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Look, the annoying bitch who set me up to this ‘blog thing’ says I’ll get free admission to the local aquarium forever if I do this so here I am.

…Just…don’t start making inaccurate dolphin mating calls and other shit at me, alright? I’m the kind of guy who takes those things to heart…and responds in kind, with his flippers F I S T S .

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13x01 coda, because we all like to suffer.

Dean hates the silence. It’s too much, too overwhelming and confronting. The only sound is the soft roar of the Impala, the thump when he drives over a branch, the shift of his leather jacket against the chair.

Sam looks at him from time to time- as if Dean can disappear every second. Jack is in the back, his head against the window; he’s looking out into the night. It wouldn’t surprise Dean if the kid had night vision, too.

The silence would be peaceful if it wasn’t so empty, so dry. He slams on the radio button and turns up the volume, startling both Jack and Sam to sit up. Dean stares ahead. The music isn’t any better- the words flood him even heavier than the silence and he thinks about turning it off, but Sam is staring at him and he can’t have him worry more. Not now Dean feels like this. One ‘are you okay?’, one gesture of care, and Dean would lose it. He needs to do something, hard work and sweat to get out the grief that is high up in his throat and stinging behind his eyes. It hurts, his entire body hurts and aches for something- a shower maybe, a nap, but the real pain that’s from inside is stronger than water and sleep.

“Dean.” Sam’s voice breaks through the blur of music. “You missed the turn.”

He’s right; they’re still on the road while he should’ve gone left on the path leading to the bunker. Blood creeps up his cheeks, hands sweaty around the steering wheel. He clears his throat.

“Sure,” Dean rasps, his voice that of a stranger. “You’re right.” He stops and turns, clumsily, his hands slippery on the leather of the wheel. He never missed the turn before and he’s always been an expert with oxbows. But not today.

Dean hurries out of the car as soon as he parked, the stench of burned wood and flesh hanging in the car as if they burned the bodies in there. He inhales fresh, cold air, his stomach calming down. But his hands are shaking still. He can’t stop them.

“Are you coming?” Sam calls.

“You take the kid and show him ‘round,” Dean replies. “I’mma take a walk.” He never does; he normally avoids every unnecessary bit of exercize, but he can’t be still. More than that, he’s afraid of going inside and being greeted by that paralyzing silence.

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here’s the first in a series of hcs exploring andreil’s firsts: body worship/appreciation. -> go read more content on ao3: here.

for neil: 

  • the opportunity presented itself on a lone trip to columbia, though he’d been contemplating how it would play out for a week: Andrew’s lips on his, the bite of fingernails, eager tongue and heat-slicked skin, warm breath electrifying his body; an intensity and hunger he knew so well. 
  • what he didn’t anticipate was this: every detail rendered in stark relief against the backdrop of moonlight, the soft pattering of rain sliding against the bedroom window, syrupy breaths and languid kisses, a reassuring hand on his chest, an exhaled yes, hazel eyes tethering him to a bed that wasn’t just a bed, to a home that wasn’t just a house. 
  • In the absence of noise and chaos, they could simply breathe, learn how to exist without the weight of prying eyes. in their shared solidarity. 
  • it started off slow, a give and take that wasnt a tug-of-war: “You can take my shirt off,” said Neil, barely a whisper. a moment of silence, and in return a compromise: “You can touch my shoulders,” said Andrew, tracking Neil’s movements until hands gently pressed against firm muscle. careful. loose. 

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Friday Recs! Week 29


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Okay, again I’m really behind on my reading. Sorry about that! I’m including a lot of what I was tagged in anyways… But I think I should start doing something else, to encourage myself to catch up… Idk yet but I will think of something.

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Teddy Bear

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Request: “open your eyes, im here, youre not lost” idk i just like this line. i love what you write. I check your blog almost every other day to see if you uploaded. You have my utter respect. What you write is amazing. Much love

Ah sweet anonny, your message still brightens my day!! I truly hope you enjoy what I’ve conjured up because I think it’s pretty cool and total comfort fluff <3

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     Some things can be embarrassing to talk about, whether they’re a bit of your past where you got way too drunk and sang operas on table tops or something subtle and small that still trails into your daily life. We never admit these bits of ourselves unless we are comfortable with those we share it with, or unless we are once again under the daring influence of that liquid courage or in an awkward game of Truth or Dare. But primarily, we tend to want this information under wraps from judging eyes and mocking laughter in hope of self-preservation.

     However; because of our attempts at avoiding embarrassment, we can find ourselves falling down a troublesome rabbit hole and finding ourselves in situations that are anything but preferable. We try to hide it, the only problem is that it can be more than difficult in doing so, and slowly it all comes crumbling down, enveloping and eating you up until the truth finds its way out- even if it was something to never to be embarrassed about in the first place. 

     Things had happened way too fast and you went along with it despite that nagging voice in your head that’s pleading with you to say anything, but you ignored it assuring yourself that everything would be fine in the end. That the sun would take longer to set and that you had more time… Only, that wasn’t the case. No. No, the night had come far too soon and it was too late to turn back, plus, you were without any idea of where the others were. 

     Then again, you had no idea where you were. Your campsite was beyond your recollection and with your luck, so was everyone else; leaving you frightened and alone.  

     It was a game. A fun, innocent game from your childhood that you all decided to play. A round of hide and go-seek with the six of you: Mark, Bob, Wade, Mandy, Molly, and yourself. A much-needed friend and couple outing for the weekend that everyone was excited for, one that lead to you getting yourself lost in these confusing woods where no matter where you walked- you could never find your way back. 

     Breathe in… Breathe out… Breathe in… Breathe out.

     You felt the flicker of fear go off in your mind, running through your head and cursing it with terrifying what ifs. The darkness surrounded you, devoid of light; the forest enveloped you and sent you into a state where it became hard to even move. 

      You were afraid of the dark. 

      Such a childish and simple fear, yet nothing had ever changed your mind on the matter. And you’ve tried to get over it… You’ve really tried, it was just that nothing ever worked. 

     Which left situations like these where you were aimlessly wandering about the shadowed woods as moments from your nightmares- only this wasn’t one you could wake up from. 


     The sudden sound brought your heart into a frenzy, eyes darted every which way around you in a desperate, hopeless attempt to find the source of the sound. Your hands started to shake as you retreated into the tree behind you, finding an ounce of comfort that at least part of you was covered. Although you slid down the tree when your knees fell weak below you, the overflowing adrenaline and panic caused them to give out and made you feel evidently smaller as you brought them to your chest. Eyes shut tightly, the prickling of tears gathered and threatened to fall, you bit back your sobs trying to ignore the intensity of your fear as it racked your mind- not only were your hands shaking by this point but your whole body was. Stop it! Control yourself. You know that nothing is out there. The rational part of your mind tried to convince you, and you knew it was probably right. You just couldn’t shake this feeling though. 

     Stranger footsteps came closer.

     Your heart paused and got stuck in your throat, you choked back a cry but your tears had finally fallen and poured over your cheeks. Your trembling form got worse with each step and with every new one being added, you found it harder to hold back your cries.

     “(Y/n)..? Are you okay? What happened?”


     Still, you kept your eyes shut and only shook your head in response. 

     “Oh, babe…”  His voice was dripping with concern as you felt him come closer, “Please,” a desperate plea broke your heart, “What happened? I want to help.”

     A sob escaped at his words, you were so tempted to tell him… But he would just think you were being overdramatic, wouldn’t he? That you’re acting like a child? You couldn’t. You couldn’t risk it. 

     Rubbing your hands into your eyes to rid them of your tears, you sniffled and turned your head. Your tone was harsher than you thought it would be, “I’m fine.”

     Though as you expected, Mark saw through that facade with ease. He heaved a sigh and sat beside you, a half-hearted chuckle met your ears, “You won, by the way… We couldn’t find you,” The ravenette turned to you, hoping you’d sense his gaze and meet it, “I was… I am really worried about you.” 

     His words unintentionally stung, guilt building up and making your chest heavy. This was all because you were so stupidly scared, wasn’t it? It was all your fault.

     When that thought crossed your mind, you came undone. Your body shook as you let it all out, surprising the man beside if only for a moment before he swooped you into his warm embrace, your head on his chest and his arm securely held you to him while his digits attempted to draw soothing shapes into your side. Each sob racked through you, the tears felt nonstop and ended up soaking his shirt, “Mark, I am so, so sorry!… I just,” sniffle, “I’m so stupid! I… I got afraid b-because I couldn’t find my way back and… and then it got, it got dark and I…” You bit your lip, closing your eyes tightly and the hand that was gently placed against his chest was now clenched into a fist, “I got scared… I’m afraid of the dark, I didn’t want to say anything cause it’s pathetic- I mean, look at what happened! God, you must think I’m so pathetic. I’m so sorry, Mark…” 

     You couldn’t bear to look at him, scared of your suspicions becoming reality.

     Yet, you felt pressure on your cheek that guided you to what you could only assume was where his own face was, “It’s okay, chickadee. I don’t think you’re pathetic, one bit… But please, look at me. Open your eyes, I’m here, you’re not lost, (Y/n). I’m right here.” 

     And once again, Mark managed to make your heart melt. Your bottom lip quivered as you slowly opened up your eyes, tears starting to well up again- only for a new happiness rather than fear. Soon, your arms wrapped around his torso into a snug embrace with your head buried in his shoulder and Mark could feel the petite droplets of water pool on his shoulder as he rubbed your back calmly, not exactly sure yet whether or not he made it better or worse. His fingers tangled themselves in your hair as sweet nothings poured from his lips and into your ears. 

     When he saw that you had calmed down, only an occasional sniffle could be heard throughout his attempts to soothe you, Mark pressed a chaste kiss to your temple and began to speak such pleasant words, “I’m here, forever and always, so you don’t need to be afraid anymore, okay?” Your silent nod gave him reassurance and he continued, “And it’s not ‘childish’ that you’re afraid of the dark- we all have our fears, I mean, look at mine! Mannequins and the ocean, that’s worse than being scared of the dark.” You felt his chest vibrate as he laughed and you found yourself falling in tune, any residing fear and anxiety melting away with that loving moment. 

     A beaming smile shined on his expression as your eyes finally returned to his warm brown orbs, “But I think as long as I’m with you, I could swim in an ocean that’s full of those demonic creepy things… And I hope that you can feel the same.”

     Delightful giggles escape you before a blissful sigh followed, “I do. And as long as I can hold onto you, I don’t think I’ll be scared anymore,” you gave him a little squeeze for emphasis and he lightly laughed once again, giving you one in return. 

     “I will be more than happy to be your teddy bear, chickadee.”


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i’m just at a loss about my gender, like… one moment i’ll be fine with being perceived as a girl and the next when i think about it i can’t stand the thought and i just… i wish T was reversible so i can just try it and decide if it’s making me feel better, because right now i have to cover my mirror and wanna throw up from the anxiety of not knowing who i am and not being able to recognize the person in my reflection and it’s so goddamn stressful, everything about gender is so stressful, i don’t know what to do anymore, it’s all good and peachy until i start thinking about it and then i’m down the fucking gender rabbithole and i can’t stand to see the fat of my cheeks or my hair length and i don’t fucking know why i can’t even think of myself as a girl but then relate to wlw posts and why i cringe at she/her pronouns when used on me or why i wanna hear my voice crack on T and be a guy holding someone’s hand but then also feel empowered by girls like girls by hayley kiyoko and i wanna fucking smash my head against a wall i hate this so very fucking much i hate that people have to see me i hate that this is so hard and stressful and that my chest isn’t flat and that T isn’t reversible and that i’m not in gender therapy already because god knows i need it and fuck i just hate it all i can’t do this any longer fuck 

ayyy i was tagged by @dmigod!!!!! (except im days late bc this got lost in my activity shhh)

the rule: post the last sentence you wrote (fanfic/original/anything!) and tag as many people as there are words in the sentence lmao i don’t have that many friends lmao so i’m tagging my bae @santiagostyle and @startofamoment bc i need to shame her into writing!!!

“It’s true love,” he manages to sputter out, blowing his nose on his tie.

that’s not the last sentence i wrote but it’s the only one that doesn’t sound horrible without context and why yes it is charles talking about peraltiago

zamii070 is alive

hey. this is just letting everyone know that paige (zamii070) is not dead. this is coming from her friend irl. @coolerthanbeans just got off the phone with her mom, she’s getting out of the hospital today.
you guys seriously need to think long and hard about this, everything that happened. paige isn’t just some entity you can throw insults and abuse at, she is a human being with actual thoughts and feelings. she’s been struggling with this backlash from tumblr for almost a year now and i’ve honestly never been more sickened with this website. you should be ashamed of yourself, all of you. all of those hate blogs, everyone who reblogged that shit and continuously insulted paige and her art. if you really wanted to prove that you were so woke you would have stopped this obvious bullying and abuse from happening. there is a difference between being into social justice and taking it way too far. this was not social justice. driving a mentally ill girl, someone’s friend, someone’s daughter, to attempt suicide under the guise of being politically correct? nice one tumblr, really.
we are beyond relieved that paige is still with us. i dont know what else to say. i dont know what i would have done if we had lost her, she’s been my friend for years… just, please single boost this so that everyone knows she’s okay. i know there are still a lot of people who are concerned and care for her. thank you.

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HSJJHXJSJSJ I LOOKED THROUGH THE REBLOGS AND ITS SO FUNNIEHDKXJSKS this is like monsta x's whisper challenge and someone lost the message along the way mx = bts? 2+2=5????

MSBDBSTOP iM LAUGHING AGAIN LIKE… i was reading through the tags for some wholesome mbb family love . and then someone said something about yess im so proud of j/h*pe i was like HUH??? WHAT LMAOOooo i was so confused like various people tagged it as b*s i was like what . i mean i get some people dont look but also ? my /hyungwon/ icon and /hyungwon/ url making a post about NOT /hyungwon/ or /mx/?? less likely than u think .

My Immortal: Chapters 3 and 4
read by cryptiboy, original script by XXXbloodyrists666XXX/Tara Gilesbie
My Immortal: Chapters 3 and 4

TW for: self harm, drugs, drinking, sex

im uploading this right after the first one i know, but most people only get exposure of the first two chapters before losing interest or getting lost, so i thought id start off strong with extra content to get newcomers hooked. i try to avoid keeping any stuttering in, but theres going to be a couple places that cant be helped. i will try to make tw exhaustive, but if i miss something let me know

my immortal does not belong to me, but rather Tara Gilesbie aka XXXbloodyrists666XXX. whoever and wherever you are, i hope no prepz or flammers find you

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Am I being tagged as the flower crown baby?

wait no what??? NDJHGJF okay so sTORY TIME: back when we had like 200 followers, and i was first introducing dakota we had followers in our inbox like “yo cool we love you dakota” AND SHE REPLIED TO A POST AND SHE SAID ‘THANK YOU KINDLY’ AND ME AND THIS ONE PERSON FUCKING LOST IT AND WE MADE A DAKOTA PROTECTION SQUAD AND IT’S CALLED FLOWER CROWN BABY PROTECTION SQUAD AND UHH DAKOTA IS THE FLOWER CROWN BABY NDSJLKDSFJ I TAG HER (asks that she sends!!//on all 3  of my active blogs) AS THE FLOWER CROWN BABY


so i was. gone for 2 years from this blog haha. Short story explanation of what happened: i low key got into a… situation with a teacher who ended up ruining my school experience, i dropped out, and then started working which sucked my soul out of my body and i lost all interest in rping (i straight up havent rped since i left this blog). 

but i beat TEW 2 recently and it wrecked me so im. kinda interested in coming back to this blog. Idk how many of you are left here from the before times, but what do ya’ll think?? interested in seeing me more??