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but imagine if through homecoming tony and peter develop this thing where every time tony says "don't do x" or "go do x" and peter eye-rolls and goes "fine *dad*" like a bit of sarcasm but not completely and then it becomes a standard and then in infinity war they do it in front of the other avengers where tony is giving instructions to spidey and he goes "ok dad" and everyone else is like?? what?? dad?? tony??

Ok so I wrote a thing because this was too cute not to write 


The first time it happened, it was clearly a joke, and both Peter and Tony had laughed it off, both refusing to give the incident much thought. 

Tony had taken Peter to the side in order to instruct him on how to best showcase his science project. 

They had been in the school gym, and Tony - expensive suit and shades to match - had looked so inordinately out of place, and yet had felt so inexplicably like the rock holding Peter’s racing heart together, that Peter, in an inhibited second, had felt it most appropriate to quip “Ok, dad.” 

They had both frozen then, unsure as to how to proceed, before collectively deciding it was best to laugh and treat it as a joke, because if there was one thing they were both bad at, it was talking about why exactly it was they both cared so much about each other. 

Tony had figured that would be the end of it, but, surprisingly, thankfully, frightfully it hadn’t been. The lightness with which they had treated the issue had eased something inside Peter, allowing him to be even more playful around the genius. 

His “ok dad” had turned into a constant usage of the word when he felt like embarrassing Tony, to the point Tony wasn’t sure the word held any heavy meaning anymore. He had never told Peter to stop, and, soon enough, he had stopped noticing when the boy called him Tony, Mr. Stark, dad, or old man. 

Without Tony realizing, it had become “their thing”. And no one, not even Rhodey, had bothered to point it out to him. Honestly, he would have to have a conversation with both Rhodey and Pepper, for not having told him anything. Because now he had been forced to think about it again - by no other than then former Avengers. 

They had been asked to return - temporary pardon - due to Thanos’ imminent threat, and, of course, it had fallen to Tony to instruct them what exactly had to go down. 

Peter, Vision, Rhodey, Hope, and Matt had come with him to the first meeting to be there as moral support, which, honestly, Tony had been grateful for. 

What he wasn’t as grateful for, however, was the way Rogers’ team was looking at him after Peter had accidentally - or not so accidentally - said “on it, dad,” after Tony had asked him to pass around the briefs. 

“Wait, this is your kid?” Sam asked, half incredulously, his eyes going from Tony to Peter. 

Tony looked at the young man, who was frozen in place, looking at Tony like someone had kicked his puppy. He was probably stressing over how Tony would handle this. Rhodey, who was sitting behind Peter, also looked mildly anxious, though why exactly, Tony couldn’t tell. 

Tony gave them both a reassuring smile, his protective instincts kicking in. If there was one thing he did not like, it was seeing Peter distressed. 

“He’s… I… yeah, he is, sort of,” Tony said, giving Peter a wink before moving past him to reach the head of the table, ignoring the flabbergasted looks being thrown his way.