different.

Please please please let me know if youre interested!!!! id love to have some feedback on this, some opinions, to know if youd be interested in actually buying those bad boys in the future. when i get done with em. oh gods am i gonna survive this
(i have no idea how the pricing will work. they wont be mad expensive dw. i dont actively want to make profit, just have fun and maybe, hopefully, try to pay back my mom since actually ordering them is gonna cost $$ lol)
Anyway thank you for your attention!! ill keep you posted 💖💖

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Solangelo cuddles?

When Nico was younger - young enough to still be short and scowley but old enough to have lost his sister and fought in a war - he’d hated human touch.

There was something invasive about it. His skin was his and it was all that he had left, except for his shadows and if you took away his body bit by bit eventually you’d take the shadows too.

But he hated it - he’d wince when somebody would push past him in a busy street because it’d set off all these alarm bells ringing in his head. It’s why he liked the Underworld. There, not many things could try to touch you, not physically. Not many things would dare to touch you when the bear the title of the Ghost King.

It’s why he avoided Camp Half-Blood, where somebody always seemed to have an outreached hand. Nico wonders just how many times he pushed past Will Solace, scowled at the brush of their skin together and shuddered at the thought of ever shaking his hand.

Three years later he supposes that the thought is quite ironic.

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ace attorney au!!! young midoriya is apollo justice rookie at the One for All Agency bc what better way to protect the defenseless and fight for justice when u dont have a quirk than being a defense attorney. all might is obviously phoenix wright, fumbling college student, hobo, and all. deku still cant tie his tie nd idk why all might hasnt taught him yet,,work on your mentoring skills dude!!! u learned from the best! nd finally ochako is trucy wright the prodigy magician w a forte in levitating objects

i havent figured out what id do with edgeworth or other prosecutors so im definitely open to suggestions !

somebody asked me for fuschia ghb and maybe a hc or two

hair is constantly tangled, the tangles catching any sea life that strays too close, reeks of low tide, he throws large rocks at ppl he catches invading His Beach (which is all of them)

guess whos back on their bulshit (its me)

Following the destruction of Starkiller, Hux is given a choice: exile or death. Taking what crew remains loyal to him and the Finalizer, he retreats to the Wild Space beyond the edges of the Unknown Regions, gathering what information he can and biding his time.

bat emoji review

a serious boy, he’s out sniffing for buggies. a hard worker and overall alright 

theyre coming right for you! looks scary but actually wants to give you a hug. please let them hug you or they will be the one needing a hug

artsy kiddo!! very creative, will help you with anything you need, be careful tho because he’s a little sneaky

now you may not know but this isnt actually a bat! instead this is a little chocolate treat! a gift for you from all the bats

a very small and sweet bat!! she wants to be your friend very badly! she’s a little clumsy but her heart is very big!!!! i love her

seems cold and scary but is actually just shy! they stare at you from across the room not because they hate you but because they think ur too cool!


look at this mischievous dude!!!! what a fun guy!!!! will make you laugh when ur feeling down he just wants to have fun all day

oh my gosh…. look at them…. very soft…. fashionable…. an idol….. too good

Overall these bats are all: 10/10

chowder hcs nobody asked for
  • fucking instagram famous
  • does live shows like twice a week and people actually watch it
  • he mostly posts selfies and dog pictures, people follow him for the cuteness and stay for the positivity
  • he got lost in the woods when he was a kid and instead of staying where he was he just started walking and crossed state borders while doing so “the girl who loved tom gorden”-style
  • is a sucker for conspiracy theories, aliens are real but they just wanna be friends … don’t be mean .. they’re curious, they don’t wanna take over our planet, dex, stop
  • nobody ever sees him work out??? how does that boy stay fit??
  • wants to learn cooking so badly, but he once burned pancakes so badly that they had to throw away a pan and since then he has to be under supervision while in the kitchen
  • loves nursey patrol, because nursey gets affectionate and talks about how much he loves his friends and that’s like chowders favorite thing to do so it’s a win-win situation
  • he kissed everyone on the team at least once, he just gets excited okay, he loves people a lot, make platonic kissing a thing 2k17
  • (farmer finds it cute)
  • ALSO farmer, he loves her a lot, lets talk about that
  • he had no idea about volleyball but once he met her he watched the entirety of haikyuu and read the wikipedia page so he knows(tm)
  • they went on a date in a nice italian place and woke up a town over in onesies none of them owned before the next day, when asked what happened chowder just smiles and looks into the distance
  • boi can hold his liquid, he only drinks with friends but he doesnt really feel it??
  • speaks swedish fluently for some reason
  • backpack-hoarder(tm), why wasnt one backpack enough?? why does he need fifteen?? reasons, just let him be
  • also t-shirts.
  • has pinterest and always pins cool diy projects and never does them

hance camping

  • lance uses enough bug spray to dissipate the ozone
    • gets bit anyway
    • hunk doesn’t really attract bugs
      • but he likes butterflies & beetles & dragonflies etc.
    • lance hates butterflies because of that spongebob episode
  • their apparel is……….okay
    • lance is wearing overall shorts & a crop top
    • hunk is wearing cargo shorts (to hold all his valuables) & a frat boy tank top lance bought for him
      • they’re a matching crocs type of couple tbh
        • they get the charms on them too
        • lance has a bunch of emoji charms
        • hunk has disney characters from their trip to florida
      • hunk also wears white nike socks with his crocs
      • lance got mud on his weed socks & cried
  • hunk uses his headband to tie up his hair in a knot
    • lance ties his headband into a bow
      • hunk lets lance steal his snapback to wear mostly because he loves his things on lance
    • lance is red and itchy and is mumbling about how perfect hunk looks without trying at all
    • hunk is actually sweating and takes off his tank
      • does lance die? almost
  • hunk warming water over a fire for lance to wash his face with
  • lance making tea for both of them after their dinner
    • dinner was a shared bag of cheetos & s’mores
      • liES they forgot the chocolate (pidge stole it)
      • lance just ate the melted marshmallows & hunk ate the graham crackers
      • lance feeds a melting marshmallow to hunk and everything is a sticky mess
      • cue kisses? aaaaaaaaand action
  • tent? no tent
    • nah they sleep in hunk’s truck
      • well by that i mean… they laid down in the back and started making out until lance tried some shit
      • then lance stretched his foot wrong & had to hobble out the truck
      • hunk helped him walk it off then burst out in laughter
    • they made a pallet in the truck bed instead & changed into pajamas
    • and more smonches happened if u kno what i mean B)
      • (they fucked my guy) #n s f w
  • they woke up at like 4am because of birds and sunlight and COLD
    • they cuddled & shared the blanket but eventually suffered enough and ran into the car to start it for heat
    • on the drive back home lance found a cereal box under the passenger seat
    • they snack on it until they spot a mcdonalds to hit up