idk what the proper tag is sorry!!

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hi i have a question and i hope it's not too offensive or anything! what is the proper word to use when describing a POC ( in this case, a black actor ) in regards to ethnicity? like, beyond african american because there are black actors from other parts of the world too. this is for a tumblr tag, btw! i'm running a POC blog and i wanna tag things properly in regards to ethnicity and stuff. i'm asian and i wanted to idK blog more about POC damn and IDK sorry if this is rude :(

i would just use black actress/actor as the tag. im glad you thought about it enough to ask someone though lol.

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I asked this question everyone so now is your turn, who ( which tumblr user) do you think of when you see, Kachan, Edward (fullmetal) Natsu from fairy Tsuna, xanxus and giotto Haruka from free Kuroko from basket

…………………………uhhh tbh my first instinct was to search these terms lmao. but in all seriousness:

kacchan (assuming bnha) @explodo-kills

Edward (fma) is actually @ms-erie and surprisingly enough, not an actual fma blog

Natsu from ft: …………..uhhhhhh I don’t think of anyone? I’ve only read a few chapters of fairy tail myseld so….I mean I think of @aizawashoutah but??? Idk if they’re a fairy tail fan??? why is that a connection??? (wtf lmao?)

Tsuna: @toshiirou and this surprises me as well but I can see why (their fics)

as for Xanxus: @xan-xus

giotto: @i-w-p-chan

and I’ve never seen seen free tbh so I can’t answer Haruka. altho when I read free I thought of a friend but…they’re not tumblr so much any more so…

and as for kuroko: @kate882

Idk what this is for anon but uh. hope it helps???? 

10 Years, 10 Goals

thank you so much for the tag @thewordsweresimple ! it means so much!

I’m rlly bad at making goals for years and years away so I’ll try my best :>

1 - Get a job! I’m already working on this so hopefully I can actually get the job
2 - Be more social and extroverted (also learn how to drive)
3 - Work hard and get good grades in year 12
4 - Train to become a dog trainer and enter my dog in some competitions
5 - Get into AIE and learn how to make art, models and animations for games
6 - Get my own house/apartment 
7 - Get a proper job using all my knowledge from AIE
8 - Travel a bit! I’d love to see more of the world
9 - Get more dogs?? idk at this point
10 - super long way away so I have no idea what I’d want to do omg

I tag (sorry if you’ve already been tagged ;_; ) - @uni-venture @avery-study @problematicprocrastinator idk who else to tag, I have basically no friends on here haH


hi!! got tagged by @miramizar for the bias selca tag :) thanks babyyy!! but yea lol sorry i cant take proper selfies for the life of me (well, more like i cant and dont take selfies that much in general)

but anyways!!! here’s me nd jinki getting excited over things!!

jdhde no one cares but it was my first time seeing the statue of liberty :D

imma tag @deer-tokki @jinkis @sunnysehunn jxjks idk who else to tag :( but yall know the drill, u guys dont have to do it if u dun wanna

i miss you - lh

a/n: i’ve literally been writing this for a month. i thought of this idea one night when i was really stressed and couldn’t sleep. of course, and per usual, it’s not edited as i really wanted to post it. hope you enjoy!!

word count: 1,804

Luke never understood the hype surrounding his eyes. He didn’t see the bright hues of sapphire and navy described by the magazine articles, nor that charming sparkle strangers swore they got to experience. He just saw eyes, a dark ring of color wrapping to his squinted pupil that dulled to a cloud on a stormy day when he forced the corners of his mouth to lift.

He’d told you once, hushed in your ear as his thumbs tucked under the waistband of your jeans, that you were the one who had made him believe the phantom spectacle. Because if there was something that could flip that switch to illuminate his eyes to uplift with the pinch of his dimple, that was you. You felt like you were living a fairy tale, staring into the stars that collected in that quarter inch ring circumventing midnight black. Luke looked at you like you held the entire world in the palm of your hands, nothing less than soft and adoring as his lips quirked in amusement.

Maybe that’s what twisted the knife a bit more in your stomach, knowing what his dulled eyes once held.

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so i wanted to show my appreciation for you guys existing in my life during this fine holiday season and i mean it’s not exactly a follow forever, but it’s pretty darn close to one. so thanks for sticking by me and understanding me. it’s always a pleasure to see you guys on my dash. i love you all c: 


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